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20 November 2010

1) We are regaining freedom of speech 
2) Learning Jewish tricks with the Stars
3) How will the Jewish crime network be destroyed? 
4) The strange murder of Ronni Chasen
5) Why is there a fuss over the TSA security?
Conclusion: After the storm, there will be a beautiful rainbow!

1) We are regaining freedom of speech
Modern technology allows us to bypass "communication relays"
Our ancestors thousands of years ago had more freedom of speech than we do. They could say anything they pleased, and to anybody. There was no censorship of any type. However, thousands of years ago they could communicate only with their voice, so they could talk only to people that they were in direct contact with. In order for information to spread around the world, it had to travel from one person to the next, which is a very slow and inaccurate way of passing information around.

When written language developed, information could spread more accurately and rapidly. When schools developed, adults could easily pass a lot of information on to groups of children. When the printing press was developed, information began spreading extremely rapidly.

However, during the past few centuries a diabolical, parasitic, and disgusting network of freaks has been secretly getting control of the schools, churches, printing companies, governments, and other "communication relays". This enabled them to inject propaganda in the flow of information, and they could suppress the information that they didn't want people to know about. This enabled them to easily manipulate people.

The development of computers, the Internet, CD-ROMs, cell phones, and other recent technology is bringing a very important change to human life because it allows us to communicate directly with anybody on the planet without having to go through a "middleman", or a "relay".

Modern technology is not giving us freedom of speech; rather, it is allowing us to bypass the criminals who had acquired control over the flow of information. We no longer have to depend upon those criminals for information.

The criminals cannot suppress people, either
The criminals in control of the media expose us to the same people over and over, such as Paris Hilton, Katie Couric, Queen Elizabeth, and Lady Gaga. Modern technology is allowing us to notice and communicate with people that the crime network has been suppressing. You would not know of me, for example, if it were not for the Internet and computers, and I would not know of Christopher Bollyn. This ought to make you wonder how many other people this network has suppressed, killed, and kidnapped over the past few centuries.
Just when I thought I could ignore the news ...
I was planning on writing Part 8 of my social technology series, but some recent comments in the news made me think that I should warn people to be very careful during these turbulent times as the Jewish crime network disintegrates. You should think of all of us as being contestants in a television show, Surviving the Jews with the Stars, except that instead of being eliminated by judges, we are eliminated by murder, kidnappings, blackmail, or financial ruin.
Linda Shelton is such a sweet woman!
Let me remind you that a lot of people have vanished mysteriously, such as Peter Kawaja and Carol Valentine. Also, let me remind you that I had talked on the phone to Linda Shelton, and she was very sweet and wonderful until I brought up the Apollo moon landing and the Holocaust, and then she turned vicious. Christopher Bollyn didn't take my warnings about her seriously. He trusted her to help arrange for him and his family to fly to Europe, but where is he today? Where did she send him?

The Jewish crime network is turning out to be gigantic. Over and over I have discovered that one of the people I assumed was honest was actually working for the network. In fact, it is so large that you may be in contact with several of their criminals without realizing it. However, they may realize that you are not part of their network, and they may even be aware that you don't like their network.

Ed Asner is a sweet man who wants to help us expose 9/11 as a fraud!
Years ago I let two women stay overnight at my house, Lynn Pentz and her Jewish friend Susan. Pentz told me that she would give my video to Asner after I made an improved version. She said it wasn't quite good enough for somebody in Hollywood, who has high standards for videos, and she and Susan wanted to help me make it better, then she would give a copy to Asner. Those wonderful women wanted to help me!

I soon came to the conclusion that both of those women were working for the Jewish crime network. Perhaps they were hoping to set me up for something, such as a rape accusation, or maybe they were looking for some weakness, such as a drug problem. Or maybe they wanted to stay overnight so that they could install hidden microphones in my house.

Have you ever seen Ed Asner on television? Isn't he a wonderful, sweet, gentleman? Who would have guessed that this short, stocky, Neanderthal with a sloping forehead would be part of a crime network?

All of these criminals appear sweet, adorable, and honest. They appear to be our best friends. Actually, they seem to be better than real people! They offer to do things for us, such as help us with our videos, or help us produce a music album, or get us a role in a Hollywood movie. They are beyond "ordinary" friends; they are extra special friends who are unusually kind, unusually loving, and unusually generous. However, in reality they are a type of parasite that has learned how to exploit our emotions. They are actually the most diabolical, disgusting, sickening creatures the human race has ever produced. They are involved in a gigantic network of pedophilia, blackmail, murders, kidnappings, wars, extortion, and every other crime imaginable, and some crimes that are not easy to imagine, such as keeping children in dungeons for sex slaves.

