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Michael Collins Piper
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1 September 2006
updated Nov 2007

When will this fight end?
Michael Piper picked himself up and tried again to defend himself on his radio shows from 28 through 31 August 2006. The show on the 31st was one of the best. The audio files are here:
This fight could go on forever! Call a referee!

On Piper's radio show for August 31, he talks about "The Hufschmid Conundrum".

The only point he made that is worth explaining is that my half-sister is married to one of Rupert Murdoch's sons. So I will explain it in this document.

His other arguments are amazingly stupid. Let me start with  his stupid arguments.

Penn and Teller gave me publicity?

Piper says that Penn and Teller gave me and my book international publicity, and he implies that this is because of my connection with Rupert Murdoch:

On August 31 he went further and said the publicity was worth millions of dollars. Even the written description of Piper's radio show for 31 August 2006 mentions this issue, as if it is important:

Hufschmid literally received millions of dollars in free publicity regarding his (Hufschmid's) book on the "Penn and Teller" broadcast which is a product of the Zionist-controlled "Showtime" network.


The Penn and Teller episode was on Google video, but apparently they demanded it be removed. There are short segments available if you do a search:

A few short excerpts of the show are also in my video "Are the criminals frightened?"

Does the Murdoch family have influence over Penn and Teller? If so, Piper just provided information that I did not know. If not, Piper is just making up insinuations in a desperate attempt to make me look bad.

Piper complained (or boasted?) that Penn and Teller doesn't give his books any publicity, and he implies that it is because Penn and Teller only promotes Zionist agents.

Well, it is also possible that Penn and Teller's intention is to make people look bad, and they have no desire to make Piper look bad because Piper works with the Zionists, not me!

I don't think Penn and Teller's intention was to give me or my book international publicity. Rather, I think they were trying to make me and Jimmy Walter look like fools.

Their camera crew interviewed me for about an hour and a half, and they did the same with Jimmy Walter. The video editors at Penn and Teller reduced it down to just a few minutes. I think they took the few minutes that they thought made us look the worst.

While some people were convinced by Penn and Teller that I was a crazy conspiracy nut (my teenage nephew made a snide remark about how Penn and Teller put me in my place), the more intelligent people came to the conclusion that Penn and Teller are working with the criminal network:

Christopher Bollyn looked into the Penn and Teller show, and found the name "David Wolper". I summarized some of what we found here:

Therefore, not only did their plan to discredit me fail, but their plan backfired so badly that they exposed themselves as criminals, and they identified Wolper as a suspect in the Apollo moon landing hoax. Thanks, you idiots at Penn and Teller! And do it to me again!

I saw Piper's book before it was published?

This type of accusation can keep the fight going on forever.

Piper says that I read a copy of his manuscript Judas Goats several months before it was published, and that I noticed a chapter that exposes Rupert Murdoch as a Zionist.

Piper claims that I decided to attack the American Free Press in order to discredit his upcoming book.

I admit that Christopher Bollyn had a copy of Piper's manuscript when he and his family stayed at my house in May 2006, but Bollyn was reading it, not me. I never read the manuscript.

Bollyn showed me a few pages that he thought were interesting, but I did not see the chapter about Murdoch.

The reason this type of fight can go on forever is that Piper cannot prove that I read his manuscript, and I cannot prove that I didn't. 

Furthermore, and more importantly, what difference does it make if I looked at his manuscript?

I am making very serious accusations against Piper and the American Free Press. Specifically, I am accusing them of being Zionists or their Useful Idiots.

I accuse that newspaper of being a Zionist propaganda publication, and I accuse almost all of their writers of deliberately deceiving their readers. I even wonder if they are faking poverty in order to hide their true wealth and fool us into thinking they are struggling Patriots.

Piper's response to such serious accusations is that I read his manuscript a few months before it was published!

To make this issue more ridiculous, I sent a copy of my manuscript to several people, including Willis Carto of the American Free Press. Therefore, at least one person at the AFP saw my book before it was printed.

So, should I create a theory that the AFP told the Zionist criminal network about my upcoming book, and they began preparing to counteract me? Ironically, there is more evidence to support that theory than the one proposed by Piper!

Here is Piper's theory (if I understand it correctly):

The Hufschmid Conundrum

Hufschmid read Piper's manuscript in May 2006, and he noticed that Piper's book exposes Rupert Murdoch as a Zionist criminal.

Piper's book provided shocking details on Murdoch's criminal life; information that not even Christopher Bollyn knew about!

Piper's book would do serious damage to Murdoch's untarnished reputation for honest news reporting, and who was respected worldwide for being Fair and Balanced.

Hufschmid decided to ruin the reputation of Piper and the AFP in order to reduce the sales and influence of Piper's upcoming book.

Hufschmid spent the next three months preparing for his diabolical attack.

Piper's book was printed in August 2006. Bollyn was also arrested this month.

By coincidence, Hufschmid had just finished his preparations to attack. During the previous three months he had amassed an impressive stockpile of false accusations, baseless insinuations, and unsubstantiated rumors.

Hufschmid could fire them out in rapid succession in e-mails, Internet forums, and radio broadcasts.

Hufschmid charged into battle and subjected the patriots at American Free Press to a Blitzkrieg of insults, innuendo, and disinformation.

The innocent investigators at WingTV became collateral damage in this lunatic's wild rampage.

Hufschmid drove a wedge of suspicion between Piper and Bollyn, thereby destroying a long and beautiful friendship.

Having a sadistic twist to his personality, as is typical of Murdoch agents, Hufschmid hurled a few insane allegations and slanderous insults towards Mark Glenn, Mark Farrell, and other honest researchers for no reason other than to create additional pain and suffering.

Hufschmid's attack caused widespread trauma and panic. Patriots worried that Hufschmid had Divided and Conquered the Truth Movement, and that nobody could save it.
But fear not, dear readers! Sir Michael Piper, Savior of Goyim, White Knight of the American Free Press, investigated the issue and discovered a connection between Hufschmid and Murdoch!

Piper also discovered that Hufschmid read his manuscript 3 months before it was published!

Now that this shocking information has been fully exposed for all to see, Hufschmid has been incapacitated. He can no longer do harm to Goyim anywhere!

If only Hufschmid had used his talent for goodness instead of evil.

How can I responsd to such a brilliant theory?

I am at a loss for words, so I will use an image: 

My book doesn't mention Israel

Piper also complained that my book doesn't mention Israel or Zionism.

That accusation is entirely true, but why is Piper using that as a defense? How does that show the American Free Press is honest, or that I am dishonest?

My book doesn't blame anybody for 9/11. My book was an attempt to show that the official story is a lie; that the towers were blown up with explosives; that Flight 77 did not hit the Pentagon; and that the government has lied before about the JFK assassination and other crimes.

My book was not an exposé of the people who planned or conducted the 9/11 attack.

I mention Israel and Zionism in only a few of my Internet documents and radio shows.

I actually blamed Israel for 9/11 many months before my book was available. 
For more information, and a web site that has a copy of my original Internet articles, go to the entry for September 2002 in this timeline:

I also blamed Zionists for World War 1 before my book was available. Here is a slightly updated version from the original, which was written in 2002:

Piper is not providing any evidence that he and the American Free Press are honest, nor is he bringing up valid issues to discuss.

Rather, I would describe Piper's show on Aug 31 as a desperate attempt to make me look bad and convince you to turn away from me.

Why does nothing improve?

On the August 31st show, Piper said he's going to "break the back of the Zionist network".

How do we stop a crime network if we don't know who is in the network? Don't we have to identify the members?

Many people complain that I accuse almost everybody of being in the Zionist crime network. As I've mentioned before, almost everybody in this truth movement is acting like they are part of the network, so why shouldn't I accuse them of being part of it?

All throughout my life it seems that America has been deteriorating. Why should I respect the people in leadership positions when the chaos, crime, and deterioration gets worse and worse?

Why shouldn't I wonder if our leaders are responsible for this deterioration? Why shouldn't I wonder if this deterioration is deliberate?

Why are the Holocaust revisionists not making much progress in exposing the HoloHoax?

I think it is because most of the Holocaust "revisionists" are actually Zionists. Some of them, such as David Irving, appear to be trying to frighten the Goyim:

Why is 9/11 taking so long to be exposed? I think it is because most of the 9/11 truth seekers are actually Zionists.

There are hundreds, or thousands, of JFK assassination investigators, so why is there so little progress in exposing this crime? I say it is because most of the investigators in this field are also infiltrators.

We outnumber the Zionists by a very large amount, so the only way they can get away with their crimes is by getting control of the information we are exposed to. They must deceive and outsmart us.

They must dominate the conventional media, the alternative media, thousands of web sites, and many of our organizations.

We should be expecting the Zionists to dominate the media, the organizations, and the Internet.

The AFP sells the 9/11 Commission Report

I forgot to mention something in my article that criticized the American Free Press.

Specifically, did you know that the AFP sells the US Government's 9/11 Commission Report?

As of 30 Aug 2006, the AFP Internet site promoted the book with this description:

The 9/11 Commission Report 

This best-seller is none other than the official 9/11 report issued by the much-touted “blue-ribbon” commission charged with the responsibility of telling the American people how and why the 9/11 terrorist attacks were able to happen. Top-notch U.S. intelligence investigators and others have been raising questions —from the beginning—about how reliable the report’s primary sources really are. Others praise it for recommending solutions to existing problems. Whether it’s fact or fiction, you need to find out what’s in The 9/11 Commission Report.
Softcover, 567 pages, #1150. 
$ 13.00

The government doesn't need AFP's assistance in distributing this book because it is already available in retail stores throughout the nation.

By comparison, people like me need help getting our books and videos distributed. So why is the AFP helping the government? How is this any more sensible than the AFP selling subscriptions to Newsweek or the New York Times?

What would you think if the AFP sold Newsweek with such remarks as:

"Whether it's fact or fiction, you need to find out what's in Newsweek."

If I was in control of the American Free Press, the only way I would sell the 9/11 Commission Report, the FEMA report, and the NIST report is if I wrote a description like this:

The 9/11 Commission Report 

WARNING! The evidence is overwhelming that all government reports about 9/11 are intended to deceive us.

The general public should not buy these reports. We offer the government reports to 9/11 researchers.

When you buy these reports, or when you buy Newsweek, the New York Times, Popular Mechanics, or Astronomy magazine, you are giving financial support to the Zionist criminal network and encouraging more of their deception.

The criminals should be arrested, not supported.
Softcover, 567 pages, #1150. 
$ 13.00

You should not support people who lie to you; demolish your buildings while thousands of people are inside; blow open your levees to flood your cities; and fool you into fighting their wars. So why is the AFP selling the 9/11 Commission Report?

When Christopher Bollyn asked the AFP why they were selling it, he was told that it was due to a mistake somebody made.

"Gosh, we are such f'ing idiots!"

I have complained many times that it doesn't matter whether a "truth seeker" is truly as stupid as he appears.

You wouldn't let an incompetent dentist work on your teeth, so why follow an incompetent truth seeker? Why buy a newspaper from a group of idiots?

Look over my complaints about the AFP. If the people in control of the AFP are truly as stupid as they claim to be, they should be told to find another job.

However, I don't think the AFP management is stupid. Rather, I think they are trying to deceive their readers.

They may also want the names and addresses of people who oppose Zionism.

I think the same is true with the antiwar groups, the political parties, the white supremacists, the 9/11 truth groups, and the Holocaust revisionist groups. They all seem to be infiltrated and dominated by Zionists, and they are trying to outsmart their members.

We are in a war of deception. If you don't watch out, you will be stripped of your money, caught in blackmail traps, or sent to fight in stupid wars.

The rest of us will suffer as a side effect. We could be making the world a nice place, but instead we are living among chaos, wars, fear, confusion, and crime.

Should Bollyn denounce Hufschmid?

On Piper's show for August 24, 2006, Victor Thorn demanded that Bollyn answer four questions, the first two of which were:

1) Would Bollyn "publicly denounce the lies of Eric Hufschmid and Daryl Bradford Smith?"

2) Does Bollyn "think, like Eric Hufschmid, that the American Free Press is infiltrated and run by Zionists?"

The first question is amusing. Thorn demanded that Bollyn denounce my lies. What lies?

On Piper's show for August 29, a person said that he was shocked that Bollyn did not denounce my lies.
(Note: the caller accidentally said Bollyn's name twice, but the second time he meant to say my name.)

Have you denounced my lies yet? Have you also denounced my attempts to assassinate President Bush, my kidnapping of Fox news reporters in Iraq, and my stalking of Paris Hilton?

I hope everybody reading this can understand that before anybody can denounce my lies, somebody has to explain what my lies are and offer evidence that they are indeed lies!

Thorn's second question is also amusing. Some people, including Mike Piper, complain that Bollyn did not defend the company he works for.

If you believe Piper has a valid complaint, here are some questions for you:

• Are employees obligated to defend their company from accusations of corruption?

• Are citizens obligated to defend their government from accusations of corruption?

• Are children in a church choir obligated to defend the priests from accusations of pedophilia?

Imagine if I had made an accusation many years ago that the Enron Corporation was corrupt. Imagine that Mike Piper and Christopher Bollyn were Enron employees. What would you think if Victor Thorn demanded:

1) Bollyn "publicly denounce the lies of Hufschmid that Enron is corrupt"

2) Does Bollyn "think, like Hufschmid, that Enron is run by dishonest executives?"

Can you see the deception with Thorn and Piper? If not, you may end up following the liars and spreading their deception.

If you have trouble with this issue, and the Enron analogy doesn't work for you, try a church analogy:

If I accused Father Piper and other priests at the American Free Church of molesting children, what would you think if Cardinal Thorn complained that Father Bollyn was not defending the church against my accusations?

The behavior of Mike Piper and Victor Thorn is evidence that they are desperate to discredit me.

The Hufschmid / Murdoch connection

Mike Piper brought up the interesting but complex issue that my half-sister is married to one of Rupert Murdoch's sons. I described it here:

So let's take a look at some interesting relationships:

Eric Hufschmid has a half-sister who is married to one of Rupert Murdoch's sons.

Jeff Rense has a stepmother who works for a magazine of the Newhouse publishing companies.

Benjamin Chertoff, who was involved with the Popular Mechanics article that defended the official story on 9/11, is related to Michael Chertoff, our homeland security director.

Larry Silverstein was such good friends with Benjamin Netanyahu that he called him on the phone every Sunday.

Alex Jones is supposedly married to a Jewish woman.

Which of our relationships are significant?

Almost everybody has a friend or relative who is connected in some way to a crime network, a newspaper, the FBI, CIA, the military, Scientology, the Mormon Church, Hollywood, or the Vatican.

How do we determine if one of these relationships is significant? For example, consider these facts:

• Daryl Smith has a brother, Scott, who is Catholic. His devotion to the Catholic religion is so strong that he regularly performs volunteer work at a convent near him.

• Daryl Smith criticizes theories that the Vatican is the mastermind of 9/11, the world wars, and other crimes. Smith accuses people such as Eric Jon Phelps of being criminals for blaming the Vatican rather than the Zionists.

Is it valid to take those facts and create this theory:
The Smith brothers are secretly working for the Vatican to deflect blame away from the Catholic Church and onto the Zionists.
Is that a "theory"? Or should it be considered an "idiotic, unsupported accusation"?

Because so many of us have interesting relationships, we need to know how to determine which of our relationships are significant, and which are meaningless.

It is actually quite simple to figure this out. In order for a theory to be valid, we need evidence to support it. As the teenagers would say, Duh!

In the case of the Smith brothers, a theory that they are trying to shift the blame away from the Vatican requires that we have at least one example of when they tried to shift the blame away from the Vatican. But who can find any such instance?

If this is confusing you, compare the Smith Brothers to Alex Jones. Both Smith and I accuse Jones of shifting the blame for the world's problems away from Zionists and onto George Bush and mysterious entities, such as Globalists.

In order for our theory to be valid, we need at least one example of Alex Jones shifting the blame away from Zionists. Actually, we have lots of examples; too many to mention them all:

Jones has repeatedly tried to deceive people about Zionism, so his relationships with other people are significant.

We could summarize this concept as:

Anybody who associates with a criminal should be investigated.

Since his wife is supposedly Jewish, we are justified in wondering if his wife is a Crypto Zionist. We are even justified in wondering if Alex Jones is a Crypto Jew.
Update: In case you haven't noticed, since September 8, 2007, I no longer trust Daryl Smith. It now appears that he is actually working with Zionists, and his friendship with me was phony. He was just pretending to be my friend, which is a common tactic with Zionists. They want to find my weaknesses, influence my opinions, encourage me to promote stupid theories, and set me up for arrest or blackmail.

Smith is not trying to protect the Vatican, rather, he is trying to protect his Jewish friends in the Zionist movement.

Smith's brother works with the Catholic Church, and I suppose it is to help the Zionists infiltrate the Catholic Church.

Take a look at my information about the Smith brothers if you have any doubts:


Silverstein and Netanyahu

Larry Silverstein and Benjamin Netanyahu are friends to some extent. Is their friendship meaningless or significant to us? To determine that, just look at what they say and do. Is there any evidence that they are trying to deceive us?

Christopher Bollyn and others -- not Mike Piper -- have provided lots of evidence that Silverstein and Netanyahu are involved in 9/11, the development of Israel, the protection of Zionism, and London bomb attacks:

Silverstein and Netanyahu are also involved with Rupert Murdoch and other Zionists:

Because Silverstein and Netanyahu are working for the same goals and are involved in the same crimes, we are justified in creating a theory that their relationship is more than a friendship; that they worked together in planning the September 11 attack, the subsequent slaughter of Arabs, and other crimes.

We could summarize this concept as:

Relationships between two criminals are significant when they are involved in the same crime.


Rense and Newhouse 

Jeff Rense promotes idiotic theories, such as aliens, reverse speech, and clairvoyance. There is so much nonsense at that the US government insults it as a "conspiracy theory" site that contains "a great deal of unreliable information":

As I've mentioned in other documents, one of the reasons Rense promotes nonsense may be to enable Zionists to ridicule people with such remarks as:

Oh? You think there is a Jewish conspiracy behind 9/11? Did you read that at, where all the UFO and Remote Viewing theories can be found in one convenient location? What a loser! your one-stop shopping center for insane conspiracy theories!

What are the chances that Jeff Rense actually believes the idiotic theories he promotes? I think he is trying to deceive us. I think he is a con artist; a liar; a criminal.

Furthermore, Rense promotes articles and people who twist the truth about Zionism in order to make Israel and Jews appear to be a victim of the the Bush administration, or the mysterious and elusive Neocons, Illuminati, or New World Order.

While there is no evidence that Rense and Newhouse work together, both Rense and Newhouse are protecting Israel and top Zionists.

When we find two criminals protecting Zionists, we would be fools not to wonder if they sometimes help each other in their deception.

We could describe this as:

When two criminals are working for the same criminal goal, we should wonder if they sometimes work together, especially if they share common friends or relatives.


Hufschmid and Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch is obviously protecting the Zionists, but would you describe me as protecting Zionists? I suppose Mike Piper will say yes, but I would say that Murdoch and I are opposing each other.

I also do more to expose Zionists than Mike Piper and his friends David Duke, Ralph Schoenman, Mark Glenn, Mark Farrell, and Mark Lane.

What have Piper and his friends done to expose 9/11? What have they done to expose the Apollo moon landing hoax? Why doesn't Piper write something intelligent to expose the Zionist deception in the HoloHoax, or the World Wars?

In the past couple years I have done more to expose Zionism, 9/11, the HoloHoax, and the Apollo moon landing hoax than Piper and his friends put together. I have also done more than the white supremacists,, the anti-war groups, and the political parties.

If the American Free Press had been publishing articles from me, and if they had been promoting my book and video, a lot more people would know about this information. Instead, most of the material published by the AFP has been nearly worthless.

Me and Christopher Bollyn has also done more to expose Zionism than Piper and all of those other people.

How is it possible that I, working in my spare time, can do more to expose Zionist crimes than hundreds of other investigators?

I think it is because Piper and the other "investigators" are working with the Zionist network, and they only put out little bits of information to serve as bait to lure the Gullible Goyim over to the Zionist front organizations.

Piper and the others have shown no desire to investigate or expose Zionism. Rather, their goal is to influence, monitor, and dominate the investigation; to remain in control of the Gullible Goyim; and to suppress people like me who they have no control over.

Another goal of the Zionist infiltrators -- regardless of whether they be infiltrating the American Free Press, the antiwar groups, the political parties, or the white supremacist groups -- may be to get the names, addresses, and money of the Goyim who oppose them and who are active in politics.

One of the very important tasks of the Zionist infiltrators is suppressing calls for action. They try to convince us that we are helpless; that we cannot defeat the mysterious New World Order.

The Zionist infiltrators want us to tremble in fear and confusion. They do not want us to realize that we can take a list of Zionists to the police and demand their arrest. We outnumber the Zionists and the police, so we don't have to put up with abuse from either group.

If I work with Murdoch, what are we working for?

Piper implies that my relationship with Murdoch is somehow significant, but he doesn't bother to explain what the significance is. The reason nobody explains the significance is that nobody can see any significance.

Some people at Phil Jayhan's forum tried to find some significance to this relationship, but none of them came up with anything, either. Here is one of their pages.

Obviously Murdoch is not interested in promoting me or my material. Instead, a Fox television station in New York promoted the Loose Change video, and they interviewed the producers of Loose Change. Why doesn't Fox television interview me? Why don't they show my video?

If Murdoch and I work together, why is a Fox station promoting people I accuse of being members of the Zionist criminal network?

