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Has the Catholic Church been infiltrated?

30 Sep 2006

You don't have to be a Catholic -- or religious -- to understand the significance of this question.

Kay Griggs explained that Zionists got control of our military by promoting people they can blackmail.

You don't have to be a member of the military to understand the significance of this.

Likewise, you don't have to be a Catholic to understand the significance of a Catholic Church that has been infiltrated by Crypto Jews and their blackmailed pedophiles.

A BBC documentary exposed the pedophilia in the Catholic Church, and how the Pope covered it up: (The video has been deleted again!)


Zionists infiltrate governments; why not religions?

There is a tremendous amount of evidence that the Zionists have been taking control of our media, our military, our banking system, and the 9/11 truth movement.

More surprising is the evidence that the Zionists have also taken over -- or created -- the White Supremacists, the KKK, and other Nazi-type groups:

There is also evidence that the Zionists in Russia were behind the communist movement, and they started and infiltrated the anti-Communist groups in an attempt to identify and kill their enemies.

Why wouldn't the Zionists want to take over the Catholic Church? Why would they ignore such an incredible opportunity?

Having control of such a large church would give them access to tens of millions of Goyim children. They could train the Goyim to be "Judeo Christians" who kill Muslims for Jesus.

By getting control of the Catholic Church, they could also ensure that the church officials support Israel and never expose Zionist crimes.

The selection of the Pope in 1958 is suspicious
There are lots of reasons to believe that the Catholic Church has been infiltrated. One example is the selection of the pope in 1958.

Pope Pius XII died on October 9, 1958. At the time there were 53 Cardinals around the world. All except two of them traveled to Rome to select a new pope.

One of the 51 cardinals who went to Rome, Celso Costantini, died on October 17, 1958. On October 25 the remaining 50 were a few hours away from going into their secluded room in the Vatican to start the process when Cardinal Mooney died.

The next afternoon the remaining 49 cardinals signaled the world that they had selected a new pope by sending white smoke up the chimney.

For those of you unfamiliar with the process, the Cardinals vote on paper ballots, and after the vote they burn the ballots. If they agree on a pope, they let the smoke be its natural white color. If they fail to select a pope, they make the smoke black.
However, the new Pope never appeared, and the cardinals remained hidden inside the Vatican. The people watching the Vatican assumed the Cardinals made a mistake when they tried to make black smoke.

Later that evening the Cardinals again sent white smoke up their chimney, and this time the smoke lasted much longer than normal, about five minutes. Everybody assumed a Pope had been chosen, but once again, the Cardinals remained hidden inside. After a while people assumed it was another mistake.

How could the Cardinals accidentally produce white smoke twice in one day? The Cardinals refuse to explain what happened!

Their "mistake", and their silence about it, has given rise to accusations that a pope had been selected, but that an argument erupted over the selection.

Furthermore, what are the chances that 2 out of 51 Cardinals would die just before selecting a pope?

This coincidence has given rise to accusations that one or both of those Cardinals were murdered in order to get rid of Cardinals who were too independent, and to show the other Cardinals that they had better follow orders.

Is this a wild conspiracy theory? Should anybody waste their time considering it?

Learn from 9/11
Those of you who have tried exposing the 9/11 attack have certainly noticed that most people demand absurd amounts of evidence that the official story is false. However, we need only one suspicious event to justify asking the question,
"Is our government and media telling us the truth about the 9/11 attack?"
Furthermore, we only need one suspicious event to justify a new investigation of the September 11 attack. The collapse of Building 7, for example, is all we need to justify a new investigation. Don't be fooled into thinking that we have to answer everybody's questions about the attack.

We don't have to know what type of aircraft hit the Pentagon, or who purchased the explosives that demolished Building 7. We need to discover only one suspicious aspect to justify a re-examination of the official story.

This concept applies to everything, not just 9/11. For example, we need only one suspicious aspect of the attack on the USS Liberty to justify asking,

"Is our government and media lying about that attack, also?"
If you don't know about the attack on the USS Liberty, take a look at this:
Suspicious behavior is all we need
The peculiar events during the selection of the Pope in 1958 do not prove that the church is under somebody's influence, but they are enough to justify asking the question:
"Is the Catholic Church under somebody's influence?
Asking this question will cause a lot of people to become upset, but don't give in to the pressure. The events of 1958 justify this question.

If the 49 Cardinals had accidentally produced white smoke instead of black smoke, why didn't they tell the world that it was merely a mistake?

We should consider the possibility that the Cardinals had indeed selected a pope -- twice-- and they burned the ballots both times to signal the world. However, both times the Cardinals were pressured into selecting another pope.

The question nobody has the answer to is, if the only people in the room where the 49 Cardinals, who was pressuring them?

People such as Greg Szymanski want us to believe that the Vatican is under the control of the Black Pope. Szymanski tells us that this Black Pope is also the spiritual controller of the Illuminati and the New World Order. Other people, such as Jim Condit Jr., believe that the Vatican has been infiltrated by Crypto Jews.

Why are "truth seekers" promoting obvious lies about the Vatican?

Greg Szymanski, Eric Jon Phelps, Vyzygoth, and other "truth seekers" are constantly promoting nonsensical (and difficult to read) theories about the Vatican. For example, one article from Szymanski starts with:
Former Bishop Gerard Bouffard of Guatemala said the Vatican is "the real spiritual controller" of the Illuminati and New World Order while the Jesuits through the Black Pope, Jesuit Gen. Fr. Peter Hans Kolvenbach, actually control the Vatican hierarchy and the Roman Catholic Church.


Another of his articles starts with:
The investigation concerning whether Abraham Lincoln was killed by the devious and cunning hand of the Jesuit Order with the assistance of the Vatican has been well hidden from the American people.


How about his article that starts:
This week in Confession No. 12 by the shores of Brushy Creek we ask whether the Jesuit Order masterminded the sinking of the Titanic, moving next to discuss overlooked portions of author Eric Jon Phelps book, The Vatican Assassins.

The peculiar thing about these theories is that it is obvious -- even to people who are not Catholic -- that the Vatican is not in control of the world, and the Vatican is not responsible for 9/11, the Kennedy assassination, the sinking of the Titanic, or Lincoln's assassination.

If you do not know much about the Catholic Church, and if you consider that perhaps Szymanski and Phelps are correct that a Black Pope is in control of the world, and that his army of Jesuits are responsible for the world's corruption, Here is a file that might help you:

Why would Szymanski, Phelps, Vyzygoth, and other "truth seekers" promote such obviously stupid theories? Why are they willing to spend so much of their lives and money to deceive us? Why are they willing to make fools of themselves? Why are they willing to expose themselves as criminals?

Why did they select the Vatican for their deception instead of the Mormon church, the atheists, the Veterans, the National Football League, or some other group? 

These liars are spending a lot of their time and money on this Vatican deception. They certainly are not doing this for recreation. They certainly have a very important reason for promoting this deception.

As I have mentioned many times, when a criminal tries to cover up his crime, he takes the risk of exposing more information about his crime. The attempt by "truth seekers" to fool us into believing the Vatican is responsible for the world's corruption can give us clues as to what is really going on.

My initial assumption was that these liars were simply desperate to blame 9/11 and other crimes on group other than Zionists, and they couldn't think of a better group to blame it on. It would be difficult for them to blame 9/11 on the National Football League, the Boy Scouts, or the Green Party, for example.

However, the tremendous amount of time and effort these liars put into promoting their deception about the Vatican makes the most sense if we consider the possibility that the Vatican has indeed been taken over by Crypto Jews.

In such a case, the job of people such as Phelps and Szymanski is to divert Catholics away from the evidence of that Jewish infiltration.

Again, learn from 9/11
Look at what that "truth seekers" are doing with 9/11. There are lots of "truth seekers" promoting obviously idiotic theories, such as the airplanes were illusions created by the television news crews with "blue screen" software, or that Pakistan's ISI played a major role in the attack.

Only naive or stupid people believe such idiotic theories, so why do the "truth seekers" continually promote them? They don't fool any of us intelligent people with such stupid theories, so why are they wasting their time?

Why don't the liars promote a theory that at least makes a bit of sense, such as Al Qaeda secretly installed explosives in the towers and Building 7? Why are they promoting idiotic theories about 9/11? Are they really as stupid as they appear?

When a group of people continuously promote idiotic theories, and when they do this year after year, and when they spend a lot of time and money on this deception, we should assume that this is a coordinated activity, and we should assume that they have a very important reason for their deception.

Perhaps their goal is to create arguments, waste people's time on idiotic discussions, and give conspiracy theories a bad image.

By creating hundreds of websites and radio shows with idiotic theories on 9/11 and the Vatican, when somebody searches for information on these issues, chances are very good that they will encounter the idiotic information. This will reduce the chances that the person will learn the truth.

The idiotic theories can also cause a person to become irritated and disillusioned with "conspiracy theories".

In other words, promoting idiotic theories on hundreds of websites and radio shows is similar to putting dirt into a transmission. The dirt will not stop the transmission from turning, but it can do a lot of damage.

If the Vatican has been taken over by Crypto Jews, the other Jews are going to make a tremendous effort to keep this information hidden, and to keep the Catholics confused.

Who was responsible for the Crusades of the Middle Ages?

I was under the impression that the crusades of the Middle Ages were instigated by mentally unstable people within the Catholic Church.
I was also under the impression that the Catholic Church was full of Catholics. However, the infiltration of the Catholic Church may have started centuries ago, long before there was an official Zionist movement.

The Zionist movement became official in 1896, but many Jews centuries ago had a fantasy of returning to their homeland in Israel.

Some of those Jews of the Middle Ages may have infiltrated the Catholic Church in an attempt to fool the Catholics into traveling down to Palestine to chase away the Muslims, thereby preparing the area for a Jewish homeland.

Although the crusades of the Middle Ages were miserable failures, many Jews kept alive the dream of creating a Jewish homeland in Palestine.


Most Jews are from Khazaria, not Palestine

A Jewish historian named Arthur Koestler looked into the ancestry of the Ashkenazi Jews and discovered that most Jews -- including himself -- are not related to the original Jews of Palestine.

Update July 2010: this recent study of DNA suggests that some of the original Palestinian Jews have mixed with at least some of the Ashkenazi Jews.

The Ashkenazi Jews are Asians from Khazaria. They only adopted the Jewish religion a few centuries ago. This means that the Ashkenazi Jews who dream of returning to their homeland in Palestine are fools. If they want to return to their homeland, they have to go to that area between the Caspian and Black Seas.

If you have not learned about this interesting issue, take a look:

Does it matter if the church is infiltrated or insane?

Many people will respond that the Catholic Church is not infiltrated by Crypto Jews; rather, it is full of incompetent Catholics and pedophiles.

In several of my documents I point out that I don't care whether a person is stupid, insane, or a criminal. I don't want such people influencing my life.

This same concept applies to the Catholic Church. It is entirely possible that the Catholic Church is dominated by lunatics, senile men, and idiots.

However, it doesn't matter to me whether the Cardinals are lunatics, blackmailed pedophiles, or Crypto Jews. Their behavior is disgusting; it is atrocious. I don't want them influencing my life.

The Vatican is doing nothing to expose corruption, and nothing to encourage responsible behavior from its members. They are supposed to be leaders, but when do they provide leadership?

What does the Vatican do besides collect money and make excuses for their pedophilia?

Listen to Kay Griggs and you hear that the Catholic Church supplied young boys to the military for sex during World War II. Here is a link to an interview with her, and it has a link to for the remarks about the raping of young boys:

Have Crypto Jews infiltrated other religions, also?

Leaders of other religions, such as Pat Robertson and John Hagee, are also ignoring the corruption, and many of them openly promote Israel, Zionism, the assassination of Hugo Chavez, and the mass murder of Muslims.

We should wonder if these pro-Zionist, murderous, hypocritical, Christians have been promoted to their position by Crypto Jews who secretly manipulate religions around the world.

Are you following a false prophet?

If the Catholic, Protestant, Mormon, and other religions have been infiltrated or blackmailed by Crypto Jews, the members of these religions are doing what they warn everybody about; namely, following a false prophet.

Christians should take a close look at Jesus Camp and ask themselves,

"Is this really what God or Jesus would approve of?" jesus-camp-part-1
(this video is frequently deleted, but it reappears, so search for it if the link fails)


It's easy to take control of angry, arrogant jerks

The easiest people to get control of are angry, selfish individuals who have no ability to form stable relationships.

The most difficult people to get control of are people who are happy, trust one another, and unified. They can work together to defeat an enemy.

Therefore, if there is a plot by Zionists to conquer the Goyim nations (as implied by the document The Protocols of Zion, and as the evidence suggests), I would expect the Zionists to encourage the Goyim to become arrogant, angry, selfish jerks who fight with one another rather than work together.

Is the fighting between the Catholics and Protestants in Ireland really coming from the Catholics and Protestants? Or is it being instigated by Crypto Jews? Why are there so many religions in America? And why do they fight with one another so much? Why are Americans encouraged to do whatever feels good, and demand their rights? Is this attitude coming from the Americans? Or are the Crypto Jews trying to encourage selfish behavior in order to destroy our society?

Jim Condit, Jr. brought the issue of infiltration of the Catholic Church to my attention.

However, he promotes lots of people I no longer trust or never trusted, such as the American Free Press, Mike Piper, Mark Weber, Mark Glenn, and Joe Sobran.

Only a complete investigation of everybody will let us figure out who is a Zionist agent, as I mentioned here:

I don't know why Condit promotes suspicious people, but his information about the Catholic Church is interesting. With that disclaimer, here is an audio file of Condit explaining some of this to me:
JimConditJr_Vatican-Sep2006.mp3 4.9 mb audio file

To download it, click your right mouse button and select Save Target As

The article that Condit refers to in LOOK magazine, January 25, 1966 is here: