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Most "investigators" in the "truth movement" are criminals, but they provide some truth in order to lure you to their site. So become a smart fish; ie, take their bait, but don't bite their hook.

Please learn about the concept of a wolf in sheep clothing! 
I have an introduction to the issue here


The King David Hotel bombing, 1946
This bombing is an excellent way to introduce people to the concept of false flag operations. In the British documentary, "The Age of Terror", you can listen to Israelis admit to dressing like Arabs and blowing up the hotel.

• 4 mins of a BBC video on the warning - New link, 31 Oct 2011- the other videos were deleted again!


Ben Partin explains the Oklahoma City bombing
General Ben Partin, one of the military's expert on explosives, explains how he knows that the building in Oklahoma City was brought down with explosives that inside the building, not the truck driven by Tim McVeigh. Warning: General Partin seems honest about the Oklahoma City bombing, but he supports the official story of 9/11.

"Common Purpose" infiltrates UK and EU governments
Brian Gerrish exposes the diabolical tricks of the organization Common Purpose. Gerrish show how they have been 'training" people for British and EU governments for the CFR, Tavistock, and related groups of "wealthy elite".

But is he really trying to expose and stop a diabolical plot by those elite to get control of our nations?

English • Italiano

UK documentary exposes Global Warming scam
This video exposes Global Warming as a fraud. It was shown on British TV in March 2007. The video is often deleted, but it is here at the moment.

Rather than debate the issue, scientists have been threatened for 'climate denial'

The people who promote Global Warming are not "Liberals", "Greens", or "Environmentalists". They are Zionist Jews, and they are trying to use Global Warming to manipulate us and impose taxes, as I explain here:
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The War On Britain's Jews
As people realize that Zionists were involved with 9/11 and other crimes, the Zionists fight back by calling us "anti-Semites", as can be seen in this "documentary" from Britain's Channel 4, shown 9 July 2007:  new link!
If that video disappears, here's another:

Various Videos related to Zionism
Take a look at the Rabbis who protest Zionism and Israel, the "Dancing Israelis", Morgan Reynolds, and more.

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The BBC exposes pedophilia in Catholic Church
The BBC is another Zionist propaganda delivery device, but they show Cardinal Ratzinger (now the Pope) helped cover up the pedophilia. Why would the Catholic Church promote pedophiles? Kay Griggs says the Zionists do this with the military, courts, and media so that they can control the organization through blackmail.

The accusations that the Vatican has been infiltrated by Zionists might make sense to you now. Take a look at at the evidence here.

Video links updated again! Here is a copy - watch it soon, it is often deleted!
Also on youtube; part 1 is here new link.
A video from Frontline about the issue is here

Oliver O'Grady

Uranium weapons are contaminating the planet
Uranium weapons are causing birth defects and cancer. The US military leaders have been tricked into thinking they are safe, or they are such irresponsible jerks that they don't care. This video was also deleted, but now it's back.

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Documentaries on modern slavery
Labor Slaves. Based on the book Disposable People, this video shows slavery in the rug-making industries of Northwest India, the cocoa plantations in the Ivory Coast, and the homes of World Bank officials in Washington, D.C.
Click here for the video -- Another New link!
Sex Slaves. The media occasionally talks about the issue, but they never provide an honest analysis because Jews seem to be dominating the slave trade, and the Jewish media is protecting them.
Click here for a video about the sex slave trade

If you don't think you are affected by the slave trade, listen to my February 11, 2008 audio file at this page.

The BBC exposes the attack on USS Liberty
Don't be fooled into thinking our enemies are the Vatican, Al Qaeda, or the “Globalists”. Wake up and smell the Zionism!

Info on the BBC documentary

You can find a high-quality version on the Internet as torrents, or watch it on youtube:

Or Google video : (new link)

The slow destruction of Gaza
A British reporter provides a glimpse of the violence in Gaza. Rachel Corrie and others think they can stop the war with protests, but video cameras and the Internet are doing more to suppress Israel. What would we have seen during WW2 if the Internet existed back then?

Muslim leader talks about Protocols
In 1985 he talked to an audience about the Protocols of Zion and the conspiracy by Jews to take over the world through deception, blackmail, and subversion.



Eric Hufschmid's videos
A collection of short videos that I made to introduce people to corruption and deception

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My Masquerade Party videos

Part 1: Holocaust Denial  English • Italiano • Español
Part 2: Little Piggies  English • Italiano
Part 3: The Wizards of Zion   English • Italiano