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Interview with Eric Hufschmid and Christopher Bollyn

September 11, 2006
5-year Anniversary Special

Bollyn, Hufschmid, and Smith, 11 Sep 2006   9 mb
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Plus, here is the audio for the 9/11 show that
Bollyn and Hufschmid did for an Iranian TV show:
Note: the first minute or so is missing.

Bollyn-and-Hufschmid-Iranian-TV.mp3   4.3 mb

Warning: I no longer trust Smith (my reasons are here) but while I was working with him, we created some useful interviews


Some of the issues discussed:
Andreas Von Bulow 

Christopher Bollyn spoke to Andreas von Bulow in 2001 about the September 11 attack. He made a very important comment that very few people understand. Namely, 95% of what the intelligence agencies produce is deception

Update: Andreas von Bulow has recently been protecting the Israeli involvement in 9/11. An audio excerpt of him on the Alex Jones radio show is at this page.

Most people think we are exaggerating when we say that most of what is on the Internet and in the media is deception. Don't be a sucker. Take this issue seriously.

Don't let the Judeo-Fascists fool you with their deceptive phrases. For example, the Muslims are not "Islamo-fascists", and the Americans are not "Judeo-Christians".

The Israeli-Nazis are trying to deceive us! These Judeo-Liars are creating these phrases to give Muslims a bad image, and they are tying to fool Christians into thinking that Christians are bonded to Jews.

The Judeo-Perverts are also hiding behind accusations of "anti-Semitism". Stand up to these Judeo-Supremacists! When the Judeo-Racists call you an anti-Semite, just respond that you are tired of the anti-Goyism that comes from the Judeo-Deceivers.

Security Systems

Who had influence over the security systems at airports and air traffic control, and how could they have been compromised or controlled?

Many people point out that Marvin Bush:

"was a principal in a company called Securacom that provided security for the World Trade Center, United Airlines, and Dulles International Airport."

There were many people involved with Securacom, but only Marvin Bush is singled out. The evidence shows that Larry Silverstein was in direct control of the security.

The people who blame Marvin Bush are trying to divert attention away from Zionists and onto the Bush family. Don't make excuses for these people; don't assume they are naive. This is deliberate deception.


The FBI picked up security camera video tapes after the attack on the Pentagon. The FBI agent in this photo was at the Pentagon.

The FBI flew to Bali, Indonesia after the incredibly large bomb blew up a night club in October 2002. Some Indonesians complained about the FBI's presence:
Note: copies of that article are here and here.

The FBI also rushed to Senator Paul Wellstone's airplane crash: 25121

The FBI appears at virtually all major terrorist attacks, even those in other nations. However, the FBI never solves any of these crimes. Are they truly as incompetent as they appear?

The evidence suggests that they are a Federal Bureau of Israel, and their role is to confiscate evidence, intimidate witnesses, and manipulate the local police.

All FBI agents should be considered armed and dangerous members of an international crime network. You should not trust them. You should warn your local police about them.

When crimes occur, do not call the FBI. Do not give the FBI any information or assistance. Give the information to your local police.

Michael Chertoff was in control of the FBI, and he did not get there because of his excellent performance in law enforcement. The FBI is a branch of the international Zionist criminal network.

If there are any honest FBI agents, they are suppressed, fired, or killed. John O'Neill may have been killed because he was not part of their network.

There is a video on the Internet called Who Killed John O'Neill, but it shifts the blame away from Larry Silverstein, Jerry Hauer, and the Zionists and onto the Bush family:

Don't be a sucker! George Bush didn't kill O'Neill.

Michael Chertoff

How did Michael Chertoff get into the American government? Is he working for Americans or Israelis?

How did Benjamin Chertoff get into the Popular Mechanics magazine? Who is in control of these magazines?

These Zionists have gotten into America's government and media during the past few decades because most Americans were fooled into thinking Israel was our best friend. Not many people suspected the Zionists were actually looking at us as animals to exploit. 

Larry Silverstein

Larry Silverstein is friends with Benjamin Netanyahu, Frank Lowy, Rupert Murdoch, and other Zionists.

Silverstein and his friends are high-level criminals. Don't be fooled into thinking George Bush gives orders to these Zionists.

You would not take an order from George Bush to attack the USA, so why would Larry Silverstein or Benjamin Netanyahu take such orders? Don't be a sucker! The criminal Jews are trying to shift the blame away from themselves and onto George Bush and other Americans.


A few seconds before the south tower collapsed, a stream molten iron poured out of the building.

You can watch the molten iron in both normal and slow motion:

Jet fuel cannot melt iron, so this is proof that thermite or something similiar was inside the towers. Professor Jones obtained samples of the rubble and recently published an analysis that shows proof of thermite.

We don't need to know the details of whether the thermite was placed in the building before the attack, or whether it was on the airplane, and we don't need to know the details of what other explosives were used to bring down the buildings.

That stream of molten iron is proof that the official story is a lie.

The five "dancing Israelis"

The producers of Loose Change and many others dismiss the five dancing Israelis as unimportant.

Mike Rivero admits that the five dancing Israelis were documenting the 9/11 attack, but he explains it in a very deceptive way that only a few people notice. Can you see it:

How did they know there would be an event to document on 9/11?

It doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to connect the dots of the dancing Israeli Mossad agents - here's the most logical scenario:

1. The Israeli "movers" cheered the 9-11 attacks to celebrate the successful accomplishment of the greatest spy operation ever pulled off in history.

2. One of them, or an accomplice, then calls a 9-1-1 police dispatcher to report Palestinian bomb-makers in a white van headed for the Holland Tunnel.

3. Having thus pre-framed the Palestinians with this phone call, the Israeli bombers then head for the George Washington Bridge instead, where they will drop off their time-bomb van and escape with Urban Moving accomplices.

4. But the police react very wisely and proactively by closing off ALL bridges and tunnels instead of just the Holland Tunnel. This move inadvertently foils the Israelis' misdirection play and leads to their own capture and 40 day torture.

5. To cover up this story, the U.S. Justice Department rounds up over 1000 Arabs for minor immigration violations and places them in New York area jails. The Israelis therefore become less conspicuous as the government and media can now claim that the Israelis were just immigration violators caught in the same dragnet as many other Arabs.

6. After several months, FBI and Justice Department "higher-ups" are able to gradually push aside the local FBI agents and free the Israelis quietly.

Most people don't undestand that Mike Rivero sprinkles his articles with subtle hints that imply the Israelis were simply observing the nasty Arabs. Can you see the deception?

Incidentally, Mike Rivero is Jewish, as are many people in this so-called "truth movement".

Warnings by Israel

Wayne Madsen, the Loose Change producers, and most other "truth seekers" claim that the Israelis were following the Arabs because they suspected the nasty Arabs might be up to some sort of criminal activity, and that the nice Israelis warned the American government about a possible terrorist attack.

However, the evidence shows that the Israelis warned America about a possible attack only to create the impression that they were trying to help us. Once again, don't be a sucker!

The Investigator

Gene Corley was the primary investigator in the Waco killings, Oklahoma City bombing, and the September 11 attack.

The fact that they keep coming back to this man is a sign that this criminal network does not have a large pool of engineers or scientists.

If we could get these few scientists and engineers fired or arrested, we could decimate their technical support.

Previous Crimes

One method of solving a crime is to check whether it resembles any previous crimes. When we find a pattern in the crimes, we can narrow down who might be committing them.

Which previous crimes would you say are similar to the 9/11 attack? And how do these previous crimes and help us identify the criminals? Take a look:

Evidence of Explosives

The seismic data and the video show that the structure of the towers disintegrated in 8 to 10 seconds. It is physically impossible for a building to collapse at this rate unless explosives are cutting the structure.

Fragments of people's bones were found on rooftops of nearby buildings. Their tiny size and the fact that they were thrown hundreds of feet is evidence that explosives shattered the people's bodies and blew them hundreds of feet.

The concrete and all of the office furnishings were shattered into tiny particles, which would not happen if the building simply fell down. Only explosives can tear apart computers, desks, concrete, and filing cabinets. If the floors nearly fell down upon one another, the people, computers, and filing cabinets would have been crushed, not ripped into tiny little pieces and blown hundreds of feet through the air.

Seismic data shows that Building 7 also collapsed in about eight seconds, and it was not hit with an airplane, and it did not have any significant fires inside it. The only explanation is that explosives shattered its structure.

White Supremacists

The white supremacists, such as Matthew Hale, David Duke, and National Vanguard, are trying to coverup Israel's role in 9/11 and other crimes:



The Public's Resistance To Facing These Crimes

If the official government story for the collapse of the towers was that the Al Qaeda terrorists had secretly planted explosives in the towers and Building 7, it would be impossible for us to convince people that fire brought the buildings down.

However, when the government promotes a nonsensical theory, most people not only believe it, but we have to struggle to convince them of a sensible and scientifically valid explanation.

