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Can we trust Victor Ostrovsky?

What about Anthony Hilder, Mark Weber,
and hundreds of other "truth seekers"?

17 March 2007

Victor Ostrovsky, an ex-Mossad agent, exposed Mossad crimes in his books:

• By Way of Deception

• The Other Side of Deception: A Rogue Agent Exposes the Mossad's Secret Agenda 


There has never been a secret agent who truly exposed his agency.

The ex-agents expose only a few insignificant secrets, or they expose whatever was already suspected or exposed by other people. A real secret agent would know much more than any of us about the crimes are occurring. Therefore, their books and websites should have much more information than any of ours.

However, you can learn more 9/11, Zionism, the Apollo moon landing, and the Holocaust by ignoring the ex-secret agents and going to my two sites:
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This is proof that the ex-agents are either stupid and naive, or liars. The evidence suggests that all of these ex-agents are actually pretending to expose the agency in order to attract attention and then feed us propaganda.

For example, consider Victor Ostrovsky's opinions on the following two issues: Jonathan Pollard and Israel.

Ostrovsky on Jonathan Pollard
Victor Ostrovsky wrote an article about Jonathan Pollard:

As is typical of propaganda, it's not easy to understand the message in his article. However, his final paragraph seems to be implying that we should release Jonathan Pollard:

I personally agree that there is room to consider leniency toward Pollard. He does not carry alone the burden of his treason. It should be shared by all the family members, friends and associates who brought him up to place the well-being of another country before that of his own. Then there also is the need for Israel’s government to come clean and admit it was behind him and that it has given the term “ally” a bad name. And at 50, it would not be a day too soon.
Ostrovsky seems to be implying that Pollard was just following orders, and therefore, if somebody is to be blamed for his "crime", we would have to blame lots of his family members, friends, and Israeli officials. Victor's reasoning is equivalent to somebody saying:
I personally agree that there is room to consider leniency toward John Doe. Even though he robbed banks and killed many people in the process, he was simply following orders. He alone does not carry the burden of his crime. It should be shared by all his family members, friends, associates, and the Gambino crime network.

Would you release a murderer from prison simply because he was following orders from his crime network? Or would you tell the police,

"Arrest everybody in that network, not just that one, low-level murderer!"
Why would Victor Ostrovsky suggest leniency towards Pollard? Why doesn't Ostrovsky ask for the arrest of the other people involved with the crime?

Obviously, Ostrovsky wants to protect Israel and everybody else who commits crimes for Israel.

Ostrovsky on Israel
Victor Ostrovsky criticizes some Israeli leaders and policies, but he tries to convince us that Israel has a right to exist.

Here is a video excerpt of Victor Ostrovsky promoting Israel's right to exist:

Ostrovsky mentions the Balfour document, as if it has some significance. However, the Balfour document is as meaningless as a document from the Chicago mayor that supports the idea of a homeland for the Capone gang, as long as it doesn't interfere with the other people who are already living in Chicago.

The only people who consider the Balfour document to be meaningful are the people who don't know what it is.
Here is an image of the Balfour document: Balfour-letter.jpg

Does Israel have the right to exist?
Consider these two issues:
• If Israel -- or any nation -- has a right to exist, then every other religion, race, organization, political group, and Boy Scout Troop has a right to exist as a nation.

• If Israel has a right to the land of Palestine, then every other group also has a right to the land of Palestine, or whatever piece of land they prefer.

Victor Ostrovsky is still a Mossad agent

Ostrovsky's job is to expose a few trivial Israeli crimes in order to attract the Gullible Goyim.

He then provides the Goyim with propaganda, such as Israel's right to exist and the release of Jonathan Pollard.

Almost every truth seeker is a Zionist agent

There are too many "truth seekers" for any of us to fully investigate them all. However, it is easy to realize that almost everybody in the truth movements, anti-war movements, and political groups are suspicious.

The Zionist agents share certain characteristics that give them away. For some examples of what to look for:

They protect the Rothschilds, Bronfmans, and Zionism
None of the Zionist agents will go all the way in exposing the criminal behavior of the Rothschilds, the Bronfmans, the Zionist movement, or the Jews who control our media.

Instead, they try to blame the world's problems on the Bush family, the Vatican, Dick Cheney, or on mysterious entities such as the Neocons, the Illuminati, or the New World Order.

