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A Putsch for USA?
And "Weather Wars"?

17 July 2007
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updated 21 November 2007. Click here to jump to that update

Alex Jones exposes those diabolical Chinese, and the mysterious New World Order
In reality, his radio show for 17 July 2007 is more evidence that he and his buddies in the "New World Order" are on a sinking ship.

The increasingly desperate attempts by the "truth seekers" to shift the blame for the world's corruption to George Bush, the Chinese, or the Rockefellers are giving us a clue as to what their plans are and how much they are panicking.

The audio excerpt is here:
jones-17July2007-putsch.mp3  500 kbytes

That excerpt starts with Jones pleading with his audience to make copies of his and other DVDs, but this is not to help spread information. Rather, this is to saturate the nation with their deception so that nobody notices what we are providing.

However, when a criminal tries to cover up his crime, he inadvertently exposes information about himself. For example, consider what Alex Jones might mean when he said that the New World Order is "getting their hind ends kicked", and they are reacting by pushing it over the edge:

“Right when they start getting their hind ends kicked, they just get more aggressive, and they go ahead and they push it right over the edge.”

What are they pushing "over the edge"? The Zionists in our government and media are promoting the possibility that Al Qaeda will attack America, possibly with nuclear, chemical, or biological weapons. Take a look at these news reports on the same day from the BBC, the Wall Street Journal, and CNN.  Is Alex Jones talking about this sequel to 9/11

Alex Jones referred to it as a putsch. This implies that the New World Order is going to make an attempt to get control of the US government.

Are the Zionists planning on attacking Washington DC, blaming it on Al Qaeda and Iran, getting rid of President Bush and whoever else they would like to replace, and then acquiring even more control over our nation?

What will the Zionists do if this putsch fails? How are they going to avoid getting blamed for it? Alex Jones tells us:

“Now their plan is to blame the US as an escape valve if this putsch fails. And then claim that it all happened here, and have some big internationalization of it, and bring in some leftist regime that keeps the police state they installed but kinda cuts back on the rhetoric. It's all being done scientifically. 

No, we're not gunna stop there. We know it all comes out of Europe, and it all comes out of the New World Order, and you are going to fail, New World Order.”

So, if this putsch fails, the "New World Order" will blame America, and the honest truth seekers and investigators, such as Alex Jones, will expose the putsch as coming from Europe; as coming from the New World Order.

Update Nov 2007:
Do you remember that six nuclear bombs were accidentally loaded onto an airplane at the end of August? Was that going to be the putsch that Alex Jones was referring to? Remember when Chertoff had a gut feeling about an attack in the summer? Was the "New World Order" going to use those nuclear bombs in another false flag attack and try to get control of the nation during the chaos? I have an audio file about this:
Thursday, 11 Oct 2007
Hufschmid, on the 6 nuclear bombs, Ed Brown, and Bollyn's latest odd article. Click here

Jones said that if their putsch fails (apparently, it did fail), their plan is to blame America for 9/11 and impose a "leftist regime". Well, Alex Jones and most of the other 9/11 "truth groups" are blaming America for 9/11. I mentioned it in this audio file:

Tuesday, 20 Nov 2007
Hufschmid, on Ron Paul and the Liberty Dollar. Click here

And it looks like they're trying to get Hillary Clinton elected, which would be the "leftist regime" that Alex Jones mentioned.


Weather Wars!

A couple years ago we were told that Dick Cheney had a weather machine, and that he steered hurricane Katrina into New Orleans, and that the levees broke mysteriously after the hurricane passed over, and without explosives.

After Alex Jones talked about the New World Order and their upcoming putsch, a caller to the show brought up the issue of weather wars. Alex Jones said that China is controlling weather.

The audio excerpt is here:
jones-17July2007-weather-wars.mp3  800 kbytes

Four interesting comments from Alex Jones:

China admits they have total weather control, and our government by, uh, 68, the Stanford Research Institute with the Naval War Laboratory, had confirmed that we can create and destroy hurricanes and typhoons, but now in 2007 they say that none of it exists, and we can just trust the government.

China controls weather, I mean, they just outright control it, yeah.

Right when they want to mess with the Iranians, they send in huge storms on them, never before seen, I mean, like a typhoon in the Gulf, which they never had in recorded modern history,
They could easily use weather weapons, and then scare people into accepting a world tax. It makes perfect sense.

Update July 18, 2007:

During the radio show for 18 July 2007, Alex gets a phone call about the control of weather, and Alex explains that "they" could have stopped hurricane Katrina:
Jones-18July2007-weather-weapons.mp3  680 kbytes

Later in the show he said he was not sure if they have earthquake weapons:
Jones-18July2007-earthquake-weapons.mp3  220 kbytes

After the commericial break, the conversation continued. Jones said that the weather weapons are "real, off the shelf systems":
Jones-18July2007-earthquake-weapons-2.mp3   250 kbytes

Too bad Jones didn't tell us the price and where we can buy them. I would like my very own Tornado Machine.

Update January 12, 2010:
Jones, on his radio show for January 12, 2010, claimed that weather control is "declassified":
Jones-weather-control-12Jan2010.mp3   120 kbytes

Benjamin Fulford appears again!

Benjamin Fulford is pointing out that the human race has the possibility for a big transition. He claims that when the Rockefellers are finally defeated, the human race will be free to enter a new and improved life:

However, the Internet is allowing us to expose and eliminate Zionism. The Rockefellers are just one family in this gigantic crime network. Once we get rid of Zionism, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Bronfmans, the Oppenheimers, and thousands and thousands of others, the human race will be free to start improving itself. Please help us spread our information.

For More Information

Jeff King

One of the men promoting the weather war propaganda was Jeff King, who refers to himself as plaguepuppy. Jimmy Walter was fooled into believing he was a 9/11 investigator. Walter allowed him to speak at his 9/11 conference in New York City in 2004, which is why he appears on Walter's DVD, "Confronting the Evidence", along with other Zionist Deniers, such as Karl Schwarz and Jenna Orkin. You should assume all truth seekers are Zionist agents until proven honest.

If you've never seen his site, here's one of them:

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The Rockefellers and the Bilderbergs
Alex Jones and other "truth seekers" try to blame the Rockefellers and the "Bilderbergs":

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