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How do we improve our world?

Part 6: 
A Melting Pot or a Garden?

24 October 2010

Why do we choose a certain path in life?
Animals exist only to survive and reproduce. They mindlessly pursue emotional stimulation with no regard to the consequences.

Humans have the ability to work together for the benefit of society. We have the ability to analyze the past, consider how we affect the lives of other people, and alter our future.

Therefore, we could say that we have two primary paths in life to choose from:
1) We can live like an animal and titillate our emotions with food, fame, sex, status, babies, religion, and money.

2) We can live like a human who works in a team for the benefit of all people.

Why aren't humans more identical to each other?
Although nobody truly takes the path of an animal, this concept might help you to notice that most people are living very similar to animals. Their primary activity is titillating themselves. They don't have much of an interest in getting together with other people to expose or stop corruption, develop better cities, or even correct the lies in our history books about the Apollo moon landing and the 9/11 attack. Like an animal, they don't care that they are being abused. Like an animal, their primary concern is themselves, not society. Furthermore, they don't even bother to think about what's best for themselves in the long run. Rather, like an animal, they just titillate themselves without realizing that by allowing corruption and crime, they are ruining their own future. At the other extreme, there are people who are more concerned with society than with becoming rich and famous.

Why aren't people more similar? What is causing us to be so different? All butterflies, dogs, and tigers behave almost identical to other members of their particular species. There's not much of a difference between animals of the same species. However, there is a wide variety of behavior among humans. There are also wide differences in our leisure activities. For some examples, some people love gambling, whereas others have no interest at all; some people keep children as sex slaves, whereas others are risking their lives trying to find and execute those people; and some people love drugs or alcohol, whereas other people have no interest. Why aren't all humans virtually identical to each other?

A zoologist can get an accurate view of an entire species of animal or plant simply by studying one of them at random. However, this is not possible with humans. A Martian would not get an accurate view of humans if they sent a robotic probe to the Earth to pick up just one human at random.

Why are so many Jews involved with crime?
Do the Chinese commit false flag operations, such as 9/11? Have the people in India ever instigated wars that are comparable to the World Wars or the Vietnam War? There have been a lot of horrible crimes and wars during the past thousand years, but it seems as if Jews are the primary people involved. The Jews also seem to be dominant in pornography, gambling, prostitution, and the sex slave trade. Why aren't these activities equally distributed among all of the religions, races, and nationalities? 
Are there any "good Jews"?
As people around the world discover that Jews are responsible for the 9/11 attack, the world wars, the Armenian genocide of 1915, and other crimes, there has been a rise in the popularity of a theory that only some of the Jews are involved with crime, and that there are lots of "good Jews". According to this theory, all we have to do is remove the "bad Jews" and the world will become peaceful.

Another theory is that Jews are the same as other people, but their crude religion is encouraging them to think of themselves as the superior race of people, and to treat the rest of us as animals. According to this theory, if we force all Jews to choose atheism or some other religion, then the Jewish people will become wonderful people.

What role does genetics play in human behavior?
It's already well known that information has an affect on human behavior. This is why we send children to school, and why we are concerned about the information that children are exposed to. But there has to be more to human behavior than information because children in the same family are exposed to virtually the same information, but sometimes there is one or more siblings that is very different from the others, and it can't be explained as due to his acquiring of different information.

Human behavior is the result of processing the information that we pick up during our life. Therefore, our behavior is dependent upon the information that we acquire, and our ability to process it. However, our processing ability is due to the genetic design of our brain. We don't understand what's going on inside our brain, but I would describe it as a conflict between the intellectual section of our brain and our emotional section. Perhaps the easiest way to see this conflict is to remember the times when you were a child and you were afraid to walk into a dark room. Your emotions were telling you to stay out of the room because there may be dangerous creatures inside, and your intellect was telling you that it's just an ordinary room. When we are children, our emotions often dominate our decisions, and we cannot walk into the dark room. As we get older, our intellect has more of an effect over our behavior, and we can overpower that crude emotion and walk into the dark room.

You can see this conflict with adults, also. We often do whatever our emotions want even though our intellect is complaining about it. For example, if you watch yourself carefully when you eat, you will probably notice that you occasionally continue to eat even though your intellectual area is telling you to stop eating. When these particular conflicts occur with adults, and when we allow our emotions to dominate, we tend to create excuses to justify what we realize is irrational behavior. For example, we might tell ourselves that it's acceptable to continue eating excessively because it happens to be a holiday, and we won't eat so much tomorrow.

Some people realize that gambling is a scam, but they can't control their emotional attraction to it, so they justify it to themselves by telling themselves that they're only going to gamble with a fixed amount of money. Some people also justify their gambling by telling themselves that they're not really "gambling". Rather, they are "purchasing entertainment" or "just having fun".

Children are dominated by their emotions, which causes them to resemble animals. If an adult is capable of thinking properly, and if he chooses to think, then his behavior will appear more rational. But if an adult doesn't think very well, or if the adult doesn't want to think, then he will behave in a more emotional manner. To rephrase that, our behavior is influenced by our ability to think, and our desire to spend time thinking.

It's also important to realize that information will affect a person only if it actually enters his mind. Information has no effect if we don't understand it. For example, if two people of widely different intellectual abilities are exposed to the exact same information about repairing automobiles, Marxism, genetics, religion, and nutrition, they will each retain significantly different amounts of that information. The stupid person will remember a lot of the concepts of Marxism and religion, but he wont understand much about repairing automobiles, genetics, or nutrition. Furthermore, the concepts that he is likely to remember are the simplistic and idiotic concepts, such as the concept in Marxism of sharing the wealth of the rich people, and the concept in religion that we will be forgiven every time we commit a crime. By comparison, the more intelligent person will have dismissed a lot of the religious and Marxism beliefs, but he will have acquired a lot of information on the other subjects.

To summarize these concepts, human behavior is affected by the genetic design of our brain:
 • Our ability to process information; ie, our intelligence and learning abilities.
 • Our desire to spend time thinking.
 • Our emotions.

Why are there extreme differences in our behavior?
Some people will steal or lie a few times, and then realize that it was a mistake, and never commit a crime again. Other people routinely commit horrendous crimes, or join crime networks. Some people spend a lot of time trying to help children prepare for adulthood, while other people spend a lot of their time trying to figure out how to get away with molesting, raping, and kidnapping children, and some people take trips to Thailand to have sex with children, and some people purchase children for use as sex slaves.

The people who dominate society claim that the differences between us are primarily due to the environment in which we were raised, but I would describe human behavior as the result of our intellect and our emotions. The environment has an effect over us only if we have the intellectual ability to react to it. Compare a human child to a puppy to understand this concept. A human and a puppy can be raised in the exact same environment - such as putting both the human and the puppy in the same school classrooms, and providing them both with the same level of material wealth, and giving both of them a computer with Internet access, but the puppy will ignore almost everything that we provide to it and continue to behave just like all other puppies. The environment has only a slight effect on a puppy.

Whether the environment affects the creature depends upon whether it's brain can react to the information. Therefore, the effect that the environment has on a human depends upon his genetic qualities. A human is not the result of his environment. Rather, human behavior is the result of our brain's genetic blueprint and it's ability to process environmental information.

The reason people behave so differently is because we are genetically different, not because we have different environments. Actually, I don't think our environments are significantly different, especially not among children in the same family. For example, what was different about my environment that caused me to become so different from my brothers and other relatives? What was different about the environment of Larry Silverstein, Congressman Barney Frank, and Jeffrey Dahmer that caused them to behave differently than you and me?

There is an extremely wide difference in behavior among humans, and there are often wide differences in behavior among family members. These differences are not due to the environment. They are due entirely to the genetic differences between us. Some of us are intelligent, and some of us are stupid. Some of us enjoy thinking, and some of us avoid it. Some of us have intense emotional cravings for dominance, sex, or food. Some of us have seriously defective brains that cause us to hallucinate. Some people cannot properly pronounce words because their mind, mouth, and/or vocal cords are genetically inferior to the rest of us.

Now that the Internet exists and people are posting "ordinary" videos of their "ordinary" lives, we can observe people around the world, and I don't see that much of a difference in the way children are being raised. Parents in Japan are not raising children much differently than parents in England or Argentina. Aside from the people who are born to homeless people, people who are being born and raised by "ordinary" people in every nation have very similar environments, and they have access to very similar information, especially now that the Internet exists. We have to face the fact that humans are the result of their genetic qualities, not the environment.