How many other people in Hollywood are part of this network? Furthermore, there are people in our schools, businesses, governments, police departments, and military who are also involved in this crime network. Some of your neighbors and coworkers may be involved. Some of your relatives might be involved, also. Or perhaps one of the spouses of your relatives is involved. You may be in direct contact with some members of this network. If you don't take this issue seriously, you may end up as one of their victims.
2) Learning Jewish tricks with the Stars
Learn from the Bristol Palin incident
One of the reasons I decided to create this particular article is because of a remark made by Maks Chmerkovskiy, one of the professional dancers on the television show Dancing with the Stars. A lot of people are now convinced that Bristol Palin has made it to the finals in order to give her mother favorable publicity, and this is creating anger. Bristol Palin made the remark:
"Maks does not like me. He thinks I don't deserve to be here because I'm not the best dancer."
Maks responded:
"I felt really disappointed with Bristol. On Monday night, I found out that she went on record saying that I said something about her along the lines of, 'I don't like her because she's still here and she's not a good enough dancer.'"
Now think seriously about what this particular incident means. Bristol Palin believes that Maks said something about her, but Maks denies it. Maks didn't say anything publicly, so that implies Bristol knows what he said privately, but how could she know what he said privately? From my experiences during the past nine years with the Jews who tried to manipulate me, Christopher Bollyn, Jimmy Walter, and other people that I personally knew, here is what I think you should seriously consider. Keep in mind that I can't possibly list every incident that I've seen. So consider this summary of what I've learned.
The Jews are secretly watching us. In some cases, they install hidden cameras or microphones in our houses and cars. They arrange for some of us to be in a hotel room that has a hidden camera. The people in Hollywood, who are given trailers, should assume that the trailers have hidden microphones or cameras. The Jews also send friendly people to talk to us in order to look for weaknesses, such as an interest in drugs or pedophilia. They put a GPS device in some people's cars.

If they can convince you to get psychological or medical help from one of their criminal doctors, as in the case of Jimmy Walter, who had Tourette's syndrome and problems with alcohol, then you are very likely to become one of their victims because then they can put you on drugs and set you up in a variety of different ways.

In the case of Bristol Palin, it's possible that Maks Chmerkovskiy made a remark about her in private, perhaps to one of the other dancers of the television show, and the Jews may have secretly recorded it, and then let Bristol Palin know about it in order to start a fight. One of the Jews could then tell Maks that the other dancer told Bristol Palin about the remark, and that would fool Max into trusting the Jew and distrusting the other dancer. It's also possible that the Jews deliberately started a conversation with Maks about Bristol Palin in order to trick Maks into criticizing her.

I'll give you one of several examples of how the Jews have tried to trick me into saying something. Paul, one of the jerks who called me a few times during the past few years in order to become my friend and then convince me of certain things, (such as Peter Kawaja is still alive and that Christopher Bollyn is free), called me in September to complain about me after I criticized him in this article. Paul considers himself to be a "black" American even though his mother is some type of Caucasian. In the conversation he told me that "white people" are the most evil people on the planet. I think he was trying to irritate me to the point at which I criticized some other race, and if I had, then he would be able to play my remark to people of whichever race I criticized. He might then be able to get them angry at me, or at Caucasians, and then record them, and then play their remarks to me or other people, and so on.

Can you see the trick? The Jews are constantly trying to stir up fights. They don't want us working together. If we are united and working together, we can destroy them easily, but if we are busy fighting with each other, we accomplish nothing.

A sports contest must have a purpose
As I mentioned, I was planning to write Part 8 of my social technology series, which will be about sports, and one of the issues I will discuss is the purpose of a sports contest. All sports contests are arbitrary and meaningless. It doesn't matter what their purpose is, but they need a purpose because the contestants have to know what they are supposed to do in order to compete, and if the contest has judges, then the judges have to know what to look for.

What is the purpose of Dancing with the Stars? Is it to become the best dancer? Or is it to have the most adorable personality? It doesn't matter what the purpose is, but the contestants must know what they are striving for. Should they learn and develop their dance skills? Or should they be practicing their mannerisms or etiquette?

Some people claim that Bristol Palin is beating other contestants because she has a more adorable personality, or because she's just an ordinary person. Some remarks from the producer of the show, Conrad Green:

• “Showing improvement is almost more important than being a brilliant dancer, because it gives the audience a sense of being involved in your progress.
• “Bristol has come from being a receptionist in a dermatologist’s office in Alaska to being on a show watched by 23 million people. You’re watching her come out of her shell, and it’s a rather lovely story to watch.
There is nothing wrong with setting up a contest called, "Looking for Miss Ordinary to come out of her Shell with the Stars", but that is not the stated purpose of Dancing with the Stars. Instead, the contestants and the audience are under the impression that the purpose of the contest is to see which contestant ends up becoming the best dancer.

