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The FBI's
Operation Vigilant Eagle!
Protecting America from a terrorist threat more dangerous than Al Qaeda: US veterans!

17 April 2009
updated 22 April 2009 click here to jump to it
updated 3 June 2010 with audio excerpts of Bermas here

“American veterans are potential right-wing, extremist, terrorists!

We are investigating them!”

(Not an actual quote.)
Here is one news article.

Yes, indeed, veterans are a very serious threat.

With the Internet, CD-ROMs and DVDs, at any moment a veteran may discover that 9/11 was an Israeli false flag operation.

They may also discover that the world wars were instigated by Jews, and that the FBI protects Zionist crimes.

And they may discover the Jews are lying about the Holocaust, the Apollo moon landing, the attack on the USS Liberty, and thousands of other crimes.

Most veterans and their family members don't seem to care that they have been used like animals by Israel.

However, there are certainly lots of respectable veterans who would be disgusted at what the Jews have been doing to the world.

And many veterans have the courage to face this issue and help free us from these parasitic and abusive freaks.

In order to protect themselves from the veterans, the FBI is "investigating" them, perhaps to infiltrate their organizations and set them up for arrest, unemployment, suicide, or accidents.

The Jews may also be planning false flag operations to blame on "rightwing veterans".

And lots of Jews are struggling to divert the avalanche of anger away from "Jews". Here are some brief descriptions of their recent attempts:

Rayelan Allan
She was the wife of a government Intelligence agent, Gunther Russbacher, who died in a very brutal and suspicious manner.
I wrote about her in my article about Zionist whores.
Aurora Light
She claims to have had direct contact with aliens from other planets.

She also claims that some of the aliens are here to protect us from the bad aliens!
(She will speak at this UFO conference in May 2009. Her book is here)

These women are two of many people promoting the theory that aliens are here on the earth. I think the Jews have been fantasizing for decades about staging an alien contact or invasion, and they have been preparing us for this trick by promoting aliens in the media.

I also suspect that they have been wasting a lot of NASA's money and the military's money on attempts to build alien spaceships and promote the idea that there is life on Mars and other planets.

Here are two excerpts of these women from a radio show in which Rayelan Allan interviews Aurora Light:

... today we're talking to people who have actually talked with ET's. Human looking ET's. And so, Aurora, you were just beginning to tell us about... oh, maybe how you knew that the ET's were really ET's and rather than just advanced humans.
RMN-Auroa-ET-7Apr2009.mp3  60 kb

Well, I have actually seen the ship... surrounding the planet, in Guardian action...
RMN-Auroa-ships-7Apr2009.mp3  240 kb

If we had a more honest and useful court system, many of these people would be arrested as con artists. Unfortunately, our courts are full of criminal Jews who protect other members of their network.
Would you trust a woman who promotes aliens?
On April 12, 2009 Rayelan Allan complained that she's spending her money and time to maintain her website, and that people better start donating money to her or she's going to quit.

Why would she put so much effort into promoting ET's and other nonsense when it causes her such serious financial trouble? Is this your idea of an honest, desirable woman?

Many years ago, before I knew who these people were, Aurora Light invited me on her radio show; twice if I remember correctly. In our conversations both on and off the radio show, she tried to convince me that the government was spraying us with chemtrails.

Furthermore, she asked for several copies of my book, and she told me that she would pay for them, but, like so many people in this "truth movement", she never paid me.


If you are attracted to any of the women, or men, in this "truth movement", take a look at my article about Zionist whores. And watch out for their Damsel in Distress trick in which a woman appears to be a victim of Zionists, or something.

Alex Jones
On April 10, 2009 Jones complained that he was a victim of "Israeli operatives" who follow orders from the evil Americans! He used a whore/pimp analogy to describe this:
“I am sick of Israeli operatives trying to pick a fight with me because they want to make it all about Jew bashing to discredit anybody that's.... Basically, the government pimps out the ADL to paint anybody as an anti-Semite or pro-Hitler who is against the New World Order.”
Jones-Pimps-ADL-10Apr2009.mp3 150 kb
Jones expects us to believe that Jews are forced to accuse us of anti-Semitism because they are victims of American pimps!