They protect Diamonds and the Oppenheimer family
None of the Zionist agents will fully expose the Jewish control of the diamond monopoly, or the disgusting behavior of the Oppenheimer family.
Ernest Oppenheimer
1880 - 1957
There is evidence that the movie Blood Diamond is more propaganda from the Oppenheimers and their associates to fool people into thinking that diamonds from other companies are "blood diamonds", or "conflict diamonds".

An interesting view of this issue is here (Be careful about trusting judicial-inc; I have a disclaimer about them here):

If these accusations are true, it is equivalent to Honda producing a movie called "Blood Automobile" in which they claim that the automobiles from Ford, Toyota, and Mercedes-Benz result in the suffering and death of people who produce the steel, rubber, and other materials for the automobiles.

There were news reports that Osama had financed the 9/11 attack with Blood Diamonds:,,815561,00.html

This is as deceptive and absurd as Honda claiming that Osama financed the 9/11 attack with the Blood Automobiles.

The United Nations is also involved in promoting the Blood Diamond propaganda.

How would you feel if the UN was promoting Blood Automobile propaganda?

Diamonds are not a girl's best friend
The Oppenheimers and others in the diamond business have fooled most of the human population into thinking that women must given expensive diamonds. The phrase "diamonds are a girl's best friend" has been repeated so many times during the past few decades that almost every woman believes it to be true.

Imagine Toyota convincing your daughter that "A Lexus is a girl's best friend". And imagine her crying that her fiancé doesn't love her because he gave her a Ford Taurus as an engagement present.

“A Ford Taurus! He doesn't love me. He just wants me to model for his paintings.”
If an automobile company were to behave in the same manner as the jewelry companies, you would be disgusted.

The Oppenheimer family also is involved with the Bronfman family, the Rothschild family, and other Zionist families.

Some people claim that the Oppenheimer and Bronfman families helped provide funding for Rupert Murdoch's media company:'s%20news%20group%20international.htm

They protect Jewish involvement in the world wars
None of the Zionist agents will expose the full extent of the Jewish involvement in starting and managing the world wars, the Jewish support of the German Nazis, or the Jewish support of the white supremacist groups within America.

Instead, they portray the Jews as victims of the Vatican, the New World order, the Nazis, the Bush family, or David Rockefeller.

They protect the Holocaust
The easiest way to identify Zionist agencies to discuss the research of Paul Rassinier (who died in 1967) and Robert Faurisson. The Zionist agents will try to stop discussions, or they will switch the conversation to David Irving or somebody else who has nothing of value to say about the Holocaust, the 9/11 attack, the Apollo moon landing, or any other Zionist crime.
Be very suspicious of anybody who cannot discuss the research of Robert Faurisson.

If a Zionist agent discusses the Holocaust, he tries to keep the issue to something idiotic, such as whether 5.5 million Jews were exterminated, or 6 million.

The Zionist agents will accuse people of being a "Holocaust Denier". This accusation is ridiculous because nobody is denying the Nazi camps or the abuse that the prisoners suffered. People who investigate the Holocaust are only trying to find the details of the abuse inside those camps, as well as trying to figure out why some Jews were sent to the camps but not others.

The Zionist agents also love to bring up the issue of how Ernst Zundel was forcibly taken out of America and put into a jail in Germany. They do this to frighten the Gullible Goyim into believing that anybody who discusses the Holocaust might find himself arrested and sent to a German jail.

They avoid Bollyn and Hufschmid
It has became obvious that the "truth seekers" have separated into two distinct groups. The Zionist agents are completely avoiding Christopher Bollyn and Eric Hufschmid.

They justify the avoidance of us by claiming we are "anti-Semites" or "Holocaust Deniers", but the real reason they avoid us is because we are exposing Zionism. They don't want people to hear what we have to say.

They protect the Apollo moon landing hoax
None of the Zionist agents will expose the Apollo moon landing hoax, or even encourage people to look into it. The few agents who do mention Apollo advise people to visit deceptive Internet sites.
They never accomplish anything
Take a look at the articles written by Christopher Bollyn during the past few years, some of which are here:

Take a look at what I have done during the past few years:
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Now compare that to what comes from Alex Jones, Ted Gunderson, Anthony Hilder, Mark Lane, Mark Weber, Curt Maynard, Webster Tarpley, the antiwar groups, the veterans groups, the Institute for Historical Review, Don Harkins of The Idaho Observer, and all other investigators and truth seekers.

Bollyn and I are the newcomers. Yet in the span of a few years, we have produced more important material that all of the other people put together. And all of those other investigators try to ignore us.

There are not many ways to explain this. Either the other people are incredibly stupid, or they are Zionist agents.

If you look closely at any of the un-productive people, you will find that they are not stupid. Instead, you will find that they have mysterious connections to one another.

It is too difficult for any of us to understand what these connections are, but you can see that something is suspicious. As an example, consider the strange connections between Anthony Hilder and other suspicious people.

Example: Anthony Hilder

Anthony Hilder works with Ted Gunderson, and both of them work with the American Free Press.

Gunderson (left) Hilder (right)
Mark Lane, Willis Carto, Mike Piper, and other people at the American Free Press have proven themselves to be Zionists or their blackmailed puppets, as I mention in several articles, such as:

Ted Gunderson investigates pedophilia, but what good has he done in all his years of investigating?

Anthony Hilder produces videos about 9/11 and other issues, but he puts the blame for the world's problems on the mysterious Illuminati, and he loves to use Nazi images.

Anthony Hilder and John Steinbacher worked together decades ago to investigate the assassination of Robert Kennedy.  They created the organization called "American United", but what did they uncover?

David Emery suggests that Anthony Hilder was involved with the killing of Robert Kennedy:

Hilder produced and sold an "Album" of Myron Fagan's speeches:

Why was Hilder interested in spreading Myron Fagan's speech? Myron Fagan accused the mysterious "Reds", or communists, of infiltrating Hollywood. Was Myron Fagan another deceptive Zionist, like Victor Ostrovsky?

William Turner wrote a book about RFK:

Turner gives evidence that Hilder sent Myron Fagan's speech to Congressmen just before RFK's murder. Was this to prepare Congress for the idea that the mysterious Reds were America's biggest enemy?

After the assassination, Hilder and Steinbacher held a press conference to ... what? Send people in the wrong direction?

Anthony Hilder filed a lawsuit against Mike Ruppert:

Was Hilder truly concerned about his public image? Or was this lawsuit filed for some other reason, such as to make Mike Ruppert look better, or to create confusion regarding who we can trust?

Summary of Anthony Hilder

Anthony Hilder's involvement in the assassinations of the Kennedys, 9/11, and other crimes is so extensive that it is overwhelming.

However, it should be obvious that we should be cautious trusting Hilder, Gunderson, Steinbacher, the American Free Press, Myron Fagan, and all of their associates. 

None of these "investigators" accomplish anything, and they all associate with other suspicious people.

How could the Zionist network be so large?
Many people find it difficult to believe that there are so many people involved in this Zionist criminal network. How could any criminal network be so large and wealthy?

The reason is that there may be millions of Jews around the world supporting Zionism, and they use Israel as a base for their operations.

Israel is a training center for Zionist agents. They send their agents throughout the world to become whistleblowers, truth seekers, radio show hosts, and political activists.

The Zionists are helping each other to purchase media companies around the world so that they can control the information we are exposed to.

They also purchase technology companies so that they can get access to our technology, and so that they can manipulate our air traffic control software and security software.

People who trust Zionists are fools

The Zionist movement is the most significant movement of the human race. It has resulted in horrendous wars, slaughters, deception, and abuse. Anybody who trusts a Jewish or Christian Zionist is a fool. Three examples to learn from:

• Jimmy Walter

Jimmy Walter inherited several million dollars from his father. Starting in the summer of 2004, he used most of his money to expose 9/11.

Jimmy Walter believed the propaganda that the Jews love Goyim; that Israel is America's best friend; and that Apollo astronauts landed on the moon.

Jews would volunteer to help him expose 9/11, and he was happy to give them jobs. But instead of helping him expose 9/11, they sabotaged his meetings and other activities, and tricked him into wasting his money.

In the year 2006 they had somehow forced or tricked him into promoting the theory that the airplanes that crashed into the World Trade Center towers were illusions created by the television news crews using "blue screen" technology.

By the end of 2006, Jimmy Walter gave up. The Zionists had beaten him. He was drained of most of his money, and people were insulting him for his blue screen theory. He quit his involvement with 9/11.

Jimmy Walter could have done a lot to expose 9/11. He was the first millionaire -- and the only millionaire as of March 2007 -- who was willing to use his money to expose 9/11. Unfortunately, he trusted the Jews.

• Ellen Mariani
Her husband was one of the suspicious "victims" of 9/11. He was supposedly on the airplane that crashed into the South Tower. 

Most, maybe all, of the families of the victims of 9/11 were offered money by the government, but in return they had to remain silent about 9/11.

Ellen Mariani decided to demand an investigation of 9/11 rather than take the money from the government. This required her to get a lawyer. Meria Heller, a radio show host in Arizona who promotes Zionist propaganda, recommended Phil Berg.

Mariani didn't think it strange that Meria Heller - a Zionist Jew - was suggesting a Jewish lawyer who doesn't seem to have a source of income.

Update: Phil Berg is now filing lawsuits against Obama: obamacrimes

Berg is getting publicity by such Jews as Michael Savage: michaelsavage ID 2256
(If you don't know who Michael Savage is, I mention him at this page.)

Jimmy Walter was fooled into inviting Phil Berg to be a speaker for his European 9/11 tour in 2005. Christopher Bollyn and myself had to tolerate Berg and others Zionist Jews during that three-week tour.

Eventually Mariani realized that her case was going nowhere, so she got rid of Phil Berg. However, she continues to take advice from Tom Flocco and other liars. Mariani seems to lack the ability to learn from her mistakes, or learn from the mistakes of other people.

As of 2007, Mariani has accomplished nothing after all her years of struggling. Is she trying to accomplish something? Or is she part of the Zionist crime network?

• Sofia
She produced the DVD 911 Mysteries. I warned her that most of the "truth seekers" are liars, such as Rick Siegel, Webster Tarpley, Alex Jones, but like most people, Sofia has a difficult time believing that so many people could be working with a criminal network.

She contacted many of the people who produced 9/11 videos and asked to use excerpts of their video, and they agreed, which is why 911 Mysteries has so many excerpts of other people's videos.

Not long after her DVD was released, Rick Siegel posted this page about it on his Internet site:

His complaint is trivial, but it wastes Sofia's time and money to pay a lawyer to respond to his complaints.

If Jeffrey Dahmer had produced a 9/11 video, would you use excerpts of it in your own video? You should avoid criminals, not work with them or promote them.

I also warned Sofia that the Zionists will try to trick her into promoting stupid theories, such as the blue screen theory, crop circles, chemtrails, or time travel. Will she be able to see through the deception? Or will she end up like Jimmy Walter, promoting something stupid?

Update: I now believe Sofia is working with the Zionist crime network. I mention this in my audio file for September 14, 2008.
Learn from the mistakes of other people. Be careful of the "truth seekers" who lie about the Israeli connection to 9/11; the anti-war activists who show no interest in exposing 9/11 or Zionism; and all others who protect Zionism. They are not naive!

Do some research before you promote a theory, especially if it is a theory that seems to be promoted only by people such as, Art Bell, and other people who lie about Zionism:

Some of the fools and idiots are actually agents

A lot of us initially believed that Alex Jones was an honest person trying to expose corruption. Daryl Smith quickly came to the conclusion that Alex Jones is probably a liar, and I thought that Alex Jones was just stupid.

Eventually I decided that Alex Jones was deliberately lying. Take a look at the evidence that Jones is a Zionist liar:
• Alex-Jones-summary.html
• Globalists-identified.html

Many of the people who appear stupid or naive turn out to be agents who are faking stupidity or naivety. In fact, I used to think Daryl Smith was naive, but now I realize that he was also another Zionist agent who was just pretending to admire me.

Some people wonder if Jimmy Walter was a Zionist agent whose job was to attract attention to 9/11, and then try to bring it down by promoting the stupid blue screen theory. This appears to be the role of Morgan Reynolds, who first attracted attention to himself by making some intelligent remarks, and after he established credibility, he began promoting the blue screen theories.

 However, I think that Jimmy Walter is a victim, not an agent.

Jim Fetzer and Judy Wood of The Scholars for 9/11 Truth are currently promoting the idea that the World Trade Center towers were brought down by mysterious energy weapons.

Some people believe that Fetzer and Wood are Zionist agents who are trying to make 9/11 researchers appear crazy.

When a person behaves in a stupid manner, they have to expect people to wonder if they are really as stupid as they appear, or if they are Zionist agents.

Is Ellen Mariani a Zionist agent? Perhaps time will tell.