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Do you criticize Republicans for giving blind obedience to President Bush? Do you criticize the Russians for following Joseph Stalin, or the French for following Napoleon? Do you make remarks such as, "Why did millions of Germans follow Adolf Hitler?

If so, are you better than the people you insult? Specifically, are you willing to look critically at the people in the 911 'truth movement"? Or do you make excuses for their suspicious behavior with such remarks as:

"Oh, Alex Jones just has an ego problem."

"Phil Jayhan is just a bit psychotic."

"Webster Tarpley, Kurt Nimmo, Dylan Avery, Dave von Kleist, and just haven't figured out what is going on yet."

"Well, I think Jeff Rense really believes in UFOs; I don't think he is trying to deceive us."

If you make such excuses, you are behaving like the people you criticize!

We have the right and the responsibility to investigate the 9-11 investigators and give ourselves respectable leadership:

Don't make excuses for psychotic or suspicious behavior. If the 9/11 "truth seekers" don't like being criticized, they can behave in a more respectable manner, or they can find some other activity.

The 9/11 hoax is collapsing, but it is because of newcomers such as Hufschmid, Smith, and you, not the people who have been around for decades, such as Webster Tarpley, Alex Jones, and Jeff Rense.

The 9-11 movement needs leaders who are respectable, not goofballs that we feel sorry for. We will not convince people to listen to us when they see Jeff Rense, Alex Jones, and Greg Szymanski promoting idiotic and vague theories. Have you seen our view of this issue:

Many Jews, including Rabbis, are fed up with Israel and Zionism. There is nothing anti-Semitic about criticizing Israel. Here is a message from Jews Against Zionism:

Have you seen this short video clip of Rabbis demonstrating against Zionism:

I have more information and video about these rabbis at this page:

A lot of people are pushing the theory that the Vatican and the Jesuits are behind the world's corruption. If you think this theory has any validity, here is an article for you:

The media is deceiving us; the media is part of the criminal network, including most of the "alternative" media and most of the 9-11 "truth seekers". But the media is controlled by Jews, not the Vatican.

Think carefully about the excerpts from Professor Finkelstein's book The Holocaust Industry in this document:

Ben Freedman's speech is ignored or minimized by Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, Webster Tarpley,, the Scholars for 9/11 Truth, and most other truth seekers. Help us get this information out to people. Please send your friends a link to it. The link is: