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29 July 2006
Eric Hufschmid

I frequently hear remarks like these:
Kurt Nimmo has a great article on Neocons!

Paul Craig Roberts really hits Bush hard!

Jeff Rense has a blockbuster exposé of Zionism!

Everybody is talking about the Loose Change video! It is the best video ever!

Aaron Russo is exposing the Federal Reserve with his new movie! Russo is our hero!

I already have articles about deception, but many people are still confused about who to trust.

To help you avoid becoming a sucker, I will start with a brief analogy to carpentry to show that all you have to do is apply the same principles to the "truth seekers" that you apply to carpenters, dentists, doctors, and plumbers.

If I were a carpenter,
and you wanted a table,
would you visit my showroom,
or turn to Dylan Avery?


I have glass tables...

inlayed tables....
plain wooden tables...
fancy tables...
and tables of iron and tile.
However, retail stores refuse to sell my tables, and the newspapers and magazines refuse to mention my tables in their articles about home furnishings. As a result, only a few people know about or recommend my tables.

The magazines, newspapers, and retail stores promote Kurt Nimmo, Alex Jones, Paul Craig Roberts, Jeff Rense, the Scholars For Carpentry Truth, Tom Flocco,, Mike Berger, and especially Dylan Avery.

Dylan Avery is the most successful of all table manufacturers. He claims to have sold so many tables that he could afford to give away 100,000 tables.

When you enter the showrooms of Dylan Avery, Kurt Nimmo, or Alex Jones, they rush over to meet you, shake your hand, and praise you for being a "sophisticated shopper". They offer lollipops to your children, have music playing in the background, and they have sexy female clerks in skimpy clothing.

However, when you randomly inspect some of their tables, you discover that some are low quality, and some are broken.

Alex Jones shows you a solid oak table, but you can clearly see that it is oak veneer over particle board. Would you make an excuse for Jones, such as:

"Well, Jones tries hard. He is the first person I bought furniture from, so I am grateful to him. If it hadn't been for Alex Jones, I wouldn't have a bed to sleep in."

Dylan Avery shows you a table he describes as being made from genuine A3 Skywarrior parts by the world-renowned furniture factory of Karl Schwarz. However, when you look closely you discover that it is made of plastic in China by Happy Flower Industries, Ltd.

Furthermore, when you ask about Schwarz's furniture factory, you discover that he doesn't actually have a factory yet because he is still looking for investors.

Would you make an excuse for Avery, such as:

"Well, Avery is a college student who doesn't know very much yet. But he sells a lot of tables to college students, so if it were not for him, college students would not have tables."

Who would you buy a table from?

How do you select dentists, plumbers, or restaurants? Do you care which one is the most popular? Do you care which one gets the most publicity in magazines or newspapers?

What should be done with incompetent and dishonest carpenters?

Which would you suggest:

a) Be fair to all carpenters by supporting all of them. All carpenters should be treated as equals. There should be no discrimination. We should not start fights by accusing some carpenters of being incompetent or corrupt.

b) Drive the incompetent carpenters out of business and arrest the dishonest carpenters so that only the honest and reliable carpenters remain.

c) neither of the above.

Which of those options would you select for dishonest and incompetent dentists, doctors, policemen, plumbers, and auto mechanics?

Judge "truth seekers"
by their analyses and behavior,
not by their popularity

Very few people would buy a table from a carpenter who offered defective and broken tables, or who lied about his tables. Most of us judge a carpenter by his products and behavior.

However, most people will not apply these concepts to the so-called 9/11 "truth seekers".

Those of us who are trying to expose corruption are producing articles, videos, audio files, and/or books. You should look critically at our products and avoid those of us who seem to be lying or providing low quality products.

Unfortunately, this is not happening. A good example is the Loose Change video by Dylan Avery.

The first version of the video was produced in 2005, which was two years after my video became available. During those two years people discovered more details about 9/11, so we would expect a video in 2005 to be more accurate than a video from 2003.

However, the first and second versions of Loose Change promote a theory from Karl Schwarz that is so stupid that it cannot be an accident. Specifically, it promotes his theory that an A3 Skywarrior crashed into the Pentagon on September 11. 

