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 3 Aug 2014

“Small brushfires can turn into raging infernos...”

Have you heard the story of “The Window Breaker”?
How many accidents are sabotage?
Will any nation get tired of the abuse by Jews?
A society should be a team, not a gathering of animals
Consider the Earth to be a ship traveling through space

Have you heard the story of “The Window Breaker”?
On 27 June 2014, the owner of Godlike Productions, who refers to himself as "Ghetto Monk", posted the story of "The Window Breaker". It is a story of a man in a small town secretly engaging in the breaking of windows until the authorities become fed up and leave the town, thereby freeing the people from oppression.
Ghetto Monk is the same person I mentioned in November 2012, who boasted that he had inside information that World War III would soon begin in the Middle East. He used to refer to himself as "Trinity", and now he refers to himself as "Ghetto Monk", and his new image is of an Orthodox Jew (the image to the right).

The story is idiotic, but the reason I bring this to your attention is for you to consider the possibility that the reason he posted this story is to encourage the readers of his forum to engage in destructive activities in an attempt to destroy our society. And that in turn should cause you to wonder, how many of the accidents that are occurring right now are actually deliberate acts of sabotage by these angry, miserable Jews?

He has since deleted the message and all of the pages of responses, but I put some of the more interesting responses on this page.

To understand their responses, you need to know some of their phrases. For example, the first response, from "A Friend", mentions "tptb". That refers to "The Powers That Be", which some people refer to as the "authorities", the "establishment", the "cabal", or the "ruling elite".

Four of the lessons to learn from the responses to "The Window Breaker" are:

1) A lot of people are trying to hurt us.

A person who calls himself “A Friend” replied that he loves the story, and to express his frustration that many people complain that it's too late to fight “The Powers That Be”. An anonymous person further encouraged people to fight the powers that be with the message:

Do your action of resistance daily. Every day. An action. To throw sand in the cog of the machine...


Anastacia reinforced that attitude with:

Small brushfires can turn into raging infernos...

Don't dismiss these messages as irrelevant! I suggest that you take a look at the responses and ask yourself, how many of the people that we live with are looking for opportunities to sabotage, hurt, kill, and torture us? Furthermore, Godlike Productions is just one of many forums on the Internet that has these type of messages. There may be tens of thousands, or millions, of people worldwide with these attitudes.

2) They justify their behavior by faking innocence and LOL

When Elbo Deep pointed out that the message was a blatant encouragement of destruction, Ghetto Monk responded:

it's just a story bro
you seem pretty scared of ideas

Elbo Deep then responded that he's not complaining about the encouragement of vandalism. Rather, he's just amazed that Ghetto Monk would do so in such an obvious manner. He then encouraged Ghetto Monk with:

Kudos, tell them how to behave!

In response, Ghetto Monk continued to fake innocence with:

you're thinking too deeply into it man
it's just a story / movie actually

Elbo Deep responded that everyone has an agenda, and that Ghetto Monk doesn't need to treat the people on the forum as idiots. However, Ghetto Monk continued to fake innocence. He is certainly aware that if he were to admit that he was encouraging violence, he could be arrested, and so he responded:

I posted the story because I saw the movie last night and thought that it carried an interesting message.
that's all

No nation yet has a legal system that will deal with troublesome people. Every nation waits for a person to do something destructive. It is acceptable in every society for a person to ruin morale, encourage violence, instigate fights, irritate people, and encourage bad attitudes. A person who encourages bad behavior on the Internet can justify it by claiming that he is merely discussing ideas, and by including "LOL", or :) at the end of their message.

Imagine employees of a corporation being allowed to produce newsletters in which they encourage acts of destruction on the business. Or imagine a military tolerating soldiers who encourage acts of destruction. We are fools to allow this type of behavior.

The people who encourage acts of violence are not team members who contribute to society. They are destroying society. An organization should not be required to wait for a person to do something destructive in order to remove him from the organization.

Likewise, the people who are so apathetic or irresponsible that they don't care that some people are destroying society are also hurting society, but in a passive manner. They are behaving like stupid animals who are concerned only with pleasing themselves, and who have no interest in helping to maintain their society.
3) Members of crime networks are abused, also
Crime networks attract the lowest quality minds that the human race has ever produced. As a result, the members cannot trust or depend upon one another. Criminals not only abuse the honest people, they also abuse one another. Some of the more observant people noticed this many centuries ago, or perhaps thousands of years ago, and they created an expression to describe it; namely, "sleep with dogs, get bit by fleas".

One of the people who responded to the story of the window breaker, UniKitty, is apparently one of the people who is involved with breaking windows. He complained:

When does the window breaker get all the pussy he was promised in exchange for doing the dirty work for everyone else who is not willing or able?

His complaint provides supporting evidence to the accusations by Alex Jones and other phony truth seekers that the "ruling elite" has recruited people to their team by promising to give them money, sex, fame, and other rewards, but in the future, rather than now. For example, some of the truth seekers claim that the ruling elite has recruited people for their police and military force by promising that once the global war starts, they will be able to freely rape as many women and children as they please. Until that global war starts, they have to engage in criminal activities without any reward.

Years ago I wrote that I think Alex Jones, Webster Tarpley, and the other phony truth seekers are able to lie consistently because most of the time they are not lying. They are telling us the truth. However, they are doing a few word substitutions. For example, when they tell us that the "evil cabal" has recruited people by promising them the opportunity to rape women and children, what they really mean is that the group of Jews that they are working for is recruiting people with those offers.

UniKitty may be one of the people who decided to join the network in return for the offers of sex, but as the years pass by, he is becoming increasingly frustrated that he's not getting any of the sex that he was promised.

You ought to wonder, what exactly has UniKitty been doing during the past few years? Has he been involved with murders, arsons, airplane crashes, or vandalism? And what was he promised?

UniKitty is not the only person who is becoming frustrated with the lack of progress. Another anonymous person wrote:

The current tsunami of Satanic power over Earth will not be stopped by rocks or cops.

No Asian ninja gangs or tranny Brony SEAL teams will be doing anything.

That person seems to realize that the Jews are not going to change the course of history no matter what they do. I don't know what he means by "tranny Brony SEAL teams". Perhaps that is a remark about how the Jews and Lady Gaga are struggling to get homosexuals and transsexuals into the military, and he is implying that none of the teams of homosexual soldiers are going to be able to change the course of history, either.

His remark about the "Asian ninja gangs" refers to Benjamin Fulford, who claims that there is a group of ninjas ready and willing to fight the "evil cabal". (You can listen to his remark here.)

4) We must eliminate secrecy
An anonymous person wrote:

Very interesting story. He must not have lived in a town that had surveillance cameras everywhere.
hmmmm wasn't I reading that the people in GB were breaking, shooting/painting or otherwise vandalizing all the cameras watching them.....

He seems willing to engage in acts of violence, but he is hesitating because of the surveillance cameras.

As I have complained in many files, when a society allows its people to be secretive, they allow crime networks to thrive, and they allow the individual citizens to deceive one another about their lives, their health, their jobs, their education, and everything else about themselves.

If a society would completely eliminate secrecy and keep track of everybody, it would allow everybody to look on a computer to see where everybody is at any moment in time, who each person associates with, and what everybody does during the day and night. They would also be able to see who is visiting them from another city, and whether they are visiting for business reasons or personal reasons. Anybody who committed a crime in such a city would be identified and caught very quickly. The people in that type of city would know almost as much about one another as if they were living in a primitive tribe in 50,000 BC.

Let me tell you the story of "The Jew Killer"

The Jew Killer
A man in a small town gets fed up with the criminal Jews and their cohorts. He gets tired of the lies in the media, the corruption in the government, and the Jewish propaganda in the history books. So he secretly looks for opportunities to kill the corrupt policemen, lawyers, judges, college professors, news reporters, government officials, and businessmen, or make their death appear to be an accident.

Although he is just one person, and he can only kill one criminal every few weeks, after a few years he has killed so many criminals that the media starts to report the truth, the legal system becomes honest and effective, students are taught the truth about history, and the police become respectable.

Hey, it's just a story!
Relax bro.
Don't be scared of ideas.
You're thinking too deeply into it, man.
I posted the story because I thought that it carried an interesting message.
That's all.

How many accidents are actually sabotage?
After looking at the responses to "The Window Breaker", you ought to wonder, how many people are actively involved with acts of destruction? How many of the fires, deaths, airplane crashes, salmonella outbreaks, equipment failures, and power shortages are truly accidents, and how many are sabotage by Jews?

In May 2014, a train derailed and dumped three airplane bodies into the river. Was that really an "accident"?

In July 2014, Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 wandered off its predefined course, traveled over the war zone in the Ukraine, and was shot down. Did the pilots accidentally wander into a war zone? Was it shot down by accident? Is it a coincidence that a few months earlier another Malaysian airline disappeared mysteriously? (I mentioned it here.)

Incidentally, video of the Flight 17 crash scene shows a tremendous amount of airplane parts, fires, luggage, and dead bodies. By comparison, the crash scene for Flight 93 in Pennsylvania shows only a small crater (the photo below. Christopher Bollyn has another interesting photo in this article).

The two photos below are from this video of the crash site of Flight 17 in the Ukraine.

When will enough people get tired of the abuse?
Have you seen the photos of the Palestinians walking around the bombed sections of Gaza?
They remind me of the people walking around the rubble of the World Trade Center.
The world wars created similar scenes, such as the one below from the first World War.

The Internet is allowing us to see the truth

Israel's recent bombing of Gaza may appear to be a new Israeli policy, but the savages from central Asia, who refer to themselves as "Jews", have been struggling for centuries to get control of Palestine. However, until the Internet became popular, the Jews were extremely successful in fooling people with propaganda.

For example, during the Middle Ages, they fooled a lot of Christians into believing that it was their duty to join the Crusades and free Palestine from the evil Muslims. During the 20th century, they fooled millions of people into believing that Muslims are suicidal terrorists who attack Christians and Jews simply because we love freedom.

Now that we can see the truth, many of us are disgusted with the Jews and their cohorts, and we want to do something to stop the abuse, but the majority of people react to abuse just like a stupid dog. They whimper for a while, and then they ignore the problem. They do not want to discuss their problems, and they are especially fearful of experimenting with solutions.

A society should be a team, not a gathering of animals
The responses to the story of The Window Breaker ought to make you realize that many of the people we live with are not team members. They are not interested in contributing to society, and they are not interested in becoming our friends, either. They are essentially alien creatures who are trying to destroy us.

In order for a modern society to function properly, the people need a concern for what the other members are doing, and they have to coordinate their activities and work together for the benefit of everybody. Unfortunately, no society yet shows any concern for whether its members are contributing.

Charles Dickens published Oliver Twist in 1837. It was about one of the social problems that human societies had been suffering from for many centuries; namely, unwanted children and misfit adults who live in the cities like wild animals, and who survive through begging and crime. It has been almost 200 years since that book was published, but the problem still exists everywhere in the world.

The people who call themselves "conservatives" aggravate this problem by struggling to prevent women from aborting unwanted and retarded children, and the liberals aggravate the problem by promoting pity for misfits, criminals, and retards. Human emotions were not designed to deal with the problem of unwanted or defective people. We must force ourselves to deal with this problem.

As I emphasized many times in a previous file, a lot of men boast that they have the ability to force themselves to do strenuous physical activities, but this modern world needs men who can push themselves into dealing with emotionally unpleasant social problems, such as unwanted children, crime networks, corrupt government officials, and abusive business leaders.

In another previous file, I pointed out that Elliot Rodger is just one of millions of miserable, mentally ill, envious, angry, and violent people that we live with, and who cause trouble for us. The Internet message boards provide more evidence that we are living among a lot of mentally disturbed, violent, and miserable people.

It seems that almost all of the Internet message boards are dominated by criminal Jews and their cohorts. Israel does not even bother to hide the fact that they pay people to post propaganda on the Internet. For example, after Israel began bombing Gaza in July 2014, the Israeli government began paying college students to post pro-Israeli messages on the Internet in an attempt to counteract the complaints about their bombing.

Although the duty of the Jews is to post pro-Jewish propaganda, every once in a while they post a message that gives us a clue as to what their personal life is like, and how they think.

For example, on 31 July 2014, one of the people at Godlike Productions posted this message that he will soon become homeless in Washington DC, and he asked for advice on what to do. An interesting reply came from a homeless person in Colorado:

08/01/2014  01:02 AM
Homeless in Colorado for a few years, but I have a car and a simple janitor's job. I drive around at night cleaning a few businesses and then go to sleep in the parking lot of a local Walmart or 24/h Fitness. When I wake up I go to the gym and take a shower and then go to the library.

I could probably get another job and have enough money for a cheap ass apartment, but I honestly enjoy a quite life reading books in the front seat of my car. I live in Colorado. Winters get nasty but with enough blankets you can insulate your body's heat and get a good night's sleep even in the middle of a polar vortex. Puts hair on yer chest.

If you have read through my other files, then you may recall that a homeless Russian Jew named Fred Averbach, who was living in his van in Los Angeles, was calling me almost every night for several years in order to give me Jewish propaganda.

The homeless people who are spreading Jewish propaganda are not contributing members of a modern society. They are living like wild animals, and they are struggling to destroy our society. Allowing them to live with us is more foolish than allowing wild monkeys, bison, and gorillas to freely roam the streets of our cities.

Fred, and other homeless people, are not getting a salary from the Israeli government. They seem to be supporting the Jewish fantasy of conquering the world simply because they are misfits, and they are hoping that when the Jews get control of the world, they will finally be able to enjoy life.

We are living among the stars seeds and light workers

Some of the messages on the Internet forums show us that the Jews realize that they are misfits in our society, but rather than be ashamed of themselves, they consider themselves to be "star seeds", "Indigo chidren", or "light workers", who are creating a better society. If you've never seen these messages, I suggest you browse through a couple of their websites or messages so that you have a better understanding of the type of people who are living among us. One of the light workers posted a message with the remark:
Brave, beautiful volunteer souls like yourself came here to lighten the incredible density of this planet and you are a stranger in a strange land.
If you are aware of the Zionist movement, then you should realize that many of the savages from central Asia deliberately migrated to different nations in order to infiltrate other societies. He could be referring to those people. His message seems to be an attempt to comfort the Jews who are frustrated and lonely. Later in his message he writes:
We are starseeds, seeds of Light, scattered far and wide because we are few compared to the population and we are needed everywhere. Because of this we feel so alone and wonder where our Tribe is, where are the ones who will know me and cherish me and understand my uniqueness and my special love that I have to offer. WE are here, brother, and we care so much for you.
His message is at Godlike Productions, and it has not yet been erased, so you can see it here. They also have websites, such as and They also have organizations for certain cities, such as

Although it is possible that some dumb or mentally ill people have joined the light worker movement simply because they don't understand what it is, and some people may be involved simply for the profit opportunity of selling jewelry or services, most of the light workers seem to be involved with the criminal Jews.

These light workers are not members of our society. They are alien creatures who are here to destroy us. We are fools to tolerate this ridiculous situation.

If any of the people involved with the light worker movement are "honest" people who are simply too mentally defective to understand what they are doing, they are also a problem for modern society. Mentally defective people make it difficult for us to figure out who is deliberately hurting us, and who is hurting us inadvertently because of their mental problems. The criminals can also hide behind the morons by putting them into visible positions of the organization.

The best policy for a society is to treat all destructive people equally, regardless of whether they are destructive intentionally or because of their mental problems. A person who wants to stick a knife in your eye is a danger to you regardless of whether he is a retard who thinks he is helping you, or a criminal who is trying to hurt you. We should stop giving retards special privileges to commit crimes. Nobody should be allowed to justify their bad behavior with claims of insanity or mental disorders. Montana Senator John Walsh claims that his plagiarism was due to PTSD and medications, but we should not allow that type of excuse, either.

Are you familiar with the plot in 1984?

It might help you to understand the Jewish crime network if you understand the plot in George Orwell's story "1984". I think that the important message to learn from that story is that a group of people are trying to overthrow the authorities. They are attracted to the philosophy of Emmanuel Goldstein, but they are not organized into a team. Each person is simply working on his own to do whatever he can think of to hurt the authorities.

Because the followers of Goldstein are not organized, it is extremely difficult for the authorities to figure out who is part of the network. None of the members are actually a "member" of an organization. None of them get a salary, so the authorities cannot identify them by following the flow of money, and nobody gives them orders on what to do, and they never participate in meetings. It could be described as a "leaderless" network, or as "anarchy".

Although many Jews are organized, such as those in the Mossad and the ADL, the thousands - or millions! - of Jews who are part of their unorganized, leaderless network are working independently to do whatever they can to help the Jews and hurt you and I. Although most of the members will eventually get to know a few other members, they never work as teams. They are always independent.