You should note that Fox is only one group that promotes the Loose Change video. Loose Change is also promoted by Alex Jones, John Stadtmiller, the Scholars for 9/11 Truth, and almost everybody else in this "truth movement".

The Sam Newhouse publishing company also promotes Loose Change. The August 2006 issue of Vanity Fair gave them a nice four-page article:

Some mysterious people are helping to make Loose Change into a Hollywood movie, and they are going to put it into theaters. Why doesn't Murdoch help me make a movie and put it into theaters?

Mike Piper points out that Murdoch, the Bronfmans, and the Openheimers work for the Rothschilds. Therefore, if I work with Murdoch, that means I am working with the Rothschilds, also! However, if all of us are a big team, what are we working for? And what is my role in this team?

Since the summer of 2002 I have been occasionally helping Bollyn expose Rupert Murdoch's Zionist connections, as well as other Zionists. Is Bollyn also working with the Rothschilds, Oppenheimers, and others?

The evidence suggests that Murdoch is trying to counteract  Bollyn and I, not work with either of us.

If it acts like a Judas Goat...

Piper could not possibly be so stupid that he actually believes his absurd theory that I work with Rupert Murdoch. Rather, Piper is trying to deceive his audience into turning away from me. Piper is essentially announcing:

Hey! Come over to me, everybody! I just found out that Hufschmid works with Murdoch, the Bronfmans, the Oppenheimers, and the Rothschilds!

I am your hero! Gather around me and I will tell you the truth. Ignore Hufschmid, he is a member of the Axis of Evil.

Give a cheer for your hero, Piper! 
Piper!  Piper!  Piper!

People have been trying to discredit me for years. However, nobody has been able to come up with anything substantial. Piper's pathetic theory that I might be working with Murdoch is a sign of desperation.

It is a sign that he has nothing of substance to say about me, so he has decided to risk his reputation by trying to imply the Murdoch connection is significant.

It is a sign that he is worried that he is about to drown, and he is willing to try anything to save himself.

Unfortunately for Piper, his absurd theory is actually more evidence that he is indeed trying to protect the Zionist criminal network.

Piper is sinking, and he is going to take a lot of Zionists and their Useful Idiots with him.

I would suggest the Useful Idiots turn on their masters and release all the information they know about this criminal network. Why take your information to your grave? Start a Useful Idiots Union, and then rebel.

If Piper is one of their blackmailed Useful Idiots, then he should also rebel against his masters.

Is Scientology involved with Sam Danner?

In this audio excerpt, Piper said his articles about Rupert Murdoch "were based on inside information provided by a long-time associate of Rupert Murdoch."

Piper doesn't bother to tell us whether Murdoch knew that this associate was leaking inside information to Piper.

By the way, nobody gives me inside information about Murdoch, so think about this issue carefully:

Piper accuses me of working with Murdoch, but I have not had any communication with my half-sister since she was four or five years old. I have no communication with any associate of Murdoch or any of his employees.

By comparison, Piper is (or was) in contact with one of Murdoch's close associates, and they were leaking "inside information" to him. Therefore, Piper has a closer relationship to Murdoch than I do!

Therefore, why not accuse Piper of working with Murdoch?

When has Piper exposed Murdoch's connections to Zionism? It was Christopher Bollyn, not Piper, who exposed the really significant connections. Here is this link again:

By comparison, Mike Piper only discusses superficial issues in regards to Murdoch and other Zionists, or he discusses information after Bollyn or somebody else exposes it.

The same is true with Benjamin Netanyahu. Specifically, look at Piper's books. What does he say about Netanyahu? You can't find anything about Netanyahu in the High Priests of War orThe New Jerusalem.

It is Bollyn who exposes Netanyahu's involvement in 9/11 and other crimes, and his relationship to other Zionists.

The evidence suggests that Piper is covering up for the Zionists, and that he only discusses information that has already been exposed.

Piper's book Final Judgment contains some valuable information about the Israeli connection to the assassination of President Kennedy, but that may have been the bait that was used to give him credibility in the first place.

That book attracted a flock of Goyim, and he has been keeping them ignorant ever since.

Returning to that audio excerpt, Piper announced that I admit on my web site that my half-sister is married to one of Rupert Murdoch's sons. His tone of voice makes it sound as if this is an incredible discovery.

However, I discovered this information about 2 1/2 years ago, and I put it on my web site at that time. This is not new material. Thousands of people who read my web site already knew about it.

One of my complaints about WingTV, Michael Piper, Alex Jones, and the others is that they never tell us anything new. If your only source of information is those "truth seekers", you get information long after other people have already discovered it, and you never get the complete story.

Christopher Bollyn is the only reporter at the AFP who uncovers new information. You learn more about the world by reading Bollyn's articles and visiting my web site.

Returning to that audio excerpt, Piper says that Murdoch, the Rothschilds, the Openheimers, and the Bronfman family are the "billionaire gang of four", and they are involved with an organization that helped destroy the Spotlight newspaper and the Liberty Lobby. 

Piper would not mention the organization's name because he did not want to give them an opportunity to sue the radio network. However, he says it is a front for the Mossad; it is a wealthy cult; and Bronfman is connected to it. Scientology?

Piper asks:

• Is this cult behind the Sam Danner affair?

• Did this cult take in Christopher and exploit him? Are they going to chew him up and throw him out?

Piper and many other people are upset with me for questioning the honesty of the 9/11 "truth seekers" and the American Free Press, but I have serious evidence to back up my accusations. By comparison, Piper and others make insinuations without any evidence.

It is certainly possible that Scientology arranged for Sam Danner to come forward as a witness in an attempt to discredit me and/or the entire Flight 77 conspiracy. However, without some evidence, his insinuation is as stupid as asking,

• Could NAMBLA be behind the Danner affair?

• Could the Boy Scouts be behind the Danner affair?

• Could the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team be behind the Danner affair?

These type of questions are absurd unless Piper can come up with some evidence to back them up.

Why is it that Mike Piper is allowed to make idiotic insinuations, but when I make well supported accusations, I am criticized as a terrible person who is destroying the truth movement?

I think the reason so many people are angry with my accusations is because my accusations are close to the truth, and it is hurting the criminal network badly. They are squealing like rats on a sinking ship.

Jack Blood defends Bollyn
JackBloodAndMarkBilk.mp3  from Piper's show on 24 August 2006

Piper defends his treatment of Bollyn by pointing out that Jack Blood and Mark Bilk called to defend Bollyn and criticize WingTV.

However, only a fool would consider a person to be honest simply because he criticizes WingTV and defends Bollyn. Imagine if Jeffrey Dahmer had called the show and criticized WingTV.

Jack Blood condemns me!
DrummedOutOfMovement.mp3   from Piper's show on 24 August 2006
Jack Blood wants credit for helping to create the RBN radio network. He praises Bollyn and Piper, and he mentions that he has been working with Piper since the 1990s. His final message is that Hufschmid and Smith need to be driven out of the 9/11 movement.

Why does Jack Blood want credit for helping to create the RBN network? What is his relationship with John Stadtmiller?

Jack Blood mentioned that he and Piper "worked together on several stations back into the 90s".

On 30 August 2006, Stadtmiller called into Piper's radio show. Piper mentioned that he has been "talking" with Stadtmiller for 10 or 15 years:

A few months ago these relationships would have meant nothing to me. However, now that all three of these people have shown evidence that they are working with the Zionist criminal network, their relationships are significant, and we should look at all of their friends and associates.

Perhaps I need  to add Jack Blood and Mike Piper to this diagram, and draw a line from them to John Stadtmiller:

And perhaps I should add all of my Piper's friends to the diagram, such as Mark Lane, David Duke, Mark Glenn, Mark Farrell, and Ralph Schoenman, and I suppose I should add their friends, also.

Getting back to the excerpt of the Mike Piper radio show, the phone call by Jack Blood seems to be a psy-op. Somebody may have told him to call into the show to condemn WingTV and praise Bollyn in order to boost his image among the Bollyn supporters.

After appearing to be a wonderful person who defends Bollyn, he provides his final message, which is that me and Smith need to be ignored.

The phone call by Mark Bilk also seems like a psy-op. Bilk talked about some voice analysis software that measured stress in the policeman's voice. Bilk said the software showed that the policeman was lying.

My guess is that Bilk discussed this silly software analysis in order to improve his image to the listeners of the show. Bilk's image had deteriorated because of his association with Russell Pickering and the Sam Danner affair.

Bilk's phone call gave him the opportunity to reassure people that he is a wonderful, honest investigator who wants to discover the truth and protect the innocent people.

Mark Bilk is friends with Ralph Schoenman and Russell Pickering, and so all of them also belong on the chart of criminals, with a line connecting them to Mike Piper and WingTV.

