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20 February 2011

It should be obvious by now that the Jewish crime network will be destroyed. However, eliminating a crime network doesn't automatically bring improvements to our governments, schools, economy, or banking system. In order to create a better world, we must actually do some work to make it better! We need to analyze history, discuss the problems we face, and then start experimenting with modifications to our nation.

At the moment, we cannot have open discussions about these issues because our governments, police departments, media companies, and schools are under the control of a network of criminal Jews, but as soon as we eliminate that network, we can start discussing what we want to do with our future. Here are some of my opinions on recent events to encourage you to start thinking about these issues.

1) The Egyptians should become an inspiration to us!
2) American protesters are behaving like brats, not Egyptians
3) We continue to train criminals to become more effective
4) Some humor might help keep your morale up!
5) Are brain injuries significant or meaningless?
6) Who is innocent? Who are you fighting for?

1) The Egyptians should become an inspiration to us!
It's exciting to see the Egyptians struggling to remove their corrupt government officials, but it's sad to see that as of 20 February 2011, all they are doing is creating vacancies in their government. Who will fill the vacancies? Removing corrupt officials doesn't automatically make the nation better. In fact, it's possible that somebody even worse will end up in control.

Furthermore, it's sad to hear the Egyptians dream about creating a democracy like that of America. The Egyptian people need a quick and intensive course in American politics! Apparently the Egyptians don't realize that America is suffering from tremendous corruption, inefficiency, loneliness, and low morale.

The Egyptians may have been suffering so much that they regard America as an incredible improvement over Egypt, but just because our nation is better than the Mubarak regime, that doesn't mean they should mimic our Constitution. The Egyptian people should have the attitude that America's founders had; specifically, they should look at other nations and try to learn from their mistakes and create and even better nation. They shouldn't simply mimic what they see other people doing.

The Egyptian people need to take a serious look at the American economy and notice that it is deteriorating. They should also notice the incredible corruption and abuse that is occurring in our banking and financial systems, and they should note that America has become so dominated by criminals that we are faking moon landings, allowing a small network of Jews to get away with the 9/11 attack, and tolerating school books that are full of Jewish lies about the Holocaust, the Nazis, and Israel.

We need to get information out to the Egyptian people to change their attitude. They should think of a nation the same way an engineer thinks of a refrigerator. They should analyze the existing nations and try to develop a better nation for themselves, which in turn would inspire other nations to overthrow their corrupt governments and create a better nation, also. The Egyptian people should be inspiring us, not mimicking us.

Did you notice how easy it was to remove corrupt officials?
A small minority of Egyptians overthrew their Neanderthal leader, Hosni Mubarak, and they also removed some other corrupt government officials, including top military officials. They didn't appear to me to be a very organized group, and they didn't seem to have much of an idea what they were doing, but they succeeded anyway. The reason they could succeed is that it's very easy for a large group of people to eliminate a few corrupt government officials. The difficult aspect of a revolution is developing a better nation. Here are some issues to think about:
Don't stop the revolution prematurely
Does Egypt have a free press yet? I don't speak their language, but it appears to me that the Egyptian people are not yet correcting the lies in their school books about the Holocaust, and I'm not aware of any people on Egyptian television freely discussing the Israeli involvement in 9/11, or the Apollo Moon Landing scam.

The Egyptian people succeeded in removing a few of their corrupt government and military officials, but if they stop the revolution now, they will not have accomplished much because they still have crime networks, abusive businessmen, and Jews dominating their society. This brings me to a very important point. Specifically, don't be fooled into thinking that our problems can be solved by removing only a few criminals from the government. Every nation is suffering from tremendous amounts of crime, inefficiency, and corruption, but it's not because of just a few corrupt officials. It's because there are an enormous number of destructive, parasitic, and neurotic people in our societies. We must deal with that enormous number of destructive people in order to improve our nation. Furthermore, the majority of people are selfish sheeple who have no desire to help society.

The sheeple are a ball and chain around our legs
Only a small minority of the Egyptian population got involved with overthrowing their government, although there may have been a lot of Egyptians helping quietly in the background. If more of the Egyptian population had been willing to get involved, the Egyptians could have accomplished the task much quicker and with even less violence.

Unfortunately, the majority of people in every nation have no desire to help remove corrupt government officials. People who refuse to help expose or fight crime networks are inadvertently assisting those networks. We can excuse women and children from getting involved with fights with crime networks and corrupt government officials, but we should not make excuses for adult men. Any adult man who refuses to help protect his society should be considered a deserter, or a selfish savage.

We must deal with millions of criminals and sheeple
Hollywood movies create the impression that the majority of people are wonderful, innocent, sweet, and adorable, and that we can solve all of our problems by killing a few criminals, but in reality, the world is suffering as a result of the majority of people. The majority of Egyptians, for example, have done nothing - and are still doing nothing! - to help Egypt. They are spending their time titillating themselves with food, material items, children, and religion.

Egypt is typical; the majority of Americans, British, Japanese, and Chinese are also doing nothing about the crime, loneliness, corruption, and other problems that their nations are suffering from.

Every nation is suffering from the same problem; namely, the majority of people have a mind that is suited only to a very primitive life. Most people have the intelligence to deal with the complex issues that we face today, but they don't have the emotional ability. They want to ignore problems and spend their life titillating themselves with food, alcohol, children, dogs, gambling, and material items.

According to the news reports, which may be inaccurate, one of the reasons the Egyptian people are rebelling against their government is to create a democracy in which the majority of Egyptian people are allowed to vote for their government officials. If this is true, the Egyptian people are not going to bring an improvement to their nation. History has proven that the majority of people do not have the emotional ability to do a good job of voting. Most people refuse to analyze the leadership ability of the candidates. Instead, they select government officials in the same manner that they select clothing, pet dogs, and food. Specifically, they select the government officials according to who is most emotionally appealing.

The majority of people are not even capable of making sensible decisions about the quantity of food to eat, and an enormous percentage of the population is incapable of controlling their cravings for alcohol, fame, gambling, money, sex, jewelry, and babies.

We cannot bring significant improvements to a nation simply by removing a few corrupt government officials. We also have to deal with the millions of criminals and sheeple. Furthermore, all of us are related to some of those criminals and sheeple. Therefore, in order to bring improvements to a nation, we must be capable of standing up to our own  relatives. Unfortunately, our emotions cause us to make excuses for the terrible behavior of our relatives. The nations and races that are least able to control their emotions and stand up to their relatives are going to lose in the competitive battle for life. The people who dominate in the future will be those who are more impartial, and who set higher standards of behavior for everybody, including their close relatives.

When will the Italian men help to improve Italy?
As I write this article, 20 February 2011, there are enormous protests occurring in Italy to force their prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, to resign. They are similar to the protests in Egypt, except that the Italian demonstrations are apparently dominated by women.

A news report points out that Berlusconi has had 2,500 court hearings and spent more than 300 million euros in legal fees to defend himself against "allegations of tax fraud, bribery, corruption, and more" since he became prime minister in 1994. If he were providing phenomenal leadership to the nation, then we might be able to overlook his awful behavior, but what has he done to justify his position in leadership?

Even if Berlusconi were honest, I am not aware of any reason to keep him in a leadership position. If a person cannot provide leadership, he should be removed from his position. I find it amazing that I even have to make such a statement. Would you tolerate a dentist who could not properly perform dentistry, or a restaurant chef who could not properly cook food? Of course not! But people tolerate government officials who cannot provide leadership!

A lot of the Italian women are fed up with Berlusconi, but he's not incompetent or corrupt enough to bother many of the Italian men. This makes me wonder, how incompetent, worthless, and disgusting would Berlusconi have to be in order to cause the Italian men to decide that he is unfit to be their nation's leader?

These protests in Italy are an interesting example of the concept I just mentioned; namely, our primary enemy is the majority of people. A small percentage of the women are trying to remove Berlusconi, but most women don't seem interested, and even fewer men are interested. Why aren't the men helping to bring about a better government? What are the Italian men doing while the women are protesting? Are they just stuffing themselves with pasta?

The Italian men are inadvertently supporting the feminist attitude that men are incompetent, selfish, sex-craved jerks, and that if a woman wants something accomplished, she has to do it herself. When are the Italian men going to show signs of leadership, responsibility, and intelligence? When are they going to take care of their nation, their wives, and their families? If Berlusconi were to order the police to kill the women who are protesting, how many Italian men would care?

A lot of my articles have been translated into Italian, so if you know anybody in Italy, send them this link.

Watch for criminals and revenge during revolutions
Another lesson to learn from the Egyptian rebellion is that while the Egyptian people were rebelling against the government, ordinary criminals and corrupt government officials were vandalizing and stealing items from museums and businesses. When we overthrow a government, we should be expecting criminals and dishonest government officials to take advantage of the chaos.
Violence isn't necessary
Most people assume that the only way to overthrow a government is to run out into the streets and have a violent demonstration, but if we have a large group of people, we don't need violence, and we don't even have to demonstrate in the streets. There are lots of sensible and peaceful ways to remove a corrupt government.

Keep in mind that an organization is whatever its members are capable of. A gathering of unorganized or incompetent people are not going to be able to do much, other than stand in the streets and chant slogans, but if we can put together a large group who can work well as a team, then we have lots of options available to us. The government will respond with violence only if they believe they are capable of defeating the rebellion. If the people who are overthrowing the government can show that they are capable of defeating the government, the corrupt officials are not going to fight.

As I pointed out in Part 10 of my social technology articles, humans do not enjoy violence. Therefore, we can remove corrupt government officials - including corrupt military leaders - simply by showing them that they are going to lose if they get into a fight with us. Very few people are suicidal maniacs who will choose to die for a lost cause. Actually, we saw evidence of this concept in Egypt. Specifically, the corrupt police officers ran away when they realized that the crowds were very large, and that the military was supporting the rebellion.

Exactly how a group of people should overthrow their government depends upon how large their group is, how competent their leadership is, and how well they can work as a team. The Egyptians appeared to be extremely disorganized, and so their technique was to wander around in the street, chant slogans, and wave signs. However, a more organized group with better leadership could have sent people to surround the government buildings and police departments, and then disconnected the buildings from electricity and water. Then the Egyptian people could have waited outside for the officials to give up.

The Egyptians could use this technique right now to get rid of their corrupt media. The Egyptians could surround all of the media office buildings and all of the homes of the reporters and business executives, and then disconnect all of their buildings and homes from electricity and water. The Egyptian people would then tell the media personnel that the sooner they surrender, the better treatment they will get. The Egyptians could get control of their media very quickly and easily, and without any violence. After the media personnel surrendered, all of them could be investigated to determine which of them should be classified as criminals, and what to do with those criminals.

A lot of people are afraid that corrupt police departments will be a potential source of violence, but corrupt policemen are a small percentage of most police departments. There may be some police departments, such as those in Chicago and New York City, in which all of the police are criminals, but even in those cases the police departments are too small to be significant during a revolution. There is no need for us to fear the corrupt policemen. It is very easy for a large group of people to surround the police buildings and the homes of the policemen, and cut them off from electricity and water. The corrupt policemen are not going to start a fight once they realize that they are facing a group of people who are disgusted with their abuse and refusing to tolerate any more of it.

When overthrowing a government, the military is the only potential source of significant violence. However, militaries are very large, and as a result, they have a wide variety of people. Although some military personnel are drug addicts, alcoholics, and criminals, there are also lots of respectable people. The large size of the military, and the wide variety of people within it, makes it very difficult for a corrupt government to use the nation's military as a personal attack force.

Furthermore, it would be suicidal for a military to attack its own nation to a significant extent. The military is dependent upon society for food and supplies. If a military were to launch a full-scale attack on its own nation, it would be equivalent to your immune system going on a full-scale attack of your body. The military must attack only people who are destructive to society. They cannot attack respectable people. The military must behave like our immune system. And there are certainly enough people within the military who can understand and follow this concept.

The media must be overthrown, also!
Every nation needs to overthrow its corrupt government, but we will not bring significant improvements to a nation simply by replacing a few corrupt government officials. We must also replace the network of criminal Jews that is in control of our media. We must put a much higher quality group of people in control of our television, scientific journals, schoolbooks, and newspapers.
Can you understand how important a free media is?
If we can put honest people in control of the media companies, then children will have access to schoolbooks that provide them with the truth about the historical and current events. A truly free media will also allow us to have intelligent discussions about issues that the Jews are currently suppressing or censoring, such as whether we should tolerate organized religions, and what type of policies we should develop for euthanasia. We would also be able to use television and scientific journals to conduct analyses of more complex issues, such as developing better cities, better train systems, better school systems, and better methods of selecting government officials.

The Egyptians are not going to bring much of an improvement to their nation until they have the ability to freely discuss issues, but judging by the limited and biased descriptions of Egypt, the Egyptian people don't yet seem to have provided themselves with the ability to have serious discussions on television or in newspapers about the lies of the 9/11 attack, the Holocaust, or the Apollo moon landing. I also doubt if any of them are allowed to publicly promote my website. I don't think the Egyptians have freedom of speech yet.

The Egyptians are hoping to become more like America, but America doesn't have freedom of speech, either. Our media is under the control of criminal Jews who are stifling intelligent discussions and promoting idiots, criminals, drug addicts, parasites, plagiarists, and freaks. The Egyptians should not mimic America. Rather, they should try to learn from our mistakes and do better than us.

The media needs checks and balances
Whenever a journalist is hurt or insulted, other people in the media provide us with lots of news reports about how journalists are being abused. For example, during the Egyptian protests, there were lots of news reports - including this from such "truth seekers" as Alex Jones! - about Anderson Cooper being hit in the head 10 times, although he never suffered any bruises or cuts. Christiane Amanpour also claims to have been a victim of brutality, even though nobody actually touched her. She was merely in an automobile in which the windshield was cracked.

Lara Logan suffered more abuse, and not surprisingly, the Jews exploited her abuse as evidence of the horrible quality of Muslims (such as this and this), and President Obama called her on the phone to comfort her.

The point I want to make is that the journalists give tremendous coverage to journalists who are injured in even a trivial manner, but they don't give much coverage to the soldiers who are suffering or dying in the war, or the people here in America who are victims of the criminal Jews. The journalists treat themselves as if they are kings and queens. We can also see this arrogant behavior when a journalist dies. For example, when Peter Jennings died in 2005, there were lots of news reports to glorify him. Why should we glorify him? How is he any better than a factory worker, a soldier, or a housewife?

It's also interesting to note that some journalists accused CBS of trying to cover up the attack on Lara Logan, but they don't complain about the cover-up of the Israeli involvement in 9/11, or the cover-up of the lies the Jews are promoting about the Holocaust.

Also, note that a Jew, Nir Rosen, made a sarcastic remark about how Lara Logan was trying to "outdo Anderson Cooper". Did he make that remark because he was truly upset that Logan, who promoted the Mideast wars, was whining about being a victim of violence? Or was he criticizing her in order to bring her even more publicity and sympathy?

Other dishonest people, such as Thomas Ricks, then criticized Rosen, which gave Logan even more publicity. Incidentally, Ricks is a "Senior Fellow" at the Center for a New American Security, another of those mysterious organizations that covers up Jewish crimes and  tries to manipulate society.

Every person and organization needs checks and balances. We need to alter our economic system so that the people in the media companies are reviewed by people outside of the media. The employees of media company should be nothing more than "employees". They should not be treated as kings and queens, or allowed to use the media for their personal benefit. Everybody needs somebody else to review his performance.

The media award ceremonies are out of control
The media and entertainment businesses have no checks and balances, and they have used that incredible freedom to provide awards ceremonies for themselves every few days! This website maintains a list of awards, and the box below shows the list for January and February, 2011. 
I didn't bother to figure out what all of the abbreviations stand for, but here are three of them:
BFCA: British Academy of Film and Television Arts 
DGA: Directors Guild of America
PGA: Producers Guild of America
Jan. 2 - Kansas City Critics; Dublin Critics
Jan. 3 - OFCS winners; Central Ohio Critics noms
Jan. 4 - WGA noms; PGA noms; Vancouver Critics noms
Jan. 5 - ADG noms; USC Scripter noms
Jan. 6 - CAS noms; Central Ohio Critics winners
Jan. 7 - BFCA longlists
Jan. 8 - National Society of Film Critics Award 
Jan. 10 - DGA noms; VES noms; AWFJ winners; North Texas Critics; Vancouver Critics winners
Jan. 11 - ASC noms; Goya noms
Jan. 12 - NAACP noms
Jan. 13 - Iowa Critics
Jan. 14 - BFCA winners; ACE Eddie noms; Denver Critics noms
Jan. 16 - Golden Globes
Jan. 18 - BAFTA noms
Jan. 20 - CDG noms; MPSE noms; Chlotrudis noms
Jan. 21 - Cesar noms
Jan. 22 - PGA Awards
Jan. 23 - ICS noms
Jan. 25 - Oscar noms
Jan. 28 - Denver Critics winners
Jan. 29 - DGA Awards
Jan. 30 - SAG

Feb. 1 - VES
Feb. 4 - USC Scripter winners
Feb. 5 - WGA; ADG; Annie winners
Feb. 10 - London Critics winners
Feb. 13 - BAFTA; ASC
Feb. 18 - ICS winners
Feb. 19 - CAS; ACE Eddies
Feb. 20 - MPSE
Feb. 22 - CDG
Feb. 25 - Cesar winners
Feb. 26 - Spirits
Feb. 27 - Oscars
You might think that these award ceremonies have no significance to your life, but as I pointed out in Part_9 of my social technology articles, each of us directly and indirectly supports virtually all sports and other activities that are occurring on the planet. For example, when you spend money on products, some of that money ends up as advertising revenue for the award ceremonies.

2) American protesters are behaving like brats, not Egyptians
During February 2011, thousands of government workers, including school teachers, have been protesting in Wisconsin and Ohio. Some people are implying that these protests are similar to the protests in Egypt and other Arab nations. Matt Drudge, for example, put a photo of the demonstration on his website and described it as a "day of rage". The Christian Science Monitor referred to it as a "week of rage".
However, the protests here in America are not analogous to the protests in Egypt. The protesters in Egypt were citizens who were rebelling against their corrupt government officials, but the protesters in America are government employees who are frightened that they will be deprived of "collective bargaining", which has been providing them with nearly automatic pay raises and other benefits. The Egyptian protesters were trying to help their nation, but the American protesters are concerned only with helping themselves. The Egyptian people wanted to remove corrupt government officials, but the American protesters want to protect their salaries and retirement benefits.

Rather than being similar to the Egyptian protesters, the American protesters are more similar to the corrupt officials that the Egyptian people were rebelling against! Here are some other issues to consider:

Why should government employees have special treatment?
I and many other people have suffered a significant decrease in income during the past few years as a result of the deteriorating economy. Why should we protect government employees from these economic problems? Why shouldn't we all share in the problems? Why should we treat government employees as kings and queens? Why shouldn't government employees be treated the same as the rest of us? How is a government employee better than a carpenter, engineer, farmer, or factory worker? Why should we make financial sacrifices in order to maintain their income?
Be suspicious of all officials
It seems that the protesters in Wisconsin and other states are liberals rather than conservatives, but don't assume that the conservatives are any more honest. Learn about the wolf in sheep's clothing trick! All of the conservative government officials are supporting worthless government programs, crime networks, and Jewish lies about the 9/11 attack, the Holocaust, and the Apollo moon landing. The liberals and conservatives are best described as rival crime gangs. The people in the "Tea Party" are also selfish, abusive jerks who are lying to us about 9/11, the Holocaust, and lots of other crimes.
All of our government officials are supported and controlled by wealthy criminals who hide in the background. The majority of people are like sheep, and this is encouraging and allowing different groups of criminals to fight for control of the mindless animals.

The Wisconsin governor, Scott Walker, may seem to be a hero who is fighting the greedy unions and liberals, but he supposedly got a lot of money from the Koch brothers, who also gave a lot of money to the Tea Party. For all we know, Governor Walker is just a puppet of the Koch brothers.

It's possible that the Koch brothers are actually trying to help America, but we are foolish to make that assumption. The best policy is to be suspicious of everybody, especially people who are secretive about themselves, their finances, and their associates. For all we know, the Koch brothers are fighting with Obama, the unions, and the liberals simply because they are members of a rival gang of criminals.

We can't trust doctors, either!
Some of the doctors in Wisconsin are encouraging the teachers to call in sick, and they are offering to write "sick notes" for the teachers. We want to trust the doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel, but have you seen the evidence that lots of doctors are involved with crime networks or pedophilia? For example, Melvin Levine, a doctor at Children's Hospital in Boston, was accused of molesting up to 5000 children.
Dr. Melvin Levine, who worked at a children's hospital, is more evidence that we should be suspicious of all men who have a strong craving to work with children.

Also, look at my article about the suspicious visits to a children's hospital by policemen and other government officials!

Whose fault is it that the economy is deteriorating?
Almost all of us directly or indirectly know of many government employees. We live among them, and we know some of their children, spouses, and friends, and we went to school with some of them. They can't hide from us. We know who they are.

We all know that some government employees are honest and responsible, but most of us also realize that a lot of government officials are neurotic, dishonest, or parasitic. I could write a very lengthy article about the crimes our government is ignoring, participating in, and protecting. For just a few quick examples:

• Occasionally the SEC will briefly punish one of the criminals in our financial markets, or make a corporation pay a small fine, but what good is that doing our nation? Financial crimes are at an unbelievable level.

• Occasionally the FBI will arrest a bank robber or Italian gangster, but they're doing nothing, at least not publicly, to expose or destroy the Jewish crime network.

• What is NASA doing with their budget? When are they going to admit that the Apollo moon landing was a scam?

• The FDA has made it illegal for American farmers to produce hemp that we could be using for paper, clothing, rope, food, and other products. The FDA won't even allow Stevia to be used as a sweetening agent.

• Finally, consider the teachers. They claim to be wonderful people who are educating our children, but they are lying about the 9/11 attack, the Holocaust, and many other crimes. Some teachers may be promoting these lies because they fear retaliation by the Jews, and some teachers may be so naive that they actually believe the propaganda, but many of our teachers are deliberately lying because they are members of the Jewish crime network.

The point I'm trying to make is that one of the primary reasons the American economy is deteriorating is because we have a government that is full of dishonest, parasitic, neurotic, and abusive people who are allowing or participating in crimes. Why should we protect these disgusting people during economic problems? We should protect only the people who are valuable, not people who are destructive.
Why not let government officials suffer at our expense?
When a farmer cannot manage his farm properly, he has to suffer the consequences. When an engineer is no good at engineering, he must suffer the consequences. However, when government officials are dishonest, worthless, or incompetent, they expect to retain their job and salary regardless of their role in the economic chaos they create. They respond to economic problems by raising taxes! Whenever they want more money, they simply take it from us.

The proper way for a government to deal with economic problems is to analyze their policies and their personnel, and experiment with different people and different policies. A government does not solve economic problems by taking money from the citizens.

So, why not reverse the situation? In other words, when a nation is suffering from economic problems, we could reduce taxes and cut the incomes of the government management so that the rest of us maintain our income while the government officials try to figure out what they did wrong. Why should you and I suffer as a result of their disgusting, selfish, and dishonest behavior? Why not cut their salaries and tell them to do something to improve the economy, such as reducing crime, inefficiency, and corruption?

Don't be intimidated by government employees!
Learn from the Egyptians. There is no reason to be afraid of the government employees! Everybody in society should be considered as a member of the team. We should not treat government employees as if they are royalty. The government employees should either do their job properly and contribute to society, or they should be removed.

The government employees in Wisconsin and Ohio are not analogous to the Egyptians who rebelled against their corrupt government. Those government employees are not rebelling against corruption, and they're not trying to bring any improvements to the nation. Rather, they are behaving like spoiled children who are having a temper tantrum. They are not helping our nation. They are only trying to help themselves, and at our expense.

We should investigate all government employees and pass judgment on which of them deserves to be a government employee, and which should be forced to find another job. We should also pass judgment on which of them should be classified as criminals.

If the protests are successful, they may spread to other states
Union leaders and members in other states, such as Minnesota, are considering staging protests in their state, but I don't see any sign that these people are concerned about America, the schools, or society. My interpretation of their comments is that they are concerned for their personal financial situation. They are showing signs of fear, not signs of leadership. They are not seriously analyzing the problems we face or providing us with any intelligent proposals. Rather, they are behaving like brats. If we allow the protesters to be successful in Wisconsin, we are going to encourage more of this horrible behavior.
Who benefits from "collective bargaining"?
Leaders analyze our problems and offer possible solutions. Many nations have been experimenting with unions and collective bargaining for decades, and this provides us with a lot of data to analyze. If we had proper leadership, our leaders would be providing us with intelligent analyses of the history of unions and collective bargaining, and they would be making proposals on how to bring improvements to society. However, nobody involved in these protests are providing us with an intelligent analysis of any issue.

My opinion is that neither unions nor collective-bargaining is helping society, and I think the reason is because these concepts were never created to help society. As I've described in my social technology articles, most of our culture developed inadvertently and haphazardly. 

Unions developed in response to the abuse by dishonest and selfish businessmen. The unions were never intended to help society. The unions were simply a technique for the workers to defend themselves against those disgusting businessmen. You can visualize the situation as two groups of animals that are fighting with each other. Neither group is thinking of what's best for society. Both groups are selfishly fighting for themselves.

I think we should change our philosophy towards crime and bad behavior. The proper way to deal with badly behaved businessmen is to remove them from positions of leadership, and in some cases, remove them from society. We should stop trying to control and cure the badly behaved people. Unions are not the solution to abusive businessmen, and collective bargaining doesn't help us, either.

We don't have proper leadership
The liberal politicians in Wisconsin refused to show up for work on 17 February 2011 in order to interfere with the attempt to eliminate collective-bargaining. Later that day they were found at a resort in Illinois. These officials are not leaders who are dealing with America's financial problems in an intelligent manner. Rather, they are selfish jerks who are having temper tantrums and trying to manipulate society for the benefit of themselves.

All of the people involved with these protests, regardless of which side of the protest they are on, are behaving like selfish animals that are fighting over money. None of them are providing us with intelligent analyses of the problems that our society faces. None of them are providing intelligent proposals on how to improve our economy.

It's also important to note that those liberal politicians have never refused to show up for work in order to protest the Jewish involvement in 9/11, or the lies about the Holocaust, or the corruption in the financial markets. Those government officials don't even show any concern that the war in Afghanistan is still going on, or that the war is a fraud. It should be obvious that these officials care only about themselves, not society.

The Governor of Wisconsin, the conservatives, and Tea Party members want to eliminate collective-bargaining, and this can create the impression that they are wonderful, honest people who are trying to help America. However, they are simply trying to eliminate the programs that they personally don't care for. They support other policies that are just as destructive or selfish. For example, during the past few years a lot of government officials, mainly conservatives, have been trying to fund a General Electric jet engine that the military is insisting that they don't want or need.

Every society seems to be dominated by aggressive, selfish, neurotic men. They don't provide us with leadership. Rather, they behave like savages who are constantly fighting over territory. We need to provide ourselves with men who provide us with analyses of the problems we face, and who offer proposals for us to experiment with. We need men who can think of what's best for society.

Mysterious organizations are involved with the protests
One of the organizations that is involved with staging the protests is Organizing for America, which helped to elect Barack Obama. America has thousands of mysterious think tanks, charities, and other organizations that routinely stage protests, influence government officials, and appear on television, but they never stage protests to expose the corruption in the media, or to expose the Jewish lies about 9/11 or the Holocaust.

It should be obvious that none of these organizations are trying to help America. I think they are dominated by parasites, criminals, and freaks. Some of these organizations may be more corrupt than the Egyptian government. I think all of the organizations should be investigated, and we should pass judgment on which members we want living among us. We are fools to allow these secretive organizations to stage demonstrations and influence us.

The protesters are protecting criminals, not helping America
The thousands of teachers who are supporting these protests, such as by calling in sick, are teachers who lie to their students about the 9/11 attack, the world wars, the Apollo moon landing, and many other crimes. The policemen involved in these protests are also covering up these horrendous crimes. Our nation is suffering from a lot of problems, but the only issue these protesters care about is their personal income. Why should we care if these selfish jerks have to suffer a decrease in their income during economic problems?

Rather than allow the protesters to have collective bargaining, we should tell the protesters to help make America a better place, or get out. We should investigate the protesters and pass judgment on whether we want them in our society. Why should we pay people a salary when they lie to us, abuse us, deceive us, and manipulate us?

Why are students supporting the protesters?
Hundreds of students walked out of their class to join the protests, but why would they want to support teachers who lie about the 9/11 attack, the Holocaust, and other crimes? Why would students want to help dishonest and abusive government employees? Why don't the students walk out of their class to protest something more sensible, such as to protest the lies in the television news and the schoolbooks about the 9/11 attack and the Holocaust? Why are students involved in the support of collective bargaining?

If this video is an honest sample of the students at the protests, then the teachers deceived the students into joining the protests, and many or most of the students have no idea what the protests are about! This could be described as manipulation, exploitation, or child abuse. It could also be an indication that the students in America are unbelievably ignorant about current events.

Judge a teacher by his effect on both students and society
Teachers are frequently promoted as special people who deserve our respect, but how are they any better than carpenters, electricians, assembly-line workers, engineers, or restaurant workers?
Teachers are just people like the rest of us. They are not special people. Furthermore, a lot of teachers are just ordinary sheeple who don't care about anything except themselves. Most teachers don't care much about society, or the children that they are teaching. Some of the elementary school teachers seem to be more interested in playing with the children, not preparing them for life. They seem to be entertaining themselves, not teaching the children.

Most university professors seem more interested in a high-paying job in which they cannot be fired. They don't seem to care that students are graduating from college without any useful skills. They don't even seem to care that many of the students in college have no interest in learning a skill. The college professors don't even show an interest in correcting the lies in the history books.

Don't be impressed by a person's college degrees, job title, or amount of money that he has acquired. We have to judge people by their effect on society. In the case of teachers, we also have to judge them by the effect they have on the students who pass through their classrooms. However, we should not be concerned about whether the students "like" their teachers. The purpose of a teacher is not to become the friend, lover, or spouse of a student. A teacher should help a student become a better person, such as by helping him to learn a particular skill, or discover his strengths and weaknesses, or learn more about math, music, society, history, or science.

If students are not improving as they pass through a classroom, then the teacher is not useful, and he should be forced to try some other job. And if a child comes out of a classroom full of propaganda about 9/11 or the Holocaust, the teacher should be considered destructive to society.

3) We continue to train criminals to become more effective
The AeroVironment company recently announced the ability to create tiny flying drones that look like hummingbirds. Most people want crime prevention technology to be exposed to criminals because they believe that crime can be prevented by frightening people with punishments. As a result, we tell the criminals about the security cameras, fingerprint technology, and other crime prevention techniques in order to frighten them into being honest.

In reality, when we provide criminals with information about how we identify criminals, we are training them in how to circumvent crime prevention technology.
(I talked about this concept in Part_4 of my audio file for December 2009)

If we cannot create a government that is smart enough to understand this concept, then we will continue to train increasingly better criminals, and this will allow the criminals to remain in control of our government, media, police departments, schools, and businesses.

We don't reduce crime by embarrassing criminals!
In Huntington Beach, California, a government official, Devin Dwyer, is promoting the philosophy that drunk driving can be eliminated by posting mugshots on Facebook of people who are caught driving while intoxicated. Supposedly, this will embarrass people so much that they will avoid driving while intoxicated. Perhaps we should apply this technique to the Jews responsible for the 9/11 attack. Instead of  executing them or using them as live organ donors, we could put pictures of them on Facebook!
We don't reduce crime by feeling sorry for insane criminals
We also continue to allow criminals to get away with their crimes by claiming to be mentally impaired. This philosophy can create some amusing situations, such as Allen Stanford, who was arrested for a $7 billion ponzi scheme, but who was classified as too incompetent to handle a trial. He is now suing the government for $7 billion, despite his mental incompetence! He is too incompetent to be put on trial, but he's not too incompetent to put the government on trial.

4) Some humor might help keep your morale up!
It's easy to get disillusioned when you talk to the sheeple and realize that they dominate the planet, so sometimes you need something to cheer you up, or at least I do. There were a few amusing events recently that might help keep you in a good mood. In January, the host of the Golden Globe awards, a British comedian named Ricky Gervais, told some jokes that were so bizarre that you have to wonder, are people in the entertainment business finally standing up to the criminal Jews? Or are they simply having internal fights among themselves?

