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5 July 2010
Updated, 26 September 2010 (here)


1) Who benefits by reopening the Al Gore sex case?
2) Why did the FBI arrest eleven Russian spies?
3) Why is an Icelandic government official trying to hurt the US Military?
4) Why did Mel Gibson's girlfriend secretly record his angry remarks?
5) Why are Jews producing a documentary about Pat Tillman's death?
6) Are Koreans producing anti-US propaganda?


First, refresh your memory with two important concepts:

    1) Jews have an extensive history of deception. Examples:

• Yousef al-Khattab, who runs the "radical Islamist organization" Revolution Muslim, and who gets lots of publicity, is Joseph Cohen, a Jew who went to Israel for training as a rabbi! Here is one video of him.

• Adam Yahiye Gadahn, the American "senior operative" for the terrorist group Al Qaeda, is Adam Pearlman, another Jew who claims to have become a radical, terrorist Muslim!

• Jews, such as this woman, are occasionally caught committing anti-Semitic acts - sometimes on themselves! - in order to promote the propaganda that Jews are innocent, lovable victims of mysterious and elusive anti-Semites.

     2) America's legal system is corrupt. Examples:
• When certain criminals are arrested, they and their associates get special pampering. For example, Bernie Madoff was placed in a pleasant jail and, as I explained here, the government is pretending to be incapable of figuring out what he did with the money and whether he had associates.
• There is overwhelming evidence that thousands of Jews in the media, government, universities, and military are involved with the 9/11 attack, and are lying about the Holocaust, and committing numerous other horrendous crimes, but so far our legal system has ignored all of the evidence and allow these criminal Jews to continue their abuse.

• An orphan, Paul Bonacci, testified in court that Barney Frank and other government officials are routinely raping orphans, but our legal system has ignored that evidence. And this report claims that judges are becoming increasingly protective of people with child pornography. At the other extreme, the district attorney in my city, Tom Sneddon, wasted lots of tax money over many years in an attempt to convict Michael Jackson of pedophilia, despite the lack of evidence.

• There was no reason to arrest Christopher Bollyn, but that didn't stop the Chicago police and courts from arresting and then convicting him for "resisting arrest".

• The FDA has made it illegal for American companies to use hemp for paper, rope, clothing, etc, and they made Stevia illegal as a sugar substitute, even though there is no sensible justification for these laws.

What is the significance of those two concepts?
When strange events occur, don't trust the media, and don't assume the events are due to incompetence, coincidence, or ignorance. Instead, consider such issues as:

 • Why are the police arresting some people but not others?
 • Who decides which of us gets arrested, and which of us is allowed to commit crimes?
 • How many Jews are in the role of a wolf in sheep's clothing? Is it safe to trust any Jew?
 • How much longer are we going to tolerate our corrupt legal system and the abuse by Jews?

1) Who benefits by reopening the Al Gore sex case?
Molly Hagerty made these accusations in 2006, but the police dismissed the case due to a lack of  evidence.

The police don't have any new evidence, so it doesn't make any sense for them to reopen it. So why would they want to reopen it? Who benefits?

Although Molly Hagerty was hoping to become wealthy by telling her story, I doubt if the police reopened the case to help her make money.

There is so much secrecy about this case that I can think of dozens of possible explanations. I don't even know if Al Gore is a decision-making, "executive" member of the crime network or an expendable puppet who follows orders. If he is a puppet, then this case may have nothing to do with him. He may simply be the pawn who happens to be caught in a fight between the criminal Jews, or a fight between the criminals and the people with the courage to stand up to the carbon tax scam.
Furthermore, once you realize Jews have a history of deception and blackmail, you should wonder, why did Al Gore go to Molly Hagerty? Did he really want a massage or sex? Or were criminal Jews secretly encouraging him to use her services because she works for their network and tries to set men up for blackmail?

If she is one of their Zionist whores, then the case may have been dismissed in 2006 because Al Gore got on his hands and knees and agreed to be an obedient puppet.

I also wonder if the case is being reopened because Al Gore and/or other members of the crime network are starting to realize that they are losing the battle, and they don't want to die for a lost cause, in which case the other Jews may be reopening this case to show everybody that they either fight for the network or end up in jail.

It's also interesting to consider that the confusion, deception, sabotage, and treachery may be at such an extreme level that Al Gore, the police, and other people involved with this case don't know exactly what is going on! There may also be people secretly joining in to take advantage of the situation, or to hijack it for their own purposes!

Criminals will soon be able to simulate video!
The 3-D computer simulation of Al Gore and Molly Hagerty (such as this) is crude, but it brings up an important issue. You certainly know that Hollywood, with their enormous budgets, can create very realistic video simulations, but computer hardware and software are improving every year, and it will eventually be possible for individual citizens to create simulations by themselves that are so realistic that we can't distinguish them from real video images. Can you understand the significance of this? Can you imagine what a crime network could do if they had the ability to fabricate realistic videos, audio files, and photos?

As I pointed out in my audio file for 23 June 2010, technology allows us to magnify our abilities, and this allows criminals to cause tremendous destruction and misery. The more advanced our technology becomes, the more destructive a criminal can be. And imagine criminals with the ability to build and fly tiny, robotic airplanes. They could fly them at night to kill the police, start fires, and cut power lines.

We must change the course of the human race. We can't stop crime with jails, religion, or technology. Security cameras can help us identify criminals, but criminal behavior is the result of decisions made by the human mind, so the only way to reduce crime is to improve the minds of the people, and since we can't alter a person's mind, our only solution is to remove the people who can't behave properly. We have to stop pretending that we can cure a criminal by punishing him or by teaching him about Jesus.

 The sheeple are allowing confusion to reign supreme
Have you ever wondered why there is so much confusion about what is going on in the world? Why is it that we know so little about Al Gore and his associates? Why can't we get honest information from the police, the military, or anybody else?
The main problem is that the majority of people don't want to help deal with crime, so they continue purchasing stolen products, subscribing to deceptive magazines, and spending lots of money in gambling casinos, strip clubs, and Hollywood movies.

The few people who are fighting the crime networks have to do so secretly, but this results in confusion about what is going on, and who we can trust. For example, why did Google "accidentally" collect wireless data? Were they collecting it for their own criminal activities? Or were a few Google employees secretly working with a few honest government officials to fight the Jewish crime network? Or were the "Google Jews" collecting data to aid in their fight with the "banking Jews", or some other faction within the global Jewish crime network?

If we can find enough people to fight the crime networks, then we could bring this fight out in the open and end this confusion and secrecy.

2) Why did the FBI arrest eleven Russian spies?
The FBI began investigating the spy network about 10 years ago, and they have a sensible explanation for why they waited until now to arrest them. However, once you realize that the FBI refuses to arrest the people responsible for the 9/11 attack, the HoloHoax, the World Wars, the fraudulent creation of Israel, the Kosher food certification scam, and other Jewish crimes of immense magnitude, you ought to wonder, why are they arresting these particular Russians?

Some reports claim that there are thousands of Russian spies in America, so why did the FBI arrest only 11? Is it because they had evidence for only 11? Or is it because Jewish criminals have a fascination with the number 11? 

Are these arrests the results of honest FBI agents who are doing their best to protect America? Or is this just another internal fight among the criminal Jews?

 Why are so many people defending the Russian spies?
As I pointed out in other files, such as this, criminals who try to cover up their crimes are taking the risk that they inadvertently expose themselves and their tricks. In regards to the Russian spies, have you noticed that a lot of the people are trying to convince us that the Russians are innocent citizens, or that those spies were an insignificant threat? How do they know so much about these 11 Russians? Almost no evidence has been released yet! Why aren't these "experts" and "truth seekers" as confused as you and I are?
For example, Annie Machon, an ex-MI5 agent (I mentioned her and her weird ex-boyfriend, David Shayler, here), was interviewed by the Jewish propaganda television network Russia Today, and she claims that the FBI accusations are propaganda. How could she possibly determine this so quickly? Why doesn't she wait until the FBI presents its evidence?
Another interesting example is the lawyer Harvey Silverglate, who is the author of “Three Felonies a Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent.” He implies that the spies were an insignificant threat to America, and they probably didn't learn anything of any value anyway. He also implies that the FBI is wasting our tax money: "There are plenty of real dangers all over the world, and they're spending our money on this?"
Another example is Alex Jones. In the box below are four excerpts of Alex Jones during the past few days. He is trying desperately to convince us that the Russian spies are an insignificant issue, and that the spies should be sent back to Russia.

In case you think Alex Jones is insignificant, take a look at his guests. Government officials and other influential people from America, Britain, Germany, Iceland, and other nations regularly appear on his radio show. How could an "ordinary man", a "nobody of importance", a man who is unknown to most of the world's population, have access to so many people in leadership positions? If you were to start an Internet radio show, do you think you would be able to get all of those people on your show?

I think that Alex Jones is the primary "Sheep herder" or "Pied Piper" for those of us who are using the Internet to learn about 9/11 and other crimes. The Jewish crime network has lots of Pied Pipers, but Jones attracts the largest number of people, and I can see why. I think some the other Pied Pipers, such as Jason Bermas and Luke Rudowski, have irritating personalities, and their inability to pronounce certain sounds is annoying, also. I think Adrian Salbuchi has a dreary personality, and Alan Watt sounds so depressed that I have visions of him committing suicide in the middle of a sentence. I think Jeff Rense has a pleasant voice, but I can't stand his idiotic propaganda, so I usually listen to him only when he interviews Benjamin Fulford, who I find entertaining. Pastor Lindsay Williams is sometimes interesting, but he tends to repeat himself, and he is the wrong person to be an expert on oil because he can't pronounce the word "oil", along with lots of other words, such as "value"!

As I pointed out in my article about Michael Jackson's mysterious death (here), Alex Jones and Jason Bermas were extremely upset on the following day when people were still showing an interest in his death. Jones is behaving in this same suspicious manner in regards to the Russian spies. He is repeatedly trying to convince us that the spies are an insignificant issue, and that we have more important enemies, such as China.

Jones is so desperate to convince us that the Russian spies are insignificant that on June 30 he criticized Israel in an attempt to convince us that spying is just ordinary behavior for a nation. In the box below are four transcripts and audio excerpts from a few of his recent radio broadcasts. Can you see how he is trying to convince people that we have more important problems? Such as the Chinese!

Also, note how Alex Jones and the others are constantly trying to focus anger on the bankers, the Federal Reserve, and the corporations. Years ago I mentioned in one of my Masquerade Party videos that I think the liberal/Zionist/Israeli Jews are fighting with the conservative/corporate/banking Jews, but today I wonder if the network has broken down into a lot more factions, and the fights may be so confusing that even the Jews don't know what's going on.

This image comes from an amusing video made by a man named Troy. Some excerpts are at my Alex Jones page here
30 June

Of course there's Russian spies in this country. What about the banks? What about global corporations - they are the big threat! What about the Chinese? What about Israeli spies? I mean, they've infiltrated every level of this government - that's admitted - running much of US foreign policy. No one even debates that. Israel even brags about it. Netanyahu brags. The former prime minister, Ariel Sharon, bragged in Jerusalem Post and Ha'aretz about it. 

I mean, America is a whorehouse, for anybody who wants to come here and sell this country out. So why are they going after the Russians now? Because as bad as the Russian government is, and all the corruption they've got, they're not part of the New World Order, as far as I can research and tell. They've said they want their own New World Order. 

The Chinese are a big part of it. That's why they can have 3000+ front companies, and growing. That's why they can have Chinese generals in the White House and in the Commerce Department. That's why they can have everything. That's why the US sells its weapons systems to Israel, and Israel openly gives it to China.

But you get some Russian infiltrators, that's a classic form of... of course they're spies. I've seen people spinning it, in the Russian media, that they were reporters! Anybody who comes here illegally, anybody that has fake husband and wife teams trouncing around, yeah, those are spies, folks. And if you don't think the United States has spies all over Russia, deep cover, husband and wife teams, you've got another thing coming. And if you don't think Israelis have got teams over here and everywhere else, you've got another thing coming.

Israelis admit their ratio of HUMINT- human intelligence spies - is the biggest in the world, comparatively to their population. There are spies all over the place, but let me tell you what's even more important. Corporate spies! They openly come in and buy your politicians in plain view. They openly go and write the laws. Ninety four percent of the laws are not even read in Congress.

You know where their espionage is going on? It's the Federal Reserve! They had a financial coup d'état in 1913. They would have already passed it this week if Robert Byrd hadn't died. He was the one vote they needed. That's a godsend for us to stop this situation. That 92-year-old monster.
Jones-russian-spies-30June2010.mp3  570 kbytes

30 June

“I'm going to get into the Russian situation that the media is covering like it is a giant asteroid about to destroy the earth. It's the top story everywhere, as you know, the last two days. Meanwhile they're gearing up for war with Iran publicly. The hurricane is coming into the Gulf, and is driving a lot of the oil towards the shorelines - complete disaster - the government now admits they may start evacuating hundreds of thousands, if not millions. 

“We've got the stock markets plunging globally. We've got open announcements of the end of the dollar in CNN and The Financial Times of London. The whole world is in flux right now, and we're hearing about 11 Russian spies.”
Jones-spies-again-30June2010.mp3  170 kbytes

1 July

“And I was being sarcastic yesterday when I said, fine, execute the Russian spies. They don't deserve that. They deserve to be shipped back to Russia.
Jones-dont-kill-russian-spies-1July2010.mp3  30 kbytes

2 July

“So, while we are afraid of the Rooskies - and they could be a threat - China is much bigger! Three thousand plus admitted front companies. Totally infiltrating us. Our government sold us out to de-industrialize us!”
Jones-China-big-threat-2July2010.mp3  45 kbytes


What does society owe to the children of criminals?

Alex Jones wants to send the Russian spies back to Russia, but as of 5 July 2010, it appears that the spies will be "rehabilitated" in an American jail for a few months or years, and then they will be released to cause more trouble. This creates the dilemma of what to do with their six children during the rehabilitation period.

I think the decision of what to do with both the spies and their children should depend upon whether they are truly Russian spies, or if they are actually criminals working for the international Jewish crime network. A spy could be described as an employee of a government, and it makes sense to treat them differently than criminals.

If those Russian are actually criminals working for the global, Jewish crime network, then they should not be classified as "spies". Rather, the entire world - including the Russians! - should classify them as members of a horrible, destructive, disgusting, sickening, international crime network that is a serious threat to the entire human race.

This brings up such issues as: should society take care of the children of horrible criminals? Or should we execute them?

The most popular attitude in the world today is that all children are innocent and wonderful, but that is a ridiculous philosophy that is promoted primarily by women. A woman's intense attraction to babies causes them to regard babies as bundles of joy, but babies are a responsibility.

Babies are the next generation of humans, and some babies should not be allowed to develop into adults.

An example is Josef Fritzl. If people decades ago had the technology to determine that Fritzl was mentally ill while he was still a fetus or a child, they could have killed him before he became an adult. And consider Fritzl's children. Should those children be allowed to reproduce? If Fritzl's mental problems are genetic, his children may be carrying genes for that mental illness. Until we can accurately read a person's DNA and verify that he has wonderful genetic qualities, why should we take the chance and allow criminals to reproduce? Fritzl's children should be sterilized or executed.
Furthermore, if we decide to allow the children of psychotic parents to live among us, then those children should go on a list of potentially dangerous people, and we should watch them for signs of mental disorders. They are not equal to other children!

These concepts are very easy to understand. Farmers have been applying these concepts for centuries, long before they knew anything about genetics. Farmers don't allow defective plants or animals to reproduce.

We also follow this concept with cockroaches, fleas, ticks, spiders, rats, and other creatures that interfere with our lives. If a cockroach is living in a forest and not bothering us, we leave it alone, but when we find a cockroach in our house, we kill it and its children. We don't take the baby cockroaches into a forest and find a foster parent for them.

The majority of people want to live in a religious fantasy in which humans follow completely different genetic rules than the plants and animals, but the nations that can't face reality are going to degrade into retards, criminals, and parasites.

We are hurting the human race when we allow defective people to reproduce, and when we raise the defective children of dangerous people.


 3) Why is an Icelandic government official trying to hurt the US Military?
Birgitta Jonsdottir is a member of the Icelandic Parliament, and she is working with Julian Assange of Wikileaks (who I mentioned here).

As of 5 June 2010, they are threatening to release some information that will tarnish the image of the US military. She is getting publicity from the Jewish media for this project, such as this ABC news interview, and from the so-called "truth seekers", such as this interview by Alex Jones.

She is more evidence that the Jewish crime network has infiltrated virtually every nation's government, and that these criminals have acquired control of both the conventional and alternative media.

Is Birgitta Jonsdottir mentally ill?
It's interesting to note that her genetic father suffered from a mental disorder, and I suppose the father that she says walked into a river and whose body was never found was her stepfather. Her husband vanished also, but his body was found years later. She was an outcast as a child, and the other kids would play "mean tricks" on her. (I have a few comments at the top of this page about why humans and animals abuse misfits.)

Does it surprise you that a mentally ill man would give birth to a misfit who would grow up to become a member of a crime network?

Not every mentally ill person produces crazy children, and wonderful people often give birth to defective babies, but that doesn't justify allowing mentally ill people to reproduce. We can't design society according to the exceptions.

4) Why did Mel Gibson's girlfriend secretly record his angry remarks?
Mel Gibson fell in love with Oksana Grigorieva. She became pregnant, but they never got married. However, he eventually came to the conclusion that she was deceptive.

Recently she secretly recorded the audio of one of their arguments, and somehow the Jewish propaganda site radaronline was provided with the audio recording.

How and why did Oksana Grigorieva record this argument? Was she just coincidentally carrying an audio recorder in her pocket at the time of the argument? Or was this entire event planned? Did she prepare the audio recorder, and then instigate a fight? The details are unknown, but according to this report, she had two reasons for recording Gibson:
1) “to show Mel how mean he was”,
2) “she feared for her life.”
Prior to the September 11 attack, I might have believed those reasons, but during the past nine years I've been contacted by hundreds of people who have tried to become my friend, and I've noticed that lots of other people are also pursued, especially those who are famous, wealthy, or who have important positions in government. So I have to wonder, was Oksana Grigorieva truly in love with Mel Gibson? Or was she a "gold digger" who wanted some of Mel Gibson's money and fame? Or is she a Jewish whore who got involved with Gibson in order to set him up for blackmail, financial ruin, suicide, or accidental death?

I also wonder why she got involved with Tim Dalton. And this report claims that before she got involved with Mel Gibson, she was living in a house purchased by David Foster. Was she in love with David Foster, also? How many wealthy men has she been in love with?

Do you understand how a con artist operates?
If not, you may become their victim. Politicians, salesmen, and even potential spouses can deceive and manipulate you by figuring out what you want, and then giving it to you. They titillate your emotions, not your intellect. The people most likely to be taken advantage of are those who are suffering from low self-esteem and want to feel special. Learn from the mistakes of other people, such as Mel Gibson or - for a more extreme example - Katie Piper.
Should Oksana Grigorieva fear for her life?
She supposedly was afraid that Mel Gibson might kill her, but how many people has Mel Gibson killed? Phil Spector was arrested for killing his girlfriend, and some women might wonder if William Shatner's wife truly drowned by accident, but how many deaths have been associated with Mel Gibson? 

I don't see any reason for women to fear Mel Gibson. However, the women who are working with the Jewish crime network should be in fear of the police! The police should cleanse society of these disgusting criminals.

Lots of ex-wives are available, but be careful! 
I love you!

I love you!

I love you!

I love you!

I love you!”

The ex-wives of Tiger Woods, Mel Gibson, Al Gore, and other famous men are now available, but which of those women is looking for a husband? And which is looking for a host? And which is a Zionist whore looking for a victim?

Also, I must warn you that Violet Kowal, a porn star with lots of experience with men, claims that Gibson was "the best sex I've ever had!", so if you get involved with any of the Gibson women... well, after you break up, be prepared for her to give interviews to the tabloids that expose your rating on the Gibson Lovemaking Scale (GLS). For example,

• "His best performance wasn't as good as Gibson's worst!" 
• "His top score was only a 0.3 on the GLS. My minimum is a 0.7."
• "I've experienced the best; I can't settle for anything less."
• "I never thought I would have to fake another orgasm, but that's all I've been doing since I met him!"
Of course, Christopher Bollyn didn't listen to my warning about Linda Shelton, so I suppose some of you will ignore my latest warning about being compared to Mel Gibson. And I suppose some of you will consider Violet Kowal's remarks as a challenge!

By the way, am I the only person who is curious about GLS rating of  Al Gore? Is he as dull with women as he is in public? I think he could play a Vulcan in a Star Trek movie without acting. Perhaps he's a Reptilian.

Seriously, relationships between men and women are terrible!
Although it can be entertaining to joke about sexual performance, this is a serious issue that needs to be dealt with. Some women claim that the majority of women fake orgasms on a regular basis!

Have you noticed how awful most relationships are between men and women? Most relationships are so awkward that they never develop into a marriage, and of those that become a marriage, many end in divorce. Some women are having almost as many partners as a prostitute! Of the married couples who remain together, only some of them seem to be truly happy with each other.

Businesses are taking advantage of the miserable relationships by offering dating services, marriage counseling, sexual information, and devices to masturbate with, but we shouldn't react to problems by looking for ways to profit from them. We should be experimenting with changes to society.

I think we would dramatically improve marriages - and even friendships - if we could put a higher quality group of people in control of the government, businesses, and schools. As I've complained about in other files, the crude savages who dominate society today are promoting constant toilet humor and sexual titillation for both children and adults in television shows, advertisements, and movies, but there is almost no serious information about our bodies or sex. Furthermore, there are various groups of feminists and religious fanatics who are promoting their particular distorted views. The end result is that a lot of children are becoming adults who are confused about marriage, money, sex, fame, and life in general. Many children have to learn about sex by watching pornography, but that may be creating more trouble by giving them a neurotic view of sex!

By the way, we should consider the possibility that there are subtle differences between the different races of humans in regards to personality, affection, kissing, and even lovemaking. This could explain some of the awkwardness among interracial couples.

We need serious information, not "toilet humor"
I think the world is dominated by people with crude attitudes, and that they are a terrible influence on the world. For example, they promote the simplistic attitude that happiness comes from extreme levels of material wealth, fame, sex, and jewelry. They provide endless sexual titillation and toilet humor, but there is almost no serious information about human bodies. As a result, there is incredible ignorance and confusion about food, digestion, and sex.

An example I find amusing is when I had dinner at a couple's house and asked what the hard, crunchy green cubes in the salad were. I was told that they were pieces of avocado. I asked why they didn't let the avocados ripen, and I discovered that they didn't realize that avocados are supposed to ripen. It makes me wonder if there are people who don't realize that bananas should ripen, also.

Children today are also ignorant about sex. Thousands of years ago children learned about sex because there was almost no privacy, but when I was growing up, a lot of  us were extremely ignorant about some issues. For example, there was a time when I was walking past my parents bedroom and I heard my mother making awful noises. I visualized her having a nightmare, and I went over to the door and was about to pound on it, open the door, and yell, "Mom! Are you okay? Wake up!"

But before I said anything I stopped and thought, "Wait a minute. It's too early for her to be asleep!"  So I stood there next to the door listening for a while trying to figure out what was going on, and after a while I wondered if that is what sex is. I walked away a bit confused.

I assumed my mother was having a nightmare, but consider what would happen if a child assumed that their father was hurting their mother. In such a case, the children could become adults with unpleasant memories of their father abusing the mother. Furthermore, if their parents later got divorced, that would reinforce the children's assumption that their parents were fighting. Those children would be able to pass a lie detector test as they recounted their horrible memories of their mother crying in pain as a result of the beatings, and how the beatings occurred on a routine basis. The mother would deny that she was beaten, and some people would respond that she was in a state of denial, or suffering from something such as the Stockholm Syndrome.

What are "liquid farts"?
Young children don't have many inhibitions about their body. One day when I was a child, my youngest brother asked why sometimes when he farts, it feels as if a liquid instead of a gas comes out. What creates this strange illusion? Children can talk about this issue, but they have no answers. Adults could probably answer the question, but most are too inhibited to talk about it!

One day a few years ago I had one of those strange, liquid farts, but this time it felt like so much liquid came out that I decided to look at my underwear to see if there was any sign of a liquid or if it was truly an illusion. I discovered that there was a nearly colorless liquid that was slightly thicker than water.

I knew that the pancreas and gallbladder put fluids into the intestines, so I wondered if this was some type of digestive fluid. Our liver dumps old red blood cells into the intestine, so perhaps it was some waste product, such as old white blood cells. Or was it a lubricant that the intestines produce to help food pass through?

Then one day it happened again, and I decided to find the courage to smell the liquid in case I could determine what it was by its odor. To my surprise, it smelled good, like a sexual scent.

Update, 26 September 2010
After posting this article, I received an e-mail message from a man who told me that he had also been wondering about these "liquid farts", and he said that he has taken a close look at the liquid a few times. He says that the liquid is not always the same. Sometimes it's watery, and sometimes it's thick, and the amount varies considerably. He hasn't been able to find any explanation for any of it, however. He also wrote, "I have smelled this several times, and there either is no smell, or the smell is metallic."

Today, 26 Sep 2010, I just had another of those strange, liquid farts, and this time I very quickly smelled the liquid, and I would describe it as a faint, "chemical-type" odor. Perhaps it's just a lubricant or a digestive chemical. So I suppose that the reason it smelled good the last time I smelled it was because it had a chance to sit on my skin and pick up the sexual odors that are on the outside of my body.


Ants do get thirsty!

While I'm on the subject of interesting aspects of life, I'll skip over the details and point out that I discovered that the tiny ants that live in my city actually do get thirsty! All throughout my childhood I was amazed at how the ants could wander around during the hottest and driest summer months without water, but here is a photo of two of them drinking from a droplet of water on my bathroom sink.

What do tiny spiders eat?

Another curiosity of life is that there are tiny spiders with very tiny webs along the walls in my house. I don't understand how they survive. The photo below shows a mechanical pencil next to one of these spiders. The pencil lead has a diameter of 0.5 mm. The spider sits in depressions or corners, and his web is directly over him. In the photo below, the spider is under his web but a bit frightened by my pencil. His web is 2 to 4 times larger than him, but the web is made with such thin silk that it doesn't show in the photo, and it is difficult to see with your eyes.
Here is a close-up of another spider. This is the position they are normally in as they sit under their web.

What insect is so tiny and so stupid as to get caught in its tiny, delicate web? And why don't spiders get thirsty?


 Some flies are very stupid! 

The last curiosity that I'll mention is that during the dry months of the year, I have noticed these tiny flies around the bathroom and kitchen, apparently because they want to be near moisture. Some of them will fly away when I get near them, but some of them won't move until I touch them!

The reason I could get a photo of these flies is because they remained motionless on the bathroom wall while I arranged a light and video camera only a few centimeters away! These flies behave as if they work for a modeling agency! They seem accustomed to sitting still while photographers arrange lights and cameras!

This photo shows a dead fly next to that same mechanical pencil to show that the fly is much larger than the spider, so the spider doesn't eat these flies.

Their wings and bodies have hairs on them, not scales like a moth.

Update 22 March 2013. I have a video about these flies here.

We are ignorant about life!
The reason I mentioned the issues above is to point out that we think of ourselves as highly educated, but we are amazingly ignorant about even the ordinary aspects of life, such as the food we eat, the creatures that live in our homes, sex, our body, and the differences between men and women. We need serious information about the world we live in. We don't need sexual titillation, toilet humor, or propaganda. We need to put higher quality people in control of society!

5) Why are Jews producing a documentary about Pat Tillman's death?
There are a lot of possible ways to explain Pat Tillman's mysterious death. For example, the Jews may have secretly convinced him to join the military, and then they set him up to be killed in the hope that the American people would become furious at the Muslims, which in turn would result in more Americans joining the military, and more support for the indiscriminate slaughter of Muslims.

Another possibility is that the Jews killed Tillman because he began to realize that the war was a fraud, and that the Jews were responsible for the 9/11 attack. The Jews may have been afraid that because he was famous, it would be very easy for him to expose the Jewish involvement in the 9/11 attack.

A Jew, Amir Bar-Lev, produced this recent documentary about Pat Tillman's death. This article claims that he wants to "foster honesty", but he doesn't explain that Jews staged the 9/11 attack in order to trick America into these wars, and he doesn't bring up the possibility that Jews are responsible for the murder of Pat Tillman. Instead, his documentary makes it appear as if Tillman's death was an accident, and that some military leaders, especially former General McChrystal, reacted by pretending that Tillman was killed in action.

There are lots of possible explanations for why a Jew would produce this deceptive documentary. For example, he may be trying to give the US military a bad image. Or perhaps the Jews have noticed that every day there are more people who wonder if Pat Tillman was murdered by Jews, in which case this documentary might be an attempt to counteract those speculations. Or perhaps this documentary was intended to give General McChrystal a bad image.

By the way, Amir Bar-Lev's wife, Jennifer Bleyer, started Heeb magazine. It seems to me as if 99% of the world's propaganda is coming from Jews!

Amir Bar-Lev with his wife, Jennifer Bleyer, and their child.

In the photo below, both of them are kissing the producer Sandi Dubowski, a Jew who promotes homosexuality and religion.

6) Are Koreans producing anti-US propaganda?
This North Korean site has some propaganda paintings, such as the painting to the right that shows soldiers pounding a nail into a woman's head. And the painting below it shows a Korean baby being tortured with a hot piece of steel.

There are incidents of rapes, murders, and tortures during war, but they occur sporadically among all people, not just Americans. These paintings are propaganda, not historical documentation.

Were these paintings really created by the Korean people? A few years ago these paintings were at this British site that no longer exists:

The Internet archive still has that site here, and I put a copy of the text on its main page at the bottom of this page in case it gets deleted.

We are supposed to believe that a Korean living in Britain, along with other Koreans in Britain, such as the Juche Idea Study Group of England that formed in 1985 in Winchester, Hampshire, put that site together in order to let the world know such interesting historical facts as: "the US imperialists outdid the nazis in savagery."

The paintings are now at a North Korean site. We ought to consider the possibility that the Jews found some criminals in Korea to post that angry propaganda on a Korean site so that it appears to be coming from the Korean people.

We should also consider that Jews were secretly encouraging Korean artists to draw those paintings. Christopher Bollyn exposed the Jews behind the Mohammed cartoons, and I have this page about how the Jews are trying to instigate other racial fights. It's possible that almost all of hateful propaganda is coming from Jews!

The Jews have an extensive history of pretending to be other people in order to instigate fights. Have you seen my page in which I show that the Jews are behind the Nazis, white supremacists, and other groups of "patriots" here in America?

I suspect that the "Korean patriots" who created these paintings are either Jews or Korean criminals under the control of Jews.

It's possible that all of the angry organizations are under the control of Jews who use the groups to make money, instigate fights, and manipulate us!



In case this archive copy is deleted, here is the text of the main page:


Sinchon is the place where U.S. imperialist aggressors committed unprecedented mass killings of civilians during the last Korean war. 

In 52 days after they occupied Sinchon county when the Korean People's Army made a temporary strategic retreat, they brutally killed more than 35,380 civilians or one fourth of its population.

Men, woman, old, children and even babies were murdred in cold blood by the US Imperialists at Sinchon. The US imperialists killed mothers and children by locking them in a storehouse then dousing them with petrol and throwing in burning straw. Some of the most sub human and bestial methods of killing people were used by the Yankee imperialists at Sinchon ri.

A member of the Womens International Democratic Federation fact finding delegation to Korea in 1951 remarked that the US imperialists outdid the nazis in savagery. 

Preserved at the museum are tombs of 5,605 patriots, 400 mothers and 102 children murdered by U.S. imperialist aggressors.

The great leader comrade Kim Jong Il  Chairman of the DPRK National Defence Commission described the Sinchon Museum as an important place to inform the world people of the brutal crimes committed by U.S. imperialism against the Koreans during the last Korean War and educate the party members, working people, servicemen, students and schoolchildren in class consciousness.

Since 1998 the museum has had 2.25 million visitors. It is visited by Koreans from all walks of life and overseas friends of the DPRK.

This website aims to make a modest contribution to telling the truth about the atrocities of US imperialism in Korea.

This website has been set up by members of the Juche Idea Study Group of England with the invaluable fraternal assistance of the Society For Friendship with Korea of the UK.