More photos of A3:

Many "truth seekers" promote this theory, such as SPINE:

Furthermore, Schwarz is a suspicious person:

However, rather than consider the Loose Change video to be a defective or deceptive product, and rather than wonder if Schwarz and Avery are part of the criminal network, I am told repeatedly that Loose Change is the best video on 9/11.

If Dylan Avery was a chef at a restaurant, and his soup always had maggots in it, I would make the accusation that Avery is putting maggots in the soup on purpose. Would you respond,

"Oh you are just jealous that everybody likes his restaurant more than your restaurant! Just take the maggots out if you don't like them. The soup tastes great! Everybody loves it!"
People make absurd excuses for Avery, such as:
"Dylan Avery is a young college student, so he doesn't know very much. Give him a break!"
Well, if he doesn't know very much, why are you promoting him? Would you promote a 10-year-old child and then make the excuse, "But he's just a child, so give him a break!"

Think for yourself! Don't follow the crowd

People follow other people, and the criminal network is well aware of this. In order to push aside honest investigators, they promote Loose Change and Dylan Avery on the Internet, magazines, newspapers, and television. Avery also claims to have given away 100,000 free copies.

By saturating the nation with praise of Dylan Avery and Loose Change DVDs, a lot of people will learn about 9/11 from that video. These people will be thankful to Avery and Loose Change.

Even if they hear about other DVDs, they will assume that Loose Change is the best video about 9/11 because "everybody" is talking about it.

"Dude, everybody is doing it!"

Humans (and most animals) are suckers for what "everybody" is doing. If "everybody" is wearing a certain style of clothing, for example, other people want that style.

Even the people who think of themselves as "independent" will follow other people. No human is truly independent. Everybody is concerned about what other people are doing. Some people wander farther away from the crowd than others, but we all follow the crowd to some extent.

Children follow "everybody" much more than adults, and women follow "everybody" more than men. The only people who can be described as truly independent are the people who suffer from serious mental retardation.

Only the seriously retarded truly dress in whatever manner they please, do whatever they want, and have no regard for what other people are doing.

Do you care about the New York Times best-seller list?

Advertisers regularly take advantage of this characteristic of human nature by boasting that their product is popular, or that their company is "Number 1". In reality, it makes no difference if a book is a bestseller, if a product is popular, or if a company dominates the market.

Internet pornography is supposedly one of the most popular products ever created. Does that mean we should join "everybody" and purchase Internet pornography? Lottery tickets are extremely popular, also. The Harry Potter books are among the most popular books ever written.

What would you think if you told your children to stop eating so much food, and they responded,

"But Mom and Dad, everybody is getting fat and sickly!"
Following the crowd is a great policy for sheep, but humans should behave better than animals.

Support a criminal, and you support crime

When you buy tables from a carpenter who lies or cheats, you are denying money to a carpenter who is honest. Eventually the honest carpenters will be driven to bankruptcy, and all that will remain are the dishonest and incompetent carpenters.

Likewise, when you support deceptive investigators, you give them money, and you promote their ideas. This spreads the deception throughout the population, and it provides the liars with money to operate with.

"Don't worry about the liars!
They will soon be exposed!"

One of the latest tricks to fool people into promoting Loose Change, Alex Jones, and other liars is:

"The truth about 9/11 is getting out, so we don't have to worry about the liars. Once 9/11 is exposed, the public will figure out who is telling the truth."

According to this theory, it is OK to promote liars because these liars are helping to expose 9/11, and when enough people realize that 9/11 is a scam, the public will magically figure out who among us is a liar.

To understand how this is deception, imagine somebody going back in time and using this argument to convince me that I don't need to write my book "Painful Questions; An analysis of the September 11 Attack". Imagine somebody telling me:

"Jeff Rense, Tom Flocco, Alex Jones, and hundreds of other people are already exposing the 9/11 attack and other crimes in their books, videos, radio shows, and Internet sites.

Sure, those people tell a few lies, but it doesn't matter because they are telling a lot of truth, also.

We don't need your book or video! The 9/11 attack is becoming exposed, and as soon as enough people realize that the official story is a lie, the public will figure out who among us has been telling the truth.

So don't bother writing a book or making a video. Instead, let the liars expose the 9/11 scam.

The truth about 9/11 will come out eventually. Just wait. And in the meantime, do absolutely nothing to spread the truth about 9/11.

