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Charlie Sheen exposes 9-11

Is the truth finally coming out?

Or is this more deception?

updated 28 March 2006

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On Monday, 20 March 2006, Charlie Sheen was interviewed on the Alex Jones radio show.

He is the first famous person -- and the first Hollywood star -- to expose 9/11.

That interview is attracting attention all over the world. For example, two days later CNN broadcast excerpts of that interview, and they invited two people on the show to add details to Sheen's comments. Furthermore, CNN selected the prime evening hours for this exposé, not the middle of the night.

CNN exposed the world to the 9-11 issue on their Showbiz Tonight program.
You can watch the video at this site:

Even the Boston Herald reported the Charlie Sheen interview:

Although their article makes a snide remark about Sheen's “affinity for prostitutes and gambling”, the article exposed a lot of people to the fact that the World Trade Center towers were demolished with explosives.

Thank you, Alex Jones!

It would seem as if Alex Jones, CNN, Charlie Sheen, and others are finally exposing the 9/11 scam. This is truly a time to rejoice and thank these courageous Truth Seekers. Or is it?


Why the rapid response?

Thousands of people around the world have been struggling for years to expose 9/11, often at a significant personal expense, but CNN and all other "mainstream" media companies ignored and suppressed us.

On Monday, 20 March 2006, Charlie Sheen is interviewed on the Alex Jones radio show, and only two days later CNN broadcast some excerpts of that interview.

Why did CNN react so quickly to the Sheen interview? People have been interviewed by Alex Jones, and numerous other radio shows, for years. Why did CNN ignore all of us for all of these years and then suddenly promote Charlie Sheen?

More importantly, why is CNN -- and the other media companies -- continuing to ignore us? If CNN is sincere about exposing 9/11, wouldn't they move beyond Charlie Sheen and bring out some real 9/11 investigators?

Why Showbiz Tonight?

CNN selected Showbiz Tonight -- a program about Hollywood gossip -- to expose 9/11. Why didn't they select a more serious news show?

You might assume that the reason they selected Showbiz Tonight is because Charlie Sheen is an entertainer, in which case Showbiz Tonight seems to be an appropriate venue.

However, this brings us back to the issue of why they selected Charlie Sheen as the expert on 9/11. If you were going to expose 9/11 on prime time television, would you select Charlie Sheen?

Why Charlie Sheen?

Many people may assume that CNN selected Charlie Sheen to expose 9/11 because he was the first (and only) famous Hollywood entertainer to talk about 9-11.

This implies that CNN doesn't care about the research of engineers, scientists, professors, architects, carpenters, machinists, or other people.

It also implies that the reason CNN has not bothered to expose the attack on the USS Liberty -- or any other crime -- is because no Hollywood star has come forward to expose it.

Why excerpts of Sheen's interview?

CNN did not interview Charlie Sheen. Rather, they played some audio excerpts of an interview he did with Alex Jones.

If they were truly interested in what Sheen had to say about 9/11, why didn't they send a television crew to interview him? Why did they play audio excerpts from a radio show that is unknown to most people? Is there budget too small to allow a real interview?

Why interview Webster Tarpley and Mike Berger?

CNN selected two people to bring on the show as 9/11 experts: Webster Tarpley and Mike Berger.

Webster Tarpley wrote the book “9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in the USA”, in which he implies that a few American government officials are responsible for 9/11.

CNN sent a car to the Maryland suburbs to pick up Webster Tarpley and take him to the CNN studios in Washington, DC.

They put only 15 seconds of his interview on television. Since they can afford to drive the almost unknown Tarpley to the studio for only 15 seconds of television exposure, why couldn't they afford to send a camera crew to interview the star of their show, Charlie Sheen?

Mike Berger appeared on the show live to discuss Sheen's remarks.

Mike Berger is one of the members of, which for years has been trying to suppress the evidence that the World Trade Center towers and Building 7 were demolished with explosives.

Why did CNN select these two particular men as experts on 9/11? Before you try to answer that question, please take a look at some of our documents in which we explain that Tarpley and everybody in should be investigated as possible members of the criminal network. For example, try these:
  • The Deception Dollar
  • To get away with crimes

National Geographic defended the government

Nicole Rittenmeyer also appeared on the show live, but her role was to defend the official government story.

Nicole Rittenmeyer was the supervising producer for a National Geographic television show about 9/11 called “Inside 9/11: Zero Hour”.

This show supported the official story.

Rittenmeyer was probably selected to defend the official story of 9-11 because she is involved with the criminal network, as are most of the management of National Geographic.

What is going on?

Our guess about what is happening is that the truth about 9/11 is spreading quickly around the world, and the criminals are panicking.

Charlie Sheen was never involved in the research or exposure of 9/11. During his interview with Alex Jones, he merely mimicked information he picked up from web sites, videos, or books. Jones could have gotten this type of low quality interview by telling a high school student to look at Hufschmid's book and video and then give a report on it.

Charlie Sheen fits the profile of a Useful Idiot, not an intelligent researcher. The reason is that Charlie Sheen seems to have a lot of problems with drugs, sex, pornography, relationships, and gambling.

For example, Sheen is wasting $150,000 per week on gambling, according to this report:

He is trying to use Heather Locklear to spy on his ex-wife, according to this report:

Charlie Sheen's real name is Carlos Irwin Estevez. The Sheen family may be Crypto Jews. Some biographical information about him is here:

Kay Griggs describes how the criminal network looks for people with emotional disorders, and tries to take advantage of their problems. The people who turn out to be controllable are put into important positions. (You can find her interview at the bottom of our Einstein article.)

Charlie Sheen and his father are probably working with the criminal network. Or course, Charlie is probably one of their Useful Idiots who follows orders, rather than a manager who makes decisions.

Who is Alex Jones?

Charlie was probably told by the criminal network to contact Alex Jones. This implies that Alex Jones is somehow connected with the crime network, which we suspected for a long time. But what is his connection?

Some people have noticed that Alex Jones is somehow involved in an organization called "RSICC". The heading at the page for Jones has this:

Remnant Saints Inter-Continental Congress
Toward the Establishment of the Government of God on Earth

Look at heading at the main page:

Remnant Saints
For the Triumph of the Lord's People

Providing tools and contacts to prepare for difficult times, that the remnant might survive these calamities and establish Zion.

What do they mean by “establish Zion”? What do they mean by “Toward the Establishment of the Government of God on Earth”?

Why is their web site so vague and mysterious? How do we know this is not just another variation of the Project for a New American Century?

Why should we trust any of these people or their organizations?

Getting back to the interview Alex Jones did with Charlie Sheen, they probably wanted to let Alex Jones do the interview in order to bring Jones some publicity because his popularity is decreasing as people realize that he is suppressing a lot of important information about Zionism, pedophilia, and Israel.

And article with more information about Jones and his deception:
Crypto Zionists

The CNN employees were undoubtedly told by top management to broadcast excerpts of the Jones interview on their Hollywood gossip show rather than send a camera crew to interview Charlie Sheen because Sheen is not a real 9/11 investigator, so they did not want to waste money interviewing him. It would be as silly as sending a camera crew to interview a high school student who read Hufschmid's book.

Webster Tarpley and Mike Berger were selected as 9-11 experts because they are also part of this network of criminals.

You should also notice that these criminals are also pushing the videos Loose Change, 911: In Plane Site, and 911 Eyewitness, and ignoring Painful Deceptions. Coincidence? The evidence suggests that this is a big crime network, and they are promoting each other.
Alex Jones was invited on Showbiz Tonight!
On 23 March 2006 Alex Jones was invited on the show and given virtually free reign.
You can watch the videos at this site:

Update #2!
Alex Jones again invited on Showbiz Tonight!
On 24 March 2006 Alex Jones was invited on the show for a second appearance.

After he spoke, Erica Jong gave her opinions.

Finally, Seth Green commented.

So... when will CNN truly expose 9-11? When will they interview somebody worth listening to?

Click this link for the video:
24 Mar 2006 CNN video

Update #3!
Sharon Stone invited on Showbiz Tonight!
On 27 March 2006 Sharon Stone was invited on the show to comment on Charlie Sheen's remarks.

After she spoke, an excerpt from Erica Jong's previous interview was repeated.

Well... we are still waiting for CNN to truly expose 9-11.

Click this link for the video:
27 Mar 2006 CNN video

Update #4!
Ed Asner invited on Showbiz Tonight!
On 28 March 2006 the actor Ed Asner was scheduled to speak about 9-11. However, his appearance was canceled, supposedly because a government official would not also appear on the show to provide the official view of 9-11.

So... are you still waiting for CNN to expose 9-11? Or have you figured out what is happening?

Summary of the CNN exposé on 9/11

The American and European media is dominated by people who are Jewish and/or who support Israel. 

A.J. Hammer was originally A.J. Goldberg, judging by this University of Hartford article. His last name suggests he may be Jewish.

A.J. Goldberg interviewed Erica Jong, who is Jewish, and Seth Green, who is Jewish. And was planning to interview Ed Asner, who is Jewish.

A.J. Goldberg interviewed Webster Tarpley and Alex Jones, both of whom minimize the overwhelming evidence that Zionism is the primary group behind the 9-11 attack and numerous other horrendous, shocking, and appalling crimes. 

A.J. Goldberg interviewed Mike Berger, an active member of and, and both groups mimimize the role of Zionism. Some of their key members, such as Nicholas Levis, admit they are Jewish (Levis has been so discredited by his attempts to sabotage and deceive that he is no longer listed as a member of

Sharon Stone is not Jewish, but all three of her husbands are Jewish, and her recent activities show a strong attachment to Israel. In March 2006, for example, she visited Israel, but not as an ordinary tourist.

Sharon Stone holds a press conference in Tel Aviv with Nobel Peace Prize winner Shimon Peres.
Other aspects of her trip are here.


What does this mean?

If you cannot see that the 9/11 movement is dominated and infiltrated by people who support Israel and Zionism, please read this article:
What if North Koreans attacked us with nuclear bombs?

And if you can't figure out that the Nobel prizes are given for political reasons, and that there is a Zionist bias in the selection process, please look at this page about Albert Einstein.

Then ask yourself, if Zionists will lie that much about Albert Einstein, why should we trust the Nobel prizes, the Pulitzer prizes, or even the prizes given in bodybuilding contests? And why should we trust them to expose 9-11?


Why would criminals expose their own crime?

The Zionists would be willing to expose 9/11 if they feel they can no longer suppress the crime. In such a case, they would want to expose the crime to the public so that they can put themselves into the role of hero, investigator, truth seeker, and savior.

Instead of bringing forward honest, true investigators of 9/11, they would bring out their best liars and puppets. They would not be exposing 9/11; rather, they would be trying to remain in control of the nation.

They may have to sacrifice a few of their team members, such as George Bush, Dick Cheney, Tony Blair, and possibly even Larry Silverstein, but it is better to sacrifice Useful Idiots and a few old men rather than let the entire crime network go down.

The lower level criminals, such as Nicole Rittenmeyer, can fake stupidity when 9-11 is exposed, or they can claim that they were just workers who were following orders.

The criminals may fight with each other

For the past several years both CNN and National Geographic were suppressing 9/11. However, if 9/11 is exposed, the Zionists and the other criminals that work with them may start fighting with each other over which of them is sacrificed, and which of them gets control of America.

Actually, the fight may already be occurring. The people at National Geographic may be fighting with the people at CNN.

Why did CNN select a Hollywood gossip show to expose 9-11? Probably because they consider the viewers of such a show to be easier to manipulate compared to the viewers of a news show. 

CNN may be trying to deceive the tens of millions of people who idolize Hollywood stars into thinking that Charlie Sheen, Alex Jones, Webster Tarpley, Mike Berger, and are the honest 9-11 investigators. This would give the criminals at CNN a very large support base.

What will the criminals at Fox, ABC, BBC, the New York Times, and other groups do? Will they join with CNN? Will they help National Geographic? Or will they select some other members of the criminal network to expose 9/11? Will fights break out among the criminals?

Will Americans be fooled again?

The American people have allowed this criminal network to assassinate many of their political leaders, military leaders, scientists, and other citizens.

The American people have also allowed the USS Liberty to be attacked, and they have done nothing yet about the attack on September 11. They ignored the mysterious breaking of the New Orleans levees, and they have done nothing about the mysterious Oklahoma City bombing. 

The American people have also ignored the strange massacres at schools, such as Columbine, which appear to be much more than just a couple of teenagers on a rampage.

The American people have also ignored the mysterious burnings of churches, and mysterious explosions at oil refineries, and numerous mysterious forest and grassland fires.

It now appears that the information about 9/11 is coming out, and it appears that the criminal network is selecting some of their members to expose 9/11. Will the Americans and Europeans be fooled by this deception?

If the criminals can fool most of the Americans and Europeans into believing that George Bush is responsible for 9/11, and that Charlie Sheen, Webster Tarpley, Alex Jones, and Mike Berger are heroes, then the criminals will remain in control of the media of Europe and North America, our schools, the Federal Reserve, our banking system, our military, and the European Union.

The only way to fight back at this criminal network is to bypass their control of information. They dominate the media, including the Internet and the 9-11 "Truth Groups". It is up to each of us to spread information to our friends, relatives, neighbors, and coworkers. We must ignore their deceptive web sites, television programs, and magazines.

Investigate the Truth Seekers

If 9/11 is exposed, we must investigate everybody involved, not just George Bush. All of the 9/11 investigators need to be investigated. Don't be intimidated by these people! Here is an article about this issue:

Watch out for the deceptive web sites

There are not many web sites that provide honest information.

Information is the only way to counteract their propaganda, so please take a look at the articles on these sites, and put pressure on your friends, relatives, co-workers, and neighbors to join us as we face the corruption and try to make a better world.