In that same article, Robert Galinsky claims that something he refers to as "story arc" is more important than talent:

“We now get to see that story arc does trump talent. Talent is secondary to peoples’ stories and the journey that Bristol — the everyman, everywoman — is taking here.”
How do the contestants compete against Bristol Palin if they are judged on their "stories" and their "journey"? It's easy to understand how a person can develop his dancing skills, but how does a person develop his story or his journey? What kind of sports contest is this?
The Jews use the media to manipulate us 
It should be obvious that Dancing with the Stars is being used to promote Sarah Palin. (The photo shows her in the audience with a host of  the show.)

Furthermore, some news articles use the success of Bristol Palin to promote Sarah Palin, also. For example, the title of this article should be all you need to realize that it's an attempt to manipulate us:

Like mother, dance star Bristol Palin wins over public 

Dancing with the Stars also had astronaut Buzz Aldrin as one of the contestants in order to promote the Apollo Moon Landing scam. Did you know that Buzz Aldrin also made a rap song about Apollo with Snoop Dogg? I mentioned it here

Our media is not a "free press". Our media does not inform us or entertain us. Rather, a lot of the songs, movies, television shows, books, and theatrical productions are deliberate attempts by the Jews to promote propaganda and manipulate us. The Jews are treating us like stupid animals to exploit and abuse. 

 Want to be a "real" person? Then go to Galinsky's school!
Robert Galinsky, in addition to being an expert on the purpose of Dancing with the Stars, started the New York Reality TV School, which he describes as "pioneering the development of reality TV training in order for professionals and beginners to take their place as authentic, confident and vibrant real people..." So, if you want to learn how to be real, you go to his school.

There is a valid reason to educate people about television cameras, the lighting requirements of cameras, the limitations and characteristics of microphones, and other technical aspects of television, and it's useful to let people become accustomed to cameras so that they can relax around them, but is Galinsky's school providing a serious service to students? Or is it training freaks, con artists, and weirdos on how to become more deceptive and manipulative?

The television producers have developed a perfect voting system!
The producers of Dancing with the Stars won't disclose the total number of votes, or who has voted, or any other details, but they claim that vote tampering is not possible, and that it is secure against fraud. However, if they truly developed the perfect voting system, then we could use it in our political elections! And if it's impervious to fraud, then we don't even need to be told the number of votes that have been given to each candidate. We simply vote for a president, and then the Jews can announce that Bristol Palin has just won the presidency. When people complain that she doesn't have any leadership abilities, Conrad Green and Robert Galinsky can comfort us by telling us that she won because:
“We now get to see that story arc does trump talent. Leadership abilities are secondary to peoples’ stories and the journey that Bristol — the everyman, everywoman — is taking here.”
Mark Cuban was a contestant on Dancing with the Stars, and therefore, he is a know-it-all expert about the secretive voting system. Apparently, the contestants of the show, or at least Mark Cuban, are provided with all the secret details of the voting system. Since he knows everything about the voting system, and since he loves us and wants to help us, he has come forward to reassure us that the voting system is honest. One of his comforting remarks:
First, let me say the scoring process for "Dancing with the Stars" is fair. It is honest. It’s just not obvious.
If Bristol Palin wins a Nobel Prize, I suppose Mark Cuban will announce, “First, let me say that the scoring process for the Nobel prizes is fair. It is honest. It's just not obvious.(Would it surprise you to know that I think Mark Cuban is somehow connected with the Jewish crime network? I wrote about this years ago here.)
What would television be like with respectable people?
What would television be like if everybody in the media earned their position honestly rather than through crime, nepotism, inheritances, intimidation, murder, conspiracies, and political favors? What would the talk shows be like if the people on the shows actually had something intelligent to say? What would the news programs be like if we had honest news agencies? What type of documentaries would we see with intelligent producers and honest scientists?

You should think about this a while, and then realize that we can make these dreams come true. We don't have to tolerate the endless abuse by a network of freaks.

3) How will the Jewish crime network be destroyed?
The truth about 9/11 is everywhere
On 13 Nov 2010, Geraldo Rivera allowed an engineer to point out that Building 7 was demolished with explosives.

Rivera is finally helping to expose 9/11, to a certain extent.

NASA is finally allowing us to see the stars 
For decades NASA has been trying to fool us into thinking that astronauts cannot easily see stars, but during the past few days, the "mainstream" news has published photos that clearly show stars in the nighttime photographs. Here and here are two high res versions. Apparently, NASA is giving up. I suppose even the dumb engineers are finally figuring out that the Apollo moon landing was a fraud.
The Jews are trying to be investigators of their crimes
The Jews can no longer control the information we are exposed to, so what are they going to do as more people learn about their crimes? Apparently, a lot of Jews are planning to expose 9/11, the Holocaust, and other crimes, with their own criminals, such as and David Duke. If they are successful at fooling people into trusting them as crime investigators, then they will be able to direct the anger away from people they want to protect and towards the people that they are willing to sacrifice.

