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45 years later,
Dr. Kenneth Salyer talks...
uhhh... lies... about it.

22 Nov 2008

CBS interviewed him and other people about the JFK assassination: jfk.assassination.dallas

Below are five short video excerpts that you may find interesting and amusing.

Excerpt #1: Salyer_JFK_1.wmv  950 kbytes
He talks about the "major wound on the right side of his cranium".

Excerpt #2: Salyer_JFK_2.wmv  930 kbytes
Watch his facial expressions and hands. Does he seem nervous to you? He reminds me of the astronauts at their press conference in 1969. An excerpt of that press conference is at point #2 at my page here.

Excerpt #3: Salyer_JFK_3.wmv  890 kbytes
He describes the "head wound".

Excerpt #4: Salyer_JFK_4.wmv  290 kbytes
He makes the amusing remark that Kennedy might have survived if he had not had a "lethal injury"!

Excerpt #5: Salyer_JFK_5.wmv  530 kbytes
One of his vivid memories after 45 years is Jackie Kennedy with blood and brains on her clothing. The brains were from the "head wound". Have you ever met a man who had a "head wound" that caused some of his brains to splatter on his wife's clothing?

If you have never read any of the Warren Report, you may not realize that this doctor is lying. So, look at my remarks about the Warren Report, which are Chapters 11 and 12 of my book about the 9/11 attack. I even mention Jackie's clothing with the blood and brains. That created a vivid mental image that will last forever for me, also. The PDF files for those chapters are free and on-line:

Chapter 11  Is our government corrupt or inept?
   The JFK assassination,     290 kb PDF file

Chapter 12  More on JFK
   870 kb PDF file

Note: the other chapters are at this page

Why are the doctors lying about JFK?

I can think of three main possibilities:

1) Some doctors may have been tricked into assisting with the murder because they were fooled into believing that Kennedy was a communist, or whatever, and that he must be killed in order to save the world.

2) Some doctors may be afraid to be honest because they don't trust the police, and they don't believe the citizens will protect them if they expose the crime network.

3) Some doctors are working with the Jewish crime network.

Can we trust the JFK investigators?

As I show in various articles, almost every 9/11 investigator is working for one group of criminal Jews or another. And I also show that the Holocaust investigators are also working with the criminal Jews. So why would the JFK investigators be any more honest?

Robert Groden

Jim Marrs

On 20 November 2008, Alex Jones interviewed Jim Marrs and Robert J. Groden. Here is an excerpt:
Israel-not-involved-in-JFK.mp3  380 kbytes
The complete audio is at this page.

That excerpt begins with one of the callers mentioning the book by Michael Collins Piper which shows evidence that the Israelis were involved with the assassination: Alex Jones responds by pouting:

"But no involvement though by the president or the US government or anybody that covered it up. It's just all, only Israel." 
After the caller tries to calm Jones down by telling him that lots of other people were also involved, Jones asks Jim Marrs and Robert Groden about the Israeli involvement. Notice that Groden insists that there was "None at all".

Jim Marrs agrees, and then he claims that "..Israel did not have the power to subvert the Secret Service, the CIA, the FBI, the US military...". 

So who does have that power?
Jim Marrs then gives a lecture about how Lord Rothschild created Israel, Zionism, Communism, and the Nazis.

And he goes on to claim that the Rothschild gang is "the true power of the United States."

So, as you can see, it is another of many attempts to shift the blame away from Israel and Zionism and onto the Rothschilds. As I described in Part 3 of my Masquerade Party videos, and at my Money Masters page, the Zionist Jews are trying to fool us into blaming the banking Jews for all of the world's problems.
Don't be a sucker. We have to consider all Jews as members of this crime gang, and investigate every Jew on this planet!

And the non-Jews need to be investigated, also! We are surrounded by criminals and freaks.

Note: Alex Jones makes some whiny remarks about how he would interview "those people" if there were nice, but he won't mention who "those people" are. He is referring to Michael Piper, who criticized Jim Marrs many times.
Important: Don't be fooled into thinking that Michael Piper is honest simply because he criticizes Jim Marrs. In case you didn't know, I have articles that show that Michael Piper and the newspaper he works for, the American Free Press, are Zionist organizations. For example:


Don't contact the "investigators"!

By posing as investigators, "truth seekers", and "whistleblowers", the criminal Jews can identify people who have information, or who are opposing the crime network. Learn about the story of a wolf in sheep's clothing. This is also true of the television shows that expose crimes, as I mention in my page about pedophiles.

During the interview with Alex Jones, Robert Groden mentioned that after he became known as a JFK investigator, people came to him with photographs and information. This gave Groden the opportunity to identify people with information. Furthermore, he could profit from their photos and information by putting it in a book. Listen to him:
Groden-says-people-came-to-him.mp3  50 kbytes

Remember, we're in a war of intelligence. If you make a mistake in regards to who to trust, you may become one of their victims, just like Christopher Bollyn and who knows how many millions of other people.

When you purchase items from criminals, you give them financial support, and you also give them your name, credit card, and other information. When you call one of their 800 numbers, the phone company provides them with your phone number.

But don't think that hiding will protect you. We must find more people willing to stand up to this crime network, so don't be afraid. Help us expose this crime network, and help us locate people who are tired of the abuse and ready to do something to improve the world!

Don't let Israel or Zionists get away with their crimes!

There's only one group of people who have the manpower, financing, and diabolical personality to manipulate America, Europe, Australia, Japan, and other nations. And it's not the Arabs or a few dozen wealthy banking families. It's Israel.

The Zionist organizations are worldwide, gigantic, and well-funded. Don't underestimate them. 

They have an enormous army of people pumping out propaganda, getting involved with political groups, taking control of our media companies and businesses, manipulating our schools, bribing our policemen, and sending teams of assassins to kill, kidnap, and threaten those of us who stand up to them. Israel is not our friend.

I wuv you.