The War of the Words: 9/11 was a Outside Job, not an Inside Job or a US government job
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The September 11th Attack


Majority of USA now question 9/11
If this September 2007 poll is accurate, you can now tell your friends and relatives that they are in the minority, and that it's time for them to grow up:
However, the poll was funded by the Zionists, and they are trying to direct people to their deceptive websites, so warn people about the deception.
Video of construction of the World Trade Center
This shows how strong the towers were, and it shows the floors and the concrete

Hufschmid's speech for the Italian 9/11 conference
My short speech to an Italian 9/11 conference in September 2006 is a good introduction to what really happened. I was not invited back for the 2007 event.

Hufschmid and Bollyn discuss the 9/11 attack
We cover the Israeli involvement, the Zionist network, the deception with the FBI and media, and lots more!

Click here for me and Bolllyn on 11 Sep 2006, and
click here for Bollyn on the Zionist connection to 9/11 on 28 Dec 2006

The "dancing" Israelis
Did you know that 5 Israelis were arrested on 9/11 for celebrating the attack? They were in jail for a while, and then sent back to Israel, and then 3 of them told an Israeli television audience that their job was to document the 9/11 attack. Most people don't wonder, "Document it for who?"


Hufschmid's videos on the 9/11 attack
Hufschmid talks about 9/11 with Connie Bryan for an Access TV show
There are 6 parts, ten minutes each:

9-11: A Closer Look, is Hufschmid's introduction to 9/11:, 24 mb video

Hufschmid's original version of Painful Deceptions is available online for free in 4 parts here:
Painful Deceptions


High-quality video of Building 7 collapsing
This video is only a few seconds. It shows building 7 collapsing, and you can clearly see the squibs

Click here to play video: Building-7-demolition.wmv
To download, click your right mouse button and select Save Target As

Amazing testimony from NYC fireman John Schroeder
Schroeder was interviewed by the dishonest Loose Change / Alex Jones group because they are desperate for credibilty as honest investigators. How many other people in New York City have important information about the attack, but have been ignored by the media? Click here for the Google video

Compare John Schroeder to this firemen:

Is that fireman really as stupid as he appears? Or is he trying to suppress the truth?

By the way, look into Alex Jones before you trust him:  Alex-Jones-summary.html

Why do we blame Zionists for 9/11?
The media blames the Arabs, and most of the 9/11 investigators blame the mysterious and elusive Neocons or Globalists, so it is important to show the Zionist connection:

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What if Korean terrorists attacked us?
If you have trouble understanding why Zionists would stage the 9/11 attack, what if the Chinese told you that Korean terrorists detonated nuclear bombs in the USA? Would you be able to figure it out in this case?

Think about this!

Why are there so many health problems from 9/11?
Professor Cahill, an expert on airborne aerosols, says that an analysis of the "dust" at the WTC shows ultra-fine particles that are created only by temperatures far beyond ordinary fires. These tiny particles also explain why thousands of people are suffering health problems:

Most people still do not realize that the illness was caused by the deliberate demolition of the WTC towers and Building 7. Help us educate and motivate people. Please pass around this link about the dust:

Sir Rudy Giuliani wants pity!

He breathed the dust, and now worries about his heatlh (or he is pretending to be a victim to fool us into thinking he had nothing to do with 9/11). Anybody who trusts the Zionists is a fool. Don't show them any pity! Sleep with Zionist rats, get bit by their fleas.

Send Giuliani this Get Well Card

Fuji Bank and 9/11
Why is Japan so quiet about 9/11? Perhaps an investigation of Fuji Bank and Yakuza will explain it.

Click here

Are we defeating the Jewish crime network?
Status Report for July 2008. Information about 9/11 and Zionism is spreading around the world, but are we making any progress in defeating this crime network?

For those of you who ask me such questions, here is a status report:


The official 9/11 story is Collapsing
If you learned about 9/11 recently, you might find it easier to understand the deception by thinking about this:

A 9-11 Timeline

Why is the media suppressing evidence about 9/11?
Have you seen any reports in media about the stream of molten iron that poured out of the South Tower? How about reports about Building 7? Why not?

Because the media executives are trying to control our view of the world, as Christopher Bollyn explains:

The Zionist Network shaping how Americans view 9/11

Christopher Bollyn has lots of articles about 9/11 and other issues: Bollyn.html

William Rodriguez talks about 9/11 on C-Span
Other people who get C-Span publicity are David Ray Griffin and the Alex Jones 9/11 event in 2006. You have to sell out to get such favorable publicity.

David Ray Griffin may be nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

This is more evidence that the Nobel prizes are just like awards for bodybuilding and the Oscars. These contests promote only people who follow orders, such as Schwarzenegger

Charlie Sheen and the CNN 9/11 ExposÚ
Sharon Stone helps Charlie Sheen expose 9/11... or does she?


The Sheen case gets worse!
Now he is accused of being with a "shemale" porn star, and may be taken to court over the death of porn star. What will be next?


The Sam Danner / Flight 77 Controversy
Sam Danner turned out to be a liar, and he helped to expose other people who were lying, so he provides some valuable lessons.

The Sam Danner Controversy

Eric Hufschmid's book
“Painful Questions, An Analysis Of The September 11 Attack”

On-line for free: English and DeutschItalianoFranšais

For info on my book: PainfulQuestionsBook.html

Eric Hufschmid's video
“Painful Deceptions”

Watch it on-line for free here:

Painful Deceptions