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4 August 2010

1) What is a "Russian"?
2) We must actively fight deception
3) We should not tolerate incompetent or destructive lawyers
4) The feminists need "Quality Control Inspections"
5) Become a "pioneer" for a new world 
6) It is the Jews who abuse women, not the "sexist men"
7) Our leaders need periodic "Quality Control Inspections
8) The Ashkenazi Jews thrive on chaos and suffering
9) Why is Angelina Jolie being attacked? 
10) Who does not have Reptilians pursuing them? 
11) People in the media need quality control inspections, also 
12) What is a "hero"? 

1) What is a "Russian"? 
• Anna Fermanova, a Russian, (in the photo) was arrested on 15 July 2010 for trying to smuggle night-vision scopes to Russia.

• A few weeks earlier, eleven Russians were arrested as spies (Their mugshots are here).

• Mel Gibson's ex-girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva, is Russian.

A lot of troublemakers in the news right now are Russian, and this is making me wonder, what is a "Russian"? Anna Fermanova is also described as a "nice Jewish girl", but what makes her a "Jew"?

Many years ago I saw some crime statistics for America that showed that black Americans are less involved with pedophilia than Caucasian Americans. Today I wonder if all Caucasian races engage in pedophilia equally. Unfortunately, our crime statistics show only the people who have been arrested, and a lot of criminals are operating freely in our legal system, government, school system, media, and banking system.

If we were maintaining an extensive database of everybody's activities and genetic history, we would be able to determine which races are more likely to keep children as sex slaves, or rape boys, or get involved with murder rituals (such as those described by Vicki Polin, here).

We might also discover that the Jews who are the most troublesome have little or no genetic connection to the original Jews of Palestine from 2000 years ago. The original Jews may have interbred with dozens of different races, but the disgusting qualities of the Ashkenazi Jews may be coming from their Khazar ancestors, or from the Huns, or from the Neanderthals, rather than from those original Jews. The Ashkenazi Jews may have given "Jews" a bad image.

Many Ashkenazi Jews also refer to themselves as "Russians", but an analysis of the Russian people might show us that Russia consists of a variety of significantly different races, and that certain races are causing much more trouble than others. Those crude races may be giving a bad image to "Russians".

It's interesting to note that there has always been a conflict between the Ashkenazi Jews and the Sephardic Jews. Even though the two groups may have interbred to a certain extent, there seem to be significant incompatibilities in their personalities. These two groups of Jews don't have the same visual appearance, either, and they may also have different body odors. Since the Ashkenazi Jews are extremely violent, I'm not surprised that they have been trying to exterminate the Sephardic Jews for decades, possibly centuries. For example, did you know that the Ashkenazi Jews in Israel gave high doses of x-rays to 60,000 Sephardic Jewish children?

Referring to the Ashkenazi Jews as "Jews" or as "Russians" may not be fair to the original Jews or to the Russians. I can understand why a lot of people have been referring to them as Reptilians.

I also suspect that if we were to analyze the people in Africa, India, China, and Japan, we would find that those areas also consist of many different races, and that some races are better behaved than others.

2) We must actively fight deception
We have laws against burglary, murder, and rape, but no society has yet adequately dealt with this issue of deception. As a result, the people who try to manipulate us with partial truths are allowed to influence school books, think tanks, charities, news reports, and religions. We must raise standards for people who influence the world. The people who try to manipulate us with partial truths should be guilty of deception, and they should be arrested. These people should be classified as con artists, and it is important to realize that they are more more dangerous to society than a shoplifter because they affect the opinions of enormous numbers of people, and they affect the future of the human race.
There are lots of salesmen, religious leaders, charities, feminists, lawyers, and government officials who routinely make statements that should be classified as "deception", and they should be arrested just like every other criminal. However, I suppose the majority of people have trouble understanding that deception is a dangerous crime.

For example, on the Alex Jones radio show, the owner of the GCN radio network, Ted Anderson, who sells gold coins, was occasionally offering to sell gold at below the market price. This is equivalent to a person offering you a $20 bill for only $15. Their explanation was that Anderson would buy gold at whatever the current rate was, such as $900 an ounce, and then a week later, when the price of gold had risen to $1000 an ounce, Ted would still continue to sell it at $900 an ounce.

Since you may have trouble believing this, I put together some excerpts of Jones and Anderson from October 7 and 8, and November 3, 2009. In some of the excerpts Jones is using a cell phone, so his voice quality is low:

Jones-gold-below-price-7-8-Oct-3-Nov-2009.mp3  1.2 mBytes

At the same time that Jones and Anderson are pushing their audience to buy gold at below its market value, Jones is asking for donations and begging people to buy his products. Can you figure out why Jones didn't buy the gold at below its market value, resell it, and then make as much money as he needed?

Anderson and Jones are just two of millions of people who should be arrested for deceiving people, but the way our legal system is designed, it's extremely difficult to arrest somebody for this particular type of crime. Furthermore, if we were to arrest a person for selling gold below its market value, or some similar type of deception, he would likely respond that he didn't realize that people were misunderstanding his remarks, or that he himself believed what he was saying because he had been deceived by somebody else.

“Gosh, I had no idea people misunderstood my remarks. Sure, I have a college degree, but I'm stupid sometimes. I'm so very sorry! Please forgive me!”
The police should investigate people who make deceptive remarks and pass judgment on whether they are deliberately trying to deceive us. If so, they should be removed from society.
If we are not sure whether a person is deliberately trying to deceive us or if he truly is as stupid as he appears, then we should respond with something such as this:

“OK, since you're that stupid, then we don't want you influencing the world, and we don't want you living with us. You will be sterilized, and then exiled to the City of Idiots

3) We should not tolerate incompetent or destructive lawyers
Aaron Biber, a 47-year-old Jewish lawyer, was arrested for getting a 15-year-old boy drunk and then raping him. Biber said that the boy had taken photos of himself dressed as Adolf Hitler and giving a Nazi salute, and since Biber is Jewish, he felt intimidated and became submissive to the boy. In other words, the boy was in control of the relationship and the sex. Other news reports claim that the teenager posed for the photos in response to the abuse by Biber. This sounds like some type of sick comedy, but there are news articles describing it, such as here and here.

This brings up an important issue. Specifically, what is the purpose of a lawyer and a legal system? My opinion is that a legal system should help us to understand and reduce crime. And lawyers can be useful for the same reason that a proofreader is useful; specifically, lawyers can help people who are accused of crimes put together and present the evidence of their innocence. However, in the case of people who are obviously guilty, such as Biber, what is the sense of allowing lawyers to devise excuses for the crime?

We have to make a distinction between when a lawyer is helping a person prove his innocence, and when they are helping a criminal to deceive us about his crime. I don't think Biber's lawyers were helping him to gather or present evidence of his innocence. Rather, I think they knew he was guilty, and they were trying to figure out how to deceive the court and the public so that he could get away with his crime. These lawyers should be accused of helping to cover up a crime and helping to allow a criminal to remain in society, thereby putting other people at risk.

We currently allow lawyers to abuse us on the grounds that their job is to defend a person regardless of whether he committed a crime, but we have to make a distinction between when a lawyer is helping a person defend himself, and when he is helping a criminal deceive us. We should change the role of a lawyer and a judge so that their goal is to help society understand and reduce crime. A legal system should be analyzing crimes, not helping individual criminals devise deceptive excuses, and not helping businesses attack their competitors with lawsuits, and not helping citizens to profit from disasters or mistakes.

I've mentioned some other examples in documents at my philosophy page. For example, when we allow a citizen sue a doctor for making an honest mistake, we are doing nothing to help society. Rather, we are allowing a citizen to get revenge on a doctor and make a lot of profit at the same time. Society does not benefit from this type of legal system. When doctors make mistakes, we should analyze the situation and try to reduce similar mistakes in the future.

Furthermore, we should not allow people to use stupidity or insanity to justify their crimes. If an analysis of Biber shows that he truly is feebleminded, our response to him should be:

“OK, Arron, since you are that feebleminded, then we don't want you working as a lawyer, and we don't want you reproducing, and we don't even want you living with us. You will be sterilized and exiled to the City of Nitwits


4) The feminists need "Quality Control Inspections"
Everybody who is trying to influence our lives should be analyzed so that we can determine who they are, who they associate with, and what their motives are. We should not allow people to manipulate the world in secrecy. This applies to everybody in an influential position, even the leaders of the feminist movement. The women (and men!) who are promoting feminism should not be allowed to do so in secrecy. We have a right to know who these people are. We should be able to analyze their lives, and even their genetic history.

Feminism is supposed to be helping women, but as I've described in documents at my philosophy page, the feminists don't help anybody to understand human relationships, or the differences between men and women. They don't even acknowledge the rather obvious fact that technology has brought dramatic changes to the lives of both men and women during the past few centuries.

The feminists complain that women have been forced to sit at home like dogs waiting for their masters, but all throughout history we can find evidence that women were involved with lots of different types of activities.

This portion of a photo shows women working in a factory in Ohio in 1902. (Full photo here.

It looks like a publicity photo with models, but many photos from 100 years ago show people nicely dressed and behaving in a polite manner.

 Feminists can easily deceive us with the truth

It is important to understand that we can be deceived with the truth when a person provides only a portion of the truth. For example, there are lots of photos that show people suffering from poverty, and young children working in filthy factories. By showing only those photos, the feminists can create the impression that the abuse and poverty was typical. ( I wrote about this trick years ago here in regards to how the Jews are deceiving people about the dust from the collapse of the World Trade Center buildings.)

Animals, plants, and humans reproduce wildly, and no human society has bothered to control its criminals, lunatics, parasites, or retards. As a result, every human society has a problem with unwanted children, crime, fights, unemployable adults, homeless people, and retards. A certain percentage of every society is suffering.

When I was a child, Communists would use photos of the misfits as evidence that free enterprise is brutal, and that we should switch to communism. The communists were being honest when they complained that millions of Americans were suffering, but they were trying to manipulate us by focusing on a small aspect of America. It was equivalent to a photographer wandering around your house and taking photos of only the dust balls, peeling paint, spiderwebs, and objects on the floor in order to create the impression that your entire house is incredibly filthy.

5) Become a "pioneer" for a new world
The current attitude all over the world is that we must tolerate retards, homeless bums, feebleminded morons, and freaks of all sorts. However, there is no rule of the universe that requires us to tolerate these troublesome people. People who routinely harm society and justify it on the grounds that they're stupid or ignorant should be removed from society. We don't have to tolerate their abuse. We don't owe them anything. A business doesn't tolerate an employee who routinely causes trouble, and neither does a sports club or an orchestra. Cities and nations don't have to tolerate abuse, either.