While we are adding names to the list, John Kaminski connects to WingTV.


Piper offers an official report

On the 29 August 2006 show, Mike Piper offered to email a report that will prove that he and the other people at the American Free Press are honest about the destruction of their previous organizations, namely, the Spotlight and the Liberty Lobby. 

There are already lots of reports about the September 11 attack, the attack on the USS Liberty, the Apollo moon landing, and the HoloHoax. Some of them come from government officials, some from universities, some from court documents, and some from other nations. Everyone of them is deliberate deception

The most amazing deception of all is the HoloHoax. We have museums dedicated to this hoax, and there are courses in school that deceive students into believing this nonsense.

In Amsterdam there is a museum for Anne Frank, and foolish goyim spend a lot of money on entrance fees and Anne Frank propaganda. However, the evidence shows that most of the story is a hoax.

The Zionists have no problem fabricating a variety of false reports. So, if my accusation is correct that the Zionists control the American Free Press, why would they have a problem fabricating reports about the destruction of the Spotlight and the Liberty Lobby?

I wouldn't care if there was a Spotlight Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC dedicated to showing the destruction of the Spotlight and the Liberty Lobby.

The museum could be full of government documents, photographs, and piles of shoes and eyeglasses from Spotlight employees.

There could be rumors that soap was made from the fat employees, and lampshades were made from their skin. Mike Piper could claim to be a Spotlight Holocaust Survivor.

Only a fool would believe that the government would implicate itself in the 9/11 attack, or other crimes. Likewise, only a fool would believe the American Free Press would show evidence that they are lying.

Only a truly independent investigation into the American Free Press would help us understand why they are behaving in such a suspicious manner. 


How much evidence do you need?

My book about 9/11 discusses some of the reasons why I think the World Trade Center towers were demolished with explosives, and why I don't believe Flight 77 hit the Pentagon.

I thought I provided more than enough evidence in my book, but many people complained my chapter on Flight 77 was inadequate, so I spent a lot of time discussing Flight 77 in my video.

For years I have been listening to people tell me that I didn't address this issue, or that issue, or some other issue. No matter how many issues I discuss, somebody complains that there is some issue I didn't fully explain.

I don't have to answer every question about 9/11 to prove that the towers were demolished with explosives, or that Flight 77 did not hit the Pentagon. I don't have to know where Flight 77 is, and I don't have to know how many packages of explosives were used to destroy the towers.

The same applies to my accusations that the 9/11 Truth Groups, the White Supremacists, the American Free Press, the political parties,, and the antiwar groups are infiltrated by Zionists. Specifically, no matter how much evidence I provide, some people complain that I did not explain it adequately.

In my article that criticizes the American Free Press, for example, I mentioned a few of their authors and a few of their articles as an example of the infiltration. I don't have to list every author and every article.

Have you seen the articles about the tens of thousands of Germans who were starved to death by Eisenhower?

It is possible that those Germans were simply too stupid to understand that they should not trust Eisenhower.

We are in a war of deception, and if you are not smart enough to see the deception, you may end up like millions of idiots before you.

Can you figure out who to trust? Do you trust Alex Jones? The Scholars for 9/11 Truth? Kurt Nimmo? Mark Glenn? Mike Piper? George Soros? John Kerry? Al Gore? Al Franken?

One of the reasons I am even more convinced than ever that Mark Glenn (, Mark Farrell (, David Duke, and others really are Zionists is that they continue to support Piper, WingTV, and other suspicious people, and Piper continues to support them.

They behave as if they are part of a crime network, so why shouldn't we assume they are part of a crime network?

Can I stop defending myself against Piper? 

I don't know if Mike Piper is blackmailed, bribed, threatened, or voluntarily working with this criminal network. I do not even know who he is working for. The Rothschilds? Chabad Lubavitch? Jews who oppose Israel? Marxists?

I don't know such details, but I think I provided enough evidence that something is seriously wrong with Piper and the American Free Press.

On the 30 August 2006 show, Piper mentioned that he doesn't want to hear the name Eric Hufschmid again:

What a lucky coincidence that I decided to follow the tradition of many Crypto Zionists by changing my name!

So, until I write again, this is yours truly,

Eric "Axis of Evil" Hufschmidstein
Special agent of the Rothschilds,
and their favorite Shabbat Goy

PS. Click this image for a larger view of my new summer cottage, thanks to my buddies, the Billionaire Gang of Four.


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