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Ears and Teeth
7 Dec 2008, last update: 26 July 2010

What about people whose ears stick out? Is this a feature from our primitive ancestors?
Is it just a coincidence that some of these people look like monkeys?
What's the matter with this man? Doesn't he like people staring at his ears?
John Piso, who was recently murdered. People of several races share these characteristics:

1) He has a gap between the two front teeth, and the upper teeth slant inward, and the two front teeth are about the same size as the other teeth.

2) The center section of the human nose extends farther down than the outer two sections, but some people have a very long center section.

Guy Verhofstadt, a Belgian politician.

Why do some people have such a big gap between their front teeth?

Guy Verhofstadt also has an extremely slanted forehead.

He has a thin upper lip, also.

Lord David Triesman of the UK government.

Many Jews have a very thin upper lip, a big lower lip, and a gap between their two front teeth.

A side view of Lord Triesman.

He has the slanted forehead and big nose that many Jews have.

The center section of his nose also extends farther down than the outer two sections.

Avigdor Lieberman, an Israeli politician and Member of the Knesset as well as the current Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs and Deputy Prime Minister of Israel.

Another short, massive man with a short, angled neck and a large gap between his front teeth.

Tim Berners Lee, a fellow of the Royal Society, and according to this bio, "In 1989 he invented the World Wide Web". 

Did he really invent it all by himself? Or was he just one of hundreds of people working on the Internet over a span of many years? Has he been promoted as a hero because he works with the Zionist crime network?

Did you look at the evidence that Einstein was a fraud and a plagiarist? And that the Nobel prizes and other awards are frauds intended to promote the criminals? People who get promoted should be investigated, not admired.

John Podesta

Barak Obama selected this man to help him set up the Obama administration.

Podesta was Bill Clinton's White House chief of staff.

Podesta is President and Chief Executive Officer of the Center for American Progress, another organization that should be investigated.

Jenna and Laura Bush

Notice their teeth slant inward, and the two front teeth are almost the same size as the other teeth.

Pascal Lamy

Director of the World Trade Organization. He has ears that stick out, plus a slanted forehead. 

Lots of photos of him and other Neanderthals at the World Trade Center site here.

Don Rumsfeld

He has a slightly slanted forehead, short neck, and brow ridge.

The center section of his nose also extends farther down than the outer edges, which makes it easy to put a ring in his nose.

Below are more people with the physical qualities of prehistoric humans

Arthur J. Rothkopf, Senior Vice President, U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Richard Severin Fuld, Jr., of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.

Conrad Black, who is currently asking President Bush to release him from jail. He promoted Zionism, but he may be a foolish criminal Goy rather than a criminal Jew. That would explain why he spends so much time in jail compared to Lord Levy and other Jews.
Edward Greenspan, Conrad Black's lawyer.

He is not related to Alan Greenspan, who was chairman of the Federal Reserve (below)

Lord Michael Levy seems to have special protection in the British legal system.
Alan Greenspan, of the Federal Reserve. If you don't know about the Federal Reserve, please look at my Money Masters page

Shaul-Mofaz was an Israeli military leader
Roger Hedgecock, a radio host

Josef Fritzl at age 16 had ears that stuck out.
Gerhard Sedlacek, one of the prosecutors of Josef Fritzl

London Mayor Ken Livingstone also has a gap between the front teeth, and the two front teeth are not much bigger than the other teeth.
Arnold Schwarzenegger had a gap between his front teeth when he was young. Apparently he had some sort of dental work to close the gap.

Acromegaly victim. Caused by a pituitary gland creating too much growth hormone during adulthood. It causes excessive growth, and can create protruding brows, which creates a Neanderthal appearance.
Acromegaly victim.

Andre the giant, another acromegaly victim.

Is it a coincidence that this disease causes people to look like Neanderthals? Perhaps long ago the pituitary gland created "normal" Neanderthals.

Stephen Wolfram excels in mathematics. He is the creator of Mathematica. He recently finished Wolfram Alpha, which is supposed to help us search the Internet. Although his forehead is vertical, he seems to have a Neanderthal body; i.e., short, massive, and with a short massive neck.

Is it my imagination, or do lots of Neanderthals excel in math?

Michael Lynton, currently Chairman and CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment. Notice his front teeth, and the thin upper lip.

Another view of Michael Lynton. He has a slightly slanted forehead.

Richard Belzer, a comedian whose ears stick out, and who has a large gap between his nose and thin upper lip, writes books, including one that blames the assassination of President Kennedy on the bankers. As I point out in other documents, he is one of many Jews who is trying to fool us into thinking all of our problems are due to a few rich bankers. He doesn't want us to notice that Israelis and Zionist Jews are the primary group of criminals.

Tom Clancy, an author who has written plots that some people find remarkably similar to actual false flag operations, such as 9/11, which is evidence that he is working with the criminals who are planning the attacks. He seems to be short and stocky like a Neanderthal, and his eyelids remind some of us of lizards, which might be why some people refer to the "New World Order" as a race of "Reptilians".

Lewis E. Lehrman created the Lehrman Institute, and he writes about Abraham Lincoln, probably to counteract the accusations that the bankers assassinated Lincoln. His forehead doesn't slope much but his ears stick out, he doesn't have much of an upper lip, and he has a big nose.
The mouth of Alex Jones.

He doesn't have much of an upper lip, and since his father is a dentist, the gap between his front teeth may have been closed a bit.
Other photos of him on the main page here and page 4 here.

Yvo de Boer recently quit the position of Secretary General of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. 

He is one of many people lying to us about global warming. I have information about the global warming scam here.

John Patrick Bedell who is accused of driving from California to the Pentagon in order to shoot a couple of policemen in a suicidal rampage. Before you believe the official story, take a look at the evidence that Bedell, Joe Stack, Lee Oswald and others are mentally ill patsies who are used by the Jewish crime network.

Joran van der Sloot has ears that stick out. (I mentioned him in several files, such as this one here.) He enjoyed gambling, and so did the woman that he beat to death. This report claims that some online gamblers have a "sort of sick romanticism with this individual". Paul Reven, a movie producer in Holland is making a movie about van der Sloot, but we should consider that it will be propaganda to divert us from the issue of the sex slave trade. Thailand is investigating van der Sloot for sex slavery, but nobody ever seems to get in trouble for this activity because pedophilia is apparently rampant among men in leadership positions in the government, police, courts, and military. Notice that the courts resist the release of documents that expose pedophilia even among the Boy Scouts.

Oliver Stone, whose father is Jewish, has a gap between his small, front teeth, as do a lot of Jews. Stone created the propaganda movie JFK about the assassination of President Kennedy, and in 2011 he will "educate our minds" with a new documentary about the World Wars. He says "Hitler was a scapegoat" and that "industrialists" in Germany, America, and Britian were the evil group, but that Jews dominate the media and focus on the Holocaust so we know of only a small fraction of the abuse the industrialists inflicted upon the world. Do you believe his theory? In order to reduce the chance that we figure out that Stone  is another wolf in sheep's clothing, lots of other Jews attack him as an anti-Semite, (such as Brian Levin, who promotes HoloHoax propaganda at the "Center for the Study of Hate and Extremism").