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Michael Collins Piper announces
the death of Richard Thompson

Piper discussed this on his
radio show for June 11, 2007

11 June 2007

On June 8, 2007 about 200 people went to Washington, DC for the 40th anniversary of the attack on the USS Liberty.

One of the speakers was Richard Thompson, a 76-year-old man who has been involved in exposing the attack as a deliberate attack by Israelis.

Mark Glenn has been "investigating" the attack on the USS Liberty, and he is currently writing  Zionist propaganda for the American Free Press.

Thompson invited Glenn to the reunion, perhaps because he foolishly believed Glenn was honest.

Piper claims that Thompson planned to give Glenn some details of the attack, including some names of people involved, so that Glenn could write another article about it.

After the reunion, Thompson was driving alone back to his home in Florida, but he was involved in a traffic accident all by himself and died.

Michael Piper was deeply saddened by this tragic accident and spends a lot of time wondering if it was murder by those mysterious people who kill us for exposing the truth. Here is an excerpt of his show that gives some background on who Richard Thompson is:
Piper-sad-death-11June2007.mp3  1.1 mb

The entire show is at the RBN archives for Monday, June 11, 2007:

Update March 2009: The RBN archives are no longer free. As more people learn about the Jewish crime network, the criminal Jews lose support, and now they are begging for money more than ever before.
Piper also claims that because Thompson appears to be murdered, this proves that Mark Glenn is an honest researcher, and that Smith, Hufschmid, and Bollyn are liars when we accuse Glenn of trying to cover up the truth about the USS Liberty. What kind of reasoning is that? Listen to this amusing excerpt:
Piper-Smith-11June2007.mp3  360 kb
Update: Piper criticized Daryl Smith in that audio, but after I abandoned Smith, Piper and Smith became friends, and now they both support one another! This transformation also occurred with other people who condemned both me and Smith. Specifically, after I decided that Smith was a liar, people who were condemning both of us switched to condemning only me.

This bizarre reversal is evidence that Smith was working with these criminals all along in an attempt to control and manipulate me, and after I abandoned Smith, he returned to his criminal network, and now they all help one another.

If you don't know why I abandoned Smith, I have information at this page.

So, did Thompson provide Glenn with important information about the attack? Will Glenn let us know what Thompson said to him? Was Thomson one of the honest researchers? Or was Thompson working with Glenn to produce propaganda?

Other mysterious deaths associated with "truth seekers"

We have no idea whether Richard Thompson was murdered or if he died in a real accident, and we have no idea if he was one of the honest researchers or one of the liars. However, there are a lot of mysterious deaths with people who associate with criminals. Here are a few others:

Francis Parker Yockey

Yockey committed suicide in jail not long after his "friend" Willis Carto visited him in jail.

"Carto personally interviewed Yockey in the San Francisco County Jail a short time before Yockey's mysterious death, June 17,1960."
That is from a description of this book sold by Carto's organization The Barnes Review.

The Deguello Report claims that after Yockey's death, Willis Carto become more successful, as if he was rewarded for the killing:

Another friend of Willis Carto who died mysteriously at a young age was David McCalden

You must realize that one of the primary tricks of the criminal Jews is what we could call the wolf in sheep's clothing trick. These Jews pretend to be your friend, and they pretend to be "truth seekers" who want to expose crime, but they are the criminals.

Dan Wallace

He died mysteriously in his sleep at age 23. He was the son of a New York City firefighter who died during the 9/11 attack. Dan foolishly became involved with Dan's "friend" Luke Rudkowski is now working with Alex Jones to expose the New World order:
Michael Zebuhr
Michael Zebuhr, a graduate student, was involved with the Scholars for 9/11 Truth:
- Death-of-Michael-Zebuhr.html
- MoreOnMichaelZebuhr.html



All of these deaths could be coincidence, but it could also be that they were murdered by their Zionist friends.

If you don't know who to trust, you may end up trusting the Zionists who were responsible for the 9/11 attack, the Oklahoma City bombing, the world wars, the sex slave trade, and other crimes. The Zionists may kill you, and American citizens may consider you an enemy.

So be careful about who you trust. This battle with Zionists is not a game. Investigate everybody: