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Dan Wallace
Dead at age 23

4 February 2007

According to the 9/11 "truth seekers", members of his family often die in their sleep from heart attacks.
Reports are here and here.

Considering those particular "truth seekers" lie about Zionism, why should we believe their explanation for his death?

We would be fools not to consider that this was a murder by Zionists.

If it was a murder, it shows what happens when you make a mistake in regards of who to trust.

Dan Wallace was a teenager when his father, Lt. Robert Wallace, a New York City firefighter, died during the September 11 attack.

Dan Wallace became interested in exposing the truth about the September 11 attack.
Unfortunately for him -- and the rest of us -- he joined, a group of Zionists posing as truth seekers.

As a result of his mistake, instead of exposing 9/11, he helped promote deception and lies.

He supposedly just finished making a DVD that shows that the Council of Foreign Relations was behind the September 11 attack.

We don't need another deceptive DVD! 

If you think the CFR is the mastermind of the corruption, read this:

Those of you who visit my site should know by now that I believe that virtually every group of 9/11 truth seekers is actually part of a Zionist gang trying to cover up the 9/11 crime.
Have you seen my articles about the mysterious death of Michael Zebuhr:



One of the peculiar similarities between the deaths of Dan Wallace and Michael Zebuhr is the lack of interest in understanding why they died: 

Michael was part of the Scholars for 9/11 Truth, but none of the scholars showed any interest in investigating his strange murder.
Dan Wallace was part of, but so far they are not showing any interest in demanding an autopsy to determine the cause of his strange death.

The people who did 9/11 are not playing games. They killed thousands of people on 9/11, and there are thousands more whose health is permanently damaged from breathing the demolition debris and microscropic particles caused by thermite.

Have you seen my article on the health problems caused by the "dust":

In the century prior to the 9/11 attack the Zionists were responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of people in various wars and slaughters.

If you cannot figure out who to trust, you may end up associating with criminals. 

The Zionists were trying to use Michael Zebuhr to show that Professor Jones was incorrect for believing that molten iron was pouring out of the south tower. The Zionists were trying to convince us that it was molten aluminum.

It is possible that Michael Zebuhr was killed because he started to realize that he was being used by the Zionists.

It is possible Dan Wallace was killed because he began to realize that he was associating with criminals.

Sleep with rats, get bit by fleas

If you work with the Zionists, and if you end up dead as a result, not only is it your own tough luck, but all we can say is good riddance.

If you work with Zionists, you are helping them to destroy us. Therefore, you are one of our enemies! Don't expect any awards or pity from us.

Therefore, if Dan Wallace was killed by the Zionists, good riddance to another idiot.

Can you figure out who to trust?

We are not going to defeat the Zionists with people who are so stupid that they assist the Zionists.
"The Vatican did 9/11"

"9/11 was an inside job"

"I trust Scholars for 9/11 Truth"

The idiots deserve whatever the Zionists do to them.

Assume every "truth seeker" is a liar

If you become actively involved with investigating 9/11, the world wars, the attack on the USS Liberty, or the Federal Reserve system, you are likely to be contacted by lots of wonderful people who praise you and give you advice.

The best thing to do is assume everybody who contacts you is a criminal.

Have you read about Bollyn's interview with Andreas von Bulow which shows how extreme the deception can be:

There seem to be three primary goals of the people who contact us. 

1) Monitor us

They will ask what we are doing, where we are going, who we talked to, what our plans for the future are, and what we think about certain issues.

They may send us links to websites with such messages as, "Just found this site. What do you think?"

They want our opinion and reaction; they don't want to have a real discussion.

2) Deceive us
They begin by trying to convince us that we can trust them. They will give us complements, and possibly some useful advice.

After we trust them, they will slip in deception, such as recommending deceptive websites or theories.

If we are looking for a lawyer, they will recommend the lawyers who are working with the Zionists.

3) Blackmail or ruin us

They look for our weakness. They try to find out if we use drugs, or have a gambling habit. 

They will discuss issues in an innocent way in the hope that we feel safe to disclose our vices.

They may encourage us to check out pornography sites, or take a trip to Thailand where we can have easy access to sex or drugs.

If you heard about the kidnapping of Johnny Gosch, then you know that one of the tricks they use to kidnap children is to use a previously kidnapped child as a tool to make the new victim feel safe.

You should expect them to use the same trick with you. Specifically, they will send people to you who either have, or pretend to have, an interest in gambling, drugs, pedophilia, etc., in the hope that you will feel comfortable to talk about your particular problems.

They might also try to trick you into making insulting remarks about certain people, religions, or races. They might try to trick you into suggesting violent acts.

If you are married, they might try to start fights between you and spouse.

If you have a job or business, they might try to get you fired, or ruin your business.

Your best bet is to assume your conversations are secretly recorded, and that the person you are talking to is actually your enemy.

If you don't take this fight with Zionism seriously, you may end up a victim.

Look at who promotes who

Every 911 group is suspicious. You can determine this by looking at who they promote. Notice that they never -- except under extreme pressure -- encourage their members to look at material from me and Christopher Bollyn.

For example, take a look at this group, which is the work of such people as Kee Dwedney, Greg Zeigler, and Brad Mayeaux:

They have articles from such proven liars as Karl W. Schwarz, Kevin Barrett, Paul Joseph Watson (webmaster for Alex Jones), and Paul Craig Roberts.

That group posted an edited version of one of Hufschmid's articles, but they have since erased it.

Posting an edited version of something we do is a way of removing the material they don't like, and fooling people into thinking they are indeed promoting our material and working with us.

One of the tabs along the top of website is "911 Pilots", and it goes directly to Pilots For 9/11 Truth.

In other words, they don't merely have a link to Pilots For 9/11 Truth; rather, they are pushing that site. That should be a clue that Pilots for 9/11 Truth is also a deceptive site.

Who gets publicity?

Nobody gets publicity unless the Zionists feel that they can use it to their advantage.

David Duke got a lot of time to speak on the CNN show, as we mention in this video:

You can find that and other videos at this page:

More importantly, Duke was on live television so there was no way for CNN to edit his message. For example:

David Duke live on Wolf Blitzer's propaganda show:  (new link)

David Duke live on MSNBC's propaganda show:

By comparison, CNN wasted several hours of Christopher Bollyn's life in an interview, but they ignored all of his important remarks. They extracted only the most meaningless remarks in an attempt to make him appear to be an anti-Semite.

Listen to the unedited interview, and then compare that to what they put on television:

More 9/11 propaganda conferences

There will be a conference about 9/11 in Arizona during February 23-25, 2007:

Ed Haas was going to hold a "National 9/11 Debate" in South Carolina on March 10, 2007, but he seems to have canceled it:

On March 9-11, 2007 the Freedom Law School is holding a conference in California about income taxes, 9/11, and uranium contamination:

This "law school" is not a real law school, and it is closely tied to the American Free Press, as Hufschmid explained:

Although we don't know all of the speakers at these conferences, almost everybody whose name we recognize is a liar about Zionism. Therefore, we should assume that these are Zionist propaganda events.

Take a look here at the list of speakers for the Arizona event. Some of the names you might recognize are:

Kevin Barrett 
Philip Berg 
Jack Blood 
Col Robert Bowman 
Carol Brouillet 
Gabriel Day 
Bonnie Faulkner 
Jonathan Gold 
Charles Goyette 
Ed Haas 
Meria Heller 
Kyle Hence 
Barbara Honneger 
Ken Jenkins 
Alex Jones 
Dylan Avery, Jason Bermas, or Korey Rowe 
Jim Marrs 
Kathleen Rosenblatt 
Luke Rudowski 
Peter Dale Scott 
Jim Senyszyn 
Webster Tarpley 
Dave Von Kleist 
Eric D. Williams -- no longer a speaker!
Notice that one of the speakers was Eric D. Williams, who some people are accusing of being a "Holocaust Denier".

Stephen Lemons of the Phoenix New Times learned that Williams was a Holocaust Denier from Pat Curley, who writes this:

Stephen Lemons then exposed Williams as a Holocaust Denier:

Williams believes the Nazis killed one million Jews, not 6 million. Because he disagrees with the official 6 million figure, on 4 February 2007, he was removed as a speaker at the Arizona conference on the grounds that:

"The 911 Accountability Conference does not support Holocaust denial,  nor does the 9/11 Truth Movement."

Your first reaction is undoubtedly to defend Williams and his right to discuss historical events. However, take a look at his website:

His promotes Maria Heller, Barry Chamish, and Jeff Rense. 

Is Williams really a "Holocaust Denier"?

The evidence suggests that Williams is a Zionist pretending to be a Holocaust Denier, and that Pat Curley is also a Zionist who is trying to give Williams credibility as a Holocaust Denier.

The other people who complain that Williams is a Holocaust denier are also likely to be Zionists.
Eric D. Williams looks similar to another liar, Kurt Nimmo (inset in the upper left corner)

By fooling the Gullible Goyim into believing Williams is a Holocaust Denier, the Goyim will gather around Williams to learn the "truth" about the Holocaust and other issues.

"Follow me!

I am a Holocaust Denier! I was certified by the Jews!

I will tell you the truth about the Nazis."

Are Williams and his friends really planning to teach the Gullible Goyim the truth? No!

Rather, the Goyim will learn that the Vatican is in control of every nation, and that Martians are flying around the planet and making crop circles.

Furthermore, the Goyim who foolishly wander into this Goy Pen will never be told to look at the work of me or Christopher Bollyn. Instead, they will be fed deception by Maria Heller, Barry Chamish, Jeff Rense, and other Zionist Deniers.

That, incidentally is what Williams really is: a Zionist Denier. Not a Holocaust Denier. David Irving is another of these phony Holocaust Deniers:

Don't trust a Zionist Denier on pedophilia

During the beginning of 2007, Williams was asking for donations to help him fund a new version of the video Conspiracy Of Silence, but he has since stopped asking. His site:

We have a link to the Conspiracy of Silence video at this page:

Since Williams promotes other liars, only a fool would give him money and trust what he says about pedophilia.

Avoid stupid and naive people

Some of the people in the "truth movement", anti-war movement, etc, may be naive, and some may be stupid, but it doesn't matter whether somebody is stupid, or a Zionist agent.

You should never follow the advice of stupid or naive people.

Zionism is a symptom of problems

It is difficult to believe, but you can safely put maggots into open wounds in your body. The reason a maggot will not hurt you is that they only eat dead flesh.

The maggots will eat all of the dead flesh, and leave the living flesh, thereby cleaning out the wound. The maggots can help you.

The Zionists are similar to maggots, except that the Zionists eat the mentally dead

The Zionists prey on people who are suffering from low self-esteem; people with mental problems; people who are lonely; and people who are unhappy.

The Zionists offer them money, sex, gambling, pornography, fame, and other forms of titillation.

The Zionists also prey on people who are angry. They encourage the different races to fight with each other, and they encourage angry, unhappy women to fight with men in order to liberate themselves from thousands of years of oppression and abuse.

Zionism would have failed long ago if the majority of Goyim were intelligent, educated, happy, and in good mental health.

If Goyim were happy and healthy, the Zionists would rarely find customers for their kidnapped children, strip clubs, gambling casinos, and propaganda publications. They would also be unable to fool nations into fighting wars with each other.

The incredible problems we are suffering from is a sign that our societies are full of sickly, miserable people who cannot think properly, or who refuse to think. The Zionist takeover of the world is analogous to a group of maggots eating a dead animal.

It's not the fault of Zionists that the world is full of miserable people who are easily bribed, blackmailed, and deceived.

It is up to us to do something to make our nations better. If all we do is sit in front of television sets and give our money to the Zionist banks and Zionist entertainment companies, nothing is going to improve.

Also, if most Americans are too stupid to realize that most of the 9/11 truth seekers, anti-war activists, and Holocaust Deniers are actually Zionists, then nothing will improve.

The Zionists thrive on chaos, stupidity, suffering, misery, war, mental illness, unwanted children, and orphans.

Dealing with Zionism requires finding people who can see through the deception, and who are unaffected by offers of Zionist candy.

The Israeli cartoon contest from 2006 has lots of jokes about how easily the Goyim can be manipulated, such as the cartoon below, which is at this page.