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These were some of the first articles I posted on my website. I did not put dates on my documents at that time, but they were written around 2003 and 2004.



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NASA warped our view of space

When I complained to some people that NASA faked the moon landing, a few of them responded something to the effect:

"Even if NASA faked Apollo, nobody was killed, so no harm was done. So why should I care?"

First of all, there are accusations that NASA murdered a few people.

Second, even if nobody was hurt, and even if there was no cost to the taxpayers, the Apollo moon hoax hurt everybody because it has given people a warped view of the universe. This in turn is causing other problems.

An extreme example might help explain how a "harmless" scam can hurt a nation. Imagine that the U.S. Navy fakes a trip to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean and claims to have discovered hundreds of technically advanced cities full of mermaids. Would you dismiss that scam as a harmless prank?

That type of scam would do more than waste money. For example:

• It would cause millions of people around the world to fantasize about traveling to the bottom of the ocean to visit those cities.

• School textbooks would teach students about the incredible discovery of the mermaid cities.

• Private companies would look for investors to build submarines that can handle the intense pressure.

• Gullible Americans would boast that only America has the technology to visit the mermaid cities.

Let's now consider the effect of the Apollo moon hoax.

Can astronauts see stars from the moon?

My Science Challenge has a diagram to explain this. NASA wants us to believe that astronauts cannot see stars from the moon's surface, or when traveling to and from the moon.

If astronauts cannot see stars when they look into outer space, what do they see? Do they see whiteness? Do they see a blue sky? Do they see clouds?

If astronauts cannot see stars, what do they see when they look into outer space?
Do they see a white sky? Do they see rainbows?

NASA has fooled milions of people into believing that if they were to visit the moon, they would not be able to see any stars. (If you need help understanding what an astronaut would see, take a look at this page.)

How dangerous is the radiation in space?

Prior to the 1950's nobody knew what outer space was. In the 1950's and 1960's NASA launched probes to investigate space. NASA discovered that the sunshine in outer space is full of X-rays, protons, and other atomic particles.

The earth's magnetic field and atmosphere shield us from the X-rays and atomic particles. A lot of ultraviolet light is also blocked by the atmosphere, especially the high frequency ultraviolet light.

NASA also discovered gamma radiation in space. However, not much of it was coming from our sun. Instead, the gamma rays were coming from every direction of the universe.

More surprising, NASA discovered that more gamma rays are coming from the moon than the sun. The reason the moon emits gamma rays is that the moon is bombarded by atomic particles that are coming from outside our solar system, and that bombardment causes the surface of the moon to radiate gamma rays.

You can see this effect in particle accelerators, nuclear reactors, and X-ray machines. In an X-ray machine, a metal target is bombarded by high speed electrons. The atoms of the metal react by emitting X-rays. The faster the electrons are traveling when they hit the target, the more powerful the X-rays.

The surface of the moon is bombarded by atomic particles that come from outer space. However, the particles that hit the moon are traveling at a much higher speed than the electrons in an X-ray machine. The result is that the moon emits powerful gamma rays, not weak X-rays. The moon is a spherical target in a "cosmic gamma ray machine".

If gamma rays appeared purple to our eyes, and if we could travel beyond our atmosphere, we would find that the moon is glowing purple, and that it is much more purple than the sun.

Outer space is a horrible environment, similar to the inside of a nuclear reactor, although the radiation in space is not as concentrated as in nuclear reactor.

How did NASA protect the astronauts from all the x-rays, gamma rays, and atomic particles? NASA claims the radiation is insignficant, so not much protection is needed.

The truth about radiation in space will never be known until the world gets better governments.

Low earth orbits are safer than deep space

John Glenn and other early astronauts did not need very much protection from radiation because:
  • They spent only a few hours in space.

  • Astronauts in a low orbit are protected from most of the protons and electrons that come from the sun because the earth's magnetic field deflects them. 

  • The earth is a shield to objects that are close to it, as shown in the drawing below.
  • The black arrows show that a lot of radiation and meteors is blocked by the earth when an object is in low earth orbit.

    If an astronaut were to travel to the moon, he would first have to pass through the Van Allen radiation belts. This is an area of high concentration of protons and electrons.

    If an astronaut travels beyond the radiation belts, he will be exposed to gamma rays, x-rays, atomic particles, and meteors from every direction.

    What happens to a living creature as it travels through the Van Allen radiation belts? How long can a creature survive inside those belts? And how long can it survive the radiation of deep space?

    There are also lots of tiny meteors flying from every direction at extremely high speeds. How long can a spacecraft survive bombardment by tiny meteors? How long can the space suit of an astronaut survive the bombardment? We will never know until we get better governments.

    The Auroras

    There is less protection from the sun's atomic particles at the north and south poles because the earth's magnetic field diminishes at those locations. Some of the electrons and protons from the sun slam into the air molecules near the poles. This causes the atoms to glow, just like in a neon lamp. We refer to the glow as the "Auroras".
    The glow of the auroras is proof that space is deadly.

    The colorful auroras are fascinating, but they are proof that outer space is a very dangerous place. Since the atomic particles cause the atmosphere to glow, what would they do to astronauts?

    We will never know until we get better governments.

    Update July 2009: somebody  sent me links to photos of the auroras taken by an astronaut in the space station. Take a look here!


    Airplane trips expose us to radiation

    The earth's atmosphere and magnetic field protect us from a lot of the radiation and particles from outer space. Therefore, when we fly in an airplane we are exposed to a slight increase in radiation. The higher the plane flies, the more radiation we experience.

    If we were to fly directly over the north or south poles, we would be exposed to even more radiation. Supposedly, all airlines know about this, so none of them fly over the poles.

    Airlines also alter their routes when the sun ejects large amounts of particles towards the earth. The airlines are more concerned about the atomic particles from outer space than the Apollo astronauts.

    NASA puts a monkey into space in 1969

    Before sending people to the moon, NASA decided to conduct an experiment to determine the effect of a long space flight. On the 29th of June 1969 NASA put a monkey into orbit around the earth. The plan was to have the monkey circle the earth for 30 days, and then bring it back to earth for an analysis.

    NASA is secretive on how close to the Van Allen radiation belts this monkey reached, but they admit that the monkey's health began deteriorating after a few days in orbit. On the ninth day NASA decided to bring the spacecraft down. The monkey died eight hours after the spacecraft was recovered.

    Would you get onto a spacecraft that is heading to the moon after watching a monkey die after only nine days in Earth orbit? Well, a week after that monkey died, Apollo 11 took off for the moon.

    The monkey may have died simply because of the way NASA confined it to a tiny spacecraft, but even so, I would consider its death to be a sign that NASA was not ready to send people to the moon.

    NASA puts frogs into space in 1971

    In November 1970, 1 years after claiming to have the technology to put people on the moon, NASA put two frogs into orbit for 7 days. Unlike the monkey, NASA had no intention of bringing the frogs back to earth. They simply wanted to observe the frogs.

    I suppose that the death of the monkey caused NASA to wonder if they can keep anything alive in outer space for more than a few days.

    De we need protection from ultraviolet light?

    Without an atmosphere to remove the high frequency ultraviolet light from the sunlight, human skin and eyes would be damaged quickly. However, one of NASA's videos show an astronaut wandering around on the moon in the sunlight without his tinted visor.
    You can see this and other videos at the NASA web site.
    Update July 2009:
    NASA "discovers" a photo of Neil Armstrong, and his face is also seen! Here is the news article about this.

    Eventually somebody at the control center on earth suggests that he lower his tinted visor.

    Many visitors to Florida are more concerned about ultraviolet light than the astronauts. The astronauts were behaving as if they were on a theater stage, not in a mysterious and potentially dangerous environment.

    Is weightlessness fun?

    NASA creates the impression that weightlessness is lots of fun, as if it is equivalent to floating in a pool of water. However, all the evidence suggests that it is more horrible than being on a small ship in rough water.

    Weightlessness causes serious problems with our digestive system and our sense of balance. The end result is that astronauts vomit. Furthermore, remaining weightless for long periods of time is bad for our health.

    Does every astronaut vomit in space? How often do the astronauts vomit? Do they have trouble sleeping? Is it difficult for them to swallow food?

    The truth about these issues will not be known until we get better governments.

    Do moon rocks have sharp edges?

    The astronauts fell down several times while on the moon, but they showed no regard to whether the broken rocks on the ground were capable of tearing a hole in a pressurized space suit. They never bothered to look at themselves to see if there were any tears, and the other astronauts did not bother to check one another to see how their suits were holding up.

    The astronauts were behaving as if they were in damp sand that was safe to fall down in. The damp sand would also explain why they were leaving footprints.

    The images from the surveyor spacecraft show the moon to be a dry mixture of crushed rock. (Some photos are in my PDF file about Apollo.) If some moon rocks have sharp edges, falling down could tear a hole in the space suit. 

    We will never know what the moon's surface is like until we get better governments.

    NASA is fueling Star Trek fantasies

    Apollo has distorted our view of the universe, and especially of space travel. NASA has created the impression that space travel is fun and simple. This causes millions of people to assume that if there is life on other planets, they will be traveling around in space, and some will visit the earth.

    Some fiction writers have created fantasies in which the universe is full of intelligent creatures that travel faster than light, and who frequently get together to drink beer.

    Outer space is horrible

    There appear to be millions of people who are fascinated by outer space, and thousands of children who dream of being an astronaut. If NASA were to tell the truth about outer space, a lot of those fantasies would be crushed. Millions of people would lose interest in telescopes, NASA, astronomy, Star Trek, and UFOs. Millions of people would start to realize that the earth is an incredibly beautiful part of the universe.

    NASA has some interesting photos of the universe, but nothing NASA has is as beautiful as a sunrise or sunset, nor can any NASA photo outshine a field of flowers, or the snow in a forest, or water running over rocks in a creek.

    The earth is unbelievably beautiful, but how many people have noticed? Instead of enjoying the earth, millions of people are fantasizing of outer space and aliens.

    Apollo is inadvertently causing millions of Americans to waste their time and money with space and rockets. If people realized how horrible outer space is, they would begin to notice how beautiful the earth is, and they might start wondering why we waste so much money on NASA when we could be putting our effort into making beautiful cities with beautiful gardens.

    UFOs at Roswell, New Mexico

    There are photos on the Internet that supposedly came from the U.S. government. These photos show a dead alien from another planet lying on the table. Apparently some American doctors are dissecting it. As is typical for UFO photos, they are blurry, so no details are visible.


    The US government is supposedly trying to keep this alien spacecraft a secret from other nations.

    Did these photos really come from the U.S. government? I suppose so, in which case, they are evidence that the UFO phenomenon is a US Government hoax. (Actually, it appears to be a Zionist Jew hoax. Apparently the Jews were hoping to convince us that aliens are here on the earth, and that would allow them to stage an invasion by aliens, or a friendly contact. I have some information on flying saucers here.)

    Frightened people are everywhere

    My guess is that the US Government started the rumors of having an alien. I was not alive during the 1940's, but it seems to me that there was a tremendous paranoia of communism at that time.

    I suppose that some American government officials decided to fool the Russians into believing that America has just acquired some incredibly advanced technology from outer space. The purpose would be to intimidate the Russians. Unfortunately, the main group of people who were fooled were the Americans!

    The faking of a Martian spacecraft (and the faking of a moon landing) reminds me of a frightened cat that is trying to appear larger and more dangerous.

    When animals and humans are frightened, they try to appear powerful.

    If the American people were in good mental health, we would have dealt with the Russians by making America into a wonderful nation that inspires and impresses the Russians.

    Instead, the Americans reacted to the Russians by acting like a stupid, frightened animal.

    Instead of impressing the world, the frightened Americans have been spending enormous amounts of their money on weapons in preparation for a nuclear attack by Russia.

    Americans also waste time and money on attempts to appear powerful, such as the faking of a moon landing, and pretending to have a Martian spacecraft. We also attack tiny, defenseless nations, and then boast about our courage.

    America has always been a refuge for misfits, alcoholics, criminals, and the mentally ill. Most Americans seem to be suffering from low self-esteem, and not many Americans can face the world's problems. They are easily frightened by Communists, terrorists, Al Capone, the September 11 attack, and especially Nazis.

    I do not mean to imply that other nations do not have citizens who suffer from mental disorders. Actually, the majority of people in every nation suffer from low quality minds. There do not seem to be very many happy people in this world.

    UFOs; The Entertainment Category

    Some of the people who claim to have been abducted by Martians may be working for the CIA, and some may be experiments in mind control who where fooled into believing they were abducted. Other people may be deliberately lying about UFOs simply because they want to profit from the sales the UFO related items.

    People who insist that aliens are here on earth are insisting on something they have no evidence of. Some people claim they saw strange things in the sky, but I once saw a strange shadow moving across the night sky, also. However, that doesn't prove that aliens from other planets are here on the earth.

    Million of people are fascinated by the thought that aliens from other planets are living among us. Those people will cling to any evidence they can find to believe in aliens. The UFO conspiracy belongs in the Entertainment Category.

    It is acceptable to discuss the possibility that there are Martians secretly living on the earth, but to make the claim that Martian are definitely here, or that the American government actually has a Martian spacecraft, is asking to be laughed at.

    My book and video that claim the 9-11 attack is a government operation is a serious analysis that is based on photos, seismic data, and other real evidence.

    However, there is no serious evidence for the UFO theories. The UFO believers are giving conspiracy theories a bad image. This in turn is one reason the government would want to promote the UFO stories.

    Another reason they may promote UFO theories is that they may have plans to run a scam in which they pretend that Martians are attacking the earth.

    If they decide to fake an attack by Martians, and if people believe it, I think I will give up trying to help America.