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These were some of the first articles I posted on my website. I did not put dates on my documents at that time, but they were written around 2003 and 2004.



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Who among us
is a CIA agent?

A lot of people who discuss the 9-11 attack wonder who among us is a government agent. Arguments sometimes occur on message boards as people accuse one another of being a government agent. There are several reasons as to why people are suspected of being an agent:

1) People who support idiotic theories
For example, Professor Bazant, John Judge.

2) People who ignore certain issues
For example, Amy Goodman, Mike Ruppert, Noam Chomsky.

3) People who start fights
Most of them are unknown people who post anonymous messages on Internet message boards.


1) People Who Support Idiotic Theories

Millions of people insist on idiotic explanations for the 9-11 attack. For example, Flight 77 had two, large engines, but the photos taken after the crash at the Pentagon show only a small piece of one, small engine. Some people insist that the other engine burned up in the intense fire, but these people have no explanation for how a massive steel engine could vaporize in a fire, regardless of how intense it is.

People who promote idiotic theories create a lot of suspicions:

  • Are they working for the CIA?
  • Do they actually believe the stupid theories they promote?
  • Have they been bribed into promoting these idiotic theories?
  • Have they been blackmailed into promoting these idiotic theories?

    For example, Professor Bazant promoted The Pancake Theory, but he has never bothered to respond to the critics who claim that his theory is nonsense. Does the professor actually believe his theory? Or was he deceived, blackmailed, or threatened into publishing the theory?

    Unfortunately, it is impossible to figure out who among us actually believes their idiotic theories, and who is being paid or threatened into spreading these idiotic theories. We can only determine this with people we know intimately.

    For example, my brother and his wife believe that the official government theory that Osama attacked us on 9-11. Furthermore, they sometimes repeat the simplistic remarks that they heard on the television news, as if they are parrots rather than humans.

    They both insist that I am wrong about my "conspiracy theories", and they insist that they have a friend who is a physics professor who could easily show me that I'm wrong. When I ask them to tell the physics professor to put me in my place, they always have an excuse, such as they forgot, or they're too busy.

    My brother and his wife will insult me, but they won't offer any evidence for their accusation. I don't insult them, and if I did, I would have evidence to back it up. They are treating me in a manner that they would complain about if I did it to them. If I did not know them so well, I would be certain that both of them are on the CIA payroll.

    Most people are not interested in doing their own research or thinking. Most people also have extreme difficulty dealing with criticism and unpleasant issues. They think of themselves as being independent, but they follow the crowd like a sheep.

    The government agents can easily mingle among the population without attracting attention because the majority of people behave in a stupid and irrational manner.

    If everybody in the world was in good mental health and intelligent, the CIA agents would stand out because they would be the only people promoting the stupid theories. The fact that government agents can so easily mix among us is a sign that most people's minds are lousy.

    2) People Who Ignore Certain Issues.

    A lot of people have put themselves into a position of a "Champion Of Justice". For example, Michael Moore, Amy Goodman, and Noam Chomsky. However, many of these Champions are quiet about the September 11th attack. They're also quiet about the Oklahoma City bombing, and numerous other scams.

    I know of several people who have tried to get Amy Goodman to discuss the September 11th attack on her radio show, but she has so far avoided the issue. Noam Chomsky and Mike Ruppert also refuse to talk about the September 11th attack in a serious manner.

    None of these Champions Of Justice actually lie about the September 11th attack; rather, they avoid certain aspects of the attack. This causes lots of suspicions:

  • Are they government agents?
  • Are they simply so naive that they don't know what is going on?
  • Are they too stupid to understand what is happening?
  • Are they being manipulated with misinformation by government agents?
  • Have they been threatened to keep quiet?
  • Are they simply afraid to discuss certain issues due to paranoia, even though nobody actually threatened them?
  • Are they being blackmailed to keep quiet?
  • Have they been bribed into keeping quiet?

    There is already some anger towards these Champions Of Justice for their silence about the 9-11 issue, but anger will not cause them to talk, nor will anger make the world a better place. None of us can even figure out why these Champions Of Justice are avoiding the 9-11 issue. Since we do not know why they are quiet, how could we possibly figure out how to make them talk?

    All we can do is make wild guesses as to why they are so quiet. For example, I suspect that Michael Moore is too dumb to understand what is happening, and I also suspect that he is being manipulated by his "friends".

    I suspect that Amy Goodman is afraid to talk, perhaps because somebody gave her a subtle hint that her radio show would be taken off the air if she says too much.

    And I suppose the Zionists are frightening Chomsky. Noam Chomsky is on a list of "Self Hating, Israel Threatening" Jews. The Zionists refer to him as a "pathetic Jew".

    But I could be wrong in my assumptions. Perhaps Michael Moore knows what's going on, but would rather exploit the situation for wealth and fame. Perhaps Amy Goodman is more interested in promoting some form of communism, and does not want to get involved with any movement that does not help communism. And perhaps Noam Chomsky really is a "pathetic Jew".

    Regardless of why these Champions Of Justice refuse to discuss the 9-11 issue, becoming angry at them is wasting our time, and it makes the situation worse. For example, imagine that Mike Ruppert is being threatened to keep quiet about the 9-11 issue. In such a case, Ruppert has to put up with the government threatening his life and the 9-11 activists insulting him for being a CIA agent. We are not helping Ruppert -- or the world -- in such a case.

    Hatred has never solve any problem yet, and I don't see how it will make these Champions Of Justice talk. If anything, hatred will just make their lives more miserable.

    Torture doesn't work, either. Actually, the 9-11 activists could turn this situation into comedy by proposing that we send Amy Goodman, Michael Moore, and the other Champions Of Justice to the Abu Ghraib prison for torture.

    So what should we do with these Champions Of Justice? I advise we leave them alone. We need to educate people, not encourage anger. We need to inspire people to make a better world, not encourage them to hate.

    3) People Who Start Fights

    It seems that every message board that discusses 9-11 occasionally has arguments break out over who on the message board is a CIA agent. Are these fights breaking out simply because people are becoming frustrated and angry at all the people (such as my brother and his wife) who cannot deal with reality?

    Or are there really CIA agents on the message boards, and are they being exposed?

    Or are some of the people who start the fights actually working for the CIA, and are trying to get the 9-11 activists to fight with one another in order to prevent them from doing something productive with their time?

    If everybody in the 9-11 movement were to work together as a united group, we would have a tremendous amount of influence in the world. However, if the government could encourage the 9-11 activists to fight with one another, they would turn the 9-11 movement into a disorganized horde of angry individuals who waste one another's time on useless fights.

    This concept also applies to the conquering of the nation. A small group can get control of a large nation by getting the people to fight among themselves.

    For example, Americans will spend lots of their time fighting with one another if somebody brings up the issue of abortion, especially "late-term" abortions. Americans also fight whenever somebody brings up the possibility that welfare or social security will be cut.

    Not surprisingly, it seems that somebody brings these issues up during every election. While the majority of Americans are busy fighting with one another over abortion or welfare, they don't notice that their nation is deteriorating and that their government is being influenced by a small group of people.

    In order for the 911 movement to be useful, we must avoid breaking down into a group of angry individuals. We have to keep in mind that the government wants us to fight among ourselves. The government agents may be among us, and they may be encouraging the fights.