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Why are so many scientists
lying to us?

27 July 2008

They lie about 9/11, global warming, the Holocaust, the Apollo moon landing, ....

A list of what they're honest about would be shorter!

Is every scientist nothing more than an educated ape?

With all of the evidence that a global Jewish crime network is manipulating our military into fighting wars for Israel, we ought to investigate the possibility that these Jews are manipulating scientists, also.

This leads us to the question, how can the Jews control the scientists?

This drawing is from the Iranian cartoon contest.

Scientists could be a beneficial force in the world

If most of the world's scientists were intelligent, honest, and respectable, they would be a tremendous force against corruption. They would be able to analyze 9/11, the Holocaust, and the Apollo moon landing, and other events, and then provide us with an explanation of what actually happened. 

It would be very difficult for a crime network to get away with their crimes if tens of thousands of scientists around the world were exposing their crimes.

Engineers could also be a beneficial force

If most engineers were intelligent, honest, and respectable, they would have a tremendous beneficial effects on business activity because they would refuse to cheat other businesses, steal their technology, or develop idiotic or deceptive products.

So, why aren't the brilliant scientists and engineers using their intelligence and education to help us make the world a better place? Why are they hiding from or assisting phenomenal crimes and corruption? Certainly some of them are too emotionally weak to face the problems of the modern world, and certainly some of them are too selfish to care, but what about the rest of them? They can't all be neurotic freaks.

The military, police, factory workers, and other people could also be a beneficial force

Actually, this concept applies to everybody:

• Truck drivers

If most of the people who drive trucks were honest and responsible, they could exert tremendous control over society by refusing to deliver supplies to deceptive newspapers, corrupt police departments, and dishonest businesses.

• Police and military

If most police and military personnel were honest and responsible, they could easily deal with the crime and corruption.

• Women

If most women were intelligent and responsible, they could refuse to marry men who are dishonest, irresponsible, or childish. They could look for men who contribute something of value to society.

Most people are just intelligent monkeys

It's easy to understand why women are willing to marry criminals, alcoholics, and freaks of all sorts. Female animals are attracted to the dominant male, and they don't care how he became dominant. Therefore, it's not surprising that female humans look only at a man's status, and don't care whether his status comes from crime, inheritances, gambling, or from respectable work.

But what about the scientists? They claim to be more intelligent and better behaved than the ordinary person, so why aren't they behaving in a better manner than the rest of us? Why are they lying to us? Why aren't they doing something to help the world?

Example: Richard Dawkins

Richard Dawkins is a British scientist who graduated from Oxford University with what Americans refer to as a Ph.D.

Dawkins has won a lot of awards, such as being elected Fellow of the Royal Society. Wow!

The Atheist Alliance International is so impressed by him that they give a "Richard Dawkins award" every year to an "outstanding Atheist". In 2003 they gave this award to the magician James Randi:

If you don't know who James Randi is, I mention him in an article about a trick that pedophiles could use to fool us into trusting them:

(Randi is another man with a slanted forehead and angled neck. Have you seen my Neanderthal pages?)

So why would Richard Dawkins, a prestigious scientist and a fellow of the Royal Society, lie to us about 9/11 and the Apollo moon landing in this video:

Is Richard Dawkins really a "scientist"?

In the 1970s I read The Naked Ape by Desmond Morris. I thought it had a lot of interesting speculations.

Richard Dawkins became widely known when his book The Selfish Gene was published in 1976. Since people were comparing it to The Naked Ape, I was interested in reading it, and I was expecting Dawkins to add to what Morris had already written about.

However, I was disappointed. I didn't think that Richard Dawkins was adding anything intelligent to the discussion. His book reminded me of what we did as students when we would read a book and then write a report about it.

My assumption was that Dawkins was desperate to become known as a "scientist", but he didn't have the talent, so he wrote a book that was the best he could do, but which really wasn't worth printing.

However, a few days ago somebody sent me a link to that video of Richard Dawkins lying about 9/11 and the Apollo moon landing, so now I suspect that he has been working with the Zionist crime network.

I suspect that the reason he gets so much publicity is that he is one of the Pied Pipers whose purpose is to attract the people who believe in evolution or atheism. The Jews want us to follow him rather than a scientist who is truly independent and intelligent. So they publicize his simplistic work, and they send him around the world on tours.

Even his tours are suspicious. He just finished a tour in the USA, and now he is on a tour in Britain. If he is such a talented scientist, why isn't he doing something intelligent with his brilliant mind and his extensive education? Why is he wasting his time traveling around the world to argue with religious people? Here is a brief video of him answering idiotic questions from religious people:

Why would a brilliant scientist waste his time and talent on such worthless events? The most sensible explanation for his strange behavior is that he's a Pied Piper.

You should be able to see this trick occurring in regards to 9/11 and the Holocaust. Specifically, the Jews have hundreds of their own people claiming to be investigators of 9/11 and the Holocaust, but in reality they are just Pied Pipers who are trying to draw people over to the Jewish criminals and away from people like me.

The Jews also have an enormous variety of religious Pied Piper's to lure religious people to Jewish agents.

Follow Richard Dawkins to the rat nest

Once you find a suspicious person, look at who he promotes, who he associates with, and then look at who those people promote and associate with. You'll find that Richard Dawkins leads you to lots of atheists. But are they really "atheists"? Or are the Zionist agents?

Example: Penn Jillette

Richard Dawkins promotes Penn Jillette, and Penn Jillette promotes him.

Penn Jillette
are a
team in
(with a prop on his
slanted forehead)

Jillette has the only American television show that interviewed me about my opinions on 9/11 and the Apollo moon landing. Segments of the show often appear on the Internet, such as this one:

If that video vanishes, I also have a brief excerpt of their attempt to make me and Jimmy Walter look like fools in my video, Are The Criminals Frightened?, at

Jillette and Paul Provenza were the executive producers of the movie The Aristocrats. I have information and an audio excerpt at my page about the South Park cartoon. You should force yourself to listen to it to help you understand what sort of people these are.

I think it's significant that the man hired by Jimmy Walter to manage his 9/11 events in Europe in 2005 was Stan Tipton of Sailaway Productions. Tipton didn't approve of my criticism of Penn and Teller. (The speech I was giving at those events is now my video, Are The Criminals Frightened?.) Tipton told me that he was a friend of Penn Jillette, and that Jillette was an honest man that I could trust.

I had the impression that Tipton was secretly sabotaging and cheating Jimmy Walter. Tipton was also traveling very frequently from his home in Florida to Las Vegas for "business", but the vague manner in which he described his trips made me wonder if his trips were actually to meet with criminals and/or have weird sex.

One of the sad aspects of trying to expose 9/11 is that almost everybody runs away from us and hides. The only people willing to work with us are suspicious, such as Stan Tipton and Daryl Bradford Smith. We either have to work by ourselves, or we work with those suspicious people. Where are the normal people? Why don't they come forward? When Christopher Bollyn needed help, only suspicious people offered assistance. He decided to take the chance that they were honest, and look where he is now.

Example: Margaret Downey

Richard Dawkins recorded an audio endorsement of Margaret Downey in which he advocates sending her donations if you can't volunteer to work for her for free:

She is the Friggatriskaidekaphobia Treatment Nurse, and she founded such groups as the Freethought Society of Greater Philadelphia, the Anti-Discrimination Support Network, and the Thomas Paine Memorial Committee:

After looking through her website, and noticing who she promotes and what she says, my conclusion is that she's just a female Pied Piper for the Jewish crime network.

The atheist network is a farce

Richard Dawkins leads us to lots of "atheists" but – as is true of the 9/11 investigators – they appear to be Zionist agents who promote one another and ignore the honest people. The American Atheist organization, for example, also promotes James Randi: 

“Are you an atheist?

If so, follow me to this wonderful Goy Pen where you can be with other wonderful atheists, such as James Randi and Penn Jillette

 By controlling publications, the Jews can control science

Scientists don't produce anything tangible; they produce knowledge. They publish their ideas in scientific publications, but many (or all?) of the publications are under the control of Jews. This allows the Jews to:

1) Plagiarize

The Jews who work for the publications get to see a scientist's work before anybody else sees it, and so they could secretly pass the information on to members within their crime network. Those dishonest members could quickly do the same type of work and then publish their results, thereby getting the credit.

2) Cause trouble

The Jews can make life difficult for an honest scientist by repeatedly rejecting his work, or denying it completely.

Did you know that there is a lot of evidence that Einstein plagiarized his work? I have some information here.
I also have Einstein on my Neanderthal page here.

By controlling awards, the Jews determine who is "prestigious"

If there are any honest and intelligent scientists, professors, or engineers, I don't know who they are. The conclusion I've come to is that the people who get publicity and win awards are the criminals, psychos, and freaks who are willing to lie for the Zionist crime network.

I suspect that the Jewish crime network is dominating many of the organizations that give awards, such as the Nobel Prize and the fellowships in the Royal Society. This allows the criminal Jews to determine which scientists become famous and "prestigious" and which remain hidden in obscurity.

This even seems to be true of some of the sports events, such as bodybuilding. Joe Weider and his brother Ben are two Jews who created some of the bodybuilding organizations and contests, such as the Mr. Olympia contest.
I suspect that the only men who win the bodybuilding contests are the men who are willing to work for the Jewish crime network, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger. This would explain why Schwarzenegger won so many of the contests, was given lots of jobs in Hollywood, and is promoted as a world leader.
Schwarzenegger and Warren Buffet were also invited to meet with at least one of the Rothschilds.

Don't be impressed by college diplomas

The people with college diplomas and other awards will boast that they are more educated and intelligent than the rest of us, but as I've mentioned in other documents, if anybody was truly intelligent, he would realize that his diploma doesn't prove anything except that he went to school.

The primary function of our schools is to teach information to children; that is, to help them memorize information. As a result, the children who do good in school are not necessarily intelligent; they may just have a good memory. And the children who do good in math are not necessarily intelligent, either. They may simply have good math abilities.

Don't be impressed by awards; instead, investigate the winners!

The Nobel prizes, the fellowships in the Royal Society, the Mr. Olympia award, and even the Richard Dawkins award seems to be given for political reasons, not for talent.

For example, James Hansen has a Ph.D., and he is a NASA "scientist", and he has won lots of awards, but he lies to us about global warming.

If you don't know about Hansen or global warming, I have some information here.

The people who win awards should be investigated as possible members of the Zionist crime network. The police should investigate every Nobel Prize winner, and their associates, and the judges who gave them the Nobel Prize. The police should also investigate everybody who gets a fellowship in the Royal Society, a Richard Dawkins award, and even a Mr. Olympia award.

Crime networks look for losers

I've been amazed at how many people in this so-called "truth movement" have drug problems, or serious emotional disorders, or alcohol problems, or childish behavior. Some of them have so much trouble making a living that they must be supported by donations, or by their wives or girlfriends.

Why are there so many weirdos in the truth movement? Because it's impossible for crime networks to recruit mentally healthy people. The only way a crime network can get healthy people to work for them is by tricking them into thinking that they're actually doing something useful for society.

This type of trick probably happened on a large scale for the 9/11 attack. I suspect that a lot of people were fooled into thinking that they were helping with some trivial false flag operation that would help make a better world, and that they were shocked when they discovered what actually happened that day.

The people who are tricked into assisting with a crime will eventually figure out that they were tricked, and so those people have limited value to a crime network. Actually, they are dangerous to the network because they can expose some aspects of the crime. Therefore, the network has to either kill them when the job is complete, or threaten them into remaining silent.

The people who are most valuable to a crime network are those who can be forced into submission through bribes or blackmail. This could explain why scientists, such as Richard Dawkins, James Hansen, and Professor Steven Jones, are willing to lie for the Jewish crime network. Specifically, some of these scientists may have been caught in blackmail traps, and some may be desperate to become rich, or famous, or have sex with young children.

The point I'm trying to make is that the people who are working for the Jewish crime network are the losers, wierdos, and mentally ill. Some of these people may be educated and intelligent, but mental disorders occur in all animals and humans. Don't assume that intelligent people are free of mental disorders.

How does this information affect you? Both Christopher Bollyn and myself have noticed that most of the Goyim who come to us with "information", or who want to meet with us, or who want to work with us, have problems of some sort, such as financial problems, immigration problems, or cravings for money, sex, fame, or gambling. Sometimes these people have mysterious injuries that they can't adequately explain, which could be due to a beating by their Jewish masters. The Jews use these troubled people to spread propaganda to us; set us up for blackmail or death; and gather information about us.

Therefore, to avoid trouble, avoid people whose behavior doesn't seem "respectable". There's no way to figure out which of those people is an "ordinary weirdo" and which of them is a puppet of a crime network.

The mentally ill are dominating us

There are millions of people in this world with various types of mental disorders. On page 151 of my book about 9/11 (in Chapter 13, which is online for free at this page), I have a section with the title Where Do All The Bad Kids Go? in which I mention that when I was a child I wondered where all the badly behaved children end up when they become adults. Who wants them as a friend? Who would want to work with them?

I think the expression about the scum rising to the top is an accurate way to describe what's happening to human societies. Many of the "functional mentally ill" are rising into leadership positions and getting control of society. They are getting into our government, religions, schools, and media.

They also create nonprofit organizations, and that gives them special tax benefits. In 2006, Richard Dawkins founded the non-profit organization Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science. Since Dawkins lies to us about 9/11 and the Apollo moon landing, we can be sure that his nonprofit organization would be more accurately described as the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Zionist Propaganda. If we had more honest policemen and courts, a lot of the people in the nonprofit organizations would be arrested as con artists.

We need to change our society to prevent the freaks from creating these organizations.

We don't have to tolerate the scum!

The criminals are operating right in front of us. We can see them very easily. We know their names. And by investigating who they associate with, we can identify other people in their network.

We can easily get the scum out of our government, media, schools, and businesses. All we need are enough people who are fed up with the abuse and who can stand up to the mentally ill people instead of feeling sorry for them.

Imagine a world without savages

How many respectable scientists have been suppressed by the Jews who promote incompetent and dishonest scientists? How many honest policeman have been fired, killed, or threatened? How many honest professors have been silenced? How many people in the military have died or been tortured because of these Jewish criminals?

Imagine how nice the world would be if we could get rid of the abusive savages who consume lots of food, electricity, houses, and clothing, but who murder us, start fires, blow up buildings, instigate wars, and kidnap us.

Actually, in some cases we do more than merely provide these savages with food and housing; we build giant mansions for many of them, and we provide them with private airplanes, yachts, and even police protection. We are suckers. We are fools.

If we can find enough people who are fed up with the abuse, then we can get rid of the crime networks. So help us spread information. Help us find respectable people.

Let's move beyond the life of animals and turn this planet into a paradise with attractive cities, beautiful gardens, and humans we can trust and be proud of.