The scum has risen to the top of society
I think the reason our leaders are constantly pushing the philosophy that human behavior is primarily the result of our environment is because the people who have risen to the top of society are people who are badly behaved. When they get caught at their crimes, they don't want us to consider the possibility that they are genetically inferior to us. Instead, they want us to feel sorry for them and assume that their horrible behavior is the result of the environment, and that we can fix their problems by giving them therapy, or by teaching them Christianity, or by putting them in jail for a short period of time, or by making them pay a small fine. If instead we were to follow the philosophy that they are genetically inferior, then we would be tempted to remove them from society, or force them into a job where they won't cause us any harm.

It is certainly true that a lot of decent people have assisted with crimes, and they could claim that it was due entirely to their environment. The Apollo moon landing, the 9/11 attack, and the world wars are good examples. There were probably a lot of respectable people who were tricked or threatened into assisting with those crimes. However, the people who choose a life of crime are doing so because of their crude genetic qualities, not because of their environment.

We should stop allowing criminals to push the philosophy that humans are the result of the environment. Instead, we should study ourselves and try to understand our genetic qualities and how they result in some people becoming destructive, parasitic, irresponsible, and dishonest. These horrible qualities are genetic, so we can reduce the problem by restricting reproduction to the people who are higher quality.

Likewise, if you behave in a good manner, it's not because of the way you were raised by your parents, or because of the school you went to. If upi think that your good behavior is due to your environment, consider that there were other children who had a similar environment as you, but they didn't behave in a good manner. Your behavior, both good and bad, is due to your genetic qualities.

We could criticize the people who do things they don't really want to do as overly trusting or submissive, but don't feel guilty when you find yourself pushed into doing something that you don't want to do. It's more productive to realize that the solution to this problem is to remove the troublemakers from society. We shouldn't be living among people who trick us, abuse us, or push us into bad behavior. We shouldn't be living among people we are suspicious of, or who we despise. We should live among people who inspire us, and who encourage us to behave in a productive manner. We should surround ourselves with flowers that make us feel good, not weeds that irritate us.

We're not going to reduce bad behavior by teaching children to resist "peer pressure", or by teaching children to be afraid of strangers. Children shouldn't have to live in fear. If we were to remove the troublemakers, then the only peer pressure that children would experience would be pressure to behave in a productive manner, and instead of being afraid of strangers, they would feel safe around all adults, including strangers. Likewise, adults shouldn't live in fear of one another, and we shouldn't have to carry guns around for protection. We shouldn't have to worry about other adults pressuring us into joining idiotic practical jokes, or crimes, or other stupid behavior. We should be living among people we enjoy, respect, and admire, not people who irritate us.

We are not going to reduce bad behavior by passing out Bibles or by putting more people in jail. We have to face the fact that the badly behaved humans are genetically inferior to the rest of us. They have to be separated, and they shouldn't be reproducing. 

Furthermore, we should investigate the differences between races because I suspect that there are some incompatibilities between the races, and this would make the melting pot philosophy unrealistic. Also, humans seem to have a natural tendency to separate, so why fight this emotion? Who benefits by forcing us to be together when we don't want to? I think we should treat the planet Earth as a garden, and let the different varieties of human flowers live as they please.

Who benefits from the "melting pot" philosophy?
The people who dominate society are pushing the "melting pot" philosophy in which everybody is randomly mixed together. They want all of the races to be mixed together, along with all of the homeless people, criminals, and handicapped people. They don't even want us to separate pedophiles. Instead, they want the pedophiles to be freely mixed within our neighborhoods, although they allow us to maintain a database so that we know which houses the pedophiles are living in. The people who push this melting pot philosophy also want everybody to interbreed and eventually create only one race of humans. Who among us benefits from this policy?

I think a better philosophy is to treat the different races as different varieties of flowers, and treat the earth as a garden, and then let each race have its own patch in this garden. As long as the different societies are cooperating economically and coexisting peacefully, it doesn't matter that we are physically different in appearance, or that we wear different clothing, eat different foods, or have different sports. In fact, I think it would make the world more interesting to have a variety of races and cultures.

I suspect that the reason our leaders push this melting pot philosophy is because they realize that most people would consider them as weeds, and we would not want them in our society. The only way they can live with us is to push the philosophy of mixing everybody together. They push the concept of tolerance because they benefit from it, not us. They have become wealthy and pampered leaders of society because of this policy.

We have different physical needs, so why mix us together?
For a simple example that I don't think too many people will disagree with, consider that some races are supposed to have a difficult time digesting dairy products, and some races have trouble metabolizing alcohol. When the races are randomly mixed, what should schools and restaurant do in regards to the differences in our dietary needs? Should they offer special meals for certain races? Or would that be considered "discrimination"? If a mixture of races were to get together at a wedding or restaurant, should the hosts stop certain races from drinking too much alcohol? What happens if a person doesn't resemble his race? Should we carry identification cards that identify our race? I can imagine some amusing comedy routines regarding this concept!

Furthermore, consider that there may be other differences between us that we don't know about yet. For example, my brother told me that a university professor in biology told the class that the Chinese people can metabolize monosodium glutamate without any trouble. For all we know, there are lots of subtle differences in our digestive system, and in our allergic reactions. Some races may have more trouble handling sugar or certain types of fats, for example.

There are also differences in our physical shapes and sizes. Look at Africa for some good examples of extremely short races, and extremely tall races. There are also people who have the massive body and posture of a Neanderthal. Ideally, different races would have different societies so that they can have furniture that fits their particular body. I'm only 6 feet tall (183 cm), but I think a lot of the furniture is too short for me. What do people taller than me do?

Instead of pretending that all humans are the same, I think we should study the differences between the races, and we should allow every race to have their own society, and let them live the way they want to live. We do not benefit by forcing everybody to live together, eat the same foods, dress in the same clothing styles, have the same social activities, and use the same furniture. I think we should be trying to answer such questions as:

• How do our genetic qualities affect our weight? We are told that the people who are overweight are just "ordinary" people who eat too much, or don't get enough exercise, but that doesn't explain why they eat too much, or why they don't get enough exercise. Furthermore, there are lots of people who don't get very much exercise, and who eat a lot, but are not fat. I think only genetics will be able to explain these mysteries.

• Are some races more prone to crime, pedophilia, or toilet humor?

• Are the people in Japan who join the Yakuza or other organized crime networks just "ordinary" Japanese who ended up in crime? Or are they a different race?  How many different races of "Japanese" are there? Or did the Japanese criminals inherit some particular qualities that caused them to be more prone to a life of crime?

• Africa seems to have dozens of different races, but Americans of African descent are told that there is only one "black" race. These "blacks" are encouraged to whine about racism and feel sorry for themselves because they are descendants of slaves, but this behavior is not productive for anybody. We ought to be investigating the races of Africans, and the "blacks" ought to be wondering which African race they are, or which combination of races they are, and what the difference is between the different African races. The "blacks" should be trying to understand themselves, not crying or pouting.

We are different on the outside, what about the inside?
Some races may have a greater attraction to toilet humor and casual sex
On the TMZ television show 16 September 2010, the host was the Jewish comedian Jeff Ross, and they had a short excerpt of a Jewish porn star, Hailey James (photo), who mentioned that she just had sex in the bathroom of a club.
The video is gone but here is a transcript, and an excerpt:
TMZ-Jeff-Ross-porn-star-16Sep2010.mp3   180 Kbytes

The next day on the TMZ show, 17 September 2010, Harvey Levin made some amusing remarks about Jews and poop, such as:
 • I'm interested in poop!
 • Jews are interested in poop. 
The video is gone but here is a transcript, and an excerpt:
TMZ-Harvey-Levin-poop-17Sep2010.mp3  60 Kbytes

Hailey James, a Jewish porn star
Perhaps Harvey Levin was exaggerating for the sake of entertainment, and perhaps Hailey James is an unusual Jew, but we should consider the possibility that the people who refer to themselves as "Jews" may truly have significant personality differences from some other races. They may have a noticeably greater interest in toilet humor, casual sex, and pornography, for example. Furthermore, there may be some races of Chinese, Africans, and Indians who are also significantly different from the others, even though they have a similar physical appearance.
Anna Chapman, the Russian woman who was arrested for spying, (who I mentioned here), may also have a significantly different personality than the rest of us. Have you seen some of the latest descriptions of her (eg, here)? Two remarks about her from her friend, Lena Savitskaya:
• If she wanted sex, Anna would just call a male friend over, usually a Russian, and do it. She liked sex very much, but was very matter of fact about it.

• ...she said of one businessman she knew: “I used to sleep with him. I did not like sex with him, but I wanted his money.”

Anna Chapman, upper left, and her friend, Lena Savitskaya,  upper right, and two men that they were pursuing.
Is Anna Chapman capable of - or even interested in - a stable, long-term relationship with a man? It doesn't appear that way. As with Hailey James, Chapman seems to have sex simply to satisfy her urges! This is what I would expect from a teenage boy or an animal, not an adult woman. Furthermore, she seemed to also use her body to get money, job opportunities, and information. Why was she willing to live this type of life? We ought to consider the possibility that the people who are involved with casual sex are doing so because they are either a race of people that prefers casual relationships, or they inherited primitive, animal-like qualities. In either case, these people are going to create problems when mixed with people who want long-term commitments.

Chapman's relationships with women were also abusive. For example, Chapman was supposedly friends with the Russian woman, Lena Savitskaya, but as soon as Savitskaya found a wealthy man, Chapman tried to take him away because she wanted his money. Neither of those two women seemed interested in the man, however; they seemed to want his money. Most prostitutes don't seem to care whether one of their customers visits another prostitute, but these two women, even though they were friends, were incapable of sharing that wealthy man. Each of the women wanted him for themselves. Should these women even be described as "human"? Their behavior is more like some type of primitive savage.

Consider what a woman like Anna Chapman would have been like a few centuries ago, when there was no birth control or cures for venereal disease. She is the type of woman who might get pregnant without a husband, or is not sure of who the father of her child is. Furthermore, her attempt to exploit men could cause some men to become angry, which in turn could cause them to rape, beat, or kill her. She is the type of woman who would have reinforced the "old wives' tale" that prostitutes, women who get raped or beaten, and promiscuous women, are low-quality women.

People behave in strange manners when they are afraid
When a woman is being attacked, or in fear of her life, or being tortured, she will say and do a lot of strange things in order to protect itself, but what was Anna Chapman in fear of? Why was she wasting the prime years of her life and using her body as a tool simply to deceive and abuse people? Why wasn't she interested in having a "normal" life? Why did Monica Lewinsky also voluntarily choose to use her body to manipulate and deceive President Clinton?

People who are being attacked have valid reasons for lying and deceiving, but the people who call themselves "Jews" are not being attacked, and they never have been. They have always been treated nicely everywhere they go. They could have chosen to join the other societies and contribute to making the world a better place, but they have voluntarily chosen to remain separate from the rest of us and lie, cheat, manipulate, deceive, murder, and abuse. The question we need to answer is, Why are Jews choosing to abuse us? Is it because of their crude religion? Or are they a primitive, inferior race of people?

Some races may be more prone to crime

Anna Chapman reminds me of Bob Hall, a man I met in the 1980s. The reason I got to know Bob is that after he got divorced from his second wife, he began pursuing my mother, who was divorced. He was very friendly, and he seemed to be a very talented and successful man. For example, he was a Rhodes Scholar with a PhD in psychology. He also had impressive job titles. For example, he was a manager at Litton Industries, and he was responsible for them developing some product (I can't remember exactly what it was, maybe night vision devices for helicopter pilots). I believed all of his stories. I hadn't yet realized that there are some people who grossly exaggerate and sometimes lie about themselves in order to make themselves appear more impressive than they really are.

Bob had a problem with alcohol, but I didn't think anything of it because half the population of America seems to have a problem with alcohol. He had an interest in pornography that reminded me of when I was a teenager, but I didn't think much of that, either, because it seems to me that most Americans have a childlike fascination with pornography and toilet humor. His mother was a Russian Jew, but in the 1980s I wasn't concerned about a person being Jewish. I was aware that Israel was a fraud, but I didn't think that Jews were any different from the rest of us.

Bob eventually convinced my mother to marry him. She had been resisting, but he was very persistent and convincing. I had no objection to the marriage. In fact, he seemed to be a wonderful, generous man. After they got married, I met some of his children from his first marriage, and it turned out that I was the same age as one of his daughters, and she was in the same junior high and high school. She said she could remember me, but I couldn't remember her.

Bob had been working as an independent contractor for quite a few years, and we decided to work together. I became his only employee, although we sometimes had to hire somebody part-time or temporary. He knew of a company that needed some work, and he knew how to apply for government contracts, and so we wrote a few proposals, and got a few contracts. As is typical of contracts, we didn't get any significant money until the work was finished. At the end of one big contract I got a check for $58,000. I can't remember exactly what he told me, but he said something to the effect of how I should treat the money as a loan from his business, and then I don't have to pay any taxes on it, and I don't have to repay the loan. So, from the point of view of the IRS, I will be taking a $58,000 loan from his company, but I never bother to pay back the money. He told me that he does tricks like this all the time. However, it seemed illegal, so I reported it as income, and I paid taxes on it.

As I was working with Bob, I started to realize that he was unbelievably incompetent. In fact, everybody who read something that he had written on his own, such as a business proposal, would make a remark similar to, "How did he get a PhD? Don't students have to write a thesis in order to get a PhD?" I began complaining to my mother and my relatives that Bob was an incompetent, dishonest jerk. However, they didn't want to hear that.

I had to edit everything Bob wrote, even his ordinary letters. He would mess up the grammar, and he would make remarks that were confusing and vague. He couldn't spell very well, either. He would blame his troubles on "dyslexia", which he said he suffered from as a child, but I think he was suffering from a serious "mental defect". I sometimes get digits mixed up in phone numbers, but does that mean I have dyslexia? What is "dyslexia"?

I had to do almost all of the work that the company needed done. The only job that Bob was good at was sales. He was a very friendly person who liked to drink and socialize, and this made him a wonderful salesman. He was always smiling, cheerful, and promising whatever a person wanted, and he would tell people whatever they wanted to hear. He was what some people would describe as "happy-go-lucky". The fact that Bob got a PhD in psychology should be used as evidence that the social sciences are a joke, and being a "Rhodes Scholar" is meaningless.

Eventually I became so disgusted with Bob that when one of our contracts was finished, I abandoned him and started on my own business. He found somebody to replace me, but that person was a bit incompetent, also. Bob was helpless and hopeless, like Daryl Smith. When I stopped working with Smith, he found somebody to replace me, but he couldn't find anybody with any talent. His radio show began to fail. Likewise, when I stopped working with Bob, he couldn't get any more contracts, although he did find a wealthy man who was willing to invest some of his savings in one of Bob's crazy proposals.

My mother and relatives were not happy that I was abandoning Bob, and they were even more upset that I was referring to him as an incompetent, dishonest jerk who was exaggerating about his previous jobs. My relatives ignored me. This was in the late 1980s, before I had tried talking to my relatives about the 9/11 attack. I wasn't yet aware that most people truly can't handle the truth. I became so irritated with my relatives for not taking a serious look at Bob that eventually I wasn't talking much to them, not even to my mother. I can't remember the details any longer, but I remember yelling at my mother in a phone conversation, and then I hung up the phone.

Not surprisingly, years later, when I told my relatives that we were lied to about the 9/11 attack, they ignored or insulted me. Once again I found myself irritated with my relatives, and, once again, I ended up yelling at my mother over the phone and hanging up on her, but this time it was to yell at her to grow up and take a look at the 9/11 attack.

You might think that the reason I yelled at my mother is because I'm cruel, but I think it's because I care so much for her. When I don't like somebody, I don't try to help them. I was trying to help my mother realize that she married a parasitic, incompetent, dishonest jerk, and I also tried to help my mother realize that we were lied to about the 9/11 attack. But she didn't respond to my help, and I ended up getting frustrated and yelling at her. If I didn't like my mother, I never would have bothered trying to help her.

This is one of the problems that humans have; specifically, we try to help the people we care for. Unfortunately, many of them don't want our help. They would rather behave like stupid animals. As a result, we waste our time helping the sheeple, and sometimes we cause trouble for ourselves, and sometimes we hurt the entire human race. We have to learn to walk away from people who don't appreciate our help, even if they are people we love. We have to learn to turn our back on people who behave like animals, even if they are our close friends and relatives. We have to find and get together with humans, even if we don't know them, and even if they are another race or living in a different nation.

Getting back to the problems I had with Bob and my relatives, one day my grandmother decided to visit me. Her husband had died recently, and she lived in another city, and I think that she came to visit specifically to see me and hope that she could convince me to be friendly with my mother and Bob. She wanted to spend one night at my house, and I was willing to let her stay overnight, but I didn't bother to talk much with her. The next morning, either I was going to drive her back to my mother's house, or somebody was going to pick her up. I can't remember who was going to drive her back, but I remember telling her that she could wait outside in the front yard, and so she went outside and sat on a rock, and looked rather sad. I just ignored her. It's sad that I treated her like that, but it's appalling that my relatives and most of the human population has an inability to face reality.

Thousands of years ago fathers were concerned about who their daughters married. Even brothers were concerned about who their sisters were getting involved with. Today nobody cares what anybody does. Fathers today don't care if their daughters get married to a man who behaves like a savage, or has no source of income, or who is mentally ill. Brothers don't care what their sisters do, either. The end result is that a lot of the women are getting involved with parasites, predators, and freaks of all types, and they're often having babies with these freaks.

I could write a lot about Bob, but there was one particular event that all of this is leading up to. As I mentioned, after I abandoned Bob, he found a wealthy man to invest in his company. Meanwhile, my mother was finally realizing that Bob was indeed a dishonest jerk, and she soon divorced him. Bob began pursuing the sister of the man who was investing in his company. However, after some number of months it became obvious to the wealthy man that all of his money was being wasted, and so both he and his sister abandoned Bob. Bob closed his business since he had no source of income. He then found a woman with a job and convinced her to marry him, and she supported him financially.

Many years later, in the year 2000, I received a phone call from Bob. I can't remember exactly what he said, but he told me that the $58,000 loan that I took from this company hasn't been repaid. He said that he had contacted some lawyers, and he wanted to avoid a court case, so he was offering to be nice to me. He said that he would take ownership of my house, and in return he would rent the house to me. 

I told Bob that I had reported the money as income, but he told me that his records showed that there was a $58,000 loan that has not been repaid. I was wondering if he had fabricated some accounting records to make it look like I owed him $58,000, or if he was such an incompetent jerk that he actually thought he could fool me into turning my house over to him. I won't bother with all of the details, but I told him that I would look into the issue, and after a few more phone calls and letters, I eventually sent him proof that I had reported the money as income. He has not contacted me since.

Lessons to learn from Bob Hall and Anna Chapman
People like Bob and Anna Chapman are extremely friendly and generous. However, they are friendly only when they think they can benefit by being friendly, and they attack us when they think they will benefit by attacking us. We can't trust or depend on them. They are like parasites or predators. Furthermore, their ability to lie is incredible! Don't underestimate their ability to lie. Don't be an arrogant jerk who thinks that you have some magic ability to detect lies by watching a person's facial expression, voice, or mannerisms. I bet a lot of Jews would be able to pass lie detector tests. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if some of the more mentally ill among them end up becoming confused by their own lies in regards to what the truth is.

Another lesson to learn from both Bob and Chapman is that neither of them is capable of forming long-term, stable relationships with either men or women. They don't form "relationships"; rather, they exploit, abuse, and manipulate people. Bob would get involved with one woman after the next, like a flea that is chased from one dog to another. Chapman would go from one man to another. Ideally, before you get involved with a potential spouse or friend, you should look at their failed relationships. When you find a person who has been abandoned over and over, you should be careful because you may end up wanting to abandon him, also.

Furthermore, a lot of our first impressions about a person are correct. My mother didn't want to get married to Bob, but he was very persistent and convincing. This is a very common problem with women. They are easily convinced into believing that a man loves them simply because he shows them a lot of attention over a span of months or years.

A lot of women are fooled into thinking that a man who spends a lot of time with them is a man who loves them. This simply isn't true. Men and women can spend only a certain amount of time together before we get on each other's nerves. A man who spends a lot of time with a woman is a parasite; he is behaving like a flea who is clinging to a dog. Women are fools to think that these men love them.

Incidentally, I don't know anything about the Rhodes scholarships, but some people think that the Jews use it as a way of recruiting members to their crime network. If that is true, then perhaps the reason Bob was given a Rhodes scholarship was because the Jews thought he would become a valuable member of their network, but they abandoned him after discovering that he was too incompetent to be of any value. In other words, in addition to being abandoned by both men and women all throughout his life, he may have also been abandoned by the criminal Jews! When someone can't even meet the low standards of a crime network, that person is truly a loser.

Be careful of people who boast about their previous jobs
Bob would boast about being the manager of a project at some company he worked for, but what I've discovered is that sometimes the people who are promoted to management are incompetent people, and they were promoted because the company they worked for had trouble firing people, so they promoted some of the incompetent people simply to get them out of the way of the people who did the real work. However, since they end up in management, they fool people into thinking that they are the most talented member of the team, and they take credit for everything that the team does. They also get paid more money than everybody else. This situation is ridiculous! We need to raise standards for people in management positions.
Some background information on the Jews who try to manipulate me and my brother
If I can remember the details correctly, sometime around 2004, I got a phone call from Dr. Hal Kopeikin. (I mentioned him a few years ago here.)  He told me that he's a friend and neighbor of my brother. I personally don't know my brother's friends, even though we live near to one another. We don't have that much in common. 

Kopeikin told told me that my brother had given him my video about 9/11. He told me that he has not watched it, but he thinks his wife may have watched it. He told me that I should get in contact with a woman named Penny Little, who is also interested in the 9/11 issue. Penny Little lives a few streets away from my brother and Kopeikin. I thought it was strange that my video would inspire him to call me and tell me to get in touch with somebody else who is also trying to expose the 9/11 attack when he didn't even bother to look at my video, but years earlier I had come to the conclusion that most of the people in the psychology field were crazy, so I assumed that he was just too emotionally weak to deal with the "conspiracy theories".

At the time I didn't know anything about Kopeikin or Penny Little, but I've since discovered that Kopeikin is a Zionist Jew, and he is an extremely strong supporter of the wars in the Middle East. I now suspect that he actually did watch my video, and he probably told his Jewish friends about my video, but he pretended that he did not see my video, and he pretended that he wasn't sure if his wife had seen my video, so that he could avoid questions about 9/11 and my video. I also discovered that Kopeikin had a television show on our local public television station, but a couple years ago he was forced to leave because he was becoming too hysterical in his support of the Mideast wars.

Penny Little has also turned out to be just another Zionist agent who mixes propaganda with her videos. She lives in a large house with some other roommates and a man that I suppose could be described as her "boyfriend", although since he wears women's clothing, I'm not sure if they're just friends or if there is more to it than that. Also, judging by the Jewish paraphernalia on the doorway of the house, somebody in the house is Jewish.

When Christopher Bollyn and his family stayed at my house many years ago, Penny Little invited him over to her house, where she has a small video studio in the backyard, and she interviewed him for her video about the cheating during the elections. She has also interviewed David Ray Griffin about the 9/11 attack (he also lives in the same neighborhood), but she will not interview me, and she was not interested in interviewing Bollyn about issues that expose the Jewish involvement in crimes.

So, the background information that I want you to keep in mind is that ever since January 2002, when I first got involved with exposing the 9/11 attack, Jews have been contacting me by e-mail, phone, and in person. And they have been trying to become my friend and manipulate me. I must've been contacted by hundreds, possibly thousands of them. And they have also been trying to manipulate my brother, and I suspect that some of them have even been working on my cousins.

They have a gigantic network around the world, and whenever one of us tries to expose their crimes, they ask one another if anybody knows us, lives near us, knows any of our relatives, or works at the same company as us. And they begin the process of trying to become our friend. They try to manipulate our opinions, trick us into doing or saying something embarrassing, nasty, crude, or idiotic in order to ruin our image, and they look for information that they can use, such as to set us up for financial ruin, getting fired from our job, divorced, suicide, accidental death, murder, or kidnapping.


Why is a Jewish man in love with my niece?
Now consider that my brother has a daughter, Alyssa, who just started college. A few months ago she fell in love with a man who also just began college at Cal Poly. His name is Max Ross, and he's a Jew, and he also has a slightly slanted forehead! What are the chances that he, his family members, and their relatives don't yet know who I am, and that I am routinely criticizing both Jews and Neanderthals? My niece has the same last name as me, so I would bet that he and his family know that she is my niece.
Is Max Ross really in love with my niece? Or is he only pretending to be in love with her? Is his true goal to get into our family for diabolical reasons? Am I "paranoid" when I wonder if Max Ross is just a male version of Monica Lewinsky or Anna Chapman? Is my niece involved with an extremely dangerous criminal? Is Max Ross hoping to get information that he and the other Jews can use to arrange for me to be kidnapped or murdered? Am I getting carried away with these paranoid thoughts?

I have strong emotional feelings for my mother, so I wanted to help her realize that Bob was an incompetent jerk, but I'm not going to waste my time trying to warn Alyssa to be careful. Let the Jews persue her, and even get her pregnant. Her parents don't care, so why should I? I am more interested in finding more advanced humans who want to create a better world. I don't want to waste my time with sheep.

Your relatives don't care about you!
Some people might describe me as "cruel" for not warning my niece that she should be careful with Jews, but why should I worry about her? None of my relatives want to hear what I have to say, so why should I waste my time telling them my opinions? They don't want my opinions! They ridicule me, not listen to me.

Furthermore, if the Jews were to kidnap or murder me, do you think any of my relatives would do anything to help me? I don't think so. Look at the neighbors and relatives of Christopher Bollyn. What are they doing to help the Bollyn family or the human race? What are they doing to stop future kidnappings and murders?

It's important that you take this issue seriously. We are in a very dangerous battle with these Jews. They have been killing, kidnapping, blackmailing, raping, and torturing people for centuries. They instigate racial fights, wars, and fights between men and women. We are not going to defeat them if we waste our time feeling sorry for sheeple who don't care! When your house is on fire, you save what is valuable, not your bag of trash.

My brother's family is not valuable to me. The people who are valuable to me are, unfortunately, people I don't know, such as the people who are helping to fight the crime network. Those are the people I need to protect, although since I don't know them, I can't directly help them. But if I discover who some of them are, I will help them if I can.

The majority of people don't want to deal with the problems of the modern world. They want to play, like children. They want to titillate themselves, like an animal. They want to ignore the complex problems of the modern world and live like a primitive savage.

Most of our relatives are like balls and chains around our legs. Those of us who want to create a better world need to walk away from our relatives and get together with the more advanced people. If you allow yourself to feel sorry for your relatives or friends, you're going to hurt yourself and the human race.

We should spread information to everybody, and give everybody a fair chance to have access to this information, but when people refuse to deal with the information, turn your back on them and walk away. Don't let them drag you into their cesspool of television, pornography, gambling, alcohol, or whatever they happen to be involved with. Find a better group of people.

You have to discriminate about who you protect and care for. You have to become like a gardener. You should take care of the flowers, not the weeds. You should take care of people who are valuable, not the jerks, criminals, retards, or sheep.

Where do "Beauty and the Beast" stories come from?

The plot in some books and movies is that a beautiful, intelligent, well behaved woman falls in love with an ugly, crude man. Who created these stories? And why?

Have you ever noticed how many of the rich and famous men are ugly Neanderthals, but many of their wives are beautiful humans? Take a look at some of the marriages in Hollywood, most of which seem to fail after a few years when the woman gets tired of her crude husband.

I suspect that the "Beauty and Beast" stories came about as a result of the mixing of crude people with advanced humans. The people who look, speak, eat, and behave like primitive savages have been shunned throughout history. The human women do not consider the Neanderthal men to be physically attractive, and they don't like their crude feeding habits, their inability to speak properly, their toilet humor, their lewd remarks, etc. And so the Neanderthal men are often pouting, becoming envious, having temper tantrums, and sabotaging their competitors. They like to believe that behind their crude exterior is a wonderful man. They also frequently daydream of a beautiful woman ignoring their disgusting qualities and falling in love with them.

If the crude people would be happy with their own women, we might not have a problem with them, but they want our women. Unfortunately, they can't compete with us. Nobody fantasizes about a prince or a princess who looks like a Neanderthal, or who has trouble pronouncing words, or who has sloppy table manners.

It's not practical to mix advanced humans with crude savages. The crude man will want the more advanced women, but how can they attract them? They will have to use deception, or find some way to stimulate a woman's emotions. For example, women are attracted to dominant men, so if a crude man can acquire lots of money or fame, then he can stimulate a woman into thinking that he is one of the important, dominant men. Also, women are titillated by men who show a lot of interest in them, so a crude man can stimulate a woman by following her around, sending her flowers and gifts, and basically behaving like a puppy dog.

The remarks by Julianne Hough are still in my mind; Specifically, her remarks about how Ryan Seacrest is "persistent", and how she was pursued by him ever since she was 18, and that her initial reaction to him was essentially, "get out of my life". Her remarks remind me of what I saw my mother and other women go through.

If Larry King was more Neanderthal:
Yes, Larry Kings photo has been edited

If Ryan Seacrest was more Neanderthal:
edited with Neanderthal image

When something seems too good to be true...
I discovered many years ago that because I never went to college or made much money, neither men nor women are impressed by me. They assume I'm some type of an idiot with no "initiative".  Most women are very concerned and aware of a man's job title, income level, and position in the social hierarchy. Ryan Seacrest has what women want; namely, wealth, fame, and status. He could easily find a wife and get married. So what is he waiting for? 
Julianne Hough's remarks  (I mentioned them here on my Neanderthal page) and the fact that he is still single (he will be 36 years old in Dec 2010) reminds me of when I was perhaps 14 years old and would fantasize about having sex with every attractive girl. I eventually grew up, but a lot of men seem to remain in an infantile state forever. I decided to scan through the Wikipedia entry for Seacrest, and I noticed a remark by Simon Cowell that the secret to Seacrest's success is that "Ryan has the appeal of a dog that has been rescued from the pound".

Is that a compliment? A normal man has a life of his own. However, the "puppy dog behavior" is exactly what I've seen with a lot of Jews who have tried to become my friend. Women are especially susceptible to this behavior. Women become excited by men who spend hours a day following them around, and giving them compliments, smiles, gifts, and flowers. Women are easily fooled into thinking that this behavior is evidence that the man is truly in love.

I suppose Julianne Hough is thinking to herself, "Gosh, I'm so lucky that Ryan hasn't gotten married yet!" But is she really lucky? When a woman meets a man who is rich and famous, and who has had unbelievable opportunities to meet women for many years, she ought to wonder how it is possible that he has remained single for so many years. Why have all of his previous relationships failed? She should wonder if her relationship will be successful, or if she will become "Failed relationship #623".

I have become very suspicious of "predators"
Ever since 2002, strangers have been trying to become my friend. They were extremely nice and friendly to me, but they didn't know me! Some of them even told me that they would love to have me stay over at their house if I was visiting their city, and they would offer this after only a couple brief e-mails.

When a person shows an intense interest in you, and they don't know you, your reaction should be to wonder what they are truly attracted to. Don't let your arrogance interfere with your ability to understand the situation. Don't be fooled into thinking that you are so special that strangers truly fall in love with you.

How can a man be in love with a woman, or vice versa, when they don't know them? Julianne Hough said that Ryan Seacrest began pursuing her at age 18. She should seriously look back at her life at age 18 and ask herself, "Did I meet him during my 18th year? Is that when he got to know me and fell in love with me? How much time did we spend together when I was 18? How well did he get to know me?" My suspicion is that he was simply waiting for her to become 18 so that nobody could accuse him of being a pedophile.

 Men can help women select men, and vice versa
Throughout most of human history, fathers and brothers have been helping their daughter select men. Furthermore, the women have been helping men select women. The reason that we can help one another select a spouse is because we see our own sex in a different manner. However, the feminists are encouraging women to follow their emotions, not to consider their father's advice, or look for a man who can take care of them.

All of us men know what Ryan Seacrest is thinking. He can easily fool the women with gifts, money, smiles, and the rest of his tricks, but he can't fool any of us men. We know exactly what fantasies are going through his mind. Of course, it is possible that his fantasies are more infantile and/or perverted than yours and mine, but even so, we know what he's thinking! The difference between us men is not too great; it's not like the difference between a human and a butterfly.

Likewise, a woman can easily fool a man, but it's more difficult for her to fool other women. This is why it's important for men to listen to what women have to say about one another. For example, I suspect that most women would have been able to warn Mel Gibson to stay away from Oksana Grigorieva.

When I was a child, everything was fun; there were no responsibilities. I wanted to eat whatever tasted good, and I would have fantasies of M&Ms and milk chocolate. After I became sexually mature, I would fantasize of sex, but only for the entertainment, not because I wanted the responsibilities of marriage or raising children. Animals are also irresponsible. Just like human children, animals will eat whatever tastes good to them, and they do whatever titillates their emotions. Animals have no sense of responsibility.

Adult humans in this modern world have to be better than animals and children. We can't eat whatever tastes good, and men can't have sex with every woman that attracts our attention. Men today need to be capable of forming more serious, more stable, more responsible relationships with both men and women.

Unfortunately, as children become adults, we differ in how responsible we become; we differ in how well adapted we become to this modern world. The remarks about Ryan Seacrest that were made by Julianne Hough and other people, and Seacrest's other relationships and behavior, remind me of when I was 14 years old, not as I am today.

I and other men know what Seacrest is thinking when he looks at Julianne Hough. I think the same thoughts, but I could never bring myself to deceiving her or any other woman simply so that I could use them for entertainment. Incidentally, this brings up a very interesting issue. If a man were to honestly tell a woman about the fantasies that run through his mind, I think most women would have a difficult time dealing with it. Women, at least when they're young, occasionally make remarks about how they want honesty, but I suspect that women have more trouble handling reality than men. If women could read minds, I think they would have an extremely difficult time getting through life!

Women don't seem to care about reality. Their opinions about the world seem to be based on their fantasies, not on serious observations of the real world. In fact, they frequently make a remark such as "I like to believe..." We can't believe what we like to believe. We have to believe what the evidence suggests.

Is life better for men or women? For adults or children?
This issue doesn't have any particular relevance, but you might find it interesting to think about. When I was a child, I wanted to be like Peter Pan and never grow up. When I was a teenager I would wonder what would happen if it were possible for me to experience life with a female mind, and I wondered if I would prefer being female, or if I would be grateful that I am not. And I wondered what women would think if they had a chance to experience life with a man's mind. Would they prefer being men or women? Is life better as a child or as an adult? Is life better as a male or a female?

It's possible that if we could experience life as both male and female, we would come to the conclusion that life is equally pleasant for both men and women, and that the most important aspect of life is the quality of our mind and whether we are around people that we enjoy. Life is miserable for both men and women when their minds or bodies are not functioning properly or when they are in miserable environments, but life may be equally wonderful if we have healthy minds and bodies and a pleasant environment to live in.

I am not trying to hurt Ryan Seacrest; he is just an example
I used Margaret Cho as an example in my previous file. It's important to keep in mind that I mention specific people simply because they attracted my attention for some reason. It's the concepts that are important, not the actual people. In this particular case, I'm using Seacrest as an example of why we should be careful about people who are pursuing us. Everybody has to be aware of this concept, especially women who are very attractive, or people who are rich or famous.
Who were the vampires and leeches after Michael Jackson? 
Another example of why everybody has to be serious about this issue of being pursued is this remark made in June 2009 by Lisa Presley about the reasons she got divorced from Michael Jackson:
I became very ill and emotionally/ spiritually exhausted in my quest to save him from certain self-destructive behavior and from the awful vampires and leeches he would always manage to magnetize around him.

I was in over my head while trying

She tried to help Jackson deal with the "vampires and leeches", but perhaps he didn't understand the concept, or perhaps he was too overwhelmed with life to deal with it.

It would be useful if we could identify and analyze the "vampires and leeches" who were pursuing Jackson. Are they a particular race of people? Are they the people who refer to themselves as Jews? Do they resemble Neanderthals?  I suggest that everybody start taking a close look at the people who are vampires, leeches, parasites, and predators.
Are there really some Hollywood "Star Whackers"?
In September 2010, Randy Quaid and his wife were arrested for living in a house that they no longer had ownership of. They were released after posting bail. A month later they were arrested in Canada for immigration violations. They are now claiming that they want to escape America because there are some Hollywood "Star Whackers" trying to kill them. No matter how you look at this situation, it's evidence that something is seriously wrong with America and Hollywood.  Here are some possibilities:
1) This is a trick to justify their crimes.
They may be making this up simply to have an excuse to get away with their crimes. If so, then the police in America and Canada are fools to allow them to succeed.

2) There really is an assassination squad in Hollywood.
If there really is such an assassination squad, then the police should be investigating who the squad is, and who they work for. 

3) This is a trick to create fear of Jews.
As is typical of the people who become whistleblowers, ex-CIA agents, truth seekers, and crime investigators, the Quaids have nothing intelligent to say about the 9/11 attack, or the lies about the Holocaust, or the Apollo moon landing, and I'm sure they wouldn't dare mention that they were living in the same city as "Eric Hufschmid". I don't think they would dare mention my name.

I suspect that the Jews really are killing, kidnapping, raping, blackmailing, and lying to people in Hollywood, government, and business on a regular basis. However, I don't think Randy Quaid or his wife are trying to expose or stop this abuse. Rather, I suspect that they are in desperate financial shape, and the Jews offered to help them in return for their assistance in promoting fear among people in Hollywood. I think the Jews are simply trying to frighten the people in Hollywood into thinking that there is an assassination squad roaming the streets and killing everybody who dares to resist the Jews.

I have an audio excerpt of an actor, Dirk Benedict (here,  240 Kb), claiming that there are hundreds of murders in Hollywood. However, the people who talk about the murders - including Dirk Benedict - may not be trying to expose or stop the murders. Rather, some of them may release this information as a way of frightening people in Hollywood. Here are some interesting aspects of the Quaid situation to keep in mind:

1) Quaid wrote the message on a scrap of paper.
Their method of announcing the assassination squad was to write a note on a scrap of paper, give it to their lawyer, and let the lawyer read the remark.  Our legal system is designed so that people are pressured to let lawyers speak for them, but the Quaids had lots of opportunities to expose details about the assassinations, and to talk about 9/11, the Holocaust lies, and the Apollo moon landing. If I was in their situation - if I had all that publicity - I would be talking until the Jews turned off their cameras and walked away in fear. And if any of the policemen started to hide or become uncomfortable, I would tell them that they are behaving like children who are frightened of a dark room.

What would you do if you were trying to escape from an assassination squad and you were given television publicity? Would you talk about it in such a strange manner? Also, if the Quaids were truly trying to expose the Jews, why would the Jews give them so much publicity?

2) The Hollywood executives don't seem to care
It's possible that Hollywood executives are ignoring the Quaids because they regard his remarks as idiotic, but I suspect that they don't want to defend themselves because they are hoping that these rumors will spread quietly among the blackmailed Hollywood puppets and create fear among them.

When you sleep with dogs, you get bit by fleas
If a person is willing to deceive us into marriage or friendship, he should be classified as a con artist, a criminal, or a psycho, and he should be considered dangerous. Bob Hall and Oksana Grigorieva are examples. These people are friendly, happy, and kind while they are pursuing us, but once we get tired of them, they can become angry, spiteful, and nasty. Take a look at what Mel Gibson is going through right now. Also, take a look at these remarks from Christina Aguilera about her recent divorce:
“It’s not easy, and there have been a lot of tears and sadness,” 

“It’s impossible to redefine yourself and your life overnight. Thankfully, I have my mom and a small group of close friends who are there for me 24/7 and whom I can trust and depend on. On days when it feels impossible to even get out of bed, much less function as a mother, their support and encouragement have kept me moving forward.”

“Out of respect for my husband, I prefer to keep the specifics private. Right now, I’m just trying to figure out how to make it through each day.”

“Thankfully, I have Max to keep me on a sane path. His needs and happiness are my top priorities, and my biggest concern is to protect him and make him feel safe.”

If Jordan Bratman was more Neanderthal:
Edited with Neanderthal face
Lots of people get divorced, but is it typical for people to make remarks like that? For example, her biggest concern is "protecting" her son, Max, and making him "feel safe", but protecting him from what? And making him feel safe from what? And why is it difficult for her to get through each day? She doesn't have any financial problems, she doesn't have to worry about being so ugly, sickly, or old that she cannot find another man. So what is her problem? Why is her divorce so traumatic? Is she psychotic? Or is there something psychotic about the relationship? Her remarks make it appear as if her life is falling apart, but most people don't have anywhere near as lucky of a situation as she does. So why is she crying?
Extremely rich or famous people should be investigated, not admired
As I mentioned in my article about Michael Jackson, Simon Cowell was reported to have an income of $144 million a year, and Oprah Winfrey made almost twice as much during one year! How do you explain individual people getting that much money? I haven't investigated many of the people who are rich and famous, but the few people I have looked closely at seem to have connections to criminals, but not just any criminals. Rather, the Jewish criminals who are connected to the 9/11 attack, the world wars, and Zionism. Katy Perry's music video is even more evidence that the only people who become extremely rich and famous are people who have joined the Jewish crime network.

Therefore, when a woman finds herself in love with a wealthy and famous man, she should ask herself, "Why is this man so rich and famous?" Women should stop being impressed by a man's money and fame and start looking at the source of that money and fame. If a man became rich and famous from crime, inheritances, gambling, or investments, he hasn't earned his position.

It looks to me as if Julianne Hough and her brother Derek became famous because they truly have a talent. (They also have nice personalities and appearances.) Ryan Seacrest must also have some talent or he never would have been allowed to become rich and famous, but the Jews allow him almost free reign on television and radio. Everybody should be wondering why he has the Jewish stamp of approval. The Jews won't even mention my name, but Seacrest, who has nothing intelligent to say about any subject, is allowed to be a host for a talk show, and he gets all sorts of other publicity. How do you explain this?
Respectable men do not behave like puppy dogs or women
I don't think it's a coincidence that the feminist movement has been encouraging women to believe that they should look for men who they can talk to for hours, just like a female friend. A normal man does not behave in this manner. However, when women are fooled into thinking that the ideal man will spend hours talking to her and giving her gifts, then the crude men can get women simply by following them around and acting like a puppy dog.

The men should protect their daughters by providing them with guidance, but as I mentioned before, most men today are so out of place in modern society that they can't even have a calm discussion about the Jewish involvement in the 9/11 attack.

I don't know Ryan Seacrest, so he may be a respectable man, but during the past few years I've become very sensitive to people who look like Neanderthals, have crude behavior, or who seem abnormally interested in becoming our friend or spouse. My recommendation is for everybody to be suspicious of a person who seems "too good to be true". Keep in mind the concept that I discussed in Part_2 of my audio file for 21 Nov 2009. Namely, that we should put everybody into an "acid bath".  A man who is as wonderful as he claims to be will be happy that we take a close look at him because that's the only way we will realize that he is what he claims to be.

Women today have to be suspicious of men who are "abnormal" in their persistence, or their puppy dog behavior. Fleas are persistent, but not because they love the animal that they're sucking blood from. Puppy dogs are friendly, but only because they want food and attention, not because they're capable of forming an advanced relationship with a human.

Where did "Ugly Duckling" stories come from?
The aspect of the "Ugly Duckling" story that I find interesting is that it's not simply about a child that looks uglier than the other children. Rather, it's about a child that is a different species than the others, and it becomes a much larger creature when it's older. What would inspire a human to create a story like this?

It's possible that some human observed something similar to this in nature, such as when a bird raises an egg from another bird, or when an animal raises the baby of another animal. However, it's possible that this story came about as a result of interbreeding between different races of humans, such as humans and Neanderthals.

It's very likely that women in prehistoric times were occasionally seduced or raped by a Neanderthal, and then one of her children was partly Neanderthal. That child would have had more crude behavior and a different physical appearance.

Imagine if Julianne Hough is not related to Neanderthals, and Ryan Seacrest is. In such a case, if they have a child, their child will be partly Neanderthal. If she then gets involved with a man who is her own race, then her subsequent children will resemble her and her family members. Her child with Seacrest will be the "Ugly Duckling" who looks and behaves different from the others.

Now imagine this situation happening centuries ago, before people had any understanding of genetics. Imagine a woman being seduced or raped by a Neanderthal, but never telling her husband. One of their children ends up looking and behaving differently from the others, and her husband assumes that it's his child. Since there were no laws against killing babies, he may have been tempted to kill the strange child. However, the adults in society who had been ugly ducklings but who were allowed to grow up and become adults would be upset at the thought of people killing their ugly children. They wouldn't understand why they or other children were so much uglier than the others, but they would be likely to put pressure on society to feel sorry for the ugly children rather than kill them.

Do Neanderthals have bland personalities?

On February 24, 2010, Nigel Farage, a British government official, complained about the President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, at a meeting of European leaders. Among his remarks are:

“But really, you have the charisma of a damp rag, and the appearance of the low grade bank clerk. And the question that I want to ask, is, who are you? I've never heard of you. Nobody in Europe had ever heard of you. I would like to ask you, president, who voted for you?”

A video and transcript is here.

Nigel Farage, left, and Herman Van Rompuy
After Nigel Farage finished complaining about Van Rompuy (here of my Neanderthal pages), a representative from Germany, Martin Schulz, criticized Nigel Farage. Schulz is another Neanderthal who I complained about in 2009 here, and I included a picture of him fooling around with Daniel Cohn Bendit, a European official who is considered a pedophile.

Is it just a coincidence that some of us consider the Neanderthals to have dreary personalities and unpleasant visual appearances? I don't think so. We can also see this on television. The Neanderthals do an excellent job of playing criminals, monsters, and freaks, but most of them don't do well in roles in which they need to appeal to us. Most of them have unpleasant physical appearances and/or unpleasant personalities. I also don't even like the "whiny" voices that a lot of Jewish women have.

Are some people "better lovers"?
Although people like to joke about this issue, this is an important topic. Why do some people complain about the way other people show affection, kiss, or make love? Is there such a thing as a "great lover"? Is there such a thing as a "great kisser"? I don't think so. I think people are misinterpreting the situation.

Consider the issue of eating dinner. Is there such a thing as a person who is better at eating dinner than another person? It should be obvious that the answer is no. However, there are some people that you enjoy eating dinner with more than others. Those particular people will seem to be better dinner partners. But it's not because they eat better. Rather, it's a compatibility issue. You will enjoy spending dinner with people who have compatible eating habits and compatible personalities.

Likewise, I don't think there is such a thing as a "good" kisser or a "good" lover. Rather, it is a compatibility issue. If you are compatible with the person, then they will seem wonderful to you. It's possible that some races kiss or make love in a manner that only people of that particular race find appealing.

This issue is complicated by the fact that some people are ignorant or awkward, and this can interfere with their behavior. The same would be true of having dinner with people. If a person that you were having dinner with was very uncomfortable, perhaps because he wasn't sure how to use the utensils properly, or because he was nervous around you, then his table manners may seem strange to you, or awkward. Likewise, when a person doesn't know much about the issue of sex, he may be awkward, uncomfortable, and nervous, which in turn can make the relationship miserable.

The "melting pot" philosophy is unrealistic.
What if an advanced city had no immigration restrictions?
Try to visualize an advanced city in which beautiful homes and buildings are mixed among parks, gardens, and artificial creeks. Imagine that the power lines and major transportation systems are underground. The city is full of decorative walkways and bike paths, and even the bridges are beautiful works of art.
Imagine yourself visiting the city and discovering that the people are polite and responsible. The children often wander around by themselves because there is so little crime that the children respect the adults rather than fear them. Imagine a city without much crime, homelessness, orphans, or any other problems.

If there were such a city in the world right now, and if there were no restrictions on immigration, wouldn't you be tempted to move to it? This might help you to understand what has been happening to the advanced cities of the world during the past few thousand years. Enormous numbers of crude people have been attracted to the advanced cities and the nicely behaved people, but those crude people don't truly fit in. They become misfits, criminals, and parasites.

The crude men are likely to prefer the advanced women rather than their own crude women, but they would need to be persistent and deceptive in order to attract the higher quality women. They would encourage secrecy rather than honesty, and they would encourage women to pick a husband without asking for their father's advice. The crude women would also have to be deceptive in order to trick an advanced man into marriage.

The crude people would not encourage high standards of behavior. Instead, they would promote the philosophy of "tolerance", "forgiveness", and of feeling sorry for the "Underdog". Many of them might prefer bartering for items and demanding free samples. And imagine some of them refusing to learn the language or the culture of the city. Through the centuries, their crude attitudes and destructive behavior would have a detrimental effect on the culture of the city, and their interbreeding with the more advanced people would ruin the quality of the people.

Let different people have their own societies
When I was a child, I enjoyed the fart jokes and the constant sexual titillation, but I got fed up with it by the end of my teenage years. If a significant percentage of the population is also tired of this endless toilet humor, then why can't we have television shows, businesses, schools, and even entire cities that are more appropriate for our personalities? Why do the people who want  toilet humor and sexual titillation have to dominate the entire world?

The sexual titillation and toilet humor is everywhere in our society, and it is constant, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For example, some people in the media are referring to kissing as "swapping spit" (such as this and this), or "sucking face" (such as this). When I was a young child, I may have enjoyed those expressions, but I don't think they're funny as an adult. And the sexual titillation is so pervasive that we even see it as we  drive down the city streets because it's on billboards, and it's also in the windows of retail stores. There is no way to avoid it. The women dress like prostitutes on almost every television show, including the shows for children such as MTV and Sesame Street. I would have loved this behavior when I was a child, but now I think that if adults want pornography, they should look at pornography.

Photo to the left:
The host of Dancing with the Stars, Brooke Burke.

Photo to the right:
Katy Perry on Sesame Street. The episode was removed after parents complained, but nobody complains about the sexual titillation that is even more extreme on other television shows.

Are the women on television being forced to behave like this? Or is this what they actually prefer? It's possible that the interest in toilet humor and constant sexual titillation will vanish as soon as we destroy the Jewish crime network. However, it's also possible that a very large percentage of the population actually enjoys that type of life, in which case, I think the only solution is to separate the different races so that the people who enjoy  toilet humor can have their own societies and be able to relax and do as they please without people like me complaining about them.
By allowing every society to be different, the people who enjoy toilet humor can create "Dancing with the Whores" in which the hosts dress in sexual costumes, such as a vagina outfit, and the people perform sex acts during their dances. They could also create "Sexame Street" in which the puppets have perverted sex.
Even when we set up a lot of different societies and allow them to be different, we will not be able to please everybody, but remember, our goal should not be achieving perfection. Our goal should be to bring improvements to the world. And we can certainly improve upon the situation that we have right now. We can certainly please more people than we are today.
Is teenage prostitution increasing? And if so, why?
If the news reports are even partly accurate, then it's possible that teenage prostitution has increased from when I was a teenager. Have you noticed the behavior of some of the children today? For example, have you seen the reports by Sharlene Azam

Warning: I don't know if Azam is accurate or honest. Hopefully you have looked through my website and are aware of the "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing Trick". The Jewish media will not give publicity to people like me. They give publicity to their wolves, and to the people they have control over through blackmail and bribery. The Jews want you to get information from their agents rather than from people they are trying to suppress. This allows the criminals to have some influence over people's opinions.  Furthermore, if people contact Azam in order to provide her with information about this type of prostitution, then the Jews know who has information about these crimes, and what information they have. This allows the Jews to set people up for blackmail, financial ruin, suicide, accidents, or bribery. It also allows the Jews to offer those pedophiles a job in government, police departments, and universities.

Even though Azam may be a wolf in sheep's clothing, and/or distorting the truth, it seems to me - based on the high school students and college students that I've encountered during the past decade - that the teenagers today - as a group - have lower morale and are more involved with casual sex. Therefore, it's quite possible that they are also more involved with prostitution.

There are different ways to explain the increase in casual sex and teenage prostitution. It could be entirely due to the decrease in morale. Some of the girls today may be looking at their mothers, aunts, and other adult women and noticing that a very large percentage of women end up having a lot of different sexual partners during their lives because they can't find just one man to settle down with. Most women today have lots of failed, miserable relationships. Therefore, some of the younger girls may be coming to the conclusion that since they are likely to have lots of failed relationships also, why not charge for the sex? Why do it for free?

Another way to explain the increase in teenage prostitution is that the human race is degrading into a more primitive creature that follows its emotions more than its intellect. The genetic degradation would be due to the accumulation of defects as a result of defective people reproducing, and the interbreeding with crude races.

Some people are pleasant, others are angry, envious, or psychotic
When I was in my early 20s I was at a restaurant with four or five other people. As I watched the waitress ask each of us for our order, I was thinking that she had an unusually cheerful, pleasant personality, and I was thinking that the world would be noticably nicer if more people were like her. At the time I was still young and expecting to get married, and she stimulated fantasies of having a wonderful life with a pleasant woman.

After she walked away from us, one of the men at our table made the remark, "I hate happy people." I can still remember the extreme contrast between our reactions to that woman. She was so friendly and cheerful that she stimulated both of us, but in my case, she stimulated pleasant thoughts and fantasies, whereas he became upset by her.

It was my first encounter with a man who seemed like just another, ordinary man, but there was something about his personality that I found unpleasant. At that time I wasn't paying any attention to a person's physical shape, but my faint memory of him is that he was short and stocky, so perhaps he was one of those men who resemble Neanderthals.

When I meet women that I am attracted to, I wish they were attracted to me, but I don't hate them if they ignore me, and I don't become angry or envious of the men who they are interested in. I don't try to sabotage their relationships. I find a way to quietly deal with the rejection. I don't waste my time fantasizing about killing or blackmailing the men who they are interested in.

However, there are some men who become angry when they don't get what they want, and they become envious of people who have what they want. These men are behaving like animals, such as a pet dog that will not eat its own food and takes food from the other dog. Instead of quietly accepting their particular life, they hate or pout, and sometimes they murder, bribe, blackmail, cheat, or deceive in order to get what they want.

Some of us deal with our problems quietly, and we continue to have pleasant thoughts.

Other people react to problems with envy, murder, self mutilation, rape, torture, and pouting.

None of us has the life that we wish we had. We all have to make compromises all throughout our lives. However, some people have trouble dealing with life's problems and making compromises. Our natural tendency is to feel sorry for the unhappy, violent, and destructive people, but that doesn't help them, and it doesn't help us.

As I mentioned in one of my Social Technology articles (here), we should try to understand and identify the miserable people, and then remove them from society before they cause trouble. Some people may be defective as a result of pollution interfering with fetal development, in which case we can reduce the problem by cleaning up the environment, but regardless of whether a person's problem is environmental, a genetic mistake, or a characteristic of their particular race, we shouldn't allow them to ruin our lives, or reproduce. It's not our fault that they are miserable, but it is our fault if we allow them to be destructive and reproduce. We have to be more responsible and start dealing with the people who are troublesome.

Criminals and parasites are contaminating our DNA
When crude people reproduce with more advanced humans, I wouldn't describe them as "having babies". Rather, I would describe the situation as "contaminating human DNA". I'm sure some people will consider my remark to be cruel or arrogant, but if anybody complains about it, tell them to contact both Jimmy Walter and Christopher Bollyn. Both of those men have contact information at their websites. Try to arrange for a phone conversation, or a meeting with those men. That should help you realize that there really is a crime network that is so incredibly disgusting that we have to wonder, are they really human like the rest of us? Or contact Peter Kawaja, who I wrote about here, and who, at the top his website, has the claim:

September-02 2010: Peter Kawaja is still alive

Would you put a remark like that on the top of your website? Please seriously consider the possibility that there truly are people in this world who are extremely dangerous, deceptive, dishonest, violent, sexually disturbed, and untrustworthy. There are creatures who are murdering, kidnapping, torturing, cheating, deceiving, and raping us on a regular basis. Many of these destructive people are in our government, schools, police departments, military, businesses, and media. And they all seem very friendly and honest. It's very important to learn more about them, learn their tricks, and help find people who want to get them out of our lives.

We have become dominated by angry, psychotic, miserable people
I think a lot of the people who have risen to the top of society are miserable, crude, and disgusting people who have gotten into these positions because they either can't or won't do anything respectable for a living, or they are miserable people who are searching for happiness, and hoping to find it through money, fame, and sex. More evidence that we are dominated by miserable people are the violent and angry expressions they use. Children are growing up with these expressions, so all of us pick them up without realizing where they come from, or who started them. For example, when the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico was being plugged, a lot of people on television were referring to it as "killing" the well rather than "plugging" the well or "sealing" the well. The word "kill" should be used to describe what we do with criminals, not what we do with oil wells. 

When we don't know how to pronounce a word or a person's name, some people say, "I will probably murder his name, but ...", rather than "I'm not sure how to pronounce his name, but...", or, "I may mispronounce his name, but..."

This may seem to be an silly complaint, but imagine everybody using the word kill or murder all the time. Imagine conversations in your home and at work in which people are talking about killing the lights rather than turning off the lights, murdering the computer rather than turning off the computer, killing the oven rather than turning off the oven, killing the garden hose rather than turning off the water, murdering the trash rather than taking the trash to the garbage can, killing the door rather than shutting the door, and murdering your cell phone rather than turning off your cell phone. Some people would probably enjoy those type of conversations, but after a few months, I think most adults would become so irritated that we would be tempted to yell "Stop it! Murder all of those violent expressions!"

We avoid the people who irritate us
One of the reasons that we are not bothered by all of the disgusting people in the world is that we isolate ourselves from them and associate only with people that we enjoy. This makes our lives nicer, but it prevents us from realizing just how bad the people around us really are. Therefore, it's important to realize that we cannot judge the world according to the small, artificial world that we have created for ourselves. We have to take a look at the people we are avoiding.

The people with mental problems don't want a "normal" job or a "normal" life. Their misery causes them to forever seek relief; to "pursue happiness". Since we don't have high standards for people in leadership positions, many of these psychotic people end up in influential positions in government, sales, the media, churches, schools, and entertainment. They can make an enormous amount of money, which allows them to have tremendous influence over the economy. Once these psychotic people get into leadership positions, their psychotic attitudes influence society. Their disgusting expressions and their toilet humor, for example, alters our culture. However, since we are not aware of those people, we may not notice that they are slowly causing society to degrade.

A melting pot? Or a garden?

We have lots of options for our future, so inspire people to think about these issues!


Consider the concept of the earth as a garden,
and human societies as separate patches of flowers.


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