Everybody makes mistakes on a routine basis, but we have to make a distinction between when people are making honest mistakes, and when they are deliberately causing trouble and just pretending to be stupid. We should not allow people to use stupidity and ignorance to justify their destructive behavior. We should pass judgment on the people we live amongst and remove those who cause trouble.

Consider how this concept applies to feminists. The feminists are providing us with honest, truthful reports when they tell us about a woman who has been abused by a man, but they are deceiving us when they imply that they are describing the typical relationship between men and women. Furthermore, the feminists try to create the impression that men are worse than women, but neither of us is better or worse than the other. We are simply different.

We should pass judgment on which of these feminists are truly stupid, and which of them are deliberately trying to cause trouble. The troublemakers should be removed or executed, and the idiots should be sterilized and removed. We are fools to allow our nation to be destroyed by criminals and idiots. A business would never allow idiots or criminals to ruin their morale or destroy their equipment, and neither would an orchestra or a sports club. Nations don't have to tolerate this abuse, either. We should change our attitude from tolerating abuse to demanding that everybody either contribute to society or be removed.

The feminists have no sensible support for their accusation that men abuse women. Actually, these accusations are as ridiculous as children complaining that parents have been abusing children for thousands of years, and that the children need to become liberated from the oppression. Parents have powerful emotions to protect their children, and men have powerful emotions to protect women. Men attack women only when the men have lost their temper, and parents attack their children only when the parents have lost their temper.

The feminist attitude that men abuse women simply because men are "sexist" is ridiculous. Actually, it would be easier to support the opposite theory that men allow women to abuse them. This explains why the feminist movement has been allowed to grow so large. If men were truly oppressive, they would have told the feminists to shut up, and they would have put an end to the feminist movement long ago. But instead of stopping feminism, most men responded with submissive remarks, such as:

“That's wonderful, dear! I'm so happy that you are standing up to us oppressive, sexist men and finally enjoying life after thousands of years of suffering!”
Likewise, it is ridiculous for children to complain that their parents abuse them. It would be much easier to justify the accusation that children are selfish creatures who don't appreciate their parents.

Further evidence that men have been protecting rather than abusing women is that women have almost completely lost their ability to function on their own. Their bodies have become so weak and delicate that I doubt if they could have survived on their own 10,000 years ago, except in certain climates where food is plentiful all year. By comparison, every female animal is as competent as the males in regards to hunting, survival, and self-defense.

Likewise, human babies are helpless for years. By comparison, the babies of most advanced animals can stand and walk within hours of birth. As I explained in documents at my philosophy page, I think it's because women have been protecting babies too much, thereby allowing babies to degrade. Nature follows brutal rules, such as no pain, no gain.

Criminals and parasites can inadvertently destroy themselves
One of the problems that the "ruling elite" has suffered from for centuries is that they try to keep their family members in power through inheritances, nepotism, and criminal activities. However, this is cheating nature. They are allowing people to acquire positions that they don't have the ability to handle. Society ends up with leaders who can't lead; scientists who plagiarize; and businessmen who depend upon bribery, murder, lawsuits, and other crimes.

We can see this problem occurring with domesticated plants and animals. We pamper our flowers and vegetables, and we try to kill the weeds, but through the centuries, the end result is that the weeds evolve into incredibly tough creatures that can survive unbelievable levels of abuse, whereas the flowers and vegetables become weak and require extreme levels of pampering. Domesticated animals are also becoming increasingly sickly and helpless.

America has produced a lot of tough "weeds"
People have been emigrating to America for a lot of different reasons. Some people were trying to escape the police, and some were misfits who were trying to get away from ridicule and laughter, and some were mentally ill lunatics who were on a quest for happiness. But some people came to America simply because they wanted to start a new life for themselves, and they weren't afraid to face the unknown, and it didn't bother them to leave the people that they had grown up with. Moving to America was an exciting adventure to these particular immigrants.

After arriving in America, many of the immigrants died, especially during the first couple of centuries. And many of the immigrants survived through crime, nepotism, inheritances, or "brown nosing". But some of the immigrants survived simply because they had the ability to face the unknown and survive conditions that the other immigrants couldn't handle.

For example, some of my relatives came from Denmark during the late 1800s, and they traveled in covered wagons to Iowa. They didn't know English when they left Denmark, and they didn't know anybody in America. They were willing to leave the security of their home, learn a new language, and meet new people. They were also willing to face the unknown dangers of traveling across the nation in covered wagons. They weren't afraid. And they didn't resort to crime or other disgusting activities in order to survive.

We need to find people with that "pioneer attitude"; people who can face the unknown, walk away from their friends and family, get together with a new group of people, survive through honest work, learn from the mistakes of previous generations, and create a new and better nation.

We need people who consider the creation of a new nation to be an exciting opportunity; an incredible adventure.

Furthermore, if we can find enough people in other nations to work together to bring improvements to their nations also, then we could make this a transition period for the human race.

People in the future will look back at our era as the point at which humans switched from living in chaotic societies that are dominated by fear, suspicion, crime, inefficiency, and chaos, to more orderly, sensible societies. Once the human race goes through this transition, it will never occur again. This is an exciting opportunity for us. We should take it, and we should enjoy it!


6) It is the Jews who abuse women, not the "sexist men"
Women cannot seriously claim that they are abused by men. There is more evidence to support the accusation that feminists are abusing women. And it seems as if most of the leaders of the feminist movement are Jewish  Reptilians. Therefore, it would make more sense to complain that the Jews are the problem for women, not men. The Jews are also instigating wars, cheating us in our financial markets, and manipulating our school system so that children are raised on Jewish propaganda about the Holocaust, the 9/11 attack, and the assassination of President Kennedy.
Feminism is not an intellectual movement. The feminists do not calmly study or discuss issues. I don't think we should allow the feminist to fake stupidity, either. I think that the leaders of the movement are deliberately trying to deceive us and encourage fights. These feminists should be classified as con artists or as criminals. The feminists are worse than parasites because they are not harmlessly sucking up resources. Rather, they are destructive, like rocks in a transmission.
For example, these two feminist lawyers, Lisa Bloom (left) and her mother, Gloria Allred, were involved in a case against the Boy Scouts for not allowing girls to join.

I think they were deliberately trying to create fights between men and women, in which case, they could be classified as con artists who were committing a "hate crime".

We must raise standards for people in leadership positions. Lawyers, judges, policemen, and other people in our legal system should be helping us to understand and reduce crime. We should arrest lawyers who use our courts to encourage fights, hatred, crime, or corruption.

If a dentist were deliberately damaging people's teeth, he would be arrested. And if a dentist was doing absolutely nothing of value, people would avoid him, thereby forcing him to find another job. We should treat lawyers, judges, and other people in the same manner. A lawyer who cannot contribute to society should be forced to try another job, and a lawyer who deliberately causes trouble is a criminal who should be removed from society.

Most people behave like stupid animals who give blind obedience to their leaders. We are allowing people in leadership positions to get away with a lot of abuse and crimes. We have to change our attitudes and treat people in leadership positions the same as we treat ordinary employees. Lawyers, judges, government officials, and university professors should contribute to society, or they should be removed. We shouldn't allow them to be parasitic or destructive.

Gloria Allred has been involved in a lot of suspicious cases, such as the attack on Tiger Woods. Her daughter Lisa Bloom is giving legal advice to Mel Gibson's ex-girlfriend. Note that Mark Lane is also involved with the Gibson case! (Mark Lane works with the American Free Press, which I wrote about here. Christopher Bollyn exposed him many times, also, such as here and here.)

If the feminists respond that they're just too stupid to understand the damage they cause, then we should respond,

“Okay, since you are that stupid, then we don't want you influencing society. And we don't want such stupid women living among us, so you will be sterilized and exiled to the City of Imbeciles


7) Our leaders need periodic "Quality Control Inspections"
It doesn't make much of a difference if an ordinary person is a bit incompetent at his job, but people in leadership positions have a significant influence over our lives and the future of the human race. We can't give blind obedience to leaders. We must routinely review their job performance. We must analyze their effect on society and ask ourselves such questions as:
What have they done to improve life for the human race? Have they been beneficial, useless, or destructive?
For example, consider Gloria Allred and Lisa Bloom, the feminist lawyers involved with fighting the Boy Scouts over discrimination against girls. We shouldn't allow these women to be lawyers simply because a law school classified them as "lawyers". Instead we should review their performance on a routine basis and ask ourselves:
What have Gloria Allred and Lisa Bloom accomplished that justifies their position as lawyers? Have they helped us to understand or reduce crime? Have they improved life for any of us? Or have they done nothing of value? Or have they been destructive?
If we come to the conclusion that Allred and Bloom have done nothing of value, then they should be forced to try some other job.

Furthermore, and even more importantly, if we come to the conclusion that they have been deliberately causing trouble for us, then they should be exiled from society, or executed. We should not mindlessly follow leaders, like stupid animals, and we should not tolerate leaders who are members of crime gangs.

In this modern world, we have to pass judgment on whether a person is beneficial, neutral, or destructive to society. And we must remove the destructive people, especially those in leadership positions. We are fools to allow them to destroy society and produce children.

8) The Ashkenazi Jews thrive on chaos and suffering
I think the reason the Ashkenazi Jews are constantly trying to start fights and cause other problems for us is because most of them don't have the desire, talent, or ability to fit into our society and make a living in an honest manner. They are misfits in our societies. As a result, they are much more successful when society is chaotic, miserable, and inefficient. For some examples:
• If the Jews can break down human relationships and cause enormous numbers of people to be lonely, then they can profit from the misery by offering social networking, dating services, counseling services, and pornography. The loneliness also makes it easier for them to get sex or find a spouse because when people are very lonely, they become less finicky about who they are getting involved with, and less concerned about whether the relationship will last very long.

• If the Jews can convince us that divorce is "normal", and that there's nothing strange about having dozens of sexual partners during our lifetime, then the crummy people have a much greater chance of getting married or having sex.

• If the Jews can convince us to allow interest rates, royalties, and the collecting of fees that are percentage of sales rather than a fixed rate, then they can make lots of money by collecting credit card fees, loaning money, and charging royalties for music and movies.

• If the Jews can encourage people and businesses to sue one another in court rather than analyze their problems and look for ways to reduce the problems, then the Jews can profit by offering legal services, marriage counseling, anger management courses, and sex therapy.

• If the Jews can convince businesses to pay for kosher certification on food products, then the Jews can make money from us without doing anything of value in return.

• If the Jews can convince women to become promiscuous, then the crummy men have a greater chance of having sex, and they don't have to be concerned about being responsible for the woman or the children.

• If the Jews can convince us to become "sexually liberated", then the crude people can engage in bizarre sex activities without being labeled as "perverted".

• If there is starvation somewhere in the world either because of nature or something the Jews have done, then they can make money by setting up charities that collect donations.

• If the Jews can encourage people to stop having abortions, then they can increase the number of unwanted children, and the Jews can make money from this miserable situation by offering orphanages and other services, and they can use the unwanted children as sex toys.

My point is that the people who don't have the abilities or desires to truly fit into the modern world will be more successful if they can create misery and chaos. The misfits don't want to reduce the problems we suffer from. Rather, they want to exploit the miserable people and create more chaos.
Have you noticed that many of the TV shows and movies that are made today would have been considered insane, perverted, or disgusting a few decades ago? For example, in this episode of Nip/Tuck, a man tells a woman to put a paper bag over her head because she's so ugly that he doesn't want to look at her while he has sex with her.

The people who dominate the media are promoting the philosophy that we should have sex simply for the sake of sex, even if we don't like one another, just like the chimpanzee I mentioned here who used a frog for sex. This philosophy gives the freaks a better opportunity to have sex with one of us, and it can create more unwanted children that the freaks can use as sex slaves.


9) Why is Angelina Jolie being attacked?
I don't pay much attention to Hollywood, but with Mel Gibson frequently in the news now, I'm starting to notice that some of the Hollywood entertainers get favorable publicity, and some are abused.

For example, Angelina Jolie seems to be under attack right now. Some "shocking" photos of Angelina Jolie's "dark past" in 1999 are being exposed today.
Note: those two articles are from foreign sites that print in English, and as I pointed out here, be suspicious of such sites!

Why are these photos being published after 11 years of secrecy? I suspect that the Reptilians are trying to intimidate the people in Hollywood.

It's also interesting that Andrew Morton just finished a biography about Jolie, and it appears to be an attempt to hurt her.

If the Reptilians were respectable people, they would help Jolie understand her strengths and weaknesses, and help her to deal with her problems, but, instead, they are exploiting her.

Meanwhile, the attack on Mel Gibson continues. Gibson is accused of attacking his baby daughter, and the website radaronline published photos to support the accusation. The blue arrow points to the damage that Gibson inflicted on his daughter.

Gibson is also accused of hitting his ex-girlfriend on the side of her face. Photos of her beaten face are here.

The photos are proof that Gibson hasn't hurt anybody. Therefore, this ridiculous attack on Gibson is a sign that the Reptilians are desperate to intimidate Gibson. Of course, it's possible that Gibson is under their control, in which case this idiotic attack on him is to intimidate other people, such as Brad Pitt, or Angelina Jolie.

 When should society investigate "domestic" fights?

I suspect that almost every couple, whether they are male or female, or two homosexuals, have had a few arguments during their relationship. And I suspect that arguments are even more common between children, and between parents and their children.

I also suspect that the arguments between Mel Gibson and his ex-girlfriend are not much different than the arguments between millions of other couples. If Mel Gibson hit her, he didn't hit her any harder than millions of other couples hit one another.

We have to make a decision on when society should get involved with domestic arguments. Should the police try to stop men and women from yelling at each other? Or should they get involved only when the couples hit one another? And if so, should the police ignore abuse that doesn't cause any physical damage? Should they get involved only when the abuse is so serious that somebody needs medical attention?

What about couples that torture each other in an emotional manner rather than a physical manner? Should the police get involved with that type of argument, also? If so, at what point do they get involved? Do they wait until they see tears running down a person's face?

When should the police get involved with arguments between parents and their children?

When should the police interfere with arguments between children at school? If a child pulls the wings off of a fly, should the police be called to investigate? Should the police deal with children who set cats on fire or put firecrackers into bird nests?

We also have to make decisions on when a person is abusing an animal, both pets and wild animals. We are allowed to kill rats, but should the police stop an angry person from torturing a rat? Should we be allowed to kill deer, mice, raccoons, turkeys, or skunks that wander through our yard or get into our homes?

We are allowed to raise and eat chickens. Should the police stop us from raising and eating dogs, horses, or rabbits?  Should we allow circuses to "train" animals?

We need leaders who can provide guidance and advice

Our primitive ancestors didn't have to deal with such issues as abortion, crime networks, or feminism. Today we must deal with an enormous number of issues, but none of us can deal with these issues by ourselves. These are issues that affect all of society. Therefore, a lot of people must get involved in the decisions. We need leaders to arrange discussions and provide help in selecting policies to experiment with.

Unfortunately, we don't have leaders in control of our government, schools, media, or businesses. Instead, we have a network of criminals, pedophiles, and parasites who are trying to suppress intelligent conversations so that they can dominate and exploit us. This network of freaks is like a fungus that is suffocating the human race and interfering with both social and technical progress.

Furthermore, this network of freaks is using our police, military, and legal system to eliminate their enemies. For example, consider the battle that is going on regarding Mel Gibson. As of today, it seems to me that the arguments between Gibson and his ex-girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva, are as trivial as those between millions of other couples, in which case I would say the police are wasting resources by investigating them, and the media is wasting resources by publicizing them.

The police should investigate Grigorieva and all of the lawyers, news reporters, and other people who are supporting this ridiculous attack on Gibson. Those are the people committing a serious crime, not Gibson.

If we allow the Jews to get away with this type of crime, then they would be able to publish meaningless photos of your children, or your spouse, and then have you arrested for abuse.

George Clooney is also in the news right now because his girlfriend is involved with cocaine use from several years ago. Did the police really need three years to gather enough evidence before they could expose this cocaine incident? Or is this issue coming out now because George Clooney is showing signs of rebellion? Is Clooney one of the men that the Reptilians are trying to intimidate?

Incidentally, this brings up the issue of which drugs a society should try to control. We are allowed to drink alcohol, even to excess, and we are allowed to use Viagra and certain other drugs, but the police risk their lives to stop people from using certain other drugs. I don't think our drug policies make sense. I think our policies are being influenced by the crime networks that dominate society.

This report claims that Brad Pitt and George Clooney played a joke on Hollywood producer Jerry Weintraub during a flight from Italy to Los Angeles. They got him drunk, and after he fell asleep, they put M&Ms in his underpants and shoes.

Weintraub laughed about it when he described it during a television interview, but perhaps their "joke" is a sign that Pitt and Clooney are fed up with the abuse, murders, deception, bribery, blackmail. If so, it would explain why both Pitt and Clooney are being attacked right now.

Actually, the Reptilians don't have anything to attack Pitt or Clooney with, so they're attacking their women. This strategy may backfire, however. One reason is that a lot of people may become disgusted with the attacks on Angelina Jolie. Everybody already knows that she has problems, so these reports are not "news" or "entertainment". Rather, they are "senseless cruelty". They are equivalent to a teenage gang beating an old man.

Another reason these attacks may backfire is that they might cause Pitt, Clooney, and Jolie to find partners that they are better suited to. If each of them form better relationships, then they will become even more desirable to the public, thereby drawing more attention away from the ugly, dreary, bland Reptilians.

Weintraub is lucky that M&Ms melt in our mouth, not in our underwear.
By comparison, Leonardo DiCaprio is getting favorable publicity for refusing to work with Mel Gibson.

DiCaprio admits that he was a "real punk" when he was younger, but neither he nor his girlfriend are being attacked by the media. What a coincidence that DiCaprio's girlfriend, Bar Refaeli, is an Israeli!

Another interesting report is that Brad Pitt recently bought a house in Italy near Clooney's house, and now Matt Damon and Julia Roberts are looking for a home in that area. Is this just a coincidence? Or are these people trying to get away from the Reptilians? If so, will the Reptilians soon purchase houses in that area?

10) Who does not have Reptilians pursuing them?
The predatory and diabolical Reptilians have been struggling since 2002 to manipulate my opinions, become my friend, and arrange relationships with me. I have also observed them trying to manipulate Jimmy Walter, Christopher Bollyn, and other people in the so-called "9/11 truth movement". What are the chances that me and a few other people are the only victims of this gigantic network? And what are the chances that Bollyn and his family are the only people that they have kidnapped or murdered? I think everybody should start contemplating such issues as:
• How many wealthy and influential people do not have Reptilians pursuing them in an attempt to become their friend or spouse?
• How many wealthy and influential people are not in danger of being murdered or kidnapped by the Reptilians?
The recent attacks on Angelina Jolie make me wonder if anybody influential is not under attack by these reptilian creatures. It's possible that there are millions of people around the world who are under attack. Furthermore, the attacks are usually very subtle, so I wonder how many victims realize that they're being attacked. For example, I would bet that the Reptilians have been trying to chase away certain women from Brad Pitt in order to encourage him to meet and marry a Reptilian. And when they failed at that, I suspect that they encouraged him to get involved with Angelina Jolie. I suspect that they prefer Jolie as Pitt's wife because she is easier for the Jews to manipulate, and her problems provide more opportunities for the Jewish media to publicize their marital fights, which tarnishes Pitt's image. I don't think they want Pitt or Clooney to marry a woman who would impress us because in that case Pitt and Clooney would draw even more attention away from the obnoxious, bland, ugly, whiny, and disgusting Reptilians.

When Mel Gibson dealt with his alcohol problems, he may have inspired a few alcoholics to do something about their problem. Likewise, Angelina Jolie might inspire some people if she were to deal with her problems. However, I don't think the Jews want to help her get control of her problems. I suspect that they are secretly encouraging her to engage in ridiculous activities.

You might respond that I'm getting carried away here with my paranoid fantasies, but I have already observed this behavior from the Jews. For example, I traveled with Jimmy Walter for a few weeks during 2005 because he paid for a group of us to travel around Europe and talk about 9/11. He was funding the trip by himself with money that he had inherited from his father, so he was in control, and he could do whatever he pleased. However, I was amazed to watch the Jews constantly surround him. If I ever tried to talk to him by myself, at least one of them would rush over to get involved with the conversation. They didn't want me or anybody else to be alone with him. It reminded me of the television programs in which a pack of hyenas chase animals away from a dead creature that they are trying to steal from a lion.

Furthermore, and more importantly, Jimmy Walter hired many people and companies to provide services that he needed, such as arranging for publicity for our meetings, and arranging for a theater to be rented. Both me and Christopher Bollyn could see that many of the people that Walter had hired were Jews who were secretly sabotaging the operation, but it is very important to understand that Jimmy Walter didn't realize or understand that he was being surrounded by diabolical, disgusting, murderous, Jewish hyenas. From Walter's point of view, he was surrounded by loving, caring people who wanted to serve him and treat him like a king.