In order for this trick to work, the Jews have to lure the majority of people over to their websites and keep them away from people like me. As I mentioned at the beginning of this file, technology is allowing us to bypass their control of information. However, if the people are too stupid or naive to use this technology, then the Jews will retain control over the information that the sheeple are exposed to. As I described years ago, you can visualize this as luring the Goyim into a "Goy Pen". The Jews will then be able to tell the foolish sheep lots of frightening stories about Arab terrorists and Nazis.

And then the vicious Nazis shipped 6 million innocent Jews to death camps!

Sure, the Jews exaggerated their suffering, but the Death Camps were still more horrible than your wildest nightmare! Human experiments, senseless torture, and endless rapes!

Fortunately, luring people to a propaganda website is not easy. They can't lure you to a website with food, sex, or money. They have to provide some interesting information. For example, this article claims that the reason the five "dancing Israelis" were released from jail and sent back to Israel is because the Jews caused Flight 587 to crash, and the few Americans who were fighting the Jews in November 2001 decided to give up and release the Israelis. Who knows... the Jews may be telling us some of the truth about that airplane crash in their desperate attempt to attract our attention.

An engineer, Jon Cole, shows how thermate can be used to cut through steel. He may also be exposing one of their secrets in order to lure us to their propaganda sites. He also has messages at 911blogger.

They are also exposing the murder of Paul McCartney
It's possible that the Italian researchers gave this murder a lot of exposure, and that could explain why there are now some new videos to shift the blame away from Jews. However, in their attempt to attract attention to their sites, they are inadvertently exposing people to the concept that McCartney is an imposter.
Will the Jews be able to control the flood of anger?
The Jews are doing the equivalent of using sandbags to control the flow of water from a breaking dam. This technique will work only if the flow is small. Apparently the Jews are hoping that the vast majority of people are mindless sheeple.
Yes, the majority of people in every nation are sheep, but there are tens of millions of humans scattered around the world, and that's more than enough to destroy their network and drown the rats.
How many Jews want to die for a lost cause?
The Jews have failed to get America into a war with Iran and North Korea, and they failed to start a war between India and Pakistan, and between Taiwan and China. They are also failing to create fights between white and black Americans, and they are failing to convince Americans to be frightened of China. They can't get their carbon taxes, either. In fact, Dr. Bradley Schaeffer, a professor at Louisiana State University, became so frustrated that he ridiculed his students! The students who created the video described his behavior as "indoctrination", but I would describe it as frustration as a result of failing to fool us.

It should be obvious that the Jews cannot win this battle. So, what are they going to do? They cannot do what they did centuries ago, which was scatter to other nations and pretend to be Christians or Muslims. Are they going to send a memo to one another and arrange for everybody to surrender peacefully on one particular day so that there is no violence? I don't think so.

I think that some Jews will struggle to put out sandbags in an attempt to control the anger, but a lot of the smarter Jews realize that they can't possibly win, and they are going to try to secretly escape the network, or secretly make deals to help destroy the network in return for some type of protection. The Jews who are determined to fight to the death are going to be looking for and executing the Jews who are trying to escape. And this brings me to the next news article that caught my attention this month.

4) The strange murder of Ronni Chasen
Was Ronni Chasen murdered by Jews?
Ronni Chasen, a wealthy Jewish publicity agent, was murdered in her car as she was driving home after midnight. Somebody shot five bullets into her from the passenger window. However, nothing was stolen from her. The police point out that assassins normally shoot people in the head, but she was shot in the chest, which left her alive and suffering for a while.

It's possible that this was just another "ordinary" murder as a result of a dispute she was having over money, jobs, Oscar nominations, or relationships. It's also possible that it was a crime that failed, similar to the murder of the Nebraska couple that I mentioned in September (here). However, I wonder if she was killed by Jews in order to intimidate the people who are abandoning or turning on the network.

Why a brutal murder? Why not an accident?
There is evidence that the Jews arranged for the car accidents of Princess Diana, James Dean, General George Patton, and others, and then the Jews killed those people in the ambulance or at the hospital. Lee Oswald died during an ambulance ride, also.

The photo of Michael Jackson in the ambulance shows a man trying to help him. Or was that man killing Jackson?