I wouldn't describe any of his jokes as being "jokes". They all seem to be sarcastic comments about the entertainment business. A video of his jokes is here, and here are some examples:

 • Gervais implied that the reason The Tourist was nominated for an award is because the Golden Globe committee takes bribes. Some news articles claim that his joke was insulting to Angelina Jolie or Johnny Depp, but I think the Jews are trying to deflect attention away from the fact that virtually all award ceremonies are dishonest. I think the Jews use these awards ceremonies to manipulate both the public and the entertainers by promoting certain movies and people. A lot of people are also making money from these awards ceremonies.
 • Gervais introduced Scarlett Johansson as "beautiful, talented and Jewish, apparently. Mel Gibson told me that – he’s obsessed." I don't think that was a "joke". It's the type of remark that some of us are making in normal conversations as we become aware of who among us is Jewish.
 • Gervais introduced Robert Downey, Jr. as "many of you in this room probably know him best from such facilities as The Betty Ford Clinic and the Los Angeles County Jail." That remark could be considered as a sarcastic comment about the Hollywood celebrities who have drug problems, criminal behavior, and mental disorders.
The Neanderthal president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, Philip Burke, complains that Gervais "definitely crossed the line", but we are not crossing the line when we make sarcastic remarks about a disgusting crime network. Actually, we should be doing more than making sarcastic remarks. We should be identifying, arresting, and removing these freaks from our society.


“Daryl Bradford Smith WANTED for attempted MURDER”

That is the title of the message Noel Ryan posted on his forum. That mysterious, secretive Ryan accused his mysterious, secretive friend, Daryl Smith, of trying to murder him! Ryan posted photos of his "injuries", such as a trivial scratch on his back. The most amusing photo is the extreme close-up of his face (a portion of the photo is below). Although Ryan considers that reddish mark, which is about the width of 10 of his facial hairs, to be a very serious injury, I have been injured more seriously by the thorns on my lemon tree, bougainvillea, and roses! If that is the best that Smith can do, then he belongs in the Guinness Book of World Records as the World's Most Incompetent Murderer! Or perhaps Ryan belongs in the book as the World's Biggest Crybaby.
Hopefully Noel Ryan will recover from this incredible injury on his face. The full-sized photos are at this page.
Ryan posted this blurry photo of Smith that he apparently took in February 2011 when they were at a bar, undoubtedly getting drunk. The full-sized photo is at this page.
It's possible that Ryan made the murder accusations in order to bring himself pity and financial donations, but it's also possible that he and Smith are psychotic alcoholics who are suffering from serious brain damage. Ryan claimed that he was going to file murder charges against Smith, but would any police department take such accusations seriously?

Regardless of what is going on between Smith and Ryan, their idiotic behavior should be evidence that this crime network is full of freaks, and we are fools to be afraid of them. And we are even more foolish to allow them to manipulate our media, banking system, police departments, businesses, and schoolbooks. Encourage people, especially those in the police departments and military, to find the courage to stand up to these freaks!

Would you want to be invited to a White House dinner?
On 19 January 2011, Obama had a dinner party for Chinese President Hu Jintao. I have to wonder, who is inviting people to these parties? In addition to inviting lots of disgusting government officials, they also invited:
Christiane Amanpour, ABC News
Steven Ballmer, Microsoft
Lloyd Blankfein, Goldman Sachs
Zbigniew Brezezinski
Richard Daley, Mayor of Chicago
Thomas Friedman, The New York Times
Henry Kissinger
David M. Rubenstein, The Carlyle Group
Barbra Streisand
Anna Wintour, Vogue Magazine
Why would the president of China want to have dinner with any of those people? They are people I would like to observe and investigate, but not have dinner with. I find it amusing to wonder what the Chinese president was thinking when he saw those people at his dinner! And I also wonder, was Obama equally shocked to discover who had been invited to the dinner?

Imagine if the president of China invited you to China to be the guest of honor at an extravagant dinner. After traveling halfway around the world, you discover that you're having dinner with such people as Henry Kissinger and Barbra Streisand! Would you consider that an honor?

5) Are brain injuries significant or meaningless?
Most parents are not concerned when their children suffer brain injuries during sports or risky activities because they believe that the human brain will fully recover from injuries, just as our skin is capable of fully recovering from scratches. However, while the human brain may "adapt" to injuries, I don't think it "recovers" in the same manner that our skin does.
Do you care if your leaders have functional brains?
I don't know the truth about that mysterious shooting in Tucson, Arizona, but supposedly Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords had a bullet pass through her brain, and she is now supposedly struggling to regain her mental abilities. A lot of people are assuming that she might fully recover, in which case she will return to her position as a government official. However, if a bullet really did destroy a portion of her brain, then she might regain a lot of her mental functions, but I don't think she will be the same person.

Some people point out that ABC news reporter, Bob Woodruff, who suffered an enormous amount of brain damage from one of those suspicious IEDs in Iraq, has recovered to an amazing extent, but I don't think he is the same person. He seems to be considerably less intelligent and much more sluggish.

When a person's brain has been damaged by strokes, bullets, or automobile accidents, most people believe that he is capable of recovering, but my opinion is that once your brain has been damaged, you will never be the same person. In fact, growing old causes people to change partly because our brain deteriorates with age.

I think we need to change our attitude towards life and the human mind. We should show some concern that people in leadership positions have functional brains. Our Supreme Court is full of people who are on the verge of death, for example. Why should we assume that their brains are functioning properly? They never say anything intelligent, which is evidence that they either never had any intelligence, or they lost it as a result of old-age, strokes, or accidents.

Incidentally, the people who promote the philosophy that the citizens should own guns should note that Congresswoman Giffords owned a pistol, but what good did it do her?

We are not going to reduce crime or corruption by encouraging citizens to own guns. We must change our philosophy and become like gardeners. We must constantly watch for destructive people, and routinely clean the human garden of its weeds.

Did President Reagan have a functional brain?
Ron Reagan, the son of President Reagan, and Michael Reagan were recently arguing over whether President Reagan was suffering from Alzheimer's at the time that he was president. Michael Reagan wrote such insults as,
 • "Ron, my brother, was an embarrassment to his father"
 • "today he became an embarrassment to his mother" 
 • "seems to want to sell out his father to sell books"

We don't yet know enough about the human brain to know what was wrong with Ronald Reagan's brain, but it should be obvious that many of our government officials are suffering from brain damage, either as a result of old-age, or some type of disease or accident. Here are three of many issues to think about:

1) We shouldn't care why a person's brain is damaged

Most people seem to believe that mental deterioration from old age is acceptable, but what difference does it make if the president, a Supreme Court judge, or a dentist is suffering from Alzheimer's or from deterioration due to old age? If they cannot do their job properly, then they shouldn't be in a position of importance. We shouldn't care why their brain has deteriorated. We should judge them according to their abilities.

2) We need to be concerned about the quality of parents

Many news articles are describing Michael Reagan as Ron Reagan's "half-brother". As I wrote in 2008 (here), Michael Reagan was adopted by Jane Wyman and Ronald Reagan, but a couple years later Reagan and Wyman got divorced. Ronald Reagan was an insignificant part of Michael's life. Jane Wyman and Fred Karger spent much more time in the role of parents for Michael.

Michael Reagan's biological parents were what most people would describe as "losers", and if they had been infertile and tried to adopt a child, they probably would have been turned down. However, there are no standards for people who are fertile. As a result, we are allowing people that we consider to be too disgusting to adopt a child to have as many of their own children as they please, even if they abandon their children! Does that policy make sense to you?

3) We should stop tolerating dishonest journalists!

The media reporters usally refer to Michael as "President Reagan's son", or "Ron Reagan's half-brother". The reporters are not as stupid or ignorant as they appear. They are deliberately trying to deceive us in order to promote Michael Reagan. This is the same trick that Daryl Smith, Michael Piper, and other people are doing with me. Specifically, they refer to Kathryn Hufschmid as my "sister" rather than as my "half-sister". They are doing this on purpose in order to deceive you.

When we discover that a person is trying to deceive or cheat us, we ought to wonder why, and we ought to be suspicious of them. We shouldn't continue to trust them. We shouldn't tolerate abusive people.

Ideally, we would raise standards for journalists and remove those who are dishonest. Unfortunately, most people are like a dog that can be beaten over and over. When we point out to the sheeple that a journalist is deceptive, most sheeple will either ignore the deceptive information and continue to trust the journalist, or they ignore that particular journalist and listen to some other journalist who is just as deceptive. Most people don't have any desire to remove the criminal journalists, lawyers, judges, government officials, school officials, or sheriffs. 

6) Who is innocent? Who are you fighting for?
The media frequently promotes the concept that police and military should risk their lives to protect innocent people. For example, in the television show V, a small group of humans are fighting an invasion of reptilian aliens, and this television show frequently promotes the concept that the humans should fight the aliens while protecting all of the innocent humans. But who among us is innocent?

If you are fighting the criminal Jewish network, you should spend some time contemplating the philosophical question, "Who am I fighting for?" I would not classify the majority of people as "innocent". I would classify them as "deserters", or as "selfish savages" who entertain themselves while some of us are harrassed, kidnapped, killed, threatened, intimidated, or beaten. The majority of people are inadvertently supporting crime networks, and they interfere with our attempts to bring improvements to society. We are fools to risk our lives for such jerks.

Why save people who have no desire to join us in this fight? Why save criminals, parasites, retards, or people who are too stupid to understand what is going on around them? We should follow the philosophy of a gardener. We should pass judgment on who among us is worth saving.

A nation is only as good as its people. We are not going to create a better nation when we sacrifice respectable people for criminals, parasites, plagiarists, retards, and freaks. Soldiers are fools to risk their lives for arrogant, selfish jerks who don't care about society.

The sheeple should be told:
Either join us, or be removed.
The reason I felt compelled to write this particular file is because it is exciting to watch the Egyptians rebel against their corrupt government, but it is sad to see that they are planning to create a democracy. The history of America, Europe, and other nations should provide plenty of evidence that the majority of people do not have the emotional desire or the intellectual ability to become useful voters. If the Egyptians set up a democracy that is similar to America, Europe, and other nations, then the Egyptian political parties will become dominated by criminals, and those criminals will fight with each other for control of the Egyptian sheeple.

One of the points I want to emphasize in this file is that the people involved in a revolution should seriously discuss among themselves why they are risking their lives; who they are fighting for; and what they are trying to accomplish.

My recommendation is that the people who overthrow their government should consider following the philosophy of a gardener. We should protect people who are valuable, not the selfish jerks who refuse to join the attempt to help their nation. And we definitely should not sacrifice our lives for criminals or parasites.

If America has a revolution, let's do it for the people who are valuable. We would be fools to remove corrupt government officials and then let the sheeple vote for new officials. We should not care what the sheeple want, not even if they have several college diplomas and lots of money. Their opinions are worthless, and they are easily manipulated by religious fanatics, con artists, and Hollywood celebrities. They don't even produce original thoughts. All they do is mimic other people. Talking to them is like talking to children. You learn nothing from them!

An organization can only be as good as its members, and the leadership of the organization is critical. Therefore, after we remove a corrupt government, we should not relax and let the sheeple vote for new officials. Instead, our goal should be to search for truly respectable people for leadership positions in government, business, the media, and the schools. We should not be concerned with what the sheeple want.

We should turn our back on the sheeple, even if they are closely related to us! Don't let your emotional attachments to your family members ruin our opportunities for the future.

Let's create a world that is truly an improvement!