For some examples of what members of a leaderless network might do:
• Some spread Jewish propaganda to other people, as Fred did with me.
• If they work in a personnel department, they may give special preference to hiring Jews.
• When they notice that a Jew is running for sheriff or Congress, they may vote for him simply because he's a Jew.
• Some of them may look for opportunities to sabotage or hurt Goyim. For example, if they work at the IRS, they may destroy somebody's tax return so that they can claim that he never filed. Or they may try to instigate fights between husbands and wives in order to create marital problems.

Their lack of organization has the benefit of making it extremely difficult for us to realize that they are working for a crime network. For example, if a Jew in a personnel department hires another Jew, how could we prove that he did so to help the Jews get control of the planet? We could watch one of those Jews 24 hours a day, but we would never find him getting orders from other Jews on what to do, and we would never find him receiving payment from other Jews.

Or, if a Jew at General Motors accidentally drops a piece of equipment, or if he secretly sets the equipment up so that some other employee accidentally drops it, thereby causing a lot of damage, how could we prove that he did so simply to hurt the company? If a Jew who works for a electric power company accidentally causes a power outage, how could we prove that he did so on purpose because he believed it would help to destroy our society?

We can beat Emmanuel Goldstein

A leaderless crime network is extremely effective at spreading propaganda and destroying a society, but once we are aware of its existence, it is easy for us to defeat it. The leaderless network suffers from two, very significant problems:

1) The idiots can do more harm than good

Since half the population is "below average", many members of an organization will be too dumb to figure out how to do something to help the organization. As a result, the members of a leaderless network, who have to figure out for themselves what to do, will sometimes choose to do something that inadvertently hurts the network.

For example, I think that Fred Averbach, Peggy Borger, Sam Danner, and many of the other people who have contacted me during the past few years have done more to hurt their network than to help it. And I think that their kidnapping of the Bollyn family also did more harm than good.

By comparison, when a group of people are organized -- assuming that their leadership is competent! -- all of the members will be given intelligent orders, and the dumb members will be told to keep their mouth shut and do what they are told.

2) They cannot help one another
The members of a leaderless network do not know who is part of their network, even though they may live near one another. They will eventually discover a few other people in their area, but they will not know the extent of their network. This is not a problem when everything is working fine for them, but when they are in a battle with an organized group of people, they will occasionally need financial support, or other type of help. However, their isolation will make it impossible for them to get assistance.

If an organized group of people can identify the members of a leaderless network, they would be able to arrest, kill, or incapacitate them one by one, and none of the other members would realize it.

By comparison, organized teams can easily help one another, and they can notify one another of news events.

The Jewish crime network is like a group of animals

One of the significant differences between animals and humans is that animals are extremely selfish and independent. A predator, such as a wolf, can kill sheep one by one, without the other sheep doing anything to stop or prevent the attacks. Only humans have the ability to suppress their selfish cravings and work for the benefit for the group, even if it requires that they suffer in the process.

Animals occasionally appear to be working for the benefit of the group, such as when a group of bison attack a predator, or when a pet dog defends his owner from attack. However, the animals are not thinking about what is best for the group, or what is best for their owner. They are merely following their emotional cravings to defend themselves and their family. Animals do not have the intelligence necessary to think about what is best for the group. Furthermore, animals do not have the ability to control their emotional cravings well enough to suppress their selfish desires and do what is best for the group.

The leaderless aspect of the Jewish crime network makes it more similar to a group of animals rather than a modern organization of humans. Is this a coincidence? I don't think so.

If we could remove the secrecy that we provide people, we would be able to analyze the teenagers who join gangs and compare them to the teenagers who have no interest in becoming gang members, and we could compare the adults who join crime networks to those who want to fight the crime networks.

I think that such analyses would show us that the people who want to join gangs have a personality that is more similar to that of an animal. I think we would discover that they are more selfish and independent, and less interested in following rules. As with animals, they want to do whatever pleases them without worrying about the consequences.

Each of us has slightly different emotional qualities. As a result, each of us is emotionally attracted to a slightly different philosophy of life. The people who are more like animals have a stronger attraction to the philosophies in which people are allowed to do whatever they please, and they are less attracted to the philosophies that require people to follow laws, work as a team, and consider how their actions affect other people.

I don't think it's a coincidence that many Jews have joined a leaderless network. They seem to be the group of people most interested in anarchy and communism, and that is a similar philosophy in which the people do whatever they please with no regards to the consequences. The people who are attracted to communism and anarchy want to live like animals. They are not interested in the regulations, standards of behavior, or responsibilities of a modern society.

Some people have no problem spending years of their life living in an automobile, or camping in a tent, or sleeping in a park. Some people have no problem spending years of their life, or decades, begging for food or money. Some people have no problem stealing, cheating, raping, or taking whatever they please.

Why is it that some people behave more like animals? It is simply because some of us have emotional and intellectual qualities that are more similar to that of an animal.

Consider the Earth to be a ship traveling through space
You might get a better understanding of how to improve society if you consider the earth to be a ship, and if you consider all people to be crew members. If the military, or any business, were to operate a ship the way a society is operating, it would be a disaster. In fact, future generations might create comedy skits in which they show a ship that follows the philosophy of one of today's societies.

For example, no government yet cares whether its citizens have jobs, and no government does anything to help people find jobs. To make that situation more ridiculous, no society even knows exactly how many people are living in their society, or what they are doing.

The secrecy that we provide people makes it impossible to know exactly how many people are living in America, and of those people, how many are contributing something useful to society. According to the government statistics, only 63% of American adults have jobs. While many of the unemployed people are women with young children, there are tens of millions of adult men and women who are not contributing anything.

Of the people who have jobs, millions of them are doing nothing of value. This is especially true of those in the government, charities, churches, think tanks, and universities. Furthermore, some businesses are producing products or services that we don't need or benefit from, such as telemarketing and products for children. Unfortunately, no society yet cares whether its members are contributing something of value.

Imagine this idiotic situation happening on a ship. Imagine a ship in which there is so much secrecy that the captain has no idea of exactly how many people are on the ship, or what their jobs are. Imagine that 15% of the crewmembers do not have a job, and 10% of the crew have jobs that have no value to the ship. Also, imagine that the unemployed people are spending their time watching television, wandering through the ship in an attempt to find something to entertain themselves with, getting drunk, gambling, reproducing, playing video games, and joining crime networks. Imagine also that there are homeless people, retards, and unwanted children wandering around the ship, and surviving through crime and begging.

Imagine also that some people abandon unwanted pet cats and dogs on a regular basis, and other people are littering, and other people are vandalizing the ship.

Would you want to live on that type of ship? If not, why would you want to tolerate those conditions on land? What is the difference between a) living on a ship that floats in the ocean, b) living in a city on land, and c) living on a planet that is traveling through space?

The most significant difference between those three situations is that a ship is cramped, and that causes the people to encounter one another all throughout the day and evening. This contact would be wonderful if they enjoyed one another, but it would be miserable if many of the people on the ship were destructive, irresponsible, neurotic, or violent.

People on ships and submarines have to meet high standards of behavior because of their close contact, and we could set the same high standards of behavior for people in cities, or for everybody on the planet. However, there is so much land on the Earth that instead of setting high standards for people, we prefer to find a house that isolates us from the people we dislike.

We try to push the unwanted children into orphanages, and we try to push the criminals and retards into somebody else's neighborhood, and we try to push the unemployed people and the peasant class into another neighborhood.

This behavior could be described as sweeping your garbage into somebody else's yard. Or, we could describe it as hiding from your problems.

This is not a sensible solution to the problem of bad behavior, misfits, retards, criminals, or peasants. This is animal behavior, not human behavior.

A more sensible philosophy is to consider the earth as a ship that is traveling through space, and to insist that everybody follow high standards of behavior. We should not hide from the troublesome people. The troublesome people need to be removed from society.

You may wonder, what is the difference between my philosophy of "removing" troublesome people, and the situation today in which people try to push troublesome people into somebody else's neighborhood. The difference is that I am suggesting that the troublesome people be removed permanently and isolated from us so that they cannot cause us any more trouble. By comparison, when we push the unwanted people away from us, they continue to live among us, and that allows them to irritate us over and over, year after year.

The wonderful aspects of modern society require teamwork. It is unacceptable for people today to selfishly pursue their emotional cravings while ignoring homeless people, misfits, incompetent government officials, retards, liars, corrupt lawyers, unwanted children, and crime networks. We must create a team, and that requires eliminating secrecy so that we know who we live with, and it requires helping every child grow up to be an adult who can and will contribute to society, and who can form stable relationships with other people. We should be enjoying the people we live with, not suffering from their abuse or trying to avoid them.