And please don't complain that the 9/11 investigators are liars. They are helping us to expose the assassination, and we don't want to divide the 9/11 truth movement.

Criticizing the investigators would hurt the movement. Patriots don't attack patriots.

So work with us, Eric, by keeping your mouth shut."

Don't be a sucker!

Many people have discovered that 9/11 is a scam by watching Loose Change, by listening to Alex Jones, or by reading articles at, but they picked up a deceptive view of the world at the same time. Some of those people will eventually figure out what is going on, but many of them never will.

The best and fastest way to expose crime and corruption is with the truth.

You are a fool to let investigators expose a crime with lies.

The reason America, Europe, and Russia have been victims of Zionists for so long is because most Goyim are routinely outsmarted.

When you allow criminals to become the investigators, the news reporters, the judges, the juries, the government officials, and the truth seekers, you are giving the criminals total control of your society.

Furthermore, when you purchase their products, you are funding their criminal network.

People resist changes

The majority of people have no desire to investigate new options in life. The majority follow the crowd.

Children are extremely flexible, but once we become an adult, we tend to resist changes. The issue of food is probably one of the best examples of this.

Human babies will eat almost anything, but once we become an adult, we tend to eat a very limited selection of food, and we consider everybody else's food to be disgusting.

If a society were to eat rats, cockroaches, worms, scorpions, and caterpillars, the children will grow up thinking that such items are "food".

More photos here.

Dried dog.

Similar to "beef jerky" but without the chemicals.

More photos here.

We all resist changes. Most people resist changes to such an extreme that they will hurt themselves rather than consider the possibility that they are on the wrong path in life.

Most people do not enjoy learning, research, thinking, or facing problems. Most people do not want to change their lives.

What does this mean to you? What does this have to do with 9/11?

The answer is: when the criminal network exposes people to the Loose Change video, Alex Jones, Paul Craig Roberts, and other liars, those liars will develop a loyal following. It will be difficult to convince those people that the "truth seekers" they admire are part of the criminal network. It will be difficult to undo the deception they pick up, also.

The criminals want to remain in control

The crime network promotes their members as "truth seekers" so that they can remain in control of the investigation, punishment, and solution.

To understand this, imagine if most of the world comes to the realization that 9/11 was a scam. Who will Dylan Avery, Alex Jones, Paul Craig Roberts, and Webster Tarpley blame for 9/11?

To answer that question, just look at who they have been blaming for the past few years: George Bush, Dick Cheney, David Rockefeller, and a few other people. They also blame vague, mysterious organizations, such as Globalists and Neocons.

The "truth seekers" may recommend that Bush and the others be arrested, but since they are in control of the courts, the FBI, the media, and the military, the trial may go on for years.

The trial of Saddam Hussein is a good example of how the public can easily be fooled into thinking that a trial is occurring, when in reality they are merely wasting tax money.

Many people have already tried to file lawsuits over the JFK assassination, the attack on the USS Liberty, and 9/11. However, nothing ever happens because the criminal network is in control of our court system and media.

Look at the trials of "Holocaust Deniers"

There have been many trials of "Holocaust Deniers" in Europe, but none of the trials are real. They cannot have a real trial with a Holocaust denier because if the Holocaust denier is allowed to show evidence to defend himself, the Holocaust would be exposed as a hoax.

Therefore, the Zionists prefer to arrest one of their patsies, such as David Irving, who admitted guilt before his trial started:

In the case of Ernst Zundel, who refuses to admit guilt, take a look at what his 3rd wife is doing in this video:
Holocaust-Zundel-Rivero.wmv   4.5 mb

If Dylan Avery, Alex Jones, Paul Craig Roberts, Webster Tarpley and their friends fool the majority of people into thinking that they are honest investigators, people will listen to their suggestions regarding who should replace George Bush.

They will recommend Hillary Clinton, John McCain, or one of their other puppets, such as Bob Bowman.

Dylan Avery, Alex Jones, and their friends will not demand that the executives of the media companies be arrested, nor will they demand that anybody seize the assets of the Rothschilds and other families involved in controlling our money supply and banking system.
Have you heard of the Rothschilds?
Here is a timeline of the family

Do you think they earned their money?

Or do they take advantage of the Gullible Goyim?

Promoting Dylan Avery as a 9/11 investigator has the additional advantage that he can fake ignorance when asked about the Rothschilds, the media, the banking families, and Zionism.

