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These were some of the first articles I posted on my website. I did not put dates on my documents at that time, but they were written around 2003 and 2004.



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History is Warped
Unicorns (below)

Who Cares?

Change the Piper

Who is CIA agent?

Why pity the CIA?



Even stupid ideas should be examined

Even if a theory turns out to be incorrect, it can be useful to understand why the theory developed. I will start with two quick examples of this concept. The first is unicorns.


Did somebody create this creature from his imagination merely to entertain his children or friends? If so, why did he fabricate a creature that looks like a horse rather than like a bird or a snail? And why do drawings of unicorns show a long, straight horn, with a spiral twist?

If somebody created this mythical creature for fun, why not give it a curved horn? Or a horn with flutes? Why not a horns that looks like a corkscrew? And why did the unicorn stories come from northern Europe rather than Peru or central Africa?

Why do unicorns have straight horns with a spiral twist?

We can find answers to these questions in the arctic ocean. There is a mammal called a Narwhal that grows larger than a horse. Narwhals have a single horn coming out of its head. The horn is straight and has a spiral twist to it, just like the horn of a unicorn.

A Narwhal poking its head out of the water.

Photos of their horns are this site, which sells them:
Arctic Art Sales

How could it be a coincidence that the Narwhal resembles a unicorn? It makes more sense to conclude that people thousands of years ago found a dead Narwhal on the beach, and then assumed that it was some type of horse, and that its legs had broken off.

Information about the Narwhal would be distorted through the years since it was passed verbally. This would explain why some unicorns have wings, some have white or translucent blood, and some have magic powers.

Since Narwhals do not wash up on beaches very often, their horns would be extremely rare. Not surprisingly, there are reports of people during the Middle Ages selling unicorn horns for about 20 times their weight in gold.

The point I want to make is that if you have the attitude that unicorns should be ignored on the grounds that they are the hallucinations of crazy people, you would never notice the more likely possibility that unicorns were the result of people who discovered a dead Narwhal and made the incorrect assumption that the creature was a type of horse.

Some of the people centuries ago who bought and sold the "unicorn" horns may have honestly believed that they were from unicorns. And the reason people in Thailand and Peru did not have stories about unicorns is because Narwhals do not live in those areas.

Fire Breathing Dragons

The second example is the issue of fire breathing dragons. There are a lot of dragons in the Chinese culture, and even in Europe we find giant dragons. Some of these dragons live on land, and some in water. The dragons that live on land are often shown blowing smoke or fire when they are upset.

If these dragons are simply a fabrication of somebody's imagination, why are they blowing smoke and fire rather than ice? Why don't they spit like a cobra, or spray a stinky liquid like a skunk?

And why are they lizards, rather than snails or mosquitos? Why not a giant, fire breathing spider? How about a giant flea?

And why are they giant lizards rather than tiny lizards? Why not a tiny, fire breathing monkey? Or a tiny, fire breathing hippopotamus?

If the Narwhal was the source for the unicorn myth, isn't it possible that some other creature was the source of the stories of fire breathing dragons?

The stories of fire breathing dragons may have started when our ancestors actually observed giant lizards that eat people and spray saliva.

On some uninhabited areas in the islands near China are Komodo Dragons that grow as large as 3 meters long. Komodo Dragons are carnivores that will eat humans, and some of them can spit.

Some species of Komodo dragons can also swim.

On the Galapagos Islands some large lizards go the ocean and then dive underwater to eat seaweed.

An Iguana walking into the ocean at the Galapagos Islands.

The dinosaurs did not go extinct; only the larger dinosaurs are extinct.

If people hundreds of years ago saw giant lizards swimming in the ocean, they might assume they were a type of snake.

As they talked about the giant sea serpents, the stories would be distorted. Eventually the sea serpents were larger than the ships, as seen in a newspaper from 1848 in which a drawing of a sea serpent was published.

The image above is a portion of a newspaper printed in 1848. Did the stories of sea serpents come from actual observations of giant lizards?

The full image of this newspaper is here.

The point I am making is that if we dismiss the stories of fire breathing dragons as being the result of crazy people or people who fabricate stories for amusement, we would overlook the possibility that lizards as large — or larger — than the Komodo Dragon were living in Asia only a few thousand years ago.

What is a dinosaur?

Most people assume that dinosaurs have been extinct for millions of years, but for all we know, lizards larger than Komodo Dragons were living in China only a few thousand years ago.

If some lizards a few thousand years ago were even larger than the Komodo Dragon, they would be similar in size to small dinosaurs. In which case, how can anybody say that all dinosaurs were extinct before people had a chance to see them?

How is a dinosaur different from a Komodo Dragon or a Galapagos Iguana? How can anybody say the dinosaurs have been extinct for millions of years when there are still giant lizards and giant turtles alive today?

It make more sense to say the large reptiles became extinct in all areas except the Galapagos Islands, and a few islands near China.

Do archaeologists really know history?

The stories of the giant, fire breathing dragons make me wonder how accurate the archeologists are about their theories about dinosaurs. For all we know, some "dinosaurs" were alive just a few thousand years ago.

During the past century, a few creatures that were supposedly extinct for millions of years were discovered alive, such as the Nautilus.

Archeologists have made so many mistakes about which creatures are extinct that we have an expression for it: "living fossil".

Archaeologists tell us that dinosaurs lived millions of years ago, but how can anybody know what was going on millions of years ago? Professors and scientists cannot agree about the events that are happening during their own lifetime!

Take my Science Challenge about the Apollo moon landing to a university, and see if the professors will agree on whether men landed on the moon. And then ask the professors why Building 7 collapsed.

Since the professors cannot agree on whether Apollo or 9-11 is a scam, why should we believe they can understand events from millions of years ago?

The reptilian race

Now for more complicated example. David Icke is one of many people who believe an evil, reptilian race is trying to take control of the earth. Supposedly these reptiles have the ability to transform into a human form. This is referred to as shape shifting.
In his book, children of the matrix, Icke explains how evil reptiles have been controlling the world for thousands of years.

Icke also sells a videotape called "Revelations of a Mother Goddess" in which he interviews a woman named Arizona Wilder, who claims to have seen Ronald Reagan transform into his native reptilian shape.

Most people would stop watching the video after a few minutes on the grounds that both Icke and Wilder are insane. But rather than dismiss them as crazy, we should understand why they believe in this reptilian race.

There are no photos of these reptiles, nor does anybody have any of their scales or skeletons. Why would so many people believe a theory that has no supporting evidence?

Are they making innocent mistakes, as our ancestors did with unicorns? Or are they con artists who pretend to believe in these reptiles in order to make money from it? Or are they "useful idiots" who have been fooled into believing this nonsense in order to give conspiracy theories a bad image?

Before discussing this issue, let me explain something that happened to me when I was young.

I floated in the air!

When I was in sixth grade I caught some form of mild pneumonia which the doctors referred to as “walking pneumonia”. I do not remember feeling very sick, but the doctors gave me some medication anyway. I have no idea what the medication was, and at that age I had no idea what drugs were or what they did.

One day I was sitting in a chair watching television. Suddenly I realized that the chair and I were floating in the air. My head was only inches away from the ceiling. I thought this was rather peculiar, but I did not do anything about it. I did not get out of the chair, nor did I call my mother to tell her that I was floating in the air.

Many years later, when I was a teenager, it occurred to me that perhaps the reason I thought I was floating in the air was because the medication was affecting my mind.

Mind control experiments?

This leads to a possible explanation for the reptilian race. Imagine the CIA puts a child in a chair in a dark room after giving him some LSD, or similar drug. Then some actors come out into the dim light. One actor claims to be Ronald Reagan, and he pretends to transform into a reptilian. Isn't it possible that at least a few children will believe they personally observed Ronald Reagan turning into a lizard?

If the CIA puts thousands of children through this program, they might find dozens of them that are fooled by the technique. They dispose of the children whose minds work too well to be fooled, and that leaves them with children who truly believe in the reptiles.

The only reason I know that I did not float in the air is because I know I cannot float in the air. But what if I had imagined something that is possible?

For example, what if I had imagined an earthquake? Since earthquakes actually do occur in the area I live, I would still believe that I had experienced an earthquake.

Therefore, if the CIA uses this technique to fool children into believing something that actually is possible, the kids will almost certainly believe it.

For example, it is entirely possible that Ronald Reagan would have sex with another man, or with a child. Therefore, if a child is drugged and put in front of actors who pretend Ronald Reagan is having sex with another man, that child might forever believe that he personally observed Reagan having sex with a man. The child will have no reason to disbelieve his own memories.

The "lunatics" may be telling the truth

We should not dismiss this reptilian race as the rambling of lunatics. Instead, we should try to understand why so many people believe in it.

Arizona Wilder may be telling us the truth when she claims to have seen Ronald Reagan transform into a lizard. But she may have seen actors, and she may have been on drugs.

The people who believe in the reptilian race appear to be insane or con artists, but they may be evidence of how extensive the mind control experiments on children have been.

Perhaps David Icke was also fooled into believing in the reptilian race, but it is also possible that he is working with the government to promote this theory.

Why would the government promote such a ridiculous theory? One reason is that if you or I were to believe it, we would appear to be fools to most people, and that would cause them to dismiss everything we said about the 9-11 attack and other scams.

The point I'm trying to make is that we should not dismiss any theory. Even if a theory turns out to be incorrect, it can be useful to understand why the theory developed because it can help us understand the influence of television, friends, government propaganda, and school. It can also help us understand the person's mental abilities and personality, and it might help us understand what the government is doing to children.

Why is the Reptilian Theory so popular?

The only "evidence" to support the Reptilian Theory is the testimony of people such as Arizona Wilder, who claim to have been tortured in mind control experiments. This creates a paradox; specifically, if she is telling us the truth that she is the victim of horrendous mind control experiments, we must assume that many of her thoughts are the result of those experiments; ie, that her view of life has been contaminated by the government. In other words, if she is telling us the truth, we must doubt everything she says.

Since there is no evidence of a Reptilian Race, why is this theory so popular? There seem to be several reasons:

1) It is difficult to believe that everybody in our government is human.

For example, there are news reports that some people in Tony Blair's administration are paying parents of retarded children to let them use their children for sex. The retarded children are cleaned up, taken to the British government officials, used for sex, and then taken back home.

There are reports that American government officials also frequently used retarded and homeless children for sex. There is a book called
The Franklin Cover-Up which claims to have testimony from one of the boys who was used for sex by American officials. The book also discusses some of the murders and tortures conducted by the American government officials.

Are you sexually aroused by retarded boys? How about retarded girls? Since most of us are not attracted to retarded people, some people wonder if these government officials are another species.

2) The scams are hurting all humans

The world seems to be getting worse, not better. Although our technology has improved during the past few centuries, it seems that our lives have become worse. For example, it seems that there is more loneliness today, more crime, and more fighting. Who benefits from all the scams?

Even the rich families, such as the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds have to live in the same crummy cities that you and I live in, and those billionaires have to eat the same polluted fish, and they have to visit the same overcrowded tourist areas.

The world is getting worse from these scams, and that causes some people to assume that the people doing these scams are another species that is trying to destroy human life.

3) Reptiles are a perfect enemy

As I mentioned in the discussion of tear-jerker conspiracies, people love to feel sorry for themselves, and they love to blame their problems on somebody else. The reptilian race makes a perfect enemy.

First of all, we can blame every problem on them, and they never complain or fight back. Not one person has been sued by a reptilian, for example. You could even blame them for your divorce, or blame them for your obesity. They will never defend themselves.

Second, we cannot identify the reptiles because they have the magic ability to transform into humans, which makes it impossible for us to figure out which of the people among us are actually reptiles. Ronald Reagan was supposedly a reptile, but I doubt if his family or doctor realized it.

Finally, when they transform back into their lizard shapes, we cannot identify them from other lizards, so how can we find and arrest these creatures? Perhaps the reason nobody can find Osama bin Laden is because he transformed back into his lizard shape and is currently hiding in the London zoo.

4) Most people abhor science
Most people have no understanding of science, and most Americans know less about science than their relatives in Europe. Therefore, it is easy to fool most people with theories that are scientifically inaccurate.

The process of "Shape Shifting" requires the reptilians to have the ability to command the atoms in their body to rearrange into different molecules.

You don't have to know much about chemistry to realize that this is a truly incredible ability. And the reptilians do this without using any equipment, chemicals, heat, or pressure!

Fortunately, they can change shapes without creating pollution. We should be thankful that shape shifting is environmentally friendly because otherwise every time Ronald Reagan transformed to and from a human, he would leave a puddle of toxic waste on the White House carpet.

Shifting responsibility to the reptiles

The reptiles are described as a shape shifters, but what they really are is responsibility shifters because we can shift responsibility for our problems onto the reptiles.

The reptilian theory allows us to convince ourselves that nothing is our fault. Everything that goes wrong is because of the evil reptiles. We are innocent and pure. We are not responsible for any of the world's problems. We do not have to feel guilty for any of the wars, scams, or crummy governments.

How is the world going to improve when so many adults behave in this manner?

Is David Icke using code words?

The ADL claims that David Icke is referring to Jews when he refers to reptiles so that he doesn't get accused of being an anti-Semite.

Perhaps the ADL is correct. Anybody who criticizes Israel or Zionism is attacked for being an anti-semite, so perhaps some people have decided to expose Zionist crimes by referring to them as reptiles, or as aliens.