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Adolf Hitler:
Evil Supergenius?
Or Useful Idiot for the Zionists?

The photo below shows Hitler and Goering

• Were the Hitler children mentally unstable?
Angela Hitler, Adolf Hitler's older half-sister, had a daughter, Geli. In 1928 they moved near Adolf. Angela became his housekeeper, and Geli became his lover. Geli is also said to have had an affair with Hitler's chauffeur, a man who later was a founding member of the Nazi SS.

Adolf was soon becoming popular as a political candidate. Would the German public vote for a man whose hired his sister as a housekeeper and who was having an affair with his sister's daughter, who was also having affairs with other Nazis? 

Hitler supposedly drew these nude pictures of Geli. How many people do you know have a sexual relationship with their niece?

Fortunately for Adolf Hitler, this issue virtually vanished in 1931 when Geli was found dead in Adolf's apartment. She supposedly committed suicide by shooting herself in the heart with Adolf's gun. Even the Zionist biased Wikipedia admits to these bizarre events: Angela Hitler and Geli Hitler

• Was the Hitler family partly Jewish?
After World War 1, Adolf Hitler's older half-sister, Angela, managed the Jewish "Mensa Academia Judaica", a boarding house for Jewish students.

Would Jews allow a Goy to manage a Jewish organization? Or, were some members of the Hitler family partially Jewish?

Hitler's family seems twisted, incestuous, and murderous; i.e., great candidates for Useful Idiots who can be controlled through blackmail, deception, and offers of fame, bizarre sex, and money.

Have you noticed that many 9-11 Truth Seekers, lone nut assassins, and anti-Semites also seem to be mentally unfit? Take a look at such articles as:

Even George Bush fits this pattern, and so does Zacarias Moussaoui:

Also, check out our interview with John DeCamp about the blackmail of US officials who engage in pedophilia:

Scott Ritter appears to be one of the blackmailed pedophiles, although unlike most of the Bush administration officials, Ritter is heterosexual:

Don't be fooled into thinking Bush, Hitler, Moussaoui, Oswald, or other mental defects are the masterminds of the world's problems! Those people seem to be mentally ill puppets, so we need to look at the people who are pulling their strings.

Why were so many Jews in the Nazi military?

The book Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers, written by Bryan Mark Rigg, who is partially Jewish, shows that up to 150,000 Jews were Nazis.

How could that be possible unless the Nazis were secretly manipulated by Zionists?