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Even more people with Neanderthal features

updated May 2011

 MRI and CT images show that our brains are different shapes... do they function differently, also?
What is the difference between the dozens of variations of Caucasians, Africans, and Orientals? Which races are more prone to pedophilia, parasitic behavior, and rape? Which races are more interested in learning about languages, mathematics, or history? Which races are more attracted to jazz music, rock 'n roll music, or country-western music? Which races have more coordination with their fingers, more strength in their legs, or better eyesight? Which races are better able to pronounce the words in our modern languages?

This photo shows Dominique Strauss-Kahn, head of the International Monetary Fund, who was arrested 15 May 2011 for sexually assaulting a hotel maid. He has lots of Neanderthal features, such as a short, stocky body, slanted forehead, and a short, angled neck.
(The photo is from this IMF site, and shows him talking with Pascal Lamy, who I have here in my Neanderthal pages.)


Michael Bienes, one of the accountants for Bernie Madoff. He claims to be innocent. He also has trouble pronouncing the letter R. Watch the video at that link.

Michael Bienes was knighted by the Catholic Church in Florida!

Note: the people who "expose the truth" about Bernie Madoff are actually trying to deceive you into believing that Madoff is solely responsible. I have some information here.

Tony Rackauckas, the District Attorney for Orange County, California, filed a lawsuit against Toyota. As I've mentioned in other files, all elected officials should be considered members or blackmailed puppets of the Jewish crime network, and they should be investigated, not respected. 

Did you know that one of the victims of the "runaway" Toyotas, Jim Sikes, has turned out to be a liar? Will Tony Rackauckas push for the arrest of Jim Sikes? Or is Rackauckas part of the network that is setting Toyota up to be sued?

Robert Zollitsch, a bishop in the Catholic Church, who has inadvertently triggered a lot of anger towards the pedophilia that apparently is widespread in the Catholic Church. For example, here are some reports from Switzerland, Holland, and Ireland, as of March 14, 2010.

However, learn the tricks that these crime networks use, especially the wolf in sheep's clothing trick. Specifically, some of the criminals will pretend to be investigators of the crime. Be suspicious of the "Advocacy groups", such as Bishop Accountability, that promise to investigate or protect us.
I wrote this to introduce you to their tricks.

Michael Knuth, who was arrested for shooting at police officers.

Bernard Lovell, a physicist and radio astronomer, is another Neanderthal who is excellent in math.

David Brown, a movie producer, and the husband of the Helen Gurley Brown, the feminist who was editor of the magazine Cosmopolitan.

Martin Rees, a cosmologist and astrophysicist, is another Neanderthal who is excellent in math. He indirectly supports UFO propaganda by promoting the theory that there is life on other planets, despite the complete lack of evidence, and he wrote a book "Our Final Hour", that frightens us with his theory that the human race may go extinct during the 21st century.

Abe Foxman, of the ADL. I was initially surprised that there are not many high-quality photos of this man, but now I realize that he and other Jews who dominate our world want to stay hidden because we would be disgusted and appalled with them if we knew the details of what they do and how they live. They are not people who impress us.

Robert James Woolsey Jr., a former director of the CIA. He was replaced by John Deutch, who was later caught with classified information on his home computer but was pardoned by Bill Clinton. How many of these CIA directors are secretly working with Abe Foxman, the Zionists, the Rothschilds, or other criminals?

Andrew Napolitano, a former judge, and now a commentator for Fox News. He has been a guest on the Alex Jones radio show several times, and that should be all you need to know! If you don't know about Alex Jones, I have this page.

Bertrand Russell. He often contemplated suicide, and wrote in his autobiography that his main interests were sex, religion, and math. He is another Neanderthal who is excellent with math, and obsessed with religion and sex.

Lord Christopher Monckton. He exposes the global warming scam, but that doesn't mean you can trust him. He has appeared as a guest on the Alex Jones radio show, which is evidence that he works with the Zionist Jews. His eyes really do look like that when he talks! He's not making a funny face.

Mark Dice, one of the 9/11 truth seekers who tries to shift the blame away from Jews. He gets publicity on "mainstream" television news, such as ABC news, and Fox news, and works with Alex Jones. That should be all you need to realize that he is a Zionist agent. He also wrote a book on dating!

James Harding, the editor of the British newspaper The Times, has a friendship of some type with Rupert Murdoch.

Sydney Pollack, a producer, director, and writer who was in the bizarre movie Eyes Wide Shut, which seems to have been based on the religious/sexual rituals of the Zionist network.

Vladimir Horowitz, a Russian, Jewish pianist. Do Neanderthals have better music abilities than the rest of us?

John Mack, (real last name is Makhoul), is the chairman of Morgan Stanley.

Rod Blagojevich, Was governor of Illinois until corruption accusations forced him out. His hair is always in the way, but he seems to have a short, slanted forehead, and he doesn't have an upper lip, and his nose and upper mouth area protrude outwards.

Quentin Tarantino, a  director who produces movies that are incredibly violent. He also worked with Eli Roth on Hostel, which I have a description of and link to here.

Gordon Brown, Prime Minister of Britain, has a short neck, but only a slightly slanted forehead compared to the other Neanderthals on this page.

William W. Swor, one of the lawyers representing the Hutaree militia that was arrested in March 2010.
Three of the Hutaree militia members (below).
Are they a Christian militia? Or a Neanderthal militia?

Joshua Stone has ears that stick out.

The same Joshua Stone. He has a slanted forehead.

Joshua Clough

Jacob Ward