Why didn't the Jews arrange for Ronni Chasen to be involved in a minor traffic accident, and then give her a ride to the hospital in the "Jewish ambulance of death", and then announce that she died from internal bleeding during the ambulance ride? Why would the Jews conduct a brutal shooting on a public street, like a gang of violent drug dealers? I wonder if they chose this brutal method because they are trying to create fear among people in Hollywood.
When you sleep with Hollywood dogs...
If money and fame was truly the source of happiness, then the people in Hollywood, who are among the most famous and wealthy, would be some of the happiest people on earth. However, the people in Hollywood have some of the most bizarre and disgusting marriages and friendships, and they have extreme problems with drugs, suicide, murders, gambling, and psychological disorders. I think Hollywood is attracting unhappy people, criminals, and parasites, and this mixture of weirdos results in bizarre and abusive behavior.

Our tendency is to feel sorry for these people, but they are adults who have chosen their life, and they can walk away from it whenever they want, but they don't want an ordinary life. They abuse one another, and they abuse the public. They're not looking for ways to make the world nicer. They're looking for relief from their misery. They don't want to be an "ordinary" person. They don't want to be "just another citizen". They want to be pampered and worshiped.

They don't want to live among us, either. They want to be separate from us. They want us to provide them with mansions, yachts, and lot of other material items. They don't want to be a member of our world or one of our friends. They want us to treat them like gods and goddesses. We are like a cow to them; a cow that they milk for money and applause. They want us to worship them, not be their "equal". Why should we care when they kill one another? When they die, my attitude is, "Good Riddance!" 

Furthermore, the Jews often stage anti-Semitic attacks in an attempt to create pity for Jews and to frighten other Jews into joining the crime network in order to protect themselves against the mysterious anti-Semites. In fact, Time magazine is promoting the murder as "Publicist Slaying Unites Hollywood". So, if a brutal murder unites those freaks in Hollywood, how do they react when something wonderful happens? I suppose the headline in Time magazine would be: "The wonderful relationship of John and Jane causes intense hatred, envy, fighting, and bitterness in Hollywood."

We shouldn't risk our lives to save a criminal
People are always getting into disputes with one another, and criminals are no exception, and their fights are much more vicious. The current attitude around the world is that the police should risk their lives to protect even the criminals, but that is as foolish as police risking their lives in order to protect ticks and fleas from killing each another. We should be getting rid of all criminals, not trying to protect them from one another.

Why do you think some people are so incredibly wealthy?

Do you think Judge Judy Sheindlin, Jay Leno, Simon Cowell, and these other entertainers are earning their tens of millions of dollars each year? What are they contributing to the human race to justify their phenomenal income? I suspect that all of them are involved with the same Jewish crime network that gave us the 9/11 attack.

Anybody who gets involved with these criminals deserves whatever happens to them. Don't feel sorry for people whose main priority in life is money and fame, or being pampered like a king, or being worshiped like a God. Let them suffer the consequences of associating with criminals and psychos. People who put money and fame above all else should be considered dangerous. My advice is to avoid people with intense cravings for anything; regardless of whether it is money, fame, sex, gambling, drugs, or even food. I think something is seriously wrong with the minds of people who have intense and endless cravings.

Paula Abdul, Randy Jackson, and Simon Cowell, when they were American Idol judges.
In Sarah Palin's book about herself, she praises Simon Cowell for being truthful and honest. (Scanned images of some pages were just removed!) Since we allow people to keep secrets about their history and their relationships, it's possible that she knows something about Cowell that I don't know, but I don't see any honesty in anybody who is famous. Perhaps some of them are secretly helping to make the world a better place, but from my viewpoint, every famous person is either faking stupidity and ignorance about Jewish crimes, or they are spreading propaganda about the crimes. Some famous people may be protecting the criminal Jews out of fear of retaliation, but some are certainly doing so because they want to.

In fact, a lot of the famous and wealthy people showed signs of abusive behavior as a child. Simon Cowell, for example, was thrown out of schools for bad behavior. He also wrote this about himself: "From my first day on the job I began planning and scheming my way to the top of the business". What does he mean by "scheming"? Does he mean "thinking"? Or does he mean looking for ways to manipulate, cheat, abuse, deceive, murder, blackmail, and exploit?

He also wrote that the two aspects of school that he hated the most were boredom and discipline. So, if he doesn't like "discipline", what does he like? Does he want to behave like a primitive savage who does whatever he pleases and treats other people in whatever manner he desires? Will he help destroy the Jewish crime network? Or would he rather die than become part of an orderly, disciplined world in which everybody earns their living and treats people with decency? Is he capable of being an "ordinary" person?

It's also interesting that Sarah Palin praises Simon Cowell for being honest about the poor performance of people on the television show American Idol, but she's not complaining that her own daughter is getting special treatment on Dancing with the Stars. Why doesn't Simon Cowell show some honesty about Bristol Palin? If Bristol Palin had been your daughter, would she be in the finals? I don't think so.

I suggest you be careful of all of the rich and famous people
I think you should seriously consider the possibility that Hollywood has lots of extremely dangerous and psychotic freaks. Hollywood seems to be full of people who are never satisfied with life, no matter how much money, fame, or sex they have. They are bottomless pits that we can pour money into for years, but who are never satisfied. They are not thinking of ways to make society better. They are thinking of how to become more wealthy, or more famous, or have more sex, or how to get rid of their competitors.

This concept applies to all areas where people have the potential of making a lot of money without earning it, such as gambling, drug dealing, investments, and pornography. All of these areas seem to attract criminals, parasites, and psychotic freaks. Judge people by their behavior and by their effect on society. Don't judge people by their money, fame, publicity photos, or what they claim to be. Analyze people from the point of view of whether they are treating people with decency and contributing to society.

A popular Hollywood plot: Aliens conquer humans
Ronni Chasen's brother, Larry Cohen, is involved in producing lots of horror and science fiction movies and television shows, such as The Invaders, which is another variation of a plot that Jews love in which aliens from another planet disguise themselves as humans in order to get control of us. A lot of Jews consider themselves to be an alien race that infiltrates our societies, and then murders, sabotages, kills, rapes, manipulates, and deceives us. And in the process, they become kings and queens, and we become their servants. These Jews are not interested in becoming our friends. They consider themselves to be a superior race, and they want us to be their slaves.

Larry Cohen wrote and produced the horror movie It's Alive, which is about a child who becomes a monster. In an earlier file I wondered if the "Ugly Duckling" stories are due to the observations that every once in a while a woman really does give birth to a crude savage. Roman Polanski's Rosemary's Baby is another of those films.

Did Ronni Chasen's murder have anything to do with the film "Burlesque"?
Ronni Chasen was killed on her way home from the premiere of the film "Burlesque". I wonder if her murder was scheduled for this particular day and time in order to intimidate some of the people involved with the production, distribution, or promotion of that film. There are a lot of people and businesses involved with the film, but I only recognize three names: Christina Aguilera, Cher, and Julianne Hough.

Ronni Chasen was recommending that the soundtrack of the film receive an Oscar award. The soundtrack seems to be mainly the singing of Christina Aguilera and Cher, so I suppose that means the award would be primarily praise to those two women. Christina Aguilera recently got divorced from a Jew, and Cher is probably very aware of the crime network since she has been involved with Hollywood for decades. Julianne Hough had a minor role in that film, but she is being aggressively pursued by Ryan Seacrest, who I would bet is working for the Jewish crime network, and I would also bet that he is using his contacts with the network to help her with her dreams of becoming a singer and actress.

News reports mention that Cher and Christina spent a lot of time talking to each other. Christina is quoted as saying, "They had to drag us to set a few times because we were late just talking about love and relationships and life." If you were a criminal Jew, and you saw Cher spending lots of time talking to Christina, wouldn't you wonder what they were talking about? What if the Jews had hidden microphones in the area, and what if they heard Cher talking about the crime network? And what if they were also listening to Ronni Chasen?

Perhaps I'm getting carried away with wild speculations, but I suspect that Chasen's brutal murder is another sign that the Jewish crime network is deteriorating, and the frightened Jews are struggling to maintain control over everybody.

Don't underestimate the "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" trick
Over and over I discovered that somebody who I assumed I could trust was actually one of the criminals. One of their most successful tricks is pretending to be angry at the Jews. They dominate the "Holocaust revisionist" movement, the Nazi groups, and all of the other anti-Semitic and racist groups. They are pretending to be their enemies in order to fool their real enemies into trusting them and identifying themselves.

How do any of us know whether Cher can be trusted? Why is she so wealthy and famous? Why does she continue to associate with people in Hollywood decade after decade? Is she honest? Or is she working for the network? For all we know, she was talking to Christina Aguilera simply to find out what Aguilera knows and is planning to do, and she may have been trying to manipulate Aguilera with propaganda. And she may have been talking with Ronni Chasen in order to find out what Chasen is planning to do. Also, how do we know if we can trust Christina Aguilera? Maybe she sold out to the network, also! Maybe she was gathering information about Cher and Ronni Chasen!

Think of yourself as being in the television show, Surviving the Jews with the Stars, but it's not a game. If you make a mistake, you end up like Jimmy Walter, or Peter Kawaja, or Christopher Bollyn, or Ronni Chasen, or Princess Diana, or General George Patton.

Secrecy protects criminals, not honest people
Can you understand that one of the reasons the criminals are having so much success is because they have tricked us into allowing incredible levels of secrecy? We have no idea who we are living with. We are not allowed to look into a person's history, or who they associate with. There are all sorts of accusations about president Obama, for example, that he and Rahm Emanuel were members of a gay club. Some people claim that Obama's mother is Jewish, and some claim that we have been lied to about who his father really is. What do we really know about president Obama?
Sex slavery is a good example of how secrecy protects criminals
Occasionally somebody is arrested for keeping a child as a prisoner in his house. Some of these children were kidnapped by the person who was arrested, but there is evidence that there is also a worldwide trade in children for both sex slaves and labor slaves. In America, these children are supposedly selling for tens of thousands of dollars each, but we cannot see any of the transactions because we are not allowed to know how people spend their money. Furthermore, we are not allowed to know what anybody does inside their house, and this is allowing people to keep sex slaves and stolen items in their homes.
It was impossible thousands of years ago for a person to hide a sex slave, but today this is just one of many crimes that people can secretly commit.

We are not allowed to know what a person does in his home, or who he associates with, or how he spends his money.

We have been fooled into thinking that we are protecting people's privacy, but your privacy is not being protected. Rather, we are protecting the criminals. Your life will not be harmed in any way if people know what you have inside your house or basement. You are not going to suffer if people are allowed to see how you spend your money, or who you associate with. You will not suffer if we can look through your school records, job performance, and other historical information. Unless, of course, you are hiding something from us.

What do we know about Ed Asner, or Cher, or Simon Cowell? What does Julianne Hough know about Ryan Seacrest? Thousands of years ago a man had to pursue a woman in front of other people. Imagine if Ryan Seacrest had to pursue women in front of us. What would we see? What would we see if we could watch video of Simon Cowell's life? What exactly did he do to become famous and rich? What would we see if we could know the truth about Sarah Palin, or Hillary Clinton, or the sheriff in our own city? What would we discover if we could see what is going on inside the Catholic Church, or the Mormon church, or the Royal families of Europe? What is the Mormon church doing with all the money they collect?

We are suckers to allow secrecy among the leaders of our corporations, charities, think tanks, schools, military, churches, and media companies. We are fools to allow secretive people to influence our lives and our future. Secrecy does not protect the privacy of honest people. Rather, secrecy is helping criminals to get away with crimes, and to hide their true qualities and deceive us about themselves. As I said in one of my audio files, we need to put everybody into an acid bath. We need to know who we are living with. We shouldn't allow anybody to deceive us.

Is Jessica Simpson another of their naive victims?

Professor Scher has this weird photo of him, implying that he is watching us, but today we can watch the Jews
There are some names I see in the news regularly, such as Jessica Simpson and Kim Kardashian, but I don't know why they are famous. All they seem to do is pose for pictures. Anyway, Jessica Simpson's name is in the news again, and it reminds me of this message I saw in 2009 in which some mysterious people discussed hidden microphones in her house, and that her father was a sucker who fell for the trick of agreeing to allow the hidden microphones, thereby allowing himself to be blackmailed.

A lot of the material on the Internet is the truth, but it has been twisted so that if you investigate it, you end up getting nowhere, or looking foolish. Therefore, some of that message may be incorrect, but the "core" of the message may be accurate. Specifically, the Jews may regularly trick family members into agreeing to something that is slightly immoral or illegal in order to "help" one of their relatives, and then the Jews blackmail the people into remaining quiet on the grounds that they agreed to it.

Naive and stupid are dangerous!
When you are in deadly battle, you don't put your life into the hands of an idiot, or somebody who is uneducated or naive, because they may inadvertently hurt you. For another personal example, in 2005, Jimmy Walter was fooled by some Russians into thinking that they were arranging for him to talk about 9/11 to some Russian government officials. Walter began planning a trip to Moscow, and he asked me if I would go to talk about 9/11 with him. I assumed that the Russians who were trying to arrange for the meeting would end up failing, but I told Walter to go ahead and look into it, and if he could actually arrange for a meeting, I would be happy to travel to Moscow and talk about 9/11.

While they were trying to arrange for a meeting with the Russian government, Walter told me to send a scanned image of my passport to him so that his Russian "friends" could start processing the passport information, which would allow me to fly to Moscow as soon as the meeting was arranged. So I sent a copy. Some weeks later Walter came to the conclusion that he was being tricked by those Russians, and that they were simply trying to set him up with some women in order to blackmail him.

Months later I discovered my passport photo is on the Internet. However, nobody would recognize it as my passport photo. They removed everything except my photo, and they even removed the background pattern. I suppose they did this because one of them wanted a photo of me but they didn't want to make it look as if they had access to my passport photo, but I recognized the photo, and those people have identified themselves as being somehow connected to that Russian network.

I don't know whether they can do anything with my passport information, but the point I want to make is that by being associated with Jimmy Walter, who ignored my warnings, a group of Russian criminals got access to my passport. People like Jimmy Walter, who are trusting, naive, and/or stupid, are actually very dangerous because they can inadvertently cause trouble for us. You should visualize them as being like the character Pigpen in the Peanuts comic strip. However, instead of dust clouds following them around, they are followed by pedophiles, murderers, kidnappers, and perverts.

The remarks about Jessica Simpson on that message board may seem silly or senseless to you, but I suggest you treat them as a serious but twisted description of what the Jews are doing. Those messages remind me of the many times the Jews tried to push me into agreeing to something or saying something. Also, be careful of people who dismiss my warnings as "silly conspiracy theories". We don't know who to trust, so you better be very careful trusing people. But don't be afraid. There is a significant difference between being careful and being afraid.

5)  Why is there a fuss over the TSA security?
Be suspicious of people who get publicity
There are so many people making a fuss about the TSA security procedures at airports that the TSA is now threatening us with $11,000 fines and arrests if we cause trouble, but why would anybody want to cause trouble?

Whenever somebody gets publicity - especially international publicity! - you should wonder why they were selected. For example, why is John Tyner getting international publicity for fighting with the TSA?

Take a look at his blog, such as this entry in which he promotes the official 9/11 lies. Don't assume he is naive.

The TSA will investigate Tyner, and they may demand that he pay a fine. Wow! I'm sure that will cure him of his criminal tendencies to such an extent that he starts using his blog to expose the Jewish involvement in 9/11, and the Jewish lies about the Holocaust, and the Apollo Moon Landing scam!

Erin Chase is also making a fuss and getting lots of international publicity (eg, CBS, or search her name like this). She doesn't expose Jewish crimes on this blog, or her $5 dinner website, either, but maybe she will develop an interest in exposing criminals if the TSA makes her pay a fine.
Want to solve a problem? Then attack the source of the problem!
First consider how this concept applies to the anti-war groups. As I mentioned in other files, in 2002 I took some copies of my book about 9/11 to an anti-war protest in my city. I assumed that the anti-war protesters would be overjoyed that my book exposed the 9/11 attack as a fraud, because that information removes the justification for attacking Afghanistan and Iraq. My book shows that we should investigate the attack, not start a war.

However, I was shocked to discover that the leaders of the anti-war movement were hostile to my information. I came to the conclusion that the anti-war movement was a fraud, and that it was secretly under the control of the network of Jews that staged the 9/11 attack. This is why people such as Cindy Sheehan get lots of publicity for complaining about the wars, but none of those anti-war protesters will expose the 9/11 attack as a Jewish deception. (I mentioned her and Jesse Jackson many years ago here). Now consider how this concept applies to the TSA.

Don't like the TSA? Then attack its justification!
“The TSA people touched my <giggle, giggle>, private parts!”

“They saw my <giggle>, boobies on the scanner!”
The airport security is justified in order to protect ourselves from Muslim terrorists. This threat has been occurring since I was a child, although it has become much worse since the 9/11 attack. If you don't like the TSA or the security procedures, then you should attack the justification for the security, which is the threat of Muslim terrorists. We need to expose this threat as a deception perpetrated by Jews. We should be searching for, identifying, exposing, and arresting the Jewish criminals and their Goy associates. We should not complain about the TSA employees looking at our (giggle, giggle!) private parts.

The people who are getting publicity for fighting with the TSA should be investigated, not treated as heroes. Furthermore, we should not make them pay a fine if it turns out that they are working for the network of murderous freaks that is responsible for the 9/11 attack, the world wars, and other horrendous crimes. These sickening savages need to be removed from society permanently. Some of those criminals might be in such good health that they would be useful as live organ donors for the people in the military who are suffering from damaged organs. Erin Chase, for example, might have corneas that would be useful for some person in the military who is suffering from eye damage. Her kidneys might be useful, also.

Why are the Jews creating a fuss with the TSA? Why is the TSA changing their security procedures? I don't know, and there are lots of possibilities, such as to create fear or anger of the government in order to direct anger away from Jews. It's also possible that the Jews are trying to profit from this. For example, an airport in Orlando is planning to switch from the TSA to private companies, so perhaps some Jews are hoping that they can get the contracts. However, it doesn't matter if we know the details. All we have to know is that we are being abused, and we've got to stop it.

Who would you rather be inspected by?
Finally, this issue may not have a lot of significance, but you might find it amusing to discuss when you are bored. I personally would feel the most comfortable if an older woman was inspecting me, or a woman I had no sexual attraction to. If I had to be inspected by a man, I would feel more comfortable if he was homosexual. I feel the same way with doctors. I think the reason is because when a man has to touch me, it makes me visualize myself in his job, and that makes me realize that both of us are uncomfortable. I don't have any desire to touch a man's body, especially if he is sweaty and obese. However, if the man inspecting me was homosexual, then I would have visions of myself touching a woman. Of course, this is assuming that he does his job without making lewd remarks. If you had to be inspected, who would you want touching you?

The crime network is gigantic, 
but the international storm that is growing is much more powerful.

 After the storm, there will be a beautiful rainbow!


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