Compare us, and ignore the liars

Take a serious look at articles and videos by 

Avery, Dylan 
Herman, Doug 
Jones, Alex 
Livergood, Norman 
Madsen, Wayne 
Makow, Henry 
Nimmo, Kurt 
Raimondo, Justin 
Rense, Jeff 
Roberts, Paul Craig
Russo, Aaron 
Scholars For 9/11 Truth
Schwarz, Karl 
Tarpley, Webster 
Wooldridge, Frosty

People listed as Columnists at:

Also, look closely at the people and articles at the "white supremacist" sites. Have you seen this brief analysis of them yet:

Do you really get much useful information from those people? Is my material truly inferior to theirs?

You can find outright lies, nonsense, and deception in their material. This has been documented in several articles, such as: 


It should be obvious that these people are lying, although none of us can figure out why they lie. Perhaps they are working with the criminal network, or perhaps they have been bribed, threatened, or blackmailed.

It is also possible that they have been deceived into thinking that they are fighting the crime network by running a counter scam. They may have been fooled into thinking that they are part of a "mission impossible" team that will deceive the criminal network.

However, we don't have to know why these people are lying. All we need to know is that they are liars; that they are producing defective products; that they are deceiving us. You should warn your friends to avoid them.

"You're wrong! Alex Jones talks about Zionism!"

Often people tell me that I am wrong to accuse these people of never exposing Zionism. They will send me a link to a particular web page, or tell me to listen to a particular radio broadcast. Supposedly I will see that these truth seekers do indeed bring up the issues of Zionism.

This particular type of deception is not easy to understand unless you watch these "truth seekers" over a span of years. Alex Jones, Webster Tarpley, and the others only talk about Zionism when they are pressured.

The 9/11 "truth seekers" behave  like political candidates. The successful political candidates say whatever people want to hear. If you complain that they do not want to reduce taxes, then they will promise to reduce taxes. If you complain that they do not have a plan to reduce crime, then they will come up with a plan. 

Furthermore, the "truth seekers" only say what has already been said. For example, when Alex Jones talk about the attack on the USS Liberty, he only says what has already been said thousands of times during the past few decades.

In other words, Jones provides information that we should have learned about long ago. The information may be new to you, but it has been available to the public for decades.

You don't have to push a leader to lead

A leader is somebody who shows you a better path in life. He explains things that you don't understand. He offers you solutions that you never thought of. He solves problems that you cannot solve.

A leader in the issue of world corruption does not need you to prod him into talking about Zionism, or the banking system, or the control over the media. A leader does his own research, and he tells you what he discovers.

Alex Jones, Dylan Avery, Webster Tarpley, and most other truth seekers are not doing any investigation of Zionism, the Holocaust, the Apollo moon landing, the Rothschilds, the Federal Reserve, or the media.

The evidence is overwhelming that these people are not leaders. They are either idiots (not likely), or they are members of the criminal network (very likely).

Don't be grateful to a criminal

As I mentioned earlier, we develop an attachment to the first person who exposes 9/11 to us, just as we develop a loyalty to the first product that appears on the market.

We must make an attempt to prevent this characteristic from interfering with our opinions. For example, try to avoid such bad attitudes as: 

"Alex Jones was the person who woke me up to 9/11, so I am very grateful to him. If he were standing in front of me right now, I would get on my hands and knees, thank him, and praise him as the greatest truth seeker there has ever been!"

If Jeffrey Dahmer had sat next to you on an airplane flight and explained to you that the Apollo moon landing was faked, you would probably have considered him to be a wise person who knows more than you.

When the evidence came out that he had people in his refrigerator, would you be capable of facing the possibility that he was mentally ill? Or would you defend him as a courageous truth seeker?

What does it take for people to realize that most of the truth seekers are part of the criminal network? Do the police have to discover pieces of people in the refrigerators of Webster Tarpley, Paul Craig Roberts, and Alex Jones?

Most of the articles at are nonsensical articles about aliens and crop circles. He also has lots of deceptive articles by Judy Andreas, Henry Makow, and other Jews who try to imply that Israel is a victim of mysterious Neocons, Globalists, and the New World Order.

How stupid do the articles at have to be before people stop telling me:

"Jeff Rense has some hard-hitting articles. Just ignore the stupid articles!"

This is as ridiculous as somebody telling me:

"Dude, Jeffrey Dahmer made some really good spaghetti sauce! Just ignore the pieces of human flesh and the pickled fingertips."


The world cannot improve unless we improve

You would not ignore lies or deception when purchasing furniture or looking for a dentist because almost everybody has a high standards for furniture makers and dentists.

However, there are no standards for people who influence our world. This is the reason George Bush, John Kerry, Al Gore, and Ronald Reagan can be considered world leaders. This is also the reason that the "truth movement" is so full of liars.

If everybody would raise their standards for people in influential positions, we could cleanse our government, media, and truth movement of incompetent and dishonest people.

What should be done with incompetent "truth seekers"?

What you think would be better for America and the world:

a) Let each citizen decide for himself what is true or false. All truth seekers should be treated as equals. They should be no discrimination. We should not start fights by accusing some truth seekers of being incompetent or corrupt.

b) We should warn our friends to be careful believing all truth seekers. When we find evidence that one of the truth seekers is incompetent or dishonest, we should identify that person immediately and advise people to avoid him. The accused truth seeker can defend himself if he feels the accusations are unfair. We should try to ensure that our information is accurate, and that we are not promoting criminals.

c) neither of the above.

Stop promoting liars!

People often ask me, "What can we do to make the world better?"

When I tell them that they should stop promoting liars, such as Dylan Avery, Alex Jones, and Webster Tarpley, they complain that I am dividing the truth movement; that I am attacking other people; that I should stop fighting with other people.

If you cannot understand the difference between attacking people and exposing crime, there is no hope for us. 

You can think of an attack as a "verbal fist fight". You do not learn much -- if anything -- by watching people attack each other.

By comparison, when we show you evidence that a "truth seeker" is lying, we are helping you to understand who is part of the criminal network. People who investigate crimes are supposed to figure out and identify the criminals.

Try to imagine this happening with car theft. Imagine that a police detective investigates the theft of your car, and imagine your neighbor is also helping to investigate the theft of your car.

After a few weeks the police detective accuses your neighbor of stealing the car. Imagine your neighbor responding that he is a truth seeker, and that detectives should not attack other truth seekers. Imagine your neighbor convincing the detective that he should concentrate on figuring out how the car was stolen.

This is exactly what is happening with this 911 "truth movement"! Some of us are trying to understand what happened, and in the process we are discovering that many of the "truth seekers" are lying in order to protect the Zionist criminal network.

When we try to identify them as liars, we are told that we should not attack truth seekers. We are told to concentrate on what type of airplane crashed into the World Trade Center towers, or how the towers were demolished.

Those of you that have trouble understanding the difference between an attack, and the exposé of a liar, here are some examples:

Examples of attacks:

Wayne Madsen is a fat slob.
Kurt Nimmo is an ugly alcoholic.

Example 1 of an exposé of a liar:

Alex Jones has been investigating corruption for many years, but his conclusion about the attack on the USS Liberty is that President Johnson was the mastermind and the person in control.

More details, along with audio excerpts of Jones, are in this article:

My conclusion is that Alex Jones is covering up the Israeli involvement in the attack, perhaps because he is part of a Zionist criminal network, or perhaps because he has been blackmailed, threaten, or bribed.

Jones also supports Aaron Russo, and he even helped in Russo's political campaign. This is more evidence that Aaron Russo is also involved in this criminal network.

Everybody who supports Alex Jones, and everybody that Alex Jones supports, should be considered as suspects in this criminal network. Some of these people may turn out to be innocent, but we would be fools if we did not investigate them.

Example 2 of an exposé of a liar:

Paul Craig Roberts starts this article by criticizing Israeli atrocities:

It appears as if Roberts is exposing Israeli crimes. But then he implies the USA is involved in the Lebanon bombings:
Don't be surprised at US complicity.

Which US citizens are complicit? Certainly not me, my family, or anybody I know.

If the only people complicit in the slaughter are Donald Rumsfeld, Michael Chertoff, Joe Lieberman, and some other Jewish or Christian Zionists, then Roberts should have written:

Don't be surprised that Zionists within the USA are complicit.

Roberts then goes on to the point out that Bush:
...blocked every effort to stop the Israeli slaughter of Lebanese civilians.

Why would George Bush block the attempts? And why would the entire US government allow this one man to block the attempts?

A more sensible explanation is that Bush and other officials have been pressured into allowing the bombing. Therefore, Roberts should have written:

The American government officials appear to be under pressure by Zionists to allow the Israeli slaughter of Lebanese civilians.

Roberts goes on to imply that Bush is a lunatic who is excited by the slaughter:
He is enjoying Israel's rampage and wishes he could do the same thing in Iraq.

For all we know, Bush would rather be home watching television. Roberts has no evidence that Bush is enjoying Israel's rampage. For all we know, Paul Craig Roberts is enjoying Israel's rampage.

During the 1991 Desert Storm war, many American Christians were excited about the bombing of the Iraqi people. They were convinced that the Iraqis were throwing babies out of incubators, and that Saddam Hussein had killed his parents when he was a child.

The Americans were fooled into thinking that they were freeing the world from monsters. Roberts should explain that the reason Americans were convinced that the Iraqis were throwing babies out of incubators was because the Zionists in the media and government deceived the American people.

Roberts goes on to ask:
Does it make you a Proud American that "your" president gave Israel the green light to drop bombs...

Roberts has no evidence that Bush gave Israel a green light to do anything. The evidence suggests that Bush is a puppet, and that he has been told to allow this slaughter. Therefore, Roberts should have written:

"Does it make you a proud American that your president is a Zionist puppet?"

Roberts goes on to imply that the House of Representatives is also encouraging this war. Again, there is no evidence that our government wants this or any other war. The evidence suggests that our government is dominated by Zionists puppets who do what they are told.

Roberts goes on to explain that Bush and Israel want to overthrow the governments of Syria and Iran. Then he refers to Bush as the "White House Moron", and he drops any reference to Israel when he points out that attacking Syria and Iran will be a dangerous war.

There is no evidence that Bush wants to attack Syria or Iran. In fact, there is no evidence that Bush even knows what Syria is. If Roberts was being honest, he would say that Zionists in Israel, Europe, Russia, and the USA are interested in destroying Syria and Iran.

Furthermore, consider the incredible contradiction when Roberts claims that Bush is giving Israel a green light and plotting all sorts of wars, but at the same time Roberts tells us that Bush is a moron.

Which is Bush? Is he master of the world and the puppet master of Israel? Or is he a moron?

If Bush is a moron, why is Israel following his orders?

Roberts goes on to tell us that:
...your pride is doing nothing good for Israel or for America...

Why do we have to do something good for Israel? Israel has been causing trouble for all of us throughout our entire lives, and the Zionists have been causing trouble for people before we were born.

Roberts implies that we should be doing something good for Israel, but we don't owe Israel anything. In fact, we could accuse Zionists of committing the most horrendous crimes the human race has ever experienced, such as the World Wars and the Holohoax:

Roberts goes on to criticize Israel some more, and even implies that the USA is indeed a puppet of Israel.

But during his final paragraphs, he explains that Muslim genocide is the:
...professed goal of the neoconservatives who have total control over the Bush administration...

Roberts claims that George Bush is under the control of "neoconservatives". Earlier he made it appear as if Bush was in control of Israel. Later Roberts told us that Bush is a moron. Now Roberts tells Bush is under the control of the mysterious neoconservatives. 

Who are the neoconservatives? Roberts mentions four people:

Norman Podhoretz
Don Rumsfeld
David Horowitz
Larry Kudlow 

So, these four Neocons are in control of the Bush administration? And after George Bush gets orders from those four Neocons, he passes the orders on to Israel?

Exactly how do those four Neocons stop the media from exposing their crimes? How do those four Neocons fund all of the crimes and cover-ups?

Roberts is not interested in exposing corruption. Rather, he is trying to shift all the blame for Zionist crimes to the mysterious "Neocons".

He mentions four of the Neocons, but that doesn't do us any good because you can investigate all four of them and never figure out how they are controlling or funding the media, Israel, or 9/11.

Those four people may indeed play a role in the Zionist crime network, but they are not at the top of the network.

Paul Craig Roberts should be considered a part of the criminal network, and everybody who promotes him should be considered part of the network, also.

Follow a rat to his nest so that we can drown all of them, as I explain in many of my documents and audio files, such as: