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My comments on some events during September 2010

12 September 2010
Updated 16 September 2010 with #4 here.

1) Another failed false flag operation?
2) Is the attack on Lady Gaga a sign of rebellion?
3) The people contacting me are becoming increasingly weird!
4) Using Angelina Jolie to promote Jon Voight's propaganda.

1) Another failed false flag operation?

The official explanation is a leaky gas line
On 9 September 2010, there was an explosion near the San Francisco airport. The official story is that a section of an underground, high-pressure natural gas pipeline ruptured, allowing gas to leak into the dirt. Some news reports claim that the residents were complaining about a gas leak many days prior to this, so the implication is that the gas had been leaking for many days. Apparently the gas was seeping through the dirt and eventually encountered a flame or spark that ignited it.

The gas did not simply burn, however. Rather, it had become thoroughly mixed with oxygen, thereby allowing it to explode. The explosion excavated a large crater and threw the ruptured section of the pipe into the air and onto the street. (The photo above shows that ruptured section, and there are more photos here.)

Telltale signs of a Reptilian operation
As I pointed out here, the criminal Jews have a childish fascination with numbers, especially the numbers 9 and 11. The date of the explosion was 9 September 2010, which is 9-9-2010.  According to this television news report, the explosion occurred at 6:11 in the evening, which was 9:11 along the East Coast of America.
If you don't want to watch the entire report, here is an excerpt:
exploded-at-6-11.mp3  24 Kbytes

Furthermore, the propaganda sites on the Internet were quick to create confusing explanations for what happened, such as WhatDoesItMean, which claims that a missile brought down an airplane.

The initial news reports are the most honest
When the Jews run a false flag operation, they arrange for people to be witnesses, so we must assume that some of the witnesses to the explosion are trying to deceive us. However, the pattern that we find in all false flag operations is that it takes hours before all of the criminals in the media are fully aware of what they are supposed to report and what they are supposed to ignore.

You might think that the Jews would let all of the news reporters know ahead of time that they're going to run a false flag operation, but it is extremely risky to let thousands of people know about a crime before it has occurred. Therefore, the Jews prepare only the primary news reporters, and as soon as the false flag operation occurs, they quickly contact all of the lower-level reporters and let them know what they are supposed to say. As a result, during the first few hours of a false flag operation, many of the lower-level news reporters accidentally produce honest reports.

During the first few minutes of the explosion in San Francisco, witnesses were reporting that they heard a very loud jet airplane flying over their homes. One man said that the airplane set off the car alarms in his neighborhood. Here are two video reports (here and here) with some of these interviews, and if you don't want to bother listening to all of that, here are three short excerpts in a small audio file:
witnesses-to-plane-9Sep2010.mp3  330 Kbytes

Seismic stations picked up the explosion
It measured 1.3 on the Richter scale, which is not very much, but you might find it interesting to note that the airplane that crashed into the Pentagon supposedly didn't register at all, whereas seismic stations registered the crash of both airplanes at the World Trade Center, and when the North Tower collapsed, it registered 2.3 on the Richter scale. My point is that the seismic stations pick up only what the Jews want them to pick up.
So, what really happened?
The people who know what happened are not going to talk, and there's no way anybody will be able to figure out the details. However, it's important to realize that we don't need the details. And it's also very important to note that when we point out to people that we have been lied to about 9/11, or the Holocaust, the Jews will try to trick everybody into discussing details that nobody has the answer to so that they can make us look foolish. For example, if you tell people that Flight 77 didn't hit the Pentagon, they might respond, "Well, if the plane didn't crash into the Pentagon, then where are the passengers?"

We don't have to know the details of how President Kennedy was killed, or what happened at the Nazi prison camps. All we have to do is realize that we are being lied to by people in positions of authority in the media, government, schools, and courts. When we find enough people who are tired of the corruption and crime, we will be able to conduct real investigations and figure out what is going on.

2) Is the attack on Lady Gaga a sign of rebellion?
During the past couple of years, the media has given tremendous publicity to Lady Gaga, transforming her from an unknown woman into a very wealthy, famous entertainer. So why are they now attacking her? Henry Makow implies she murdered Morgana! Sure, it seems like a murder, but it would have been Jews who did it, and in a manner that they can blackmail Lady Gaga over.

A couple of months ago the Jews were attacking Mel Gibson, and then they attacked Angelina Jolie. Now they attack Lady Gaga! This could be a sign that rebellion is building. Perhaps some of the people who have become rich and famous are starting to realize that the money and fame doesn't compensate for the abuse by Jews. They may be tired of being puppets of the Jews. And consider how much information they must have about what the Jews are doing. They are very dangerous to the Jewish crime network. The Jews must keep them quiet!

One line in Katy Perry's song California Gurls is "we got it on lock":

California gurls,
We're undeniable,
Fine, fresh, fierce,
We got it on lock.
She sings this particular line at 1:16 in the video (between images 13.3 and 14 at this page), and she makes a motion with her fingers across her mouth (in the image below), which people do when they are telling somebody to "zip it up", or "keep quiet", or "shut your mouth".
Katy Perry and many other people know a lot of names and specific details about what's going on. That line in the song could mean that the people who become rich and famous must keep quiet about the disgusting and perverted orgies, and what they've had to do to become famous.

It's possible that the criminals in Hollywood are becoming terrified of the anger that they see growing around the world. It's possible that there are tens of thousands of people who know details about their bribery, blackmail, kidnappings, murders, perverted orgies, pedophilia, and arsons. Many of those people may be anxiously waiting for the network to deteriorate to the point at which they can disclose all of the secrets that they know. (Hopefully they are not just waiting; hopefully they are also secretly looking for ways to sabotage the network.)

Perhaps the Hollywood criminals think that they're going to frighten everybody with their attacks on Mel Gibson, Lady Gaga, and others. But will it work? I don't think so. Information about this crime network is spreading, and it's only a matter of time before there are enough angry people to do something.

3) The people contacting me are becoming increasingly weird!
As I mentioned in other files, in 2002 and 2003 there were a lot of intelligent Jews posting intelligent propaganda on the Internet, and they had no fear of me. They would invite me to their meetings and their radio shows. Some of them would even sell my book and video. But in the following years, the smarter Jews began to realize that they can't fight the Internet, and so they began to secretly bail out of the network. This is leaving the increasingly stupid, neurotic, and unwanted Jews on their own.

I can't believe the latest two groups of morons to call me. On 10 September 2010, I got a phone call from a man named Paul, who has contacted me a few times during the past few years. He puts interviews on the Internet. He wanted to interview me again, but this time there was another man on the phone with him. The other man calls himself Anubis, and he associates with that strange man in Sweden who calls himself Joe Blow (who I mentioned here). Anubis told me that his name is Teddy Sullivan, that he is 24 years old, and that he lives in Dana Point, California, but I don't know if he's telling the truth.

Anyway, it was an idiotic conversation that I would expect from people who associate with Joe Blow. The only topic they were interested in discussing was my speculation about scent glands near or inside our colon (a few paragraphs here). Of all the issues that I've written about, why is that issue the only one they wanted to discuss? These men are like children who have a fascination with toilet humor. After pointing out to them that it was a serious issue, Anubis became frustrated that the conversation wasn't going the way he wanted, and he started making idiotic sexual comments.

I had no intention of mentioning that idiotic phone call on my website, but two days later (which is today, as I post this) Roger Nicholson in Cambridge, Massachusetts, who has a public-access television show, asked me if he could talk to me during his show. I told him I didn't feel like being on idiotic shows, and he reassured me that he has a large following, so I wouldn't be wasting my time. He wanted only 20 minutes, so I agreed.

However, when the show didn't go the way he was expecting, somebody in the room with him started making idiotic sexual comments, including remarks about anal sex! They reminded me of Paul and Anubis. Is it a coincidence that all of these men have similar behavior?

From some angles, Roger Nicholson appears to be another Neanderthal.
Are these freaks the best soldiers that the Jews have right now?
Listen to the following excerpts, and then ask yourself, if you were a criminal Jew, would you want these losers on your side? Is this the best the "New World Order" has available to fight me with? Do they think they're going to take over the world with idiots like this? I would expect these morons to frighten the intelligent Jews!

The following audio contains two, short excerpts. The first is when Anubis blurts out a stupid remark about anal sex with Peggy (the woman I mentioned here), but neither Peggy nor anal sex were ever part of the conversation! He was frustrated with the way the conversation was going, and apparently when frustrated, he makes remarks about anal sex! The second excerpt is when I'm trying to point out that we don't know much about our own body, and Anubis becomes frustrated once again and blurts out the word "anal" several times:
Paul-and-Teddy-Sullivan-phone-call-10Sep2010.mp3  170 Kbytes

In the following audio file, the first 30 seconds are from the initial phone call in which Roger Nicholson is telling me that I won't be wasting my time on his television show because he has a cult following, and he boasts about interviewing the man who was accused in the Tylenol murders. And then comes the main interview. The first phone connection was bad, so this the second connection. They all became very frustrated when the conversation didn't go the way they wanted.
Roger-Nicholson-pre-and--interview-12Sep2010.mp3  2.9 mbytes

We are having a very serious battle with the Jews, and if those idiots are typical of their "front-line soldiers", they are finished! Why do they even bother sending those idiots after me? Keep in mind that I'm probably only one of many people who has to put up with these freaks. How can the Jews think they're going to take over the world with jerks like this?

Why do some men have a fascination with anal sex?
The idiotic comments about anal sex reminded me of the descriptions of the animals that show their dominance over lower ranking members by simulating a mating position. Humans don't behave like that... or do we?

When I was a child, I noticed that some of the boys, when they were upset with another boy, would make comments about raping the other boy, or shoving some object in their butt. And I see this behavior with adults, also. Where does this come from? When I am upset with a man, I don't think of anal sex. I don't even want to look at his naked body, or touch his butt. 

During the past few years I have become aware of the pedophilia issue, and the raping of young boys. The recent behavior of Paul, Anubis, Roger Nicholson, and whoever was in the room with Nicholson are making me wonder, if humans evolved from monkeys, did we evolve from a species of monkey in which the males would mount other males in order to show their dominance? If so, that means that feature was lost during our evolution.

However, there may be some races in which that feature is still present to a small extent. Now consider what would happen if those men are a bit sexually neurotic, also. In such a case, when those men became angry with another man, they may not want to simply mount the other man in a brief and symbolic manner. Rather, they may actually want to rape him to both show their dominance, and to sexually titillate themselves at the same time. It might be interesting to notice which men make remarks about raping other men when they are angry. Perhaps we will notice a pattern, such as certain races tend to do it more than others, or people with certain characteristics, such as slanted foreheads, are more likely to do it.

The photo to the right is of Paul. Although his hat makes it difficult to see his forehead, he looks like another Neanderthal.

Make a distinction between voluntary sex and abuse
A few homosexuals have complained to me because they feel insulted about my remarks about anal sex, so I suppose I should ensure that everybody realizes that I'm not complaining about voluntary sex, or about people who want to experiment with sex, so don't be so sensitive. I have nothing against people who want to eat apples or lima beans, either, and I eat apples sometimes, but I don't want somebody to force me to eat something.
A few hours ago, another person asked me for an interview!
A couple hours after I did the idiotic interview with Roger Nicholson, I got an e-mail message from a man named Ed who wants to talk to me. He calls himself blacksheep2012, and his interviews are here

I don't know who Ed is, but I listened to a couple minutes of one of his audio files, and he sounds rather dreary, worn out, and tired.

I think we are witnessing the destruction of the Jewish crime network. The smarter Jews are bailing out, and it's leaving behind all of the weirdos, losers, and unwanted freaks.

4) Using Angelina Jolie to promote Jon Voight's propaganda
Jon Voight appeared on Mike Huckabee's television show and accused Time magazine of being anti-Semitic! Since the media companies are controlled by Jews, this is a desperate attempt to create pity for Jews. Both Huckabee and Voight also promoted other Jewish propaganda (notice the photo of World Trade Center in the background).
ďDid you see the Time magazine cover? Itís amazing. Itís a cover with the Star of David on it, and it says, Israel doesnít care about peace. This is anti-Semitism. Who are the anti-Semites who are running Time magazine?Ē
A couple months ago, as I mentioned here, Angelina Jolie was being attacked by some people in the media, but yesterday, September 15, the Jewish Chronicle used Jolie to give publicity to her father's interview. Their headline
Angelina Jolie's dad criticises 'antisemitic' Time magazine

That is almost as silly as a headline:

Sasha Obama's dad approves of tax increase

The National Ledger is less serious, so their headline and article is even sillier:
Angelina Jolie Dad Jon Voight vs. Time, Anti-Semitic Claims, Wants Boycott 

If Jolie had said something to support her father's interview, then the Jews could justify linking her to that interview. However, as of 16 September, she has remained silent. So why are the Jews mentioning her? I think it's because only a small percentage of the population watches the Huckabee television show, or care about what either of those men say. Therefore, in order to spread the propaganda to a wider audience, the Jews are using Jolie to promote that interview.

I would describe what the Jews are doing as manipulative, or deceptive, but Jolie will not complain because all of the famous people seem to be either puppets or criminals. They have traded freedom and independence for wealth and fame. As some of them describe it, they "sold their soul to the devil". (Here is a video that has some excerpts of them mentioning this.)
Conclusion: the Jewish crime network is disintegrating!
I think the Jews realize that people are learning about their crimes, and the frightened Jews are trying to counteract it with propaganda. However, the Jews will fail. Once a person learns the truth about the Jews, the Jews can't overpower that knowledge simply by sending Jon Voight around to spread more propaganda, and then using Angelina Jolie to publicize it.
It's over, Jews! 
You have lost
Turn on your network!