By the way, Jimmy Walter provided each of us with money to spend during the day on food and whatever else we wanted, but one of the Jews would occasionally avoid paying her portion of a meal! She was one of those Jews who truly fit their stereotype of a parasite. Jimmy Walter once got so disgusted with her that he fired her, but he later hired her again. Walter was ridiculously nice and generous. He didn't believe that bad behavior was coming from within a person's mind. He would give a person a second chance, and a third chance, and a fourth chance, etc.

Not surprisingly, Jimmy Walter has since become a victim of the Jews. The Jews don't appreciate nice people. Rather, they see nice people as suckers to exploit. As I mentioned in the other files, I think Jimmy Walter has since been tricked by the Jews into moving to Austria, and they are keeping him on drugs and alcohol in order to control him, and they're living on his money. If you think I'm getting carried away, contact Jimmy Walter and see if you can arrange for somebody to meet him in a public location. Just like Christopher Bollyn, he will make excuses as to why he cannot be bothered to meet anybody. It's possible that the Jews were doing a similar trick with Howard Hughes.
Walter has a "contact" page:

Getting back to Brad Pitt, the Jews may routinely chase women away from Brad Pitt and other influential men, and help them to meet Jewish women, or women with mental problems. The victims of this type of deception may not realize that they are victims.

Furthermore, I think we should consider that the Reptilians are trying to influence marriages because they don't want us to produce high-quality children. I think they are trying to contaminate our DNA with their reptilian DNA, and when that fails, they try to encourage us to adopt unwanted children, or marry a person with genetic disorders.

To entertain myself - and you! - I made the following drawings to emphasize these concepts.





Note, if you wonder how I created these images, the two reptiles comes from here and here. One of the above women comes from this painting by Lorenzo di Credi. I forgot where that wolf in sheep's clothing came from. The Worth1000 site also has an amusing page of celebrity Neanderthals.

11) People in the media need quality control inspections, also
When I was a child, I believed the propaganda that the news reporters were the "watchdogs" of society who were dedicated to fighting crime and helping us ordinary people. Today I can see that a gigantic, international network of disgusting Reptilians has been slowly gaining control of the media in America and other nations. As they gain control, they push out the people they don't like.

For example, when I was a child, Bill Cosby was on television, and he was admired by people all over the world. So, what happened to him? I think his son was murdered by the Reptilians in order to force him to go into hiding. Today the only black people who regularly appear on television are those who have unpleasant personalities, and they encourage pouting, hatred, drug use, and racial fights.

I won't bother with the details, but during the 1990s I came to the conclusion that one of the best singers of the late 20th century was Diana Ross. I don't think it was simply because she was capable of singing well. Rather, I think the incredible quality of her singing was because of her personality. She has a very pleasant, soothing quality in her voice that I don't I find in Barbra Streisand or any of the other other dull, dreary, bland, "logical" Reptilians. Many of the singers that the Jews are pushing on us can sing as well as Diana Ross, but they don't have the pleasant, "human quality" that Diana Ross has. The singers that are promoted by the Jews are more "mechanical"; they remind me of the Vulcans in Star Trek.

Diana Ross should have been set up with the best musicians and singers of her era, but she wasn't. And I think the music was much too loud in most of her songs. Years ago I thought it was simply because she wasn't much interested in money or fame, and didn't really care that she was wasting her talent, but now I have to wonder if the Jews were intensely envious of her, and secretly trying to inhibit her success.

From my limited experiences with Jews, the people they are the most angry and envious of are black people. For some reason, they become furious when they are beaten by a black person. They seem to have quite a hatred of the Chinese, also. Perhaps, just like the stupid animals, the more visually different another race is, the more the Jews fear it.

Why is Whoopi Goldberg on television so often? I don't think black people or women are asking for her. Rather, I think the Reptilians are forcing her on us because she has a "sour" personality, and she encourages bad attitudes, racial fights, pouting, and fights between men and women. She is also willing to promote the lies about 9/11, the HoloHoax, Michael Jackson's mysterious death, and other crimes.

If she wants me to respect her, she should put M&Ms in Joy Behar's underwear.

Whoopi Goldberg's miserable attitude brings up an interesting issue. Specifically, was she born with a miserable personality? Or has she become frustrated, angry, and irritated after decades of being a puppet? Jesse Jackson and many other non-Jewish puppets also seem to be miserable. Leonardo DiCaprio has lots of money, and is famous, but is he happy? I wouldn't want to trade places with any of them. They seem to be prisoners who are living in a luxurious jail. They don't seem "free" to me.


The Jews don't allow intelligent discussions 

Intelligent people may occasionally appear in a news report, but the Jews don't allow any intelligent conversations on television or at meetings, or even in scientific publications. All discussions are stupid, or sexually perverted, or full of Jewish propaganda about terrorism and Nazis. The only scientists who regularly appear on television are those who lie to us, or who can't pronounce words properly. The scientists who are impressive are suppressed.
Incidentally, there are a lot of people who are concerned about global warming because there are hundreds of scientists who support the theory. Therefore, it's important to understand the difference between these two concepts:
1) The Earth's climate is becoming warmer.
2) Our government will improve the climate with carbon taxes.
It's entirely possible that the Earth is becoming warmer, and that humans are partly responsible, but we are fools to believe that our corrupt government officials will improve the Earth's climate with carbon taxes. They want to exploit us, not change the weather. I have more on the global warming issue here.

“Trust me!
I have a PhD!”
I suspect that the Earth is becoming larger as it collects interstellar dust and meteors, thereby increasing the Earth's gravity and adding sediment to the ocean floor, but I wouldn't want the government to impose "Meteor Taxes" to fix this "problem".
Is Obama fighting the Reptilians?
When Obama appeared on the television show The View, he made a remark about controlling the reptilian side of our brain.

I didn't think his remark had any significance, but a lot of Jews on the Internet were talking about it, (such as here on the David Icke forum).

So perhaps the Jews are worried that Obama was sending them a subtle message that he is aware of their network and fed up with their abuse.

Hopefully we will soon see Rahm Emanuel laughing about the M&Ms that Obama put in his underwear.
Come on, Obama! Do it!


12) What is a "hero"? 
A drunken woman who was waiting for a train in Boston accidentally fell onto the train track moments before the train was about to arrive. A couple of men at the station waved at the train driver and pointed to the woman, and the driver stopped the train just in time. (video here)

The men were described as "heroes" by both the news reporters and the people who posted comments on the Internet, but what makes them "heroes"? What effort did any of them make? What risk did they take? What talent do they have?

They spent only a few seconds of their time, and they did something that even a child is capable of doing. (Also, the train may have passed over her safely anyway.)

It is not easy to be a "hero"

Men have strong cravings to be important and admired, but we can't become heroes by doing something that 99% of the human population is capable of doing. If you truly have a special talent, then only a small fraction of the population will be able to do what you do.

Another way to phrase that concept is: if millions of people can do what you do, there is nothing special about you. 

There is no simple way to become a "hero". It takes a lot of effort, talent, and risk. You don't just pick through the packages of Instant SuperHero.

We are not "heroes" when we help the human weeds

A more interesting and important concept is that most of the people who need simplistic help are low quality people, and their problems are self-inflicted. These people often need help more than once. I don't know anything about that woman who fell onto the train tracks in Boston, but the news reports describe her as drunk, so I suppose that she is an alcoholic. If we had a database that had details of everybody's life, we would find that some people need help more often than others, and we would notice that the people in the best mental and physical health need the least amount of help.
I can use help. Want to help me?
I need a lot of help, but not because I get drunk and fall onto railroad tracks, and not because I take ridiculous risks, such as climbing a mountain during a winter storm. Rather, I need help dealing with the packs of Reptilians that are constantly pursuing me. So, if you want to be a hero, help the people who are fighting the Reptilians. All of these people are "heroes" because:
1) They are putting time and effort into their work, and they are taking a  risk.

2) They are doing something that only a small percentage of the population has the mental abilities to do.

3) They are doing something to help the human race and the future generations.

Change your attitude on what a "hero" is. A hero is not somebody who entertains himself by tossing scraps of food to a starving child, nor somebody who raises the unwanted babies of drug addicts, nor somebody who risks his life to save a retard. We should consider a hero to be a person who takes a risk to help the human race.

There are certainly a lot of heroes scattered around the world, but we don't know any of them. They are not likely to become famous, although many of their names will probably appear in future history books. However, I don't think they're going to cry if they don't become famous during their lifetime. I don't think they got involved with their heroic activities because they want to be famous. Rather, I think they're helping to fight the Reptilians because they are high quality humans who want to do something useful for the human race. They don't want to waste their life on criminal, parasitic, or idiotic activities.

Become a hero! If you can handle my website, you have what it takes!
The human race has so many opportunities available... all we need are enough people with the "American pioneer spirit" to walk away from what is familiar, face problems and criticism, and work with other people to create a better life for all of us. So why not become one of those heroes? Consider it as an exciting adventure to transform the Earth into a paradise!

It is summer as I write this, and as is typical this time of the year, cities around the world are suffering from flooding. Today there are reports that thousands of people just died from floods in Pakistan and China. In six months, cities around the world will suffer from ice and snow.

We don't have to continue living like stupid animals who are victims of the weather. We have the intellectual ability and the resources to create cities that can handle extreme weather, thereby allowing us to enjoy the beautiful and spectacular events of nature that we refer to as storms and lightning. We shouldn't have to go to Disneyland to fantasize about cities that continue to function and look beautiful even when covered in ice.

We can make our fantasies come true. The earth is gorgeous, and it has an amazing variety of spectacular weather conditions, and we are capable of designing cities that allow us to enjoy the storms, lightning, and ice rather than suffer from it. All we have to do is change our attitudes, our priorities, and the people who dominate us.

If you can handle my website, you are likely to have the ability to help the human race make the shift from living like stupid savages to living in more advanced societies. Consider your participation in this transformation as an exciting test of your strengths and weaknesses, abilities and limitations. Enjoy it!

Once we free ourselves from the criminals and parasites, we can experiment with different economic systems to reduce inefficiency and make it easier to find a job that we are well suited to. We can also develop better school systems, better operating systems for our computers, and better transportation devices.

We have the intellectual ability to bring improvements to the world. All we need are people with the emotional ability to climb into that covered wagon and take a trip into the unknown.

So find that courage within yourself, and let's get going!