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These were some of the first articles I posted on my website. I did not put dates on my documents at that time, but they were written around 2003 and 2004.



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History is Warped

Who Cares?

Change the Piper

Who is CIA agent?

Why pity the CIA? (below)



Why pity the CIA?

I suppose our government officials are upset that people complain about their scams. But, as a tried to point out at the end of my book, if the CIA and other agencies were doing something useful, they would be held up as heroes. It is their own fault that people are disgusted with them.

Their idiotic scams seem have been developed by people with a 12 year-old intellectual level. They are not helping America or the world with their ridiculous scams. Rather than become angry at those of us who complain about their scams, they should be getting angry at their own management for running such ridiculous scams.

There is no sense in the CIA paying people to make threatening phone calls to make us shut up, nor is there any sense in the government continuing to cover up these scams. The best way for the CIA to get themselves of this mess is to do something useful and make us proud of them.
CIA outsources to India (at bottom of page)

It appears that right now the government is setting up for another fake attack by Al-Qaeda. What will be the outcome of this attack? Will it create more chaos and suffering? If so, the CIA should expect even more people to become disgusted.

What sort of world is the CIA and the Bush administration trying to create? Are they trying to bring back the Middle Ages in which rich families rule over a horde of ignorant and stupid peasants? Are they trying to create a world in which retarded children are used for sex by government officials?

Does the CIA and military really want a world in which our leaders are so incapable of forming stable human relationships that they have to use retarded children for sex? Do they really want a world in which our leaders have dogs and television sets as their best friend? Do they really enjoy living in these ugly, disorganized cities? Do they really enjoy all the crime, corruption, and chaos of this world?

Many people complain that there are a lot of "Useless Eaters" in the world. It seems that many of these Useless Eaters are in top government positions. What did David or Nelson Rockefeller do to earn their position in life? What did George or Jeb Bush do? Where would those rich kids be today if they had been born into an ordinary family?

How is the CIA or US Military going to make a better nation when they support these Useless Eaters? Why can't we have a nation in which our leaders are respectable people who earned their position? Why can't we have a nation in which our leaders are better than the common criminal?

The world is a mess, but it's not going to get better by running some idiotic scam in which buildings are blown up. We need better governments. We need to keep the mentally ill under control, not allow them to be used for sex or promoted to high level government positions.

So, how about the CIA or military doing something to make the world, or at least the USA, into a better place? If instead, you continue to support these rich kids and their sex with retarded children, you should expect people to complain about you. Don't expect pity from me.