This is the very common Feel Sorry for the Jews trick.

And we are also supposed to feel sorry for Alex Jones!

Jason Bermas
Bermas (another Neanderthal?) was especially amusing on 13 April 2009 when a caller to his radio show brought up the issue of Jews.

As is typical when somebody brings up the issue of Jews, he immediately cut off the caller with the phrase, "Thanks for the call", and then he began an amusing rant (a transcript is below)

Caller to the radio show:
... the Jewish people, they seem to run 90% of all the media, and all of the Hollywood movies...
Jason Bermas:
Alright, thanks for the call! Everybody hates the Jews!
Look man! It's not a Jewish conspiracy. Okay? Get over it! I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Hook-nose people don't run the world...
Please go hang yourself! There's somebody I wouldn't mind with a little population control.
It's so beyond ridiculous. It's so beyond ridiculous.
Why haven't you really just taken a toaster oven and thrown it into the bathtub with yourself and had a party? Because that's what you need to do. Nothing I hate more than the anti-Semites and the Nazis. Not a thing.
Tomorrow, Roslyn Peterson and Naomi Wolf, but I'm sure they're Jewish as well!!! Oh my God!!!
Jason-Bermas-Jews-13Apr2009.mp3   410 kb
Update 3 June 2010
Don't dismiss a person's inability to speak properly as a meaningless quirk. It could be a sign that they are defective, or primitive, as I mentioned in my audio file for 2_July 2008.

Here are some excerpts of Bermas during April and May 2010. Notice that he has trouble pronouncing the letter "T" in the words important, Martin, bat, and combatant:
Bermas-T-April-May-2010.mp3 190 Kb

Update: 22 April 2009
A man named Martin just posted the same audio excerpt of Jason Bermas and a more complete transcript.

Is he helping us expose Bermas? Look through his website and videos, you will discover that he promotes Alex Jones and other people who protect Zionism.

Learn this trick!
When I post an article that attracts your attention, many criminal Jews post similar articles in order to:
1) attract your attention to their sites.
2) allow Google to find their sites when somebody looks for information on the issue.

Don't assume that I'm jealous or paranoid!
Most "truth seekers", "whistleblowers", and "investigators" are not trying to expose or stop corruption or crime. Rather, they are trying to remain in control of the information that you are exposed to.

As I pointed out in my timeline, I don't think it's a coincidence that Dave von Kleist produced the video, 911: In Plane Site, and after that came the Loose Change video, Sofia's 9/11 Mysteries, Architects for 9/11 truth, books by David Ray Griffin, etc.

The criminal Jews are trying to control your view of the world. They are also hoping that we contact them so that they can identify those of us who are aware of their crimes. Don't let them outsmart you!

Incidentally, Martin seems to be another Neanderthal.

He also has a gap between his front teeth. Insignificant? Maybe. I mention it here.

Jason Bermas also has a big gap between his front teeth. He's currently wearing braces in an attempt to close that gap.
Many Jews don't like the way Jews look, so they have their nose reduced in size, their teeth altered, etc., so that they look more like us. And some change their names to hide their Jewish ancestry.

Some also claim to have converted to atheism or Christianity or Islam. But they're still the same people.

You can give a dog a human name, cosmetic surgery, and human clothing, but it's still a dog.

Noel Ryan

“Don't blame the Jews!

Blame the bankers!”

A common attitude among people who have trouble making a living is that they are "Underdogs" who are oppressed by the rich people and corporations. The Jews take advantage of our natural tendency to blame other people for our problems by encouraging poor people to join a Marxist or liberal organization to overthrow the rich people.

For the past few years the Zionist Jews have been trying to blame the banking Jews for 9/11 and other problems, and the recent financial problems that the world is suffering from is making it easier for them to direct anger towards the wealthy bankers and corporations.

Noel Ryan, the mysterious friend of Daryl Smith, who I mentioned in my audio file for March 22, 2009, promotes what has become a very common theory; namely, all of the world's problems can be blamed on a few bankers. Here are two brief excerpts:

My shows in the last two years have always been about the bankers. The bankers are the troublemakers.
Noel-bankers-5apr2009.mp3  18 kb

I'm no anti-Semite, or anti-Seeemite, whatsoever. I'm an anti-banker maybe...
Noel-anti-banker-5apr2009.mp3  15 kb


Noel Ryan's friend Steve discovers solution to world's problems!

In an interview with his mysterious friend Steve, we discover that the solution to the worlds problems is to force the bankers and other superrich people to spend the rest of their lives digging holes and filling them in, over and over:
...Get every single central banker, every person who has above a billion pounds, I don't know, but get them to dig holes and fill it in again. For the rest of their lives!!!
Noel-and-Steve-dig-holes-5apr2009.mp3  60 kb
Ryan's audio files are at
His computer business is
Peter Joseph
He is the creator of the Zeitgeist video, and is involved with the "Zeitgeist movement" and the "Venus Project".

I find him to be rather boring, so I've listened to only a few bits and pieces of his videos and audio files, but he seems to blame the world's problems on the mysterious "establishment".

In his audio file for April 8, 2009 he suggested we use embarrassment to push the police and military into switching their allegiance from the establishment to the Venus Project.

Later in that audio file he interviewed Jacque Fresco, the man behind the Venus Project, which is another variation of Marxism.

What a surprise that somebody who protects Zionism is also promoting Marxism!

Here is an excerpt of Peter Joseph from his audio file for 8 April 2009:
I think most understand that the police department really isn't there to protect the individual public. They're there to protect the rich from the public, generally speaking, and so is the National Guard. The military serves a larger order to protect the establishment...
My approach, and I'm still pondering this, is making a film, and calling it something like "To Our Armed Forces". First of all, you have to communicate to them that they've been nothing but abused by this establishment. Vaccines, experiments...
I think if you went back historically and communicated to the armed forces and the police how much they're abused by this system; how much they're taken for granted....
So you ask them, what are they fighting for? What are they trying to preserve, and how does it benefit them? I think if they knew of an alternative, such as the Venus Project, they would shift their perspective, they would begin to see that what they're doing is not for the welfare or betterment of themselves or the people.
You want to make them feel embarrassed by what they support. Embarrassed because they wear these... these metals. And you ask them why? Why? What does it represent to you, and how does that help anything? How does that help your family? How does that help your grandkids, you know?
Peter-Joseph-police-8Apr2009.mp3   384 kb


Daryl Smith

Smith has been repeating his usual message that only a small number of Jews are bad. But which Jews are bad?

I have a great idea! Let's encourage the military and police to investigate every Jew!

But wait, that's not all! On April 16, 2009, Noel Ryan interviewed Smith, and Smith accused me of being a Zionist Jew, and a homosexual, and of writing articles for Mike of! And he made all these accusations within a small portion of one sentence (the first transcript in the box below).

Later in that same show Noel Ryan made a joke about Smith calling him on the phone and threatening to break his neck. (You won't understand that joke unless you listen to Smith's phone call to me in which he threatened me over and over.) Here are some recent excerpts of Smith and Ryan:

...knuckleheads like Prothink, getting these articles written by this homosexual, Zionist Jew, Hufschmid...
You know, they're never going to get traction because they're liars and they're deceivers...
Noel-Smith-Hufschmid-16Apr2009.mp3  40 kb


Otherwise you'll have to call me, Daryl, and say you're going to come and break my neck or something! [lots of laughter from Smith and Ryan]
Noel-Smith-break-neck-16Apr2009.mp3  20 kb


People say that... if I don't condemn all Jews I must be bad... they say to me. Well certainly, to condemn all Jews is racist, because not all Jews are involved.
Smith-Jews-7Apr2009.mp3  25 kb


It is a Zionist conspiracy, and I want to make clear right now that I am not against Jews, I am against criminal Jews, and they happen to come from a camp called Zionism.
Smith-Zionism-7Apr2009.mp3  25 kb