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How do we improve our world? 

Part 4: 
We must be like gears in a machine

30 January 2010

The aspects of modern life that we enjoy require that all of us, including our leaders, become like gears in a machine that work together for the benefit of all.

We can't support a technically advanced nation while behaving like selfish, arrogant savages who care only about themselves. Today we must have a concern for society.

Animals don't care about “society”
Organizations require responsible members who work together
Society doesn't owe us anything; we owe society!
We must eventually end the secrecy
Four categories for people
How well adapted are you to modern society?
Some concepts about improving an organization
Don't be afraid of government or databases
Animals don't care about “society
Our distant ancestors were as independent as animals. They didn't worry about what was best for the human race, or even their own tribe. Each of them was concerned only with satisfying their cravings for food, status, sex, and babies.

Our ancestors had the intelligence to develop written languages and settle into cities, but they didn't have the ability or desire to work together. Their extreme independence and selfishness resulted in their tribes remaining very small, perhaps a dozen people.

Eventually some humans began developing an ability to work together for the benefit of the group. This allowed their tribes to become larger, which in turn gave them a tremendous advantage over the smaller tribes of more independent people. They soon dominated the planet.
The higher level of technology and material wealth that we have today requires we have an even better ability to work together in teams.

Furthermore, people today must take an active role in protecting society from destruction by criminals, parasites, and incompetent leaders.

However, we differ in our concern for society and in our ability to work with other people. Most people refuse to do something as simple as help us expose the lies about 9/11, the HoloHoax, and the world wars. And some people prey on us rather than work with us.

The majority of people are not merely out of place in the world today. Rather, their refusal to help society is interfering with progress and allowing phenomenal crime, corruption, and wars.

Thousands of years ago there were some advanced cities, such as Mohenjo Daro. Why didn't their city survive and become more advanced through the centuries?

We ought to consider that those early societies degraded for the same reason that our societies are having trouble today. Specifically, the majority of people and immigrants took the benefits of society, but refused to contribute to the maintenance of society, thereby allowing it to degrade.

Organizations require responsible members who work together
An organization is a concept
As I described in my other social technology articles, orchestras, sports teams, businesses, nations, and other organizations are intangible networks of people. They are just concepts inside our mind that define our role in a team.

If our memories were to be erased, all organizations would vanish. We would become independent creatures who have no idea that we are members of an organization.

Animals don't have the ability to join us in our business, nations, or sports clubs because they don't have the ability to understand the concepts of an organization.

Furthermore, the emotions of an animal cause them to be arrogant, independent, selfish creatures. They have no emotional desire to work with other creatures. Their only concern is satisfying their particular cravings for food, status, sex, and babies. They don't regard other creatures as team members, or as friends. They regard other creatures as possible enemies.

 An organization is a human gearbox
The people in an organization are analogous to gears, and the job that each person is assigned is analogous to the location the gear is placed. Therefore, what becomes of an organization depends upon the talents of its members, and the jobs they are assigned.

If an organization consists of talented people, and if all of the people are placed in appropriate jobs, and if they are capable of working together efficiently and dealing with whatever problems that the organization encounters, then they will become the human equivalent of an impressive machine that operates smoothly and efficiently. Their organization will be very productive and survive for a long period of time.

However, if an organization consists of people who are anti-social, arrogant, dishonest, selfish, stupid, or violent, or if the people are put into jobs that they are not well suited for, or if they allow nepotism, or if they allow crime networks to operate within the organization, then their organization will be inefficient, and it may disintegrate rapidly. The primary enemy of every organization is its own members, not people outside of the organization. If an organization is a failure, the members must blame themselves, not people on the outside.


  Everybody should earn their position in the gearbox
It's rather obvious that an orchestra would deteriorate if the musicians allowed their friends or family members to play in the orchestra if they didn't have equal talent. The dangers of nepotism and monarchies are easy to understand with small organizations, such as an orchestra, but people have trouble understanding how this concept applies to a nation.

Americans often boast that we don't have a monarchy, but we have variations of monarchies. For example, a wealthy American is allowed to give phenomenal amounts of wealth, land, and businesses to his spouse and children, thereby giving them tremendous influence over the nation. This is just a variation of the monarchies of the Middle Ages. This also allows crime families to pass their wealth from generation to generation.

In these two photos, the wife and daughter of Senator John McCain are promoting homosexual marriage. These two women have more influence over society than millions of other people who have much more intelligent opinions.

His daughter, Meghan, is frequently invited to speak at universities and on television shows. How many of you have been invited to speak on television or at a university?

We don't need Queen Cindy or Princess Meghan!

We have to change society so that everybody earns their position, especially people in leadership positions. We shouldn't tolerate any form of monarchy or nepotism. Allowing the family members of officials and wealthy people to influence the nation is as destructive as allowing the family members of a dentist to do dental work, or allowing the family members of an airline mechanic to do aircraft repair.

Members have responsibilities in addition to benefits

Most people don't seem to fully grasp the concept that the members of an organization that take the benefits but refuse to share the responsibilities of maintaining the organization are detrimental to that organization. An example are employees who take the paycheck that the job provides them, but they don't care whether their organization is producing a useful or safe product. has a page that points out that faulty welding is a common problem, and that it is often caused by both managers and welders who don't care about their job.

In 1999 a woman in the Navy named Kristin Shott, who had years of experience as a welder, complained that some of the welders working on some aircraft carriers were incompetent, resulting in defective welds. The Navy looked into her accusations and came to the conclusion that at least most of her complaints were valid. However, rather than thank her for exposing the incompetence and the faulty welding, she was eventually demoted.

I have personally met people who truly don't care about their job, so I know this is a real problem. There are a lot of people who are working only because they want a paycheck, or only because they want the retirement benefits. There are so many people who don't care about corruption, incompetence, and crime that they may be in the majority, which makes it very difficult for us to complain about their disgusting, destructive attitude.

People who ignore problems are dangerous, even to other groups 
The members who don't care about their organization, or who don't care that other people don't care, or who ignore corruption, incompetence, waste, or inefficiency, are hurting themselves, their organization, and all other organizations that have some connection to them.

A submarine, the USS Thresher, sank in 1963, and all of its 129 sailors died. Perhaps it was a false flag operation or something equally diabolical, but the official speculation is that one of the joints failed in the engine room.

If the people building that submarine knew that some of the joints were defective but didn't care, then they are responsible for the sinking of the submarine and the death of those men.

Citizens must help maintain morale

The members of an organization have a responsibility to help maintain the morale of the organization. If the members ignore crime, corruption, nepotism, anti-social members, and incompetence, then they allow the organization to deteriorate, and that can cause morale to decrease, which in turn can cause other people to lose interest in the organization, and that allows the organization to deteriorate even further and faster.
Have you ever visited a neighborhood that's full of trash and decrepit buildings, such as this neighborhood in New York City?

If you were living in that neighborhood, would you be motivated to put your garbage in a trash can? I think most of us would give up after a while and toss our trash in the street like everybody else, thereby making the problem even worse.

We are living in a world in which most of the population is irresponsible and selfish. We are surrounded by people who don't care how ugly their city is, or whether they or their children are being harmed by pollutants, criminals, or processed foods.

Most people also don't care that Jews are lying about the Holocaust, or that Jews staged the 9/11 attack, or that Jews are taking over our banking system.

 Our neighborhoods are unfriendly because of people who ignore problems
An example of how people who ignore problems are inadvertently destroying society is that our neighborhoods are becoming increasingly unfriendly and unpleasant. Many neighborhoods today are a mixture of people who don't like one another, and sometimes the people don't even speak the same language. Unfortunately, most people react to the situation by ignoring their neighbors and building fences around their yards. Some neighborhoods have convicted pedophiles, and many people react by driving their children to school and to their friends and discouraging their children from walking around the neighborhood.
Some neighborhoods have such a problem with badly behaved children or crime that the people put fences along their front yards, or install security systems, or install lights that turn on when they sense motion.

The fences and security devices give the neighborhood the aura of a prison. An extreme example is this house, which has barbed wire along the front fence to keep out vagrants!

Building a fence around your house and driving your children to school is not dealing with the problems that modern society is facing. Rather, it's hiding from the problems, just like a frightened animal. This in turn allows the problems to persist, or get worse! Modern society requires more advanced behavior. The proper reaction to the crime and unfriendly qualities of our neighborhood is to discuss the issue and experiment with possible solutions.
We should feel safe in our neighborhoods, and we should enjoy the people we live among. Fences should be for decorative and safety purposes.