When faced with this shocking behavior, remember that all progress throughout history comes from a small group of people, not the majority.

The majority of people behave like selfish, stupid animals. Don't let their appalling behavior get you depressed!

Help us spread this information. Help us locate those few people who have the emotional strength and desire to deal with this Zionist criminal network.

Does it make any difference who exposes 9/11?

We often complain that Webster Tarpley, the producers of the Loose Change video, Jeff Rense, Alex Jones, and other "truth seekers" are not providing the complete truth about 9/11.

Many people respond that we should stop criticizing other truth seekers. Their reasoning is that all of these "truth seekers" are helping to expose 9/11, and that it doesn't matter if they only provide a portion of the story, or if they are a little bit deceptive.

Take a look at this photo of Johnny Gosch and two other boys who were kidnapped for sale as sex slaves:

One of the investigators of pedophilia and the Johnny Gosch kidnapping is a former senior FBI agent named Ted Gunderson.

Noreen Gosch, Johnny's mother, and other people have provided a lot of information about various kidnappings and pedophilia cases, including the McMartin preschool pedophilia case.

Even though Gunderson has been struggling for years to expose these pedophilia cases, none of them is ever solved. Is it because this crime network is simply too smart for our FBI, our police, and Ted Gunderson?

Consider for a moment that the FBI and Ted Gunderson is actually working with the criminal network that is running the sex slaves and the McMartin preschool.

In such a case, Noreen Gosch and other victims and witnesses would be providing their information to the criminal network.

Gunderson would discover what the witnesses know, and he would know the names and addresses of the witnesses. Gunderson could confuse the witnesses with false information, and the criminal network could use the names and addresses to arrange for accidents, blackmail, or threats.

It is difficult for most people to believe that the FBI is working with the criminal network, but this would explain why the FBI confiscated information about 9/11, the Oklahoma City bombing, and many other crimes. It would also explain why the FBI never catches any of the big sex slave or pedophilia networks.

The FBI occasionally arrests people for crimes, but they seem to arrest only the criminals who are not part of their criminal network.

Take a close look at that photo of Johnny Gosch and the other two boys and try to imagine that you had been kidnapped when you were a child. Here are a couple more photos:

Now try to imagine that Ted Gunderson is working with the criminal network. Imagine that your parents and neighbors trust Gunderson and the FBI, and are working with them in order to solve your kidnapping.

Photo below, Ted Gunderson, left, with his friend Anthony Hilder
What would you think if somebody said to you,
"Don't worry that Ted Gunderson is not providing the complete story. Gunderson is exposing the crime, and that is all that matters. As soon as the crime is exposed, the public will figure out the truth. Until then, let them continue to rape you and kidnap other children."

It does indeed matter who exposes pedophilia, 9/11, and other crimes.

If we let the criminals exposed their own crimes, we are allowing the criminals to get control of the investigation.

Don't be a sucker! We need honest people to expose crimes, not the criminals.

Incidently, did you know that Ted Gunderson is a regional correspondent for the American Free Press? Have you been following the controversy about the American Free Press?


National Public Radio is part of the Zionist criminal network

Professor Stephen Jones was on a National Public Radio (NPR) talk show to explain why he believes the towers and Building 7 were demolished with explosives. During that interview he was asked who he thought was involved in the 9/11 attack. Professor Jones mentioned Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, and the international bankers.

After his interview was finished, NPR brought Professor Robert Goldberg on the show to explain why people believe these idiotic conspiracy theories. 

William, who represents a Jewish community, called the show to complain that he was deeply offended. William said that Al Qaeda flew airplanes into the World Trade Center, but that Professor Jones was blaming the Jews for 9/11.

Goldberg explained that it is not surprising that the usual suspects -- the Jews -- would be blamed. Goldberg dismisses the theory that Israel was behind 9/11 with a technique that is often used by Zionists. Specifically, he mentions the theory in a tone of voice and in a manner that implies that the theory is so silly that there is no need to explain it.

Essentially Goldberg said to the audience:

"Can you believe the silly people who think the Jews were behind 9/11? These conspiracy nuts claim the that 4000 Jews were told not to show up for work that day, and they point out that Israel benefited from the attack. They also imply that Osama was a patsy! How silly! The conspiracy nuts are simply anti-Semitic animals who blame Jews for everything."

Goldberg is trying to manipulate and deceive, not explain.

Here is a short excerpt of the show:

You can listen to the entire radio show here: