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It is 4 August 2007...

do you know where the Bollyns are?

Christopher Bollyn did not show up for his court date on August 3, but his lawyer was told that "Bollynís wife is ill and is now seeking medical treatment". The lawyer also says he "received documents from a Bollyn family friend ó a pediatrician ó confirming Bollynís wifeís medical issues".

Who is this family friend and pediatrician? Probably Linda Shelton.

There are only a few of us actively exposing Zionism, and now the Bollyns have been silenced. The family may be alive, but that doesn't mean they are safe. We are getting a lot of e-mail from people who have received e-mail from the Bollyns, but they are worried that these e-mails are not coming from the Bollyns.

What would happen if Smith and Hufschmid also vanished mysteriously? Would Alex Jones care? Webster Tarpley? Ron Paul? How about Ed Brown? These people are exposing themselves by showing no concern about Bollyn! Take advantage of this!

The Bollyns may have made a very big mistake about who to trust. Are you going to make a similar mistake?

If the Zionists can identify their enemies and get rid of us one by one, they will remain in control. By pretending to be truth seekers, anti-Zionist patriots, anti-war activists, and Democrats, they can identify their enemies. Be careful who you give your name to, and who you give money to.

Did you know Mike Piper promotes Michael A. Hoffman II?

Did you see the information I had previously written about Hoffman?

On the same radio show that Mike Piper was suggesting we give money to Michael Hoffman, he was also suggesting we give money and support to Congressman James Traficant, who is in jail. Piper insults Bollyn, so why does he care about Hoffman and Traficant? Think about that!

The Zionists are being exposed, so let's stop them before they do any more damage!

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Warning: I no longer trust Smith (my reasons are here) but while I was working with him, we created some useful interviews


Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, and other Zionist agents are now trying to blame IBM Corporation for the Nazi movement. If you have not heard this, listen to the audio excerpts at my page on Alex Jones:

Bollyn's audio files are here
My page about Bollyn's disappearance is here

You can determine a lot of Zionist agents just by looking at who they promote. They may have a few innocent links in the list of links, but be suspicious of all of their "friends". For example, just look at the sites promoted by Mark Glenn:

Why is recommending Laura Knight-Jadczyk of Signs of the Times? If you don't know who she is, Hufschmid described her last year here:

And Bollyn wrote about her and WingTV here:

I have two styles of "business cards" that you can print, 10 to a sheet: 


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