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19 Aug 2007


When faced with danger, an opossum will pretend to be dead.

The neighbors of Christopher Bollyn ignored his mysterious arrest. When are people going to act like humans instead of opossums?

The US military is destroying Iraq, Afghanistan, and themselves. The European militaries destroyed their nations during two World Wars. The Russians slaughtered millions of their own people during the communist era. When are people going to realize that they are suckers?

Are you going to play dead and let this continue? We can stop this without any violence if we can get enough people to support us!

If there were millions of people supporting Hufschmid and Bollyn, we would have enough people to force the police departments to arrest the people in the Zionist crime network. We can already identify thousands of suspicious people who should be arrested and investigated; all we need is enough support to do something about it.

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So I told the suckers, “There is no need for violence because Ron Paul will save us. Just wait a few years until he is elected. In the meantime, the war will continue, but Ron Paul will eventually stop it.”

There are some people in Watertown, Massachusetts standing up to the ADL in regards to the Armenian massacre:

However, the people in that town may not completely understand why the ADL is trying to stop discussions of the Armenian massacre. If you know people in that town, please tell them about our site, and the issue of Crypto Jews and Zionism.

If we don't get enough support, the Zionists will continue their wars and murders. And if we allow them to get away with the kidnapping or killing of the Bollyn family, we can be certain that will they go after more of us. Why would they stop if they are successful?

In Communist Russia and East Germany, the Zionists would arrest anybody who opposed them. The other citizens ignored the mysterious arrests, just as the neighbors of the Bollyn family ignored Christopher's bizarre and illegal arrest.

If we don't get much support, it is possible that violence will break out, and that may be what the Zionists are most afraid of. There were violent demonstrations in Hungary in 2006 against the government. Look at how CNN tries to minimize it as being due to "football hooligans":

Even the Zionist propaganda encyclopedia, the Wikipedia, is more honest than CNN:

This type of violence is terrible, and nobody wants it. We do not advocate violence. Rather, we advocate spreading our information and finding enough support so that we can deal with this problem in a nonviolent manner.

However, if violence breaks out, then we must go after the criminals, and that means many of our government officials, law enforcement officials, media reporters, and 9/11 truth seekers. If violence breaks out, it is important to understand who we are fighting. Random violence doesn't help anybody. Breaking windows and burning cars is stupid. We have to go after the criminals.

In order to go after the criminals, you must know who they are. That was the point of our article, "Battle Plan". Some of us may not survive much longer; we may end up like the Bollyns. Therefore, it is important for you to pass our information around and let people realize that if violence breaks out, direct the violence towards the criminals, not towards the breaking of windows or the burning of cars. Don't have a temper tantrum; instead, have a planned attack on the criminal network.

Bollyn does not like my "battle plan" article (here). Bollyn's complaints about it are very similar to what Victor Thorn said after Bollyn was arrested in August 2006. Specifically, both Victor Thorn and Christopher Bollyn are trying to suppress any thoughts of rebellion. Both of them encourage us to remain docile while this horrendous violence and abuse is going on. Here is Bollyn's article: 108125

Christopher Bollyn used to write investigative articles that exposed top Zionist criminals, but now he writes articles that could have come from an ordinary high school student, or from Victor Thorn.  

It is 19 August 2007... The Bollyn family has been hiding for more than two months. How many more months have to pass before you realize that the Bollyns were tricked, and that some of us will be next if we don't put an end to this?
A message from Smith:
Daryl Bradford Smith firmly believes that Linda Shelton is a principal in the bizarre disappearance of the Bollyn family, and calls for a full investigation into the actions and associations of this woman. Moreover, I believe the Cook County sheriff should be approached and presented with these anomalous details and have Dr. Shelton's participation in these events pointed out.
Warning: I no longer trust Smith (my reasons are here) but while I was working with him, we created some useful interviews
Accused of being an anti-Semite?

If you get accused of being an anti-Semite, tell people to look at what the Rabbis against Zionism are saying, and Benjamin Freedman. For example, it would be difficult for you to say that Zionist Jews were assisting the Nazis, so tell people that the Rabbis against Zionism are claiming that Zionist Jews were helping Nazis:

Benjamin Freedman
Ben Freedman verifies that the Zionists were involved with World War 1, but when we Goyim talk about this, we are accused of anti-Semitism, so let people hear it from a Jew. Please  click here


Watch out for wolves in sheep's clothing

Richard Gage is now one of the stars of the 9/11 "truth movement". He will be speaking in New York City on 11 September 2007:

Notice William Pepper; a barrister in the United Kingdom, will travel to New York City to speak. Europe is also infiltrated with the Zionist agents. You should assume that the people who speak at the 9/11 meetings today are Zionist agents. Some of them may claim to be naive about Zionism, but don't let them use that as an excuse. If they are truly naive, they should not be speaking about 9/11 or corruption; instead, they should be told to go to and learn more about the issues.

Richard Gage is also speaking at a 9/11 event that Alex Jones is putting on  in New York City:

Richard Gage is a popular man! Why do the people in the 9/11 truth movement like this man so much? Can you figure it out? His website:

Notice that his group is also having a 9/11 event in California:

Have you noticed that these 9/11 truth seekers approve of the video Zeitgeist? That should be a warning to you about that particular video. The details of the Oakland show and these videos are here:

This is the same group that created the "Deception Dollar":

Battle Plan!

Have you seen the "Battle Plan" article that Christopher Bollyn is worried about? Why would somebody who has been exposing Zionism try to counteract this? His concern about this article is evidence that he did not write the article, or he is a prisoner and was forced to write it.

Battle Plan
We must eliminate our infestation of parasites. Don't settle for a partial solution.

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