We don't have to live in unfriendly neighborhoods, or hide from badly behaved children or criminals. We should stop using foreigners as a cheap source of labor, and we should allow neighborhoods to evict the people they don't like so that each neighborhood can become a group of people who enjoy one another.

Our neighborhoods are degrading, but not because of poverty or ignorance. Rather, it is because the majority of people are ignoring the problems. Most people want to entertain themselves with television, dogs, and material items. They refuse to deal with the issues of immigration, badly behaved children, and crime.
Adults should be ashamed of themselves for allowing teenagers to vandalize their cities. What would you think of a father who was so emotionally weak that he allowed his own children to spray graffiti inside his own home and on his personal possessions?

By doing nothing about badly behaved children and criminals, we are allowing our cities and neighborhoods to resemble prisons. Sure, one adult by himself cannot deal with a teenage gang, but society can easily deal with badly behaved children.

In December 2009, one of the counties in Washington state approved an ordinance that requires property owners to remove graffiti within 15 days after getting a notice about the graffiti from the city. The county Commissioner justified the ordinance by claiming that removing the graffiti quickly will prevent other people from spraying graffiti in the same area. However, this attitude is as idiotic as a government official passing a law that requires parents to remove semen from their child within 15 days after the child has been raped by a pedophile in order to prevent another pedophile from raping the same child.

Some of our government officials behave in such a stupid manner that I wonder if they're part of the Jewish crime network and only pretending to be stupid in order to help destroy our society, as they describe in the Protocols of Zion, thereby making it easier for the Jews to get control of it.

People who ignore crime are as destructive as the criminals!
The majority of people are ignoring graffiti, pedophilia, the lies about the 9/11 attack, and almost all other problems that the world is suffering from. By doing nothing about our problems, these people are partly responsible for the problems because they are allowing the criminals and freaks to continue their destructive behavior. To rephrase this concept, our world is suffering because of the combination of the people who commit crimes, and the people who do nothing about crime.

Don't put a burqa on your house or business!

Building a fence around your front yard, or installing steel grates over your windows, is providing your home or business with a burqa. It is hiding from criminals, just like the women who wear burqas are hiding from men who can't control their sexual cravings.

Americans ridicule Muslim women for wearing burqas, but Americans simply have different idiotic reactions to crime, such as teaching children to be afraid of strangers, installing security cameras all over the city, and purchasing guns.

We should stop hiding from criminals, and stop trying to protect ourselves from them, and start getting rid of them. We should make our cities so safe that women don't need burqas, and we don't need grates over our windows, and we don't need training programs on fighting rapists (such as these, these, and these)

You're not brave if you hide from criminals
As I discussed 19_April 2008, Charlton Heston and the other men who think they're brave because they own guns are actually cowards who are hiding from their problems. They're behaving like a primitive savage, or an animal. Their crude behavior is allowing the crime networks to run rampant. Modern society requires a more advanced human; a human who has the emotional ability to face problems. We need both citizens and leaders who can study and discuss our problems, and who are willing to experiment with possible solutions.

We have to change attitudes towards what is "bravery" and "courage". A man is not necessarily brave simply because he can fight in a boxing ring, or get into a fist fight at a bar. These men may be violent. If a man is truly brave and courageous, then he will be able to calmly face and discuss problems, such as the Jewish involvement in the 9/11 attack and the HoloHoax. But where are the men who have the courage and bravery to discuss the crimes committed by Jews? Do you know of any? There are lots of men in my city who own guns, but I don't know of many men who I can discuss these issues with.

Recently Mel Gibson stood up to a Jewish reporter who tried to insult him. Time magazine responded that Gibson is a "toxic superstar" who was "fuming", and the Forward described him as "tarnished" and "angry".

Hopefully this wasn't just another staged event. Regardless, we need more people to find enough courage to stand up to the Jews. Don't let the Jews intimidate you!
By the way, I have this song about Mel Gibson.

Don't fear body scanners! Instead, improve society!

Since most people around the world are ignoring corruption, the criminals are continuing to abuse us. On Christmas Day, 2009, they staged a mysterious operation in which a Nigerian man supposedly tried to blow up an airplane, and because of that idiotic false flag operation, many nations are now wasting a lot of money installing body scanners at airports.
I disapprove of the airport body scanners because they are a waste of engineering talent, and they're not going to stop terrorism since virtually all terrorist acts are false flag operations by Jews. However, it doesn't bother me that these scanners create images that show us naked.

Why are so many people making a fuss about the nudity issue? Why would anybody claim that these devices violate child pornography laws?

By making a negative of the image, the bluish colors become brownish, which makes them more realistic. But how can these images be any more titillating than the sexual images in advertisements, Hollywood movies, or television?
Some people worry that airport personnel will become sexually excited by the scanner images, or post them on the Internet, but we should not live in fear of airport personnel. Do you live in fear of hospital employees laughing at your body or posting your medical data on the Internet?

Don't fear criminals or hide from them like a frightened animal. If an airport employee cannot behave properly, then he should be removed!

“I'm afraid that airport personnel will post the image of my naked body on the Internet, or laugh at my image. I want my mommy!
Almost nobody complains about the constant sexual titillation in advertisements. Even the women who read the news on television are dressing and behaving like prostitutes.

And little girls are routinely dressed as miniature prostitutes and displayed in beauty pageants, but nobody complains that their videos and photos are a form of child pornography that is freely available on the Internet.

We have a lot of serious problems in this world, so why are the Jews in the media and on the Internet focusing on such meaningless issues as the nudity of the body scanner images? Are Jews actually this sensitive to nudity? Or are they trying to encourage hysteria? Or are they simply trying to distract us from the world's primary problem, which is the international network of criminal Jews? And why are we allowing people in the media and advertising to manipulate and titillate adults and children with sexual images? Where are the brave men who will stand up to this abuse?
Society doesn't owe us anything; we owe society!
People who don't care about society are destructive!
Would you want to become a sailor on a ship in which most of the other sailors had no concern for whether they were doing their jobs properly? Would you feel safe on a ship in which most of the sailors were ignoring problems, such as leaks, rats, crime, nepotism, and incompetence? Would you enjoy being with a group of sailors who wanted the benefits of being a sailor, such as traveling around the world, but who had no interest in the responsibilities of a sailor? Or would you be disgusted with such people and afraid that the ship would sink as a result of their irresponsible behavior?
The Earth can be considered a ship that is sailing through the universe, and each nation can be considered a ship that is sailing on the earth. However, most of our crew members have no concern for whether they do their jobs properly, and most don't care about crime, nepotism, or incompetence. If you would be disgusted with sailors who had this attitude, then you should be just as disgusted that people on the planet Earth are behaving in the same manner. The behavior is just as destructive.

Immigration should be by invitation only

Churches are examples of organizations that have no membership requirements. They encourage everybody to join. At the other extreme, businesses require us to apply for membership. A business will accept us into their organization only after they've interviewed us, and some businesses also require that we pass drug tests, and some businesses will check our job history or criminal records.

Centuries ago every nation was like a church; they would accept just about anybody. Today we have a few restrictions for immigrants, but I think immigration should be by invitation only, just like it is with businesses and professional sports teams.

Europe and America have been attracting immigrants for centuries, but how many of those immigrants were interested in becoming responsible members of our nation? Most of them seemed interested only in the material wealth, and some were trying to escape the police, and some were psychotic, unhappy people who thought the grass would be greener on the other side of the fence.

Centuries ago most of the immigrants to America were from Europe, and most seem to have been the "wretched refuse" of Europe, not their better behaved people. Today it seems that most of the immigrants to America are poor people from poor nations, and some of them have so little interest in our nation that they don't even bother to learn our language! One of the reasons we tolerate this disgusting situation is because many of our citizens want to use these immigrants as a source of cheap labor.

Many of today's immigrants to America have an attitude like this:

“I love the homes, abundant supplies of food, and other aspects of this nation, but I want to live as if I'm still in my home nation. I'm not interested in learning their language, and I don't care about the crime or corruption. I want the benefits of this nation, not the responsibilities.”

There is no rule of the universe that requires a nation to behave like a church and accept anybody. We should change our policies so that immigration to our nation is by invitation only. If we build some new cities, we could go even further and allow each city to control immigration, and we could let every city evict people they didn't like.

Some immigrants are worse than parasites; they are destructive criminals

Jews have been moving into Europe and America for centuries because they like our societies much better than their own, and they like our people much better than their own people. However, many of these Jews don't contribute to our societies; rather, they cheat, steal, and deceive. They are worse than parasites. They are destructive freaks. They are like a fungus.
The aspects of our society that the Jews like are coming from us, not them. The Jews like the social environment we create, and they like the way we treat them. Our societies are friendlier, more honest, cleaner, more orderly, and more attractive. Many Jews also prefer having one of us as their spouse rather than one of their own kind!

The ironic aspect of what the Jews are doing is that if they were to succeed in getting total control of our society, they would destroy what they like about it! The more influence they gain over our nation, the more our nation degrades into a Jewish nation; namely, a nation of toilet humor, crime, pedophilia, and chaos. Therefore, if they were to achieve their goal of conquering us, they would destroy what they wanted to conquer! They are a parasite that is so arrogant, stupid, and selfish that it kills its host.

There are lots of news reports about Jews leaving Israel, such as this. Some Jews move out of Israel for temporary reasons, such as to go to college, and some are certainly Zionist troops who are helping their crime network with propaganda, blackmail, and assassinations, but many Jews leave Israel permanently because they don't like Israel. If Jews were truly the superior race, their nation would be better than all other nations. And Jews would prefer to live in Israel or their homeland of Khazaria. Instead, many Jews prefer to live with you and me; with people they despise and look down upon as an inferior race. Furthermore, they don't live with us because they want to join our society and work with us. Instead, they want to cheat, steal, murder, and abuse all of us. How could these creatures possibly be the superior race of humans?

Most people are primitive savages

In 50,000 BC, people didn't have to contribute to society because there wasn't any society. During the past few thousand years, the situation has reversed itself. People today must have an interest in society. People who don't help maintain society are inadvertently hurting society by allowing crime networks, freaks, and weirdos to destroy society.

Unfortunately, most people, including most of our own relatives, are still behaving as if they are living in a prehistoric tribe. They ignore the problems of modern society and spend their time entertaining themselves with food, babies, sex, and material items. They are nice and friendly, but they are destructive to modern society because they want the benefits of society, but they won't share any of the responsibilities. They also turn their backs on us as we are killed, kidnapped, and abused by Jews. They are deserters in a time of war.

Unfortunately, we allow them to get away with this abusive behavior because they are our relatives, neighbors, and friends. We have to stop letting people get away with destructive behavior simply because they are closely related to us, or because they are the same race or nationality as us.

This is the attitude of a savage, not a modern human:

“I love the electricity, food, medical technology, television, airplanes, and houses. But I'm not interested in dealing with crime or corruption, and I don't care that the Jews are lying about 9/11 or the Holocaust. I don't care that the Jews are instigating wars, or taking control of our banking system. I want the benefits of modern society, not the problems. I want to have fun!”

The human race has inadvertently changed the environment that we live in, and now our mind must change to fit this new, modern era. We are no longer animals that have to spend every day competing for food. Today we have to work together in teams for the benefit of society. Human emotions must change to fit this new era. We need to become less arrogant and more able to analyze ourselves critically. We have to consider other people as potential friends rather than as potential enemies. We need the ability and desire to work together in a group, and we have to think about what's best for society.
We could live in beautiful cities that are surrounded by gardens, farms, forests, and creeks. We could work in an economic system in which the competition is friendly and inspires us to improve our products and technology. However, nothing is going to improve until the people improve.

Better societies require more advanced humans. We need both citizens and leaders who take an active role in society, and who can be trusted, and who are capable of working for the benefit of society.

We must eventually end the secrecy
We need to discuss these issues in public
We're not going to bring significant improvements to the world until we can get discussions on these issues out in the open, and get more people involved. However, our media is currently dominated by Jews who are suppressing intelligent discussions and providing silly entertainment, Jewish propaganda, and sexual titillation.
A recent example is that Adam Lennard has been getting a lot of publicity by news reporters, including television news, because he supposedly talks while he sleeps. Have you seen this? This is not "news". This is entertainment.

Furthermore, it's possible that these two are con artists who are doing this to make money, and it's possible that the Jews in the media realize that they are con artists!

Even if he really does talk in his sleep, news agencies should not treat this as "news" or give him free publicity!

“I talk in my sleep!
Buy my T-shirts here!”
The citizens are supposed to drive the incompetent, abusive, and disgusting businesses to bankruptcy, but they're not doing it. Our media companies are full of criminals and freaks who should be replaced or arrested, but neither the police nor the ordinary citizens are doing their jobs. We have to change society and develop a better system of removing incompetent, dishonest, and abusive people. It's obvious that we can't depend upon the "sheeple" to deal with these issues.

We don't have to hide from the sheeple

I think the Jews have fooled a lot of people into being afraid to openly discuss the problems of society by promoting the theory that if they were to openly discuss such issues as raising standards for voters, euthanasia, restricting reproduction, and building new cities, the sheeple would become outraged and form lynch squads.

However, history shows that we have no reason to fear the sheeple. For example, millions of European sheeple have recently discovered that the Jews have lied about the Holocaust, but there is no sign that any of those sheeple are interested in forming lynch squads. And millions of American sheeple now realize that Jews staged the 9/11 attack, but none of them are forming lynch squads, either. Lynch squads haven't formed because the sheeple react to abuse by licking their wounds, just like a stupid animal.

There's lots of evidence that the Jews create and infiltrate organizations, such as the KKK, patriot groups, 9/11 groups, Nazis, veteran groups, anti-war groups, and white supremacist groups.

I think the Jews are staging these demonstrations to frighten people into believing that there are violent maniacs who are ready to go on a rampage. However, most demonstrations are harmless and childish. They appear to be publicity stunts.

Members of secretive organizations are easily deceived

I think the Jews are frightening people into remaining quiet about the world's problems in order to trick them into joining secretive organizations. The members of a secret organization will assume that they are special people, but in reality they are suckers who are easily manipulated.
The members of secret organizations don't know anything about their leadership or their organization except what they're told. They are like babies who have no choice but to eat whatever they are fed.

The only way we're going to bring significant improvements to the world is if we stop the secrecy and openly discuss the problems we face. We must also investigate everybody who wants to participate. We are fools to allow secretive, mysterious people to influence the world.

The "New World Order" must be secretive because they're disgusting people

I think the people who dominate the New World Order are very secretive because they realize that if we were to know who they are and what they're trying to do, most of us would be disgusted with them. We would describe them as criminals, or parasitic "trust fund babies", or psychos, not as leaders. They would frighten us, not impress us.

Examples are General Albert Stubblebine and his wife, Rima Laibow (her photo is from her appearance on Jesse Ventura's television show). Although Stubblebine is retired now, it's frightening to think that he was a high-level military official.
It's also interesting that both he and his wife have the sloping forehead and other characteristics of a Neanderthal (I put his photo on this page).

If we were to put together a large group of respectable people, then we could openly discuss such issues as developing better economic systems, restricting reproduction, building new cities, and even euthanasia. The majority of sheeple might be upset that we are discussing these issues, but since they don't care about being abused by horrible, disgusting crime networks, why would they care if responsible people discussed the problems of society?

Furthermore, if the military and police departments would clean up their organizations and put respectable men in control, there wouldn't be much fear about the police and military throwing our government officials out of power and taking temporary control of the nation while we develop a better government.

We shouldn't hide from the sheeple; rather, they should be ashamed of themselves for allowing crime networks and incompetent officials to ruin the world. We shouldn't be afraid to discuss "controversial" issues in front of the sheeple, either; rather, they should be ashamed that instead of contributing intelligent questions or comments, they either hide, or they have arrogant, childish temper tantrums over right and wrong, smart and stupid.
Four categories for people
It might help you to think of people in these four categories.

1) Useless eaters / Harmless parasites 

A "useless eater" is a person who doesn't contribute anything to society. He is a parasite who depends upon other people to provide him with food and other resources, but he is harmless because he doesn't commit crimes, vote, or cause us any trouble. A "useless eater" is like a pet dog that takes some of our resources, but doesn't interfere with society.

Many retarded people, welfare recipients, homeless bums, and idiots would classify as useless eaters.

2)  Sheeple / Talking monkeys / Primitive humans

Most of the human population are "sheeple". They behave in a manner similar to our distant ancestors. They can support themselves and obey the law, but their primary concern is titillating their emotions with sex, status, religion, material items, children, and drugs. They don't have much of an interest in society.

The sheeple are arrogant creatures who think they know everything about religion, crime, abortion, and the universe, but they are very easily deceived, manipulated, and exploited because they don't like to think, do research, or discuss issues. Crime gangs, religions, charities, and politicians prey on them. They don't even think well enough to realize that they are routinely deceived by the same simple tricks in every election, such as, "Elect me and I will reduce the size of government", or "Elect me and I will not raise taxes."

Most sheeple are nice and friendly, but they are detrimental to society because they ignore problems and don't care much about society. If they would remain quiet and let other people deal with the problems, then they would not cause trouble, but they are so arrogant that they insist on voting and influencing society in other ways.

The Sheeple are not going to “wake up

A lot of people who are trying to expose 9/11 will use the expression that we must "wake up the public". However, the public is not asleep. A lot of them now realize that they were lied to about the 9/11 attack, and a lot of them also realize that they were lied to about the world wars and the Holocaust.

The majority of people are not asleep, and we cannot "wake them up". Rather, they are deliberately ignoring all of the crime and corruption around them.

They don't want to deal with problems. And there's nothing we can do to improve them. They simply don't have the ability or desire to deal with society's problems. They want the benefits of modern society, but they want to behave like primitive savages. They are similar to the Mexican immigrants who want the benefits of America, but who want to behave as if they're still in Mexico, such as speaking Spanish.

 3) Criminals / Savages 
A criminal is a person who is actively harming society in some manner, such as by stealing, cheating, kidnapping, murdering, and deceiving. Some of them try to become friendly with us so that they can use us for sex, money, or a job. Some pedophiles join the Boy Scouts, church groups, or other organizations in order to abuse children.

The criminals with a college education sometimes get involved with "think tanks", charities, and other organizations in order to cheat us out of our money or manipulate society.

I think criminals are people who either inherited a mind that is even more like an animal than the sheeple, or they are defective humans. Their defects could be due to genetic mistakes, chemicals, radiation, or accidents that damaged their brain.

Regardless of why they are destructive, I think we should remove them from society and prevent them from reproducing rather than try to correct their problems through punishments and then release them into our neighborhoods.

4) Modern Humans

The people in this category are the minority who are the best adapted to life in this modern era. They are the people who have the strongest interest in working together in a team for the benefit of society. They are the people who are capable of facing problems, such as 9/11, the Holocaust lies, and the corruption in the government.
How well adapted are you to modern society?
Are you more like a primitive savage? Or a modern human?
Can you be happy as an ordinary gear in a machine that works for society? Or can you only work for yourself? Do you need to be independent? Do you need to be famous or special? Do you need to be rich or pampered? Do you need to be your own boss and do as you please?

Primitive humans were extremely independent creatures who did what they pleased, but the aspects of modern society that we love requires that we work in teams for the benefit of society. Can you handle this? If not, you don't fit into this modern world. And that's your problem, not ours.

 Can you work in a team?

It was acceptable for our ancestors a million years ago to be extremely independent because they didn't have to work in teams. Furthermore, they could have bizarre personalities because they didn't need to socialize, and they didn't have much of a language, anyway. If the men in a particular tribe didn't get along, the tribe could split into pieces. The men had no reason to remain together.
Even as late as the 1700s it was acceptable for men to be very independent or anti-social because most of the men were self-employed farmers or business owners. They were their own boss, not members of a team, so it didn't matter if they were capable of working with other people.

However, the situation has changed dramatically during the past century. Most of the job opportunities and businesses today require that we work in teams. The men who are extremely independent are misfits in this modern world. People with anti-social personalities are also out of place today. People today must be able to live in close contact with lots of other people, and they must be able to socialize. People with weird or anti-social personalities might be "nice", and they might obey the laws, but they are misfits in the world today.

Do you think of what's best for society? Or do you exploit people?
Being a success in business today requires people who are good at selling products. Since our legal system doesn't remove businessmen who cheat in a subtle manner, the end result is that the people who are successful in business are those who are good at sales and abuse. An example are the businesses that create new holidays such as Mother-in-Law Day, or manipulate existing holidays, such as Christmas, in order to increase their profits. These type of people are not looking for ways to improve society. They're looking for ways to manipulate, exploit, cheat, and abuse us!
We also have the criminal Jews creating holidays, such as the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, (also referred to as the Holocaust Memorial Day). It was created by the United Nations in 2005. Each year they have a different "theme", and in 2009 it was "stand up to hatred"
Did you listen to my audio or read the transcript for Part 4 in which Jordan Dern is speaking to a group of Jews and asks, "How do we sustain a hatred and an anger towards the German people?" It's shocking that the Jews can get away with telling you and me to stand up to the hatred when the Jews are the people creating the hatred and wondering how they can sustain it. Here is the audio of that Jew:
Jordan-Dern-YomHashoah2009-sustain-anger.mp3  only 130 kbytes 

Can you deal with badly behaved children? 

Adults have tremendous tolerance for badly behaved children. We have intense cravings to take care of and protect children. We don't want to set standards of behavior for them and deal with the children who don't meet the standards.

We are especially protective of our own children. Women are so protective of their children that they will take care of their child even if it doesn't have a brain.

 Can you stand up to abusive college students? 

College students are adults, but we treat them as children, and we let them get away with childish and abusive behavior.

Some Jews take advantage of this by staging protests, such as Andrew Meyer, as I explained here.

“Don't taze me, Bro!”

 Can you be an ordinary person of no importance?
All male animals have cravings to be at the top of the hierarchy. We want to be special. However, as I described in my file about the city of castles, I think the most stable society for our modern era is a society in which there is only one class of people, namely, the working class. I think everybody should be just an "ordinary" person. I think we should stop all forms of monarchies, and stop referring to certain people as "celebrities". Everybody should simply be a "person". The people in leadership positions should be treated as ordinary people who have a job in management.

Unfortunately, a lot of people have trouble being an ordinary person of no importance. They don't want to be just another, ordinary gear in a big machine. They have intense cravings to feel special and become famous. They want their name in history books. These people are out of place today. They are monkeys in a human world.

“I want to be my own boss!”

We can no longer do whatever we please. Today we have to consider how our behavior affects society. Unfortunately, some of us are less adapted to this modern era than others. Some men are still so much like our primitive ancestors that they have extreme difficulty working in groups, tolerating criticism, following orders, and caring about society. They frequently complain that they want to be their own boss, or that they feel as if they're in a "rat race", or that they can't stand being "just a cog in the machine".
The men who complain about following orders may be nice and honest, but they are misfits today. They are trying to live like an animal. They want to pursue their emotional cravings for sex, status, babies, and material items with no regard for the effect on society. They want the benefits of modern society, but they don't have much of a desire to contribute to society, and some of them don't even care if they hurt other people in their pursuit of those benefits.

There is a conflict going on between those of us who want to work for society, and those who want to behave like primitive savages. The majority of people are allowing an unbelievable amount of crime, corruption, and chaos because they can't handle the information that they were lied to about 9/11, and the Holocaust, and the Apollo landing. They are constantly trying to hide from this information, and they try to stop us talking about it. This conflict is going to get worse as society becomes more advanced and more complex. The issue of euthanasia, for example, will become more complex as medical technology becomes more advanced. Therefore, the people who cannot deal with euthanasia right now will have even more trouble in the future.

“It's good enough for government work!”

For a few years in the 1980s I worked at a company that provided the military with some equipment, and I can verify that a lot of people in the defense related businesses don't care whether they produce something of value, or whether their products even work properly. Their primary goal is making money.

I was amazed at how many times I heard an expression similar to, "It's good enough for the government." I was also amazed that some people would respond to complaints that they were making a defective product by describing the situation as "job security". Their attitude was that the government would complain about the defective product, and then they would be given more money to fix it.

I can understand why a person wouldn't be motivated to do a job that is worthless, but there are a lot of people who have important jobs, and they don't care whether they do it properly. They're more interested in playing video games, watching television, and drinking beer.

During the late 1980s some government officials became so fed up with the abuse that they tried to improve the situation by prohibiting the businesses from socializing with government employees, but we're not going to eliminate the abuse simply by passing more laws or threatening businessmen with punishments. Instead, we need higher-quality people in leadership positions in our businesses, government, schools, and media, and we need higher quality citizens. We need people who care about society. The people who want the benefits of modern society but who ignore the crimes, corruption, incompetence, and other problems are animals who are allowing society to degrade.

The military also suffers from this problem; i.e., some people join the military only for the money and early retirement. They don't care about the military or the nation.

Neither citizens nor police are doing their jobs properly
In 2008 the Navy took partial responsibility for the bad welding in four submarines. This is an example of another problem that modern society has. Specifically, what are citizens supposed to do when government officials are incompetent or dishonest? And what are employees supposed to do when they discover their business is being operated by dishonest men?

Modern nations provide their citizens with provisions to remove incompetent and dishonest businessmen and government officials, but these systems don't work very well because they assume that most people are responsible and honest. For example, consumers are supposed to avoid purchasing the products of incompetent businesses, thereby driving them into bankruptcy. And the police are supposed to arrest businessmen and government officials who commit crimes. However, it should be obvious that neither the citizens nor the police are doing their jobs properly. The police are rarely arresting businessmen who commit crimes, and it is even more unusual for them to arrest a government official who commits a crime.

Furthermore, it isn't safe for a policeman to arrest a government official who is involved with the Jewish crime network. Think about this issue seriously when you have some time! If you were a policeman, would you arrest Larry Silverstein, Michael Chertoff, or other Jews involved with the 9/11 attack? Would you arrest some of the Jews in the media for covering up the 9/11 attack?

If most of the police departments in America were to work together to arrest the Jewish criminals, then they would have a large enough force to go after the criminal Jews, but many of the police officials seem to be working with the crime network, and some of the policemen don't seem to care about the corruption.

There are certainly some individual policemen scattered around the country who would love to arrest those criminal Jews, but if any of them were to do so on their own, the other Jews would kill them, and the Jews in the media would report it as a suicide or an accident, and even if their death was extremely suspicious, most Americans - including most people in the police and military - would ignore their death and continue entertaining themselves with television, pornography, dogs, beer, and jewelry.

Most citizens simply don't care about society. They want the benefits of society, but not the responsibilities. Millions of Americans now know that Jews staged the 9/11 attack and blew up the World Trade Center buildings while thousands of people were inside, but their reaction is to ignore the information. And millions of Americans now realize that the Jews are lying about the Holocaust, and the world wars, and lots of other crimes, but they don't care about those crimes, either!

If any policemen want to fight the Jews, they have to do so quietly and secretly. Unfortunately, a few policemen by themselves won't be able to do much. The only way we can get rid of this crime network is to find a lot more people who have the courage to face the Jews and the desire to help society.

We must be able to easily remove dishonest and incompetent leaders
Citizens have been given the right to vote, and this is supposed to ensure that we have good leadership, but it should be obvious that the system isn't working. Most citizens are so incompetent as voters that I'm not making a joke when I say that I think we would provide ourselves with better leadership simply by selecting names at random from a list of adult men who have jobs in middle management positions and who don't have any history of crimes, alcohol abuse, or mental illness.
Congressman Barney Frank is a good example of the incompetence of the voters and the refusal of the police to investigate government officials. As I've mentioned many times, such as here, an orphan has already testified in court that Frank and other government officials routinely raped young boys at parties, but the police are afraid to investigate Frank, and the voters continually re-elect him.

We need to change our government and legal system so that it becomes easy for us to remove dishonest people from leadership positions. The police should not be in fear of dishonest government officials; rather, criminals should be in fear of the police! Furthermore, citizens should not fear corrupt policemen; rather, the corrupt policemen should be in fear of us.

Also, we need to make it very easy for us to replace a person in a leadership position simply because we want to give somebody else a chance to show us his abilities. We shouldn't have to wait for a leader to commit a serious crime in order to replace him. We should be able to replace a leader simply because he is mediocre and we want to let somebody else have the opportunity to show us his talent.

It must become easier to change jobs
Our economic system assumes that employees who are working for dishonest or worthless businesses will quit their job and go to a business that's more useful and honest. Unfortunately, many people remain at their jobs even when they consider their job to be disgusting, dangerous, destructive, or dishonest simply because it is so difficult to find another job. We must change the economy so that people can easily move around and find a job that they enjoy, and which is productive.

People who don't care about society should not influence it

When most people make a decision about who to vote for, or what society should be, or what the laws should be, or how we should treat criminals, they are thinking of what's best for themselves and their friends. They're not thinking about what's best for society because they don't care much about society.
To rephrase this, the ordinary people should not be allowed to influence society because they don't care about society. They are crude creatures who care about themselves, so their decisions will be selfish. The only people who should be influencing society are those who are thinking of what's best for society.

The people who don't have much interest in society should not be allowed in leadership positions, either. The reason is that the decisions they make will be to help themselves, not to help society. They will be thinking of ways to provide themselves with more money, or bigger houses, or statues of themselves, or jobs for their friends and family members. They will not be thinking of what's best for society. When we look for leaders, we should look for people who have shown a true interest in society.

We can't force people to care about society

Animals do work only when they have to. When they feel hunger, they search for food. When they experience sexual cravings, they search for a mate. When they've had plenty to eat, and there is nothing bothering them, they tend to lie on the ground and sleep.

Our distant ancestors were extremely similar to animals, and although we humans of today are a bit more advanced, the majority of people are still very much like primitive savages. We can easily see this with people who acquire lots of money from inheritances, gambling, investments, or business activities. Many of these extremely wealthy people have a tendency to waste their time collecting material items and being pampered by servants.

Some wealthy people start or purchase businesses, charities, or other organizations, and they become the leader of the organization. This creates the illusion that they are interested in contributing to society. However, their primary reason for becoming the leader of an organization is so that they can feel special. This is why they won't take just any job. They want a job where they can feel important and be their own boss. And they will do only the tasks that they find enjoyable. They pay other people to do all of the other tasks. These rich people are not really interested in contributing to society. Rather, they're interested in titillating themselves.

The human mind has to change for this new era. People today need the initiative to do something on their own, not because they are feeling hunger or sexual cravings. We need people who enjoy being a member of a group and who actually want to contribute to it. The people who don't have these desires cannot be fixed. We cannot make people develop emotional desires that they don't have. The people who behave like animals are always going to behave like animals. Their behavior is coming from their mind; their personality; their emotions.

Abandon your relatives!

A citizen who doesn't care about corruption or incompetence is as destructive and dangerous as a welder who doesn't care that the submarine he's building is going to sink. These irresponsible citizens allow the nation to disintegrate. Modern society requires more advanced humans; it requires people who can work together for the benefit of society. The people who don't fit into this modern world are like defective gears in a transmission. We are under no obligation to tolerate their destruction, vandalism, or abuse! We should stand up to them. We should not allow them to destroy the world.

Yes, they are our relatives, but we are fools to let them bring us down to their crude level. We should turn our backs on the savages and improve the world!

Some concepts about improving an organization

Don't feel sorry for organizations that fail
Our natural tendency is to give handouts to people and nations that are suffering, but as I tried to explain in this document, if an organization is suffering, it's because of destructive behavior of their members. Feeling sorry for such an organization is not going to help them. Rather, it will allow them to continue behaving in a disgusting manner. When an organization has trouble, the members have to do something to correct the problem, as I'll describe in this section of this document.
For example, has a photograph of a couple Chinese men who are welding steel beams for one of the structures at their Olympic Stadium. In order to save money, their welding masks don't have a strap to hold them on their head, so each man has to hold his mask up to his face with one hand while he tries to weld with the other hand.

Imagine a hospital that decides to save money by purchasing face masks that don't have straps. Imagine your surgeon holding his mask up to his face with one hand while he does surgery with his other hand. 

The management in China ought to be ashamed of themselves. And the Chinese people ought to be ashamed for doing nothing about such disgusting leadership. Don't assume that you're going to help China by feeling sorry for them. China is whatever the Chinese people make it. The Chinese people should spend less of their time being envious of Taiwan and Japan and more of the time looking critically at their nation and experimenting with ways to improve their situation.

If America fails, it will be because of the American people

Because humans are arrogant, our tendency is to stand on a pedestal and ridicule the Chinese for not putting straps around their welding helmets, but people in leadership positions in America have equally destructive policies. In fact, I've made jokes about it, such as my satirical document about how California government officials believe that they can solve their financial problems with work furloughs.

I think America has been deteriorating for decades. We are losing engineering, science, and manufacturing, and we are gaining crime, corruption, government employees, insurance companies, advertising companies, financial companies, and lots of entertainment businesses. The American population is changing, also, and I think we're losing morale.

Giving handouts to nations is not "working together"

Ideally, all nations would work together to make the planet better for everybody. But we're not improving the world when we feel sorry for the nations that are failing. We're not working together when we give handouts of food, money, or technology. Feeling sorry for people is not "working with them"; rather, it is treating them as babies, or as welfare recipients, or as animals in a zoo, or as pet dogs. The only way to help other nations is to provide them with information so that they can help themselves.

Every organization has a limit to their advancement

If we change our economic system so that the competition is to improve society, and if we change our legal system so that abusive businessmen are removed, then our economy will favor the more honest people who enjoy thinking of ways to improve society. This brings up a very important issue. Specifically, a more advanced economic system requires that we find enough high-quality people to fill the leadership positions! If we don't have enough high-quality people available, then we won't be able to use that more advanced economic system. If we set standards too high for our leaders, then nobody will be able to fill the positions.
Every organization has a limit on what they can do. The limit is set by the physical and mental abilities of the members.

Consider an extreme example to understand this. Imagine a nation in which everybody is incredibly stupid, or retarded. That nation might be able to form sports teams, orchestras, businesses, a government, schools, and even research labs, but it should be obvious that their organizations would be much less productive than ours.

It won't do us any good to develop a better economic system unless we can can find high quality people to fill the positions of leadership. We're going to need a lot of men who are interested in helping society rather than in boosting sales. And we need men who can be trusted. And we need men who want to deal with society's problems, such as graffiti, the 9/11 attack, nepotism, crime networks, and corruption. Are there enough of these higher quality men in the world today? If not, then we won't be able to implement a better economic system.

If most of the human population are just talking monkeys, then not much is going to improve in the world. In such a case, the only way we would see significant improvements is if the more advanced of us were to abandon the talking monkeys and form our own cities or nations.

We can improve an organization by changing and reassigning jobs

I have a satirical document about the government officials who believe they can reduce unemployment by providing people with jobs to encourage us to eat avocados or travel to a particular city. If you consider a nation as being a machine of human gears, then the people doing these worthless jobs can be visualized as a gear that is spinning wildly all by itself rather than contributing to the output of the machine.

We need leaders in business and government who routinely analyze the jobs that people are doing and make a determination about the job's value to society. If a job provides little or no benefit to society, it should be eliminated or changed.

Our leaders also have to analyze everybody's job performance. A person who has a job that he can't handle is analogous to a gear that doesn't properly fit its location in the transmission, so instead of running smoothly and quietly, it's shaking, vibrating, overheating, and making a lot of noise.

We need to develop a government and economic system that allows us to easily eliminate worthless jobs and move people from one job to another so that we can put everybody into a job that they can perform properly at and which has value to society. I would bet that we could make our nation noticeably more productive, efficient, and advanced simply by changing and reassigning jobs. I think a lot of the jobs people are doing right now are worthless, and if they were given more useful jobs, we would bring dramatic improvements to the world.

We can improve an organization through better training
It should be obvious that we can improve an organization by providing the people with better training so that they know how to do their particular job more accurately and efficiently, and so that they know how to do a better job of coordinating their work with the work of other people. The members of music groups and sports groups practice and train all the time, but certainly you've encountered salesmen who don't know what they're selling. There are also construction workers, welders, and assembly line workers who haven't been given proper training.

We must switch the economic competition from profit to improving society

We're not going to solve the problem of poorly trained employees by telling managers to do a better job of training. We have to improve our economic system. Football teams compete to win a football game; they don't compete for profit. However, our economic system puts businesses into competition for profit. We have to change our economic system so that businesses are competing to bring improvements to society. Medical researchers, for example, should be competing to increase our understanding of human health and medical issues; they should not be competing for profit or sales. Construction workers should compete to make the nicest buildings and bridges; they should not be competing for profit. Schools should be competing to do the best job of preparing children for adulthood; they should not be competing for profit or to please parents or students.

Furthermore, we've got to ensure that the competition is friendly and inspires us to do a better job. This requires we remove the people who fight, cheat, deceive, and intimidate rather than compete in a fair and friendly manner.

We can improve an organization by removing the misfits
When a gear in a transmission is broken or defective, we don't try to fix the gear by putting it in jail. Instead, we replace it with a better gear.

It's easy for small organizations, such as football teams and orchestras, to replace people who don't fit in, but it's very difficult for governments, universities, and large businesses to replace employees, even if they are extremely anti-social, disruptive, or incompetent.

And there is currently no way to remove people from a city or nation, regardless of how dangerous, destructive, or anti-social they may be.

I recommend that we change our attitude so that a person can easily be removed from a job for any reason, even because the other people don't want to work with him. And the same should be true of neighborhoods and cities. This policy may seem cruel, but it would eventually create neighborhoods, businesses, and cities in which the people are living and working among people that they enjoy being with.

We can improve an organization by suppressing people

There are some people we don't want to evict from society, but we don't want them influencing society, either. Children are the best example of this. We want children to live among us, but we put a lot of restrictions on them, such as prohibiting them from voting, owning property, renting hotel rooms, purchasing alcohol, and getting married. Children could be described as stupid, dangerous, second class citizens who are suppressed by society and who don't have as much freedom as the rest of us.

We also impose some certain restrictions on all adults. For example, in order to fly an airplane, drive a car, or set up a dental practice, you have to meet certain standards, and if you don't meet those standards, you are restricted from those activities. There are also restrictions on who is allowed to adopt children. The people who don't meet the standards could complain that they have the right to do these activities, or that their freedom is being taken away from them, or that they are being treated as second-class citizens, or that they are treated as inferior people, but who among us would want to remove the standards and let everybody do whatever they please?

I suggest that we raise the standards for voters, and we should set very high standards for people in leadership positions. If we are capable of setting standards that make sense, and if the people enforcing the standards are honest and respectable, then we would improve both the voters and our leaders. At the other extreme, if we allow crime networks to get involved in setting standards or determining who qualifies as a voter or leader, we could end up with a situation similar to what we see with the Nobel prizes in which Al Gore and Barack Obama qualify for top leadership positions, along with lots of criminal Jews.

What standards should leaders and voters meet?
It's easy for me to say that we should raise standards for voters and leaders, but is not so easy to say what the standard should be, and how we go about determining who meets the standards. This is a complicated issue. I've already mentioned some of the qualities a leader should have in various files. For example, we have to watch out for men who want to create monarchies, or who want to use their leadership position to give special treatment to themselves, their family, and their friends. We have to look for leaders who are happy being just another gear in a big machine rather than people who are trying to be a pampered king who has a giant house, a giant yacht, and statues of themselves. We need leaders who are interested in helping society rather than acquiring a gigantic house and a statue of themselves. I'll put my ideas together and add details to this issue in another article.

If the majority of people would shut up, society would improve

If the majority of people would accept the fact that they're not interested in society's problems, and that their opinions about life are worthless, then they might be willing to keep their mouth shut, stop voting, and allow the rest of us to deal with society's problems. In such a case the world would be able to improve.
Unfortunately, the majority of people will not keep their mouth shut because they are incredibly arrogant. Most people are certain that they know just about everything about abortion, religion, crime, and who to elect as president. Their extreme arrogance prevents them from keeping their mouth shut and allowing the rest of us deal with society's problems.

Furthermore, the majority of people cannot conduct serious discussions. When they try to discuss an issue, all they do is argue over right or wrong, smart or stupid. They try to impress and intimidate one another. They behave like stupid animals that are fighting for dominance.

The majority of people insist that they are adorable and innocent, and they claim that the problems we suffer from are the result of a small group of liberals, or conservatives, or rich people, or the devil. But the problems we suffer from are the result of the majority of people, not a small minority. Graffiti is an example. It appears as if graffiti is the result of a very small group of teenagers, but it is more accurate to say that graffiti results when the majority of people do nothing about their badly behaved children.

A more complex example is the 9/11 attack. We could say that the attack is due to a very small group of people, mainly Jews, but it's more accurate to say that the 9/11 attack is just one of many crimes that has occurred because the majority of people have been ignoring the international network of criminal Jews. By ignoring those Jews, the majority of people have allowed their network to grow and become extremely wealthy.

The majority of people are not the sweet, adorable, innocent creatures that they want us to believe. Rather, they behave like arrogant, selfish, savages. They are not interested in modern society. There are interested only in themselves. They shouldn't be allowed to influence the government, schools, or the economy. They shouldn't be allowed to vote, either. They should be told to keep their mouth shut and let the more advanced humans deal with society.

The world is dominated by people who want to live and behave like a primitive savage, so I don't see how anything is going to improve until they are suppressed. Don't be fooled by their friendliness. They are arrogant savages in human clothing; they are talking monkeys; they are intelligent sheep. They can't cope with modern life. Many of them have trouble controlling their spending of money, their consumption of alcohol, their temper, and their craving for sex and status.

Furthermore, because they're so arrogant, they don't have the ability to look critically at themselves, so they never notice that they don't know what they're doing. Their opinions on crime, abortion, euthanasia, and other issues are worthless!

Don't be afraid of government or databases
Don't fear "Big Brother" or government databases!
In December 2009, Jesse Ventura's television show about Big Brother  was broadcast. As I've mentioned already, we should not fear the government. When we discover that we have some corrupt government officials, we should not hide from them like frightened animals! Instead, we should remove the corrupt and incompetent government officials and create a government we are proud of. We should react to problems by trying to improve the situation. Corrupt, selfish, and incompetent government official should be afraid of us.

A database is like a hammer, knife, or bulldozer. All of these items can be useful or dangerous depending upon how you use it. We shouldn't worry about the databases; rather, our goal should be to create a government that is so honest and respectable that we don't have to worry about them using the databases, the police, or even the military for diabolical purposes.

A database with extensive details on how each of us lives would be of tremendous use for medical research, and for understanding the human mind. It would also help us to understand the difference between men and women, different races, and how we change as we grow older. The database would also show us changes that occur between generations. Unfortunately, it's difficult to discuss the differences between the races and between men and women because the criminal Jews are constantly trying to create fights between us. People must become aware of what these Jews are doing, and avoid becoming a victim of their tricks. We have to expose this trick so that more people avoid becoming a victim of it.

Help people understand that Jews are trying to create racial fights

Months ago I wrote this article about how the Jews tried and failed to start racial fights over Obama. The Jews also frequently promote and emphasize the crimes and strange behavior of Muslims, blacks, and other races in order to encourage our arrogance and create fights between different races and religions. It may seem as if nobody is dumb enough to fall for this propaganda, but I can see it work with my own relatives. For example, my mother has occasionally forwarded e-mail messages to me that she received in which a news article describes a weird crime committed by a Muslim. My mother doesn't realize that the Jews are searching through all of the crimes, ignoring the crimes by Jews, and promoting the most bizarre crimes by Muslims in order to create the impression that most Muslims are an inferior race of violent, psychotic, suicidal maniacs.

It's easiest to learn about this trick by observing the white supremacist and Nazi groups because they use it in a very obvious manner, apparently because the members of these organizations are very stupid. For example, at such message boards as the Romanian National Vanguard and TheJewishQuestion, an article about the attack on Katie Piper has been posted with the title:
"British model Katie Piper attacked by her savage nigger boyfriend with acid on her face"

The article has such remarks as:
"She still remains a dumb nigger-lover and most likely despite all that happend to her, she will date niggers again and again until one of them kills her because that’s how niggers are… animals!"

Curt Maynard is not quite as crude, but he has such idiotic remarks as:
"If this blog post saves one white women from being raped, mutilated and/or murdered by a black man it was well worth it, ..."

As I've described in other articles, such as this, the Jews dominate the patriot, white supremacist, and Nazi groups. The Jews are trying to fool the members into believing that crime is primarily the result of non-Caucasians. The people who fall for this trick will make stupid remarks about how the crime in America is the result of black people, Muslims, Mexicans, and Chinese. The Jews can then use those suckers as examples of how the nation has organizations of violent, dangerous patriots who hate people simply because they are a different race or religion. This in turn allows the Jews to complain that we need more hate crime laws.

The Jews can also use these suckers to frighten Jews, blacks, and other people, and then the Jews send a savior to protect those frightened people. For example, they will send Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to save the frightened black people.

It's easy to figure out that the Nazis are actually Jews

As I've explained in other files, the Internet makes it easy for us to observe who is promoting who, and we can analyze what everybody has been saying through the years. The Internet makes it easy for us to notice certain patterns. For example, consider Erich Josef Gliebe, the leader of the National Alliance. Is he a real Nazi? Or is he a Jew in Nazi clothing?

It's easy to figure this out! Here are three patterns to notice about him and all of the other phony white supremacists and phony patriots:

1) They defend the Apollo moon landing. For example, in this article Erich Gliebe, the leader of the National Alliance, refers to the moon landing as "that great White exploration into the nature of our universe"! Don't assume that the leaders of the white supremacist organizations are stupid or naive. They know that the moon landing is a scam.

2) They promote thousands of other people, websites, and organizations but they won't promote me. judicial-inc promotes Erich Gliebe, for example.

3) They get lots of publicity by the ADL, the Wikipedia, the Southern Poverty Law Center (for example, Gliebe has this), and other Jews. David Duke even gets publicity on national television! They don't put David Duke on television to ruin his image; rather, they interview him and allow him to speak. By comparison, Wikipedia won't even allow an article about me! Please notice the pattern that the Jews give publicity only to the people that they have control over.

Note: Erich Gliebe became the leader of the National Alliance after the founder, William Pierce, died of kidney failure, which is usually due to diabetes, but I haven't seen any evidence that he had diabetes. Was he murdered by Jewish wolves in Nazi clothing so that Erich Gliebe could get control of the organization? It reminds me of how Francis Parker Yockey committed suicide in jail after being visited by Willis Carto, of the American Free Press. Information about his suicide is scarce, and it seems to come from other wolves in sheep's clothing, so I doubt if we are getting the true story of what happened.

The Jews are rather quiet about pedophilia

It's interesting to note that the groups that are under the control of Jews are suspiciously quiet about the pedophilia among Caucasians in Europe and America. The feminists - including John McCain's wife and daughter - will routinely complain about sexism and "glass ceilings", and the so-called leaders of the black community often complain about racism, and the ACLU routinely complains that criminals are not being treated properly by the police, and peace groups routinely complain that Israel is abusing Palestinians, but how often do you hear any of these people complaining about the pedophilia among government officials, church officials, and school officials? How often do you hear them complain about the sex slave trade, such as with Johnny Gosch or Natalie Holloway?

Incidentally, I never studied the issue of whether different races have a tendency to commit different crimes, but from my casual observations, it seems that Caucasians are more likely to be involved with pedophilia than the other races. I'm also starting to wonder if Jews are the primary Caucasian race involved with pedophilia. Or perhaps pedophiles are the people with the most Neanderthal qualities. This brings up the interesting issue that most people are afraid to talk about in public; specifically, what are the differences between the races of humans?

What are the differences between the races?

A lot of people have noticed that Africans are phenomenal in basketball, football, and certain other sports, but they don't seem to do well in the position of quarterback on American football teams. I've heard Caucasians claim that the reason is because Africans are too stupid to be quarterbacks.

However, intelligence doesn't have anything to do with this issue. There are a lot of women who are far above average intelligence, but they do a terrible job of throwing footballs and baseballs. I suspect that different races differ in their ability to throw objects.

As I mentioned in one of my other audio files, humans are the only animals that can throw objects, and only men are good at throwing, not women. However, I think that different races developed this talent to different extents. Some Caucasian races may excel at throwing footballs and baseballs because their ancestors were routinely throwing objects when they were hunting animals, whereas other races may have thrown objects only occasionally.

Perhaps one reason that soccer has become so popular around the world is that it doesn't require the ability to throw objects. Everybody can play soccer because everybody can run and kick, and since all races are virtually identical in their running and kicking abilities, different races can mix in a soccer game without one race dominating the others. In fact, women and young girls can play almost as well as men.

Unfortunately, as I've mentioned in other files, humans are extremely arrogant, and as a result, we are always looking for reasons to praise ourselves and criticize other people. Therefore, when Caucasians notice that they are better at throwing footballs than other races, they climb onto a pedestal and boast that they are the superior race. We need to control our arrogance. We should be able to study and discuss the differences between the races, and between men and women. We should try to understand our talents and limitations, and try to control our tendency to use these differences as a way of insulting one another.

Do different races have different tastes in art, life, and activities?
Each of us has certain preferences in regards to clothing styles, architecture, music, paintings, and other forms of artwork. The environment plays a significant role in what we like and dislike. This is most obvious with clothing styles. We have a tendency to like the style of clothing that other people are wearing. However, there seems to be a genetic influence in what we like. For example, when we have to select clothing or furniture, all of the available items in the retail store are acceptable by society, so we can pick any of them. But we don't pick at random. I think we select the item that we have the strongest "natural" emotional attraction to. And I think there are subtle differences between the races in regards to what we find appealing.

When I was a child, there were several television shows that seemed almost identical to me, and I was confused as to why I would want to watch only one of them. For example, The Adams Family and The Munsters seemed almost identical, but I liked The Adams Family, not The Munsters.

The Outer Limits and the Twilight Zone also seemed very similar, but I liked most of the episodes on The Outer Limits, but most episodes of The Twilight Zone bothered me. When the Outer Limits was canceled and the Twilight Zone continued, I was confused as to why they would cancel the better of the two shows. It made me start to wonder if perhaps my interests in life are not "typical".

Recently I saw some episodes of Night Gallery on television. There is something that bothers me about the way Rod Serling talks, and I have never been interested in ghosts, paranormal nonsense, or magic. Am I in a minority for being irritated by this paranormal subject matter? If so, what minority is it? A database about us could help answer these questions.

Don't be afraid of "Big Brother" or corrupt businessmen 

Some people are afraid to use the shopping cards that some markets provide because they worry that the government and businesses will keep track of what they purchase. However, it's idiotic to be afraid of a database or a government or businesses.

The proper reaction to abusive government officials and businessmen is to replace them with respectable people. Don't hide from freaks. Don't live in fear. Instead, help us create a world in which we can trust one another and be proud of our government and businesses!

A database can help us understand ourselves 

A database that had complete records of everybody's meals, clothing, artwork, medical history, leisure time activities, and sleeping patterns, would help us understand the differences between men and women, adults and children, and the different races. The database would help each of us individually, and help us understand the human race.

For example, we might notice that people who eat a certain amount of hot peppers are less likely to get certain types of cancer. We might also discover that the peppers, or other foods, interfere with healing after surgery, accidents, or exercise. We might notice patterns in the way we sleep, such as how food and activities affect our sleeping, which could help us adjust our lives so that we sleep better, and perhaps for fewer hours.

A database could help us understand if an attraction to the macabre (i.e., skeletons, gargoyles, graveyards, hell, torture, masochism) is due to mental illness, or if certain races or ages have a naturally stronger attraction to it.

This 15-year old girl killed a younger girl simply to "know what it felt like". The person/people who wrote this article are attracted to the acronym "EVIL". People who become artists seem especially attracted to the macabre, from the Middle Ages to today.

This 14-year-old boy killed his mother and stepfather because he didn't want to do household chores. He then spent the day watching movies and playing on the computer.

He spent a lot of his time reading books, and he would suck his thumb while reading on the school bus! What type of books did he read? What other characteristics did he have? His ears stick out, which might be significant, as I mentioned on my Neanderthal page_5.

This 15-year-old Romanian boy killed his adoptive mother because she tried to stop him from playing Internet video games.

A database about all of us could help identify dangerous people before they cause trouble. It would also be useful to see what type of people put their children up for adoption.

A database of everybody's preference in clothing might show us that some races or age groups have a stronger attraction to herringbone, while others are more attracted to abstract patterns, solid colors, or floral patterns.

I like some of the tweeds here, but I find the herringbone styles to be bland and visually annoying, like an optical illusion. If everybody was like me, there wouldn't be any herringbone styles. What is different about me?

Are certain races or age groups more attracted to the medieval fantasies of monarchies, torture chambers, witches, sorcerers, and magic? Examples are the Harry Potter books and the television show Legend Of The Seeker (which is based on books by Terry Goodkind, who is on my Neanderthal page here).

The Legend Of The Seeker also has sexual titillation and hints of S&M. Are certain races or age groups more attracted to S&M?

The person who created this website, and the people who posted comments, are disgusted by the paintings of Thomas Kinkade.

Is there any pattern in the type of people who like or dislike this type of artwork? I am neutral about some of Kinkade's paintings, and I love some of them, but I am not disgusted by any of them. I suppose I like this style of art because I find it visually attractive, and because it makes me think about issues or have pleasant daydreams.

I like some "abstract art", such as these swirling colors, but it doesn't cause me to think or fantasize, so I quickly become bored with it.

This type of artwork would be useful if it was displayed on an LCD screen and was changed on a frequent basis, or if the images were animated.

I don't see a pattern to the architecture, paintings, music, or clothing styles that I like. I like lots of different styles, and I like variety.

I love this painting from François Boucher, and I would love to have this type of art on the walls of my home, as a mural. I find it visually attractive, and it evokes pleasant fantasies.

By comparison, there are some artists who are very impressive, such as Salvador Dali, but I find the subject matter of most of his paintings to be psychotic or dreary.

I like some "modern" or "contemporary" art, and I think it's especially useful for children, but I find most of it bland or dreary, such as this and this IKEA furniture. There is something I don't like about the colors and style, and I find some of the striped patterns to be visually annoying.

As I explained 27 January 2008, most modern art is "trash". I think the Jews are pushing trash as "art" because they're trying to destroy our nations, as they describe in the Protocols of Zion.

IKEA and Skanska joined together to create BoKlok to provide homes.

The apartments in this photo are described as "Cutting Edge Design" and having a "contemporary Scandinavian feel", but they look to me as if they're still in the construction phase!

This is the main entrance of the BoKlok apartment building seen above. I think it looks like a minimum security prison.

Do the Swedish people like this architecture? Or are Jews responsible for this? In case you didn't know, Sweden was not involved in either of the world wars, apparently because the Jews were using it as one of their bases of operation. By the 1960s the Jews had so much influence in Sweden that it became the sex capital of the world, and later it became very socialist. The Swedish people are allowing the Jews to conquer and destroy their nation.

Most of the music I like was created prior to 1980, although I don't like much in the Jazz category.

Incidentally, I like the music of the Beatles prior to about 1966, but after 1966 their music seemed sad and psychotic. As I wrote here, the theory that Paul McCartney was killed or murdered would explain the change in their music.

Don't fear “Big Brother”! A database can help us!
The point I'm trying to make is that an extensive database about us can help us in many ways, such as helping us understand human health and identifying potentially dangerous people. It can also help us to understand some of our emotional cravings, which in turn can help us control our cravings. For example, when I was young, I loved to climb in trees, and I wished I could jump from one branch to another, just like monkeys. And so one of my goals as a child was to have an airplane. In my fantasies, the airplanes were quiet, smooth, comfortable, and maneuverable. I assumed that flying an airplane would be as simple and as fun as jumping on a bicycle and riding around the neighborhood.

Eventually I had a chance to ride in both a small private airplane and a large commercial jet, and I discovered that airplanes are certainly fun, but they weren't what I was expecting. I came to the conclusion that airplanes are serious transportation devices, not toys to play with.

If we were to study the differences between men and women, adults and children, and different races, we would probably discover that boys fantasize about flying more than girls, and that we do it mainly during a certain period of our childhood. We might find that lots of boys fantasize about having airplanes. This in turn could help a lot of boys understand and control their craving for airplanes.

Let's improve the world!
Don't live in fear of "Big Brother" or the police. Don't hide from Jews, criminals, or corrupt officials. Don't let the wolves in sheep's clothing fool you into behaving like a stupid, frightened animal. Instead, let's find enough respectable people so that we can search for, expose, and remove the criminals from our government, media, schools, police departments, and military. Let's take control of our world and improve it!

We have a lot of options available to us. We can experiment with different types of cities, and each can have a different type of economic system and lifestyle. The human race is not helpless. Rather, every nation is currently dominated by criminals and sheeple. All we have to do is put more advanced humans in control. If we can do that, then we can start putting our technical talent to productive uses. We have the ability to create beautiful cities, and we can provide them with artificial lakes, greenhouses, and giant, covered courtyards. 
We can make the earth into a paradise.
So, let's do it!


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