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24 May 2006

Smith calls for all Jews to step back from the 9-11 investigation until we can figure out which Jews participated in 9-11 and which ones are innocent.

The evidence is overwhelming; there is a very large, international Jewish crime network that is responsible for the world wars, 9/11, and many other crimes. I have a summary here. We should not allow the criminal Jews to interfere with the investigation.

I made a video about this issue:

If Korea had attacked on 9/11: Back-Off-Jews.wmv
You can find that video and others at this page: HowToHelp.html

Stop letting the Jews ruin our investigations; don't let them deflect attention away from themselves with accusations of "anti-Semitism".

The criminal Jews are panicking! Their 9/11 scam is becoming exposed around the world. They are responding by pretending to be "Truth Seekers". They want to expose 9/11 so that they can control the investigation, the punishment, and the replacement for the Bush administration.

This is the time for us to attack! Mention the names of these criminals. Don't be fooled by "But you are dividing the truth movement when you accuse Alex Jones or Professor Jim Fetzer!"

We are in a war of deception! Don't become one of their suckers! When a criminal network shows weakness, ATTACK THEM! Let's destroy this network once and for all.

Smith and Hufschmid, May 24, 2006   4.9 mb
I appear at 9:02
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Warning: I no longer trust Smith (my reasons are here) but while I was working with him, we created some useful interviews

It is time to expose the criminals who did 9-11, and expose the criminals who are deceiving us about the crime.
NOTE: If you watch C-SPAN's live broadcast of the Washington Journal in the morning, you can call the show and tell them to investigate 9-11. They are not yet censoring phone calls, so you can tell the audience to go to for information that the media is refusing to cover.

Have you seen Bollyn's articles and interview on this issue:

Watch out for vendors who travel around to shows. Some of them are monitoring the shows to see who goes, what they talk about, and what products they purchase. Gabriel Day is an example. How does he afford to travel around the nation? Why is he working with

Look at these meetings coming up in June:

Can you see the deception? They use Professor Jones to lure people to the event, but the other speakers are dedicated Zionist Deniers, not true researchers. The police should go to these meetings and arrest the speakers and organizers.


Mike Ruppert tells us that the CIA is dealing drugs, and Mike Rivero of just posted a link to MI6 are the Lords of the Global Drug Trade

Many people are involved in the drug trade, but the evidence points to Ashkenazis as the primary group. Have you seen this judicial-inc page that suggests Mossad killed Gary Webb?

Don't be fooled; the Ashkenazis seem to dominate drugs, gambling, pornography, sex slaves, and many other immoral business ventures. Many of them have become rich by cheating, bribery, blackmail, and murder. We are dealing with some selfish, immoral, and disgusting people!

Don't be intimidated by these criminals. Instead, prepare for the battle:

Please, take a serious look at the "truth seekers". Judge them by their actions and their friends, not by what they claim to be.

On 29 May 2006, Alex Jones hosted a radio show on KLBJ. He boasted about being the first to expose 9-11:
 jones-first-person-to-expose9-11.mp3  only 30 kb

and he boasted about being the father of the 9-11:
 jones-father-of-9-11.mp3   only 25 kb

Did you know that Alex Jones is a Zionist Denier? Please listen to the excerpts from his radio show if you wonder what we are talking about. There are excerpts in the middle of this page: