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New 9/11 videos for 2007
From Dave vonKleist:
9/11 Ripple Effect

From Gillian Norman and Ian Woods:
Are you smart enough to figure out if these
videos are bait to lure you into a "Goy Pen"?

Perhaps the saddest aspect of the September 11 attack is that the criminals are operating In Plain Sight, as Dave vonKleist might say.
Update: A video made by Peter Kawaja shows Joyce Riley, the wife of Dave vonKleist, trying her best to fake a romantic interest in him in order to manipulate him. Click here for more. 

Some of the criminals appear on national television to lie about the attack and encourage hatred and fear of Al Qaeda.

Other criminals, such as Dave vonKleist and Webster Tarpley, shift the blame to George Bush, the Vatican, or the mysterious New World Order.

All of these criminals are operating right in front of the police and the military, but only some of the Americans and Europeans can see through the deception.

The Zionists are getting away with their crimes because they are outsmarting most people. Also, they install their agents in positions of leadership at the police departments, military, and government agencies.
Watch the excerpts, and consider who the video promotes, and what they say:
No previews for ShadowPlay yet, but a description is at a website that promotes Zionist propaganda:

William Rodriguez is used by these people as bait.

The site is:

Note that in one of the excerpts of 9-11 Ripple Effect, Phil Jayhan mentions that he and Deborah Simon went to New York City to look for evidence. We have info about Simon and Jayhan in several locations, such as:

Some of the people who appear in these videos may be honest, but only the portion of their interview that fits the Zionist propaganda is included. For example, ShadowPlay has some video of Andreas Von Buelow, but they avoid the remarks about the Mossad that he told to Christopher Bollyn in 2001:

Finally, some people, such as Mike Piper, complain that Hufschmid's video, Painful Deceptions, does not mention Zionism, but neither do any of these new videos. If Hufschmid is wrong for not talking about it years ago, then Mike Piper should complain even more about these people for not talking about it in 2007.

Incidentally, the orginal (not the edited) version of Painful Deceptions is on line for free:
Painful Deceptions
The criminals are trying to lure you away from those of us that they don't have control over.

Don't let them get control of the "truth movement".


Learn how to identify the deception!

The Internet is allowing ordinary people around the world to investigate everybody, and this is making it increasingly difficult to get away with crime. Their only defense is to keep people in a state of confusion.

If you are new to the 9/11 issue, our timeline of the deception might help you understand what is going on:

The only solution to this problem of deception is to investigate everybody. Don't be intimidated when people complain that you are "dividing the movement" by "casting suspicions on truth seekers". Grow a backbone; stand up to these mysterious people: