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Has Marina Joyce been kidnapped?
Is there a connection with the Bollyn kidnapping?

23 July 2017

Important update here, 31 July 2017
The Bollyn children appear to have been released!

Do you see a similarity to my claims about the Bollyn family?
During 2016, Marina Joyce was 19 years old, living with her parents in England, and making videos that she was posting on YouTube. During the summer of 2016, some of the people who had been watching her videos claimed that her behavior had suddenly changed, and they worried that she might be kidnapped. However, she appeared to be free to do what she pleases, and wander around in public places, so how could she be a kidnap victim?

Her case reminds me of the Bollyn family, who appear to be free, but who I claim have actually been kidnapped. During the past couple of years Christopher Bollyn has been traveling around the world to give talks about 9/11, and that makes him appear to be free. How is it possible for a kidnap victim to travel around the world and give talks in public places?
I don't know how the Jews are keeping the Bollyn family under control, but I suspect that Christopher has been threatened to make it appear as if he is free; that if he tries to escape or expose his kidnappers, his family will be tortured to death.

Christopher posted some photos of himself and his family on his website to prove that he is free, but I think all of the photos are staged and suspicious, especially the photo of him holding a magazine. I posted some of those photos at this page. What do you think about those photos?

Why doesn't the Bollyn family ask the police, media, or government for help? That is like asking why the victims of pedophilia in Hollywood do not ask for help, or why Katie Piper did not ask for help, or why many other victims of crime do not ask for help. It is because our legal system is corrupt and ineffective, and many of our government officials, policemen, and journalists are involved with crime networks.
I also suspect that the movie Weekend at Bernie's is based on the kidnapping and killing of a person while pretending that he is alive. I wrote about Peter Kawaja years ago, such as here, but some of the videos I linked to in that article may be gone forever because they were originally on Google video, which has been discontinued.

Why kidnap somebody and pretend that they are free?
There are several reasons why a crime network would want to kidnap and eventually kill their victim, but create the illusion that he is free and alive:
• To get rid of competitors and enemies without worrying about being arrested for kidnapping or murder.

• By kidnapping somebody who is receiving payments from Social Security, insurance polices, trust funds, stock options, alimony, or welfare, the criminals can collect monthly payments without anybody suspecting that a crime has been committed.

• By kidnapping a wealthy person who has been living alone, such as Howard Hughes or Jimmy Walter, they can keep him on drugs and have access to his money without anybody suspecting that a crime has been committed.

Has Marina Joyce been kidnapped?
I don't think so. I think the accusations that she has been kidnapped are another variation of the trick that we could describe as "Contaminating The Punch Bowl".

I suspect that the Jews are working with Marina Joyce and/or her parents, and they convinced her to start acting in an odd manner in order to make it appear as if she is under the control of kidnappers. The Jews then began making subtle remarks to people that her behavior has changed, and that they were worried that she might be kidnapped. They made these remarks in an attempt to fool naive people into promoting this theory so that Jews were not the only people promoting it.

After some Gullible Goyim had posted messages about their concern for her safety, they convinced some police to investigate. Of course, the police did not find any evidence that she had been kidnapped.

The Jews then told their network of criminal journalists to give publicity to the accusations that Marina Joyce has been kidnapped, and to emphasize that the police proved that it was a false accusation. The purpose for this deception would be to make it appear as if the kidnapping accusations were the result of paranoid conspiracy theorists.

The criminal journalists responded with dozens, maybe hundreds, of articles in different nations. The articles ridiculed the theories that she had been kidnapped. I think that these news reports were intended to fool the naive sheeple and policemen into believing that the accusations that Christopher Bollyn has been kidnapped are just as idiotic.

The media gave tremendous publicity to Marina Joyce
What evidence do I have that the Marina Joyce kidnapping accusation is just another deception by Jews? I did not put much effort into investigating this issue, but as soon as I noticed that dozens of journalists and "investigators" in both the UK and the USA gave it a lot of publicity, I came to the conclusion that it must be another of their tricks.

For example, some of the articles in the UK about her are at the Guardian, the Sun, and the Daily Mail, and some of the articles in the USA were published by Time magazine, the Huffington Post, the Washington Post, and CNN.

As I have pointed out in other documents, whenever the media gives an issue or a person a lot of publicity, we should be suspicious of why they are promoting that particular issue or person, but not others. Why do so many journalists around the world regard the kidnapping theory of Marina Joyce to be worthy of a news report, but they show no concern about providing us with information about the kidnapping theories of the Bollyn family, Peter Kawaja, or Carol Valentine?

This concept applies regardless of whether the media is giving favorable or unfavorable publicity to a person or issue. As I mentioned years ago, the media gives lots of publicity to David Duke, David Irving, and a few other "anti-Semites", and I believe it is because all of them are blackmailed puppets of the Jews.

The ADL recently published another list of people who spread hatred, but rather than mindlessly believe what they say in that article, we ought to wonder why they selected those particular people to complain about. I suspect that all of those people are either Jews, or under the control of Jews, and that those type of lists are deceptions to fool those of us who are becoming aware of the crimes that Jews are committing into trusting those particular "hateful people", when in reality those hateful people are secretly working with the Jews.

Marina Joyce is more evidence that the Bollyn family has been kidnapped
Why would hundreds of Jews in America and Britain be willing to put a lot of time and effort into creating the illusion that Marina Joyce has been kidnapped, and why would hundreds of criminal journalists in different nations want to join in and expose it as a fraud?

If only one or two people were involved with such a deception, then we could dismiss it as the result of people who are bored and trying to entertain themselves, but when hundreds of people in different nations are involved with a deception, there has to be a significant reason for their involvement, and there has to be somebody coordinating them.

I suspect that the theory that the Bollyn family has been kidnapped is spreading around the world, and the Jews are becoming frightened that we are becoming aware of their disgusting, sickening, and appalling behavior. I think the Marina Joyce farce is another of their attempts to do "damage control". Specifically, the Jews are trying to convince us that we should ignore or ridicule the theories that some of the people who appear to be free are actually kidnapped or dead.

The images below provide a simple description of what I think is happening in the Marina Joyce case. Maybe the ordinary sheeple will be able to understand this concept when presented in a comic book format, so you could show this to them and see if it helps them:
The Jews begin by spreading rumors that Marina Joyce has been kidnapped.
They convince some naive and gullible people to spread this accusation, also.
They fool the police into conducting an investigation.
The police conduct an investigation, or the criminals within the police department conduct a phony investigation.
The police discover that Marina Joyce has not been kidnapped.
The criminal journalists begin a campaign to ridicule the kidnapping theory as the result of idiotic, paranoid conspiracy theorists.
The Jews are hoping that when a person is told that the Bollyn family, Carol Valentine, and other people have been kidnapped...
...they will dismiss it without investigating it.

How many of your friends, relatives, and coworkers will become a victim of this type of trick?

Are the police and military being educated about deception?

Marina Joyce is another example of why the police and military need an education in deception. During prehistoric times, a man could defend his tribe simply by throwing rocks and yelling, but today people in the military and police departments need to understand the tricks that criminals use to deceive us.
If you have any contact with police or military, help them with their education. Don't behave like the apathetic, selfish sheeple, who ignore problems.

Provide people you know with information about the corruption and deception. If they don't want the information, or if they cannot understand it, that is their problem, and you should avoid them. Try to find people who are better than sheep, and better than criminals. Try to associate with people who are willing to make this world a better place.

Meanwhile, more pedophile logos are exposed

In some of my previous articles, I pointed out that there are pedophile logos in the Los Angeles Police Department badges, and in some company logos. Recently two musicians supposedly committed suicide, and their deaths have exposed a few more people who display the pedophile logos.

For example, Chester Bennington supposedly committed suicide in July 2017, and the band that he was a member of, Linkin Park, had a logo that is suspiciously similar to a pedophile logo.

One of the bands that would sometimes play at the same concerts with Linkin Park is Sum 41, and one of their members has a cap that displays an even more accurate pedophile logo. In the photo below, (the video is here), he is wearing this cap while being interviewed in front of an audience. Why are musicians displaying logos that are so similar to what the FBI claims are pedophile logos?
One of the logos of Linkin Park

One of the band members of Sum 41
If you have looked at my other articles, then you may recall that Bob Dylan and Katy Perry both admitted to "selling their soul to the devil" in order to become wealthy and famous. What exactly did they do to join that exclusive club?

They did not provide any details on what they did, of course, but during the past few years a lot of information has come out about pedophilia being widespread in Hollywood, the government, and the churches. We ought to wonder how many people in the entertainment business, government, military, and other organizations are being pushed into doing something illegal, like pedophilia.

We should be suspicious of everybody
Since the 1990s, when I began using the Internet, I occasionally noticed a remark on the Internet that pedophiles are disgusting creatures who need "a bullet in the head". I wondered why those people were so angry towards pedophiles but not towards other types of criminals. Why do they advocate the killing of pedophiles, but have no anger for murderers, kidnappers, rapists, extortionists, or crime networks?

During 2002, I began trying to show people that the World Trade Center towers were demolished with explosives. There were thousands of neo-Nazis and anti-Semites on the Internet complaining about Jews, but they did not want to help me expose the lies about the 9/11 attack, or the Jewish involvement in it. And there were lots of people complaining about pedophiles, but they were not interested in exposing the criminals who blew up the World Trade Center towers, murdered thousands of people, caused serious health problems to tens of thousands of others, and instigated a war that is still going on.

Why do those people hate pedophiles, but not the criminals who blew up the World Trade Center towers? Why don't they want to expose the criminals who instigated the world wars or the Vietnam War? Why don't they have any anger towards the Jews who attacked the USS Liberty? Why do they not show any anger towards the Jews who are lying about the Holocaust?

I now suspect that most of the people who rant and rave about killing pedophiles are involved with the pedophile network and trying to frighten the blackmailed pedophiles into remaining silent. They are not opposed to pedophilia. Rather, they want to create intense hatred of pedophiles so that they can keep their blackmailed pedophiles under control.

In other words, the people who are repeatedly advocating the death and torture of pedophiles while showing no concern for other crimes are more evidence that a pedophile network really does exist, and it survives by creating a fear among the pedophiles that they will be killed for their crimes.

A person who advocates the killing of pedophiles but shows no concern about any other types of crime is as suspicious as a journalist who will give publicity to the idiotic kidnapping accusations of Marina Joyce, but not to the kidnapping accusations that have serious supporting evidence.

There is a growing amount of evidence that a crime network that is dominated by pedophiles and Jews has taken control of our government, media, schools, and military, and this should cause us to start wondering, who in an influential position is not a pedophile?

During the past few years, a lot of pedophiles have been exposed in police departments, hospitals, government offices, and schools. The enormous number of pedophiles who have been exposed during the past few decades should cause us to become suspicious of everybody in an influential position, especially those who show a hatred of pedophiles but no interest in exposing the 9/11 attack, the lies about the Holocaust, or the attack on the USS Liberty.
Why don't the people complaining about pedophiles show any concern for the people suffering from the fraudulent wars?
Mike Cernovich and David Seaman, for example, each produced a lot of videos during 2017 in which they complain about pedophiles, but neither of them shows any interest in exposing the people who demolished the World Trade Center towers, or who are lying about the Holocaust.

Why are they so concerned about only one particular kind of crime, and only one particular group of criminals? Why don't they show any concern for the soldiers and civilians who are being killed and mutilated by the fraudulent war that was instigated by the 9/11 false flag operation?

Are any of the people who are regularly ranting and raving about pedophiles really interested in stopping pedophilia? Or are trying to keep the pedophiles frightened and silent? Are they concerned that the "pizzagate" emails will give some of the blackmailed pedophiles the confidence to join Wikileaks and expose the information they know?

Another possibility is that the people who are ranting and raving about pedophilia are simply working for a different Jewish crime network; specifically, a network that is not interested in pedophilia. Perhaps that other, smaller network of criminal Jews is simply taking advantage of the WikiLeaks emails by trying to destroy their primary competitor so that they can get control of our governments, media, military, and schools.

Recently Mike Cernovich complained on the Alex Jones show that the ADL listed him on their page of people who spread hatred, and he is concerned that the ADL is hoping that some lunatic will see that list and murder him for spreading hatred. However, is he really concerned about being murdered? Or is he boasting that he is on their list in order to make himself more appealing to the people who are becoming aware of, and disgusted with, the Jewish crime network?

The point I want to bring to your attention is that we should be suspicious of a journalist, government official, or crime investigator who shows an interest in only one particular crime, and only one group of criminals. Those type of people may actually be interested only in eliminating their competitors.
There are also some "truth seekers" and "investigators" who will talk about a lot of crimes, but who dampen attempts to do something about the criminals. They are willing to complain about crimes, but they do not want to encourage us to take action against criminals. They are in the role of Pied Pipers who pacify us while their criminal friends are committing crimes.

Also, it is important to note that Mike Cernovich, David Seaman, Alex Jones, and other people are regularly criticized by other "truth seekers", but those other truth seekers are also ignoring the Jewish involvement in the world wars, the holocaust, the 9/11 attack, etc.. The truth movement is dominated by Jews and their cohorts. They take all sides of the issues so that no matter which of them you trust, you will be following one of their Pied Pipers rather than a person who is truly honest. You must be suspicious of everybody, including the people who praise you, appear to be your friend, and who agree with your opinions.

Important update, 31 July 2017
The Bollyn children appear to have been released!
When the Bollyn family was kidnapped in 2007, their son was almost 12 years old, and their daughter was about 10 years old. After Mario Nardone discovered their address in Sweden and visited them, those of you who contacted the Bollyn family, Curt Gemheden, the police in Sweden and Estonia, or other people, increased the pressure on the Swedish and Estonian police to investigate the Bollyn family, and you also increased the pressure on the Jews to make it appear as if the Bollyn family was free and independent.

I was wondering what the Jews were going to do when the two Bollyn children became adults. How are the Jews going to explain to the Swedish police and government that the adult children have no desire to find a job, get married, or get their own home?

After reviewing the Facebook pages of the Bollyn family members, (Christopher, his wife has two pages, one and two, their son Chris, and their daughter Catherine) I have come to the conclusion that the two children have been allowed to go free, but in return the parents are not allowed to identify or talk about their children on their Facebook pages, and the children are not allowed to identify or talk about their parents on their Facebook pages. All of them have a few photos of one another scattered among their other photos, but they don't identify one another, so only those of us who recognize them will realize who they are. The parents and the children are behaving as if they don't know one another.

As of July 2017, my conclusion about what is going on is that the Jews were getting tired of providing financial support to the Bollyn family, and they were becoming worried about maintaining the farce that the family was free, and so they worked out a deal with the Bollyns. They agreed to let the children go free but they would keep the parents. In return, the parents would have to be silent about their children, and the children would have to be silent about who their parents are, and, of course, their horrendous childhood.

This would explain why the Jews would want to fake a kidnapping of Marina Joyce. By faking that kidnapping, the Jews were:
1) Preparing the sheeple and the police to ridicule the accusations that some of the young adults who are living in our neighborhoods are actually victims of kidnappers.

2) Observing the reaction of the police and the sheeple to the accusations that the victim of a kidnapper would be given the freedom to wander around in public.
When most people showed no reaction, or laughed at the accusations that Marina Joyce was kidnapped, the Jews felt confident that they could get away with releasing the Bollyn children, who were about the same age as Marina.

If any of you were to encounter either of the Bollyn children, or if the police were to confront them, they would certainly deny they were kidnapped. Actually, they would probably react in a hostile manner, as Christopher and his wife reacted when Mario visited them. The children would probably suspect that anybody who confronts them is either a Jew or one of their cohorts, and that they are being confronted to determine whether they are keeping their part of the bargain, which is to remain silent about the kidnapping. The Jews are certainly keeping both of those children under constant surveillance, and so the best thing to do is probably to ignore the Bollyn children rather than confront them.

Everybody's Facebook page has an "Intro" section. The image below shows how Bollyn's daughter, Catherine, starts her Intro section, as of July 2017:

How many young women start their introduction with a remark like that? That remark could be a sign that she has been through a lot of sexual and/or physical abuse.

At her Instagram account, and at another site she joined, the sentence she wrote for her description of herself is:

19 years into my life sentence and I regret nothing, they deserved to die.

That is another very unusual description. I suspect that the phrase "19 years into my life sentence" is a sign that she regards herself as a prisoner who is in jail forever, and that she has endured only 19 years of her life sentence so far. She has perhaps 50 to 70 more years of suffering before it's finally over.

I don't know what she means by "I regret nothing, they deserved to die." Perhaps some of her kidnappers have been killed, but not necessarily by the police. Crime networks often kill their own members after they have committed a crime in order to get rid of the members who might leak information, or who they don't like, or simply to avoid having to share money with them.

This post on her Instagram account has only one sentence next to a photo of her sitting by a window:

I just wanna feel safe and loved is that so much to fucking ask for (answer: yes it is)

How many 19-year-old girls put messages like that on their Instagram account? It is another sign that she is suffering emotionally, and has no hope for her future. Her brother may be just as miserable, but boys don't express their emotional feelings as easily as girls do, so his Facebook page is not as sad as hers is.

Will she, her brother, her parents, or any of the other people who have been kidnapped by Jews, pedophile networks, and crime networks, ever be released? Can we find enough respectable humans among the horde of criminals and sheeple to get rid of these crime networks?

Another government official arrested for child pornography
There is nothing we can do to free the Bollyns, or stop the Jews from kidnapping or murdering more people, until we find enough people who are willing to do something about the corruption in our government, media, schools, military, and police departments.

Yesterday, 27 July 2017, Raymond Liddy, who was a Deputy Attorney General of California, and the son of G. Gordon Liddy, was arrested for child pornography. Liddy is another example of a person in top-level law enforcement position who is involved with child pornography, pedophilia, and/or organized crime. He is also another reason why it is useless for victims of pedophilia and crime networks to ask the police for help.

Until we clean the criminals out of our government, law enforcement, schools, hospitals, and media, we have to expect some of the victims of crimes to pretend that they are not victims.
Many years have passed since Jimmy Savile died, but the British sheeple and police still show no interest in dealing with the network that he was a member of.
Some people have already publicly admitted – on television and in courts – that they and other children have been sexually abused in the entertainment business, by journalists, by government officials, or at Children's Hospitals, but the public doesn't show any concern. The apathy of the sheeple is so extreme, and the number of people involved with crime networks is so large, that many of the victims of crime are afraid to ask for help.

From the point of view of the sheeple, it seems ridiculous for me to make the accusation that the Bollyn children are victims of a kidnapping when those children are living and working among us, and apparently free to do as they please.

However, if the accusations about pedophilia in Hollywood are correct, then some of the children who are living and working in the Los Angeles area are actually victims of a pedophile network. There might even be somebody living in your neighborhood who is a victim of a crime network, but you don't notice because they are afraid to let other people know about the abuse.

Do we really have freedom?
A lot of Americans like to boast that the USA provides people with "freedom", but what type of freedom do we have when there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of children who are afraid to tell the police, doctors, and school teachers that they are sexually abused? Here is a quiz for you:
Who is the USA providing the freedom to?
a) The pedophiles and crime networks?
b) The honest citizens?
I would say that a person does not have much freedom if he is so frightened of crime networks, the police, the government, the doctors, the lawyers, and the journalists that he is afraid to expose a crime.

Does the United States, Japan, or Europe provide school teachers with freedom? I don't think so. Otherwise the teachers would not be under pressure to lie about the 9/11 attack, the Apollo moon landing, the Holocaust, the world wars, the attack on the USS Liberty, and who knows how many other historical events. I would say that a teacher does not have freedom when he is forced to teach lies and propaganda.

Do scientists have freedom of speech? If they are under pressure to lie about global warming, the Apollo moon landing, the 9/11 attack, and the Holocaust, then I would say they do not have freedom of speech. I would describe them as frightened and oppressed victims of a crime network.

What difference does it make if you are being oppressed, abused, and frightened by a government or by a crime network? The effect on your life is the same regardless of which group of people is abusing you. Therefore, why complain about abuse by government but not about abuse by crime networks?

People often propose fighting the government in order to provide the people with more freedom, but it is the crime networks who are abusing us, not the "governments". We need to be fighting the crime networks.

The Bollyn children show that we are winning this battle
I believe that the Bollyn children have been released from captivity, and I regard this as evidence that we are beating the Jewish crime network. The Jews have failed with whatever their plan was for the Bollyn family.

What would have happened to the Bollyn family if none of us had shown any concern for their safety? My guess is that:
1) The two Bollyn children would have been sold to the pedophile network, and government officials and journalists would have raped them at their pizza parties.

2) Christopher and his wife would have been killed, or tortured to death.

3) The Jews would have laughed about how clever they are, and they would have been confident to continue kidnapping people and pretending that they are free and alive. They may have tried to kidnap me, and who knows how many other people.
Furthermore, all of you who have been fighting this crime network have been successful in preventing a war with Iran, North Korea, China, Georgia, the Ukraine, and who knows where else. And a lot of false flag operations have been sabotaged or prevented. We are winning battle after battle. The Jews are losing.

Don't get discouraged if the victims don't appreciate you
An interesting aspect to the battle that we are in with the Jews is that we are certain to save a lot of children from the pedophile network, and we have already prevented several wars, and we may have stopped thousands of murders and other crimes.

However, we can be certain that some of the people we save from torture, rape, and death will not appreciate or understand what we are doing. Some of the children who are being sold by the pedophile network, for example, are mentally ill, and some of the people who have been saved from a war with Iran are criminals and lunatics who don't like us and don't appreciate us. It is even possible that the Bollyn children do not appreciate what we are doing for them.

However, you should not be in this battle to save a particular child or person. This is a battle for the future of the human race and the planet earth, and your future. Men have powerful emotional cravings to be a hero to women and children, but don't let your emotions influence your decisions about what to do. Don't think of yourself as saving a child from a pedophile network, or as preventing a war. Think of yourself as freeing the human race from a crime network, and taking the human race on a new and better course. The difference might seem insignificant, but it is important.

If you focus your attention on saving a child, and you are not paying attention to how we are trying to change the course of the human race, you could get caught up in activities to become a hero, which can distract you from the real goal of this battle, which is to bring the human race to a level that is above the animals.
We need the human race to advance from our current situation; namely, a world in which nations are constantly fighting with each other like packs of wild dogs, and in which there are crime networks preying upon us, like swarms of ticks and mosquitoes.

Don't worry about whether the people you save from the crime networks appreciate your efforts. You should not be trying to save the victims; you should be helping us to get rid of the crime networks. If you focus on the victims, you can put a lot of time and effort into saving a particular person who is of no value, and who doesn't appreciate you. The only people who are worth saving are those who are helping us to defeat the network.

It might help you to understand this concept if you consider the stories, whether true or not, from the Vietnam War in which the Vietcong would put a child alone in a canoe, and as the child drifted down the river and cried, the American soldiers, who wanted to be heroes and save the child, went out to the canoe, and then they were either shot at by the Vietcong who were hiding in the bushes, or they were blown up by a bomb that was in the canoe.

Those troops were trying to save a particular child, not win the battle. The only people worth saving in a battle are the people who are helping you to win the battle. The victims are not important.

This attitude might seem cruel or selfish, but it is the only sensible policy to win a battle. We have to fight a battle with our intellect, not our emotions.

To rephrase this philosophy, you should fight only with the people who are your enemy, and you should save only the people who are helping you to defeat the enemy. You should not be concerned about the criminals, the retarded people, the sheeple, and the deserters.

If you focus on being a hero to the sheeple, then you will put a lot of effort into saving people who are worthless, and that results in your wasting your time. It makes you useless in this battle. It is equivalent to a person who is saving bags of trash from a house that is on fire.

Many sheeple promote the philosophy that the military is analogous to a sheepdog, and that the military should protect the sheep, but the sheep promote that attitude because they are selfish. The sheeple are essentially telling us:
"Risk your lives and do a lot of work for us, while we sit at home, watch TV, eat excessive amounts of ice cream, and play games."
Don't be a sucker. Don't think of yourself as a sheepdog who is protecting sheep. Think of yourself as a group of explorers and adventurers who are going to create a new world for the human race by getting rid of the crime networks and corruption. The sheeple who don't want to help in the battle should be regarded as deserters, or as selfish animals. Don't be fooled into thinking that you owe them something.