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Interview with Eric Hufschmid

22 August 2006

The criminal network is sinking! 

Help us drown these rats!


Hufschmid, Aug 22, 2006   7.5 mb
I appear at 19:59
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Warning: I no longer trust Smith (my reasons are here) but while I was working with him, we created some useful interviews


Some of the issues we talk about:
Please take a close look at the "truth seekers":

Our timeline might help you understand what is happening:

Mike Piper's bizarre defense of WingTV blows the cover of the American Free Press! More rats to throw in the water! Thanks for being such idiots!
And: MikePiperResponse.html
And: PiperWantsAnotherBeating.html

Have you seen Bollyn's articles that his employer (the American Free Press) do not want to publish:





This censorship is only one of the suspicious aspects of the American Free Press. They may be controlled opposition, just like the "white supremacists":

Mike Piper says that of the four articles listed above, three of them were eventually printed after some editing. If Piper is correct, that means only one of them was censored.

Well, we all feel relieved to hear that. It's like having four of your children kidnapped, and worrying that they are going to be murdered, but a few weeks later three of them are released after being raped, and only one was murdered.

See the articles above (at the word UPDATE!) for an update on this and other important issues!

How many Americans are not working for the criminal network? Is this a nation of "Wretched Refuse"? Please help us fix this problem!