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8 Feb 2007

When we first realized that the World Trade Center buildings were demolished with explosives, and that the 9/11 attack was a false flag operation, most of us assumed it was a crime of the Bush administration.

Note: I have a video about false flags to explain the term:

The more we learned about 9/11, the more we realized there is a very significant involvement by Israelis, the Rothschilds, and others Zionists.

We are not anti-semitic for discovering the Zionist involvement in 9/11. The Zionists are solely responsible for their involvement in 9/11, and we should not let them hide behind accusations of anti-Semitism.

Let's make a better world!

We are not helpless. We have the technology to spread information around the world very quickly and inexpensively. Let's take this opportunity and change the course of the human race. Let's move beyond this primitive existence of monarchies, abuse, and wars.

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Warning: I no longer trust Smith (my reasons are here) but there is valuable information in our interviews

Phil Jayhan has turned out to be another Zionist agent. Jayhan's latest posting claims that my image of a bum asking for money is anti-Semitic!
That image is found in my article:

I talked to Jayhan on the phone and explained to him that the article is criticism of the white supremacists and other groups, not the Jews, but Jayhan continued to insist that it is anti-Semitic:

On that same page, Jayhan writes about his biggest fear, and this explains the motives behind Jayhan and most of the other truth seekers:

My biggest fear is this Jewish stuff is being circulated all through the internet. It is catching on like wildfire.
What is "this Jewish stuff" that he worries about? And why does he worry about it "catching on like wildfire"? Obviously, he and other "truth seekers" are worried that the evidence of Israeli involvement in 9/11 is spreading around the planet. 

They worry that we are no longer fooled into blaming the Islamofacists, the Globalists, the Vatican, or the Satanists.

My article about Dan Wallace also upset Jayhan:

Jayhan was concerned that if he also gets killed by "them", other people will say, "Good riddance to another useful idiot!" Yes, indeed, Mr. Jayhan... if you get killed by your Jewish friends, that is exactly what I will say.

United for Peace and Justice; another Zionist group

Watch this person try to bring up 9/11 at a meeting of United for Peace and Justice. Notice the "peace" group has no desire to discuss 9/11:

It is important to notice that after they get him off to the side, they whisper to him that they agree with him, but this is not the time to bring up 9/11.

This technique of delaying the discussion of 9/11 has been successful for years. Stop being suckers! They want you to wait, and wait, and then wait some more.

The peace groups, antiwar groups, Democrats, veterans groups, and virtually all of the other groups have been infiltrated or created by Zionists. Perhaps that is why Phil Jayhan doesn't like my article:

Israel is an unrealistic fantasy
The fantasy of creating Israel has been around for centuries, but it did not become significant until 1897 when it became an official movement and got funding by the Rothschilds and other Jews.

There is no point arguing whether it is right or wrong to create Israel. It  would equivalent to arguing whether it was right or wrong for the Europeans to fight the Native Americans, or whether it was right or wrong for the Aztec or Iroquois to conquer their neighbors.

People and animals have been fighting with their neighbors all throughout history. Instead, we should ask ourselves:
Do we want to continue behaving like stupid animals that fight over territory?

The Zionists have put us through torture for more than a century and there is no end in sight. The Arabs are not going to give in to Israel.

Are we going to behave like animals forever?

It is time the human race took a serious look at its situation. We should start discussing how to get beyond this primitive existence of monarchies, warfare, and Christian and Jewish fanatics who believe that their particular God wants them to kill Muslims.

Most "truth seekers" are Zionist criminals

It's difficult to believe, but take a look at the evidence before you dismiss this accusation.

Take a look at how David Ray Griffin got into the 9/11 movement, and take a look at the behavior of Dave von Kleist, the Scholars for 9/11 Truth, and Alex Jones:

Israel has a very large group of supporters, both Christians and Jews, and they are working very hard to keep this idiotic fantasy alive. They have already killed millions and caused an enormous amount of destruction and pollution. They are not playing games. Many of them believe their God wants them to kill for Israel.

How can David Ray Griffin, who claims to be a good Christian, support the slaughters, crimes, and murders of the Jews? The Christian Zionists are dangerous, psychotic murderers who believe that God is so inept that He needs humans to kill Arabs for Him.