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Blood injections and Marquis de Sade

Eric Hufschmid
25 October 2018

• Is it risky to eat brains?
• Do you know much about Marquis de Sade?
• The scum rises to the top of modern society.
• There is only one racist opinion that we can promote.
• How much longer will we let Jews abuse us?

Is it risky to eat brains?
There are some people who eat brains without showing any signs of health problems, but there is some evidence that at least some people are risking their health when they eat brains. For three examples:
 • When a primitive tribe in New Guinea stopped eating the brains of their dead relatives, they stopped suffering from the strange neurological disorders called "Kuru".

• An American man who died from unusual brain disorders is now thought to have picked it up by eating squirrel brains.

• Many years ago there was a concern that some cows were suffering from "Mad Cow Disease", and that it was possible for people to pick it up from eating the infected cows.
We need protein to maintain our health, but some protein molecules are dangerous.
These particular neurological problems are thought to be caused by prions, which are seemingly harmless pieces of common proteins. How is it possible for protein molecules to cause such horrendous problems? Scientists do not yet know. Actually, scientists are still learning about how the toxic molecules produced by spiders, bacteria, fungus, and other creatures are capable of causing pain or death.

Future generations might discover that brains are safe to eat if we cook them in a certain manner, or they might discover that only certain people are susceptible to prions because of their particular digestive system, immune system, or other genetic characteristics, just as some people die after eating peanuts.

However, until we have a better understanding of why some people are suffering from neurological problems after eating brains, it would be best for us to avoid eating brains.

Are blood transfusions risky?
For about a thousand years the Jews have been accused of participating in blood rituals, such as draining children of their blood and then drinking the blood. Today both Jews and non-Jews are also injecting themselves with children's blood. By the end of 2018, a clinic should be open in New York City for wealthy people to purchase children's blood.

If we were maintaining a database of everybody's life and health, we would be able to look through it to find out who among us is injecting or drinking children's blood, and that would give us an idea of whether the blood is helping people to live longer or healthier. Unfortunately, the people who are involved with this activity are very secretive about it.
Actually, they are suspicious, not secretive. For example, in the news article I provided a link to (this one), the journalist asked Jesse Karmazin, the CEO of Ambrosia, if he was planning on injecting himself with the blood that the company is offering, but he refused to answer the question. Why didn’t he answer the question? What is he afraid of? Is he looking for wealthy fools to take the role of guinea pigs?

Since children's blood is expensive, only the wealthy people can afford to use it. Therefore, if children's blood is truly beneficial, we should see some wealthy people who are noticeably healthier and living longer lives than the rest of us.

However, I am not aware of any wealthy elite who are living long or healthy lives. Rather, I see them suffering and dying from the same problems that everybody else has. For example, in this previous document I pointed out that Ruth Ginsburg has had colon cancer, then pancreatic cancer, and then coronary artery problems.

Some of the other wealthy elite are also suffering from medical problems. Four examples:
1) Steve Jobs died of an unusual type of pancreatic cancer at age 56.

2) Paul Allen, one of the billionaire founders of Microsoft, died recently at age 65. He had Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, which is a type of blood cancer.

3) Bill Clinton has had quadruple bypass surgery, a partially collapsed lung, and other heart problems. In my opinion, he is also suffering from significant brain damage.

4) Hillary Clinton was reported to have fainted and suffered a concussion in 2012. Why did she faint? And how often do people get concussions when they faint? Four years later Edward Klein wrote this document to list her medical problems. Since government officials and journalists lie on a regular basis, we cannot be certain what Clinton's medical problems truly are, but she seems to be suffering from unusual neurological problems.
Did any of those four people drink or inject children's blood? If so, we ought to consider the possibility that the blood is the cause of their bizarre medical problems, or that the blood aggravated what would have been trivial medical problems.

I suggest that medical scientists look into the possibility that injecting somebody's blood into your body, or drinking raw blood, may be as risky as eating raw brains.

If you are worried about eating brains...
...why inject yourself with foreign blood?

When you inject the blood of a child into your veins, you are putting possibly millions of bits of foreign DNA, RNA, proteins, and other chemicals into your bloodstream. All of those chemicals will bypass your digestive system. If those chemicals interfere with your immune system, then it would be easier for cancer and other diseases to get established. If any of those foreign chemicals interfere with your brain, then it could cause neurological disorders.

How genetically similar should we be to the blood donor?
It is interesting to note that the wealthy elite are supposedly getting most of their blood from the children of Third World nations. In other words, the wealthy elite are injecting themselves with the blood of a different race of people. Does it matter what race a person is when we inject his blood into our body?

What would happen if we injected the blood of a monkey into our body? How significant do the genetic differences between us have to be in order to cause the blood injections to become a health risk?

Furthermore, many of the children in the Third World nations are malnourished, suffering from diseases, or contaminated with toxic chemicals. Does that have any effect on the person who injects their blood into his body?

The people who promote blood injections are likely to respond that they are cleaning the blood, but which chemicals in blood are dangerous? If we cannot answer that question, we cannot possibly provide blood that is "safe".

Furthermore, even if we realize that a particular molecule is dangerous, how can we be certain that our technology is capable of removing them from the blood?

To add complexity to this issue, if a person is getting the blood illegally, how can he be certain that the criminals are truly cleaning it like they claim to be? Would you trust a crime network that is selling the blood of murdered children?

Crime networks cannot be trusted to provide heroin and other drugs, so why should we trust them to provide blood, kidneys, or other medical products and services? For all you know, they are selling you blood that they got from a butcher shop, or from stray cats and dogs.

To add even more complexity to this issue, even if the FDA was supervising the injections of blood, we cannot trust our current government to supervise this activity. Certainly the people reading my documents are already aware that many of the officials of the FBI, courts, police departments, and military are protecting the criminals who are responsible for the 9/11 attack, and who demolished the World Trade Center towers. And have you heard the accusations that some people in the Child Protective Services are selling children to pedophile networks? Why should we believe the FDA is any more honest than the FBI or CPS?

How safe is anal sex?
A related issue is anal sex. Putting something into your rectum allows it to bypass your digestive system and get directly into your bloodstream. If semen has bits of DNA, RNA, prions, or other chemicals, could that have an effect on a person's health?

How safe is anesthesia and surgery?
Some people suspect that heart surgery is causing brain damage, at least to some patients. Although some research programs claim that there is no damage, here is an article from February 2001 that claims 42% of patients show a decline in mental ability, and here is a more recent article (Oct 2018) that claims the majority of patients are suffering a decline in mental ability.

How does surgery cause brain damage? Is the anesthesia causing it? Or is it caused by the blood transfusions? As of October 2018, nobody knows.

Many of the patients who suffer brain damage from surgery eventually seem to regain their normal mental functions, and this results in people claiming that the damage from surgery is temporary, thereby implying that this is an issue of no importance. For example, in the second news article that I provided a link to, the author writes that a patient might experience a decline in mental ability from open-heart surgery "at least in the short-term." He writes "at least in the short term" because he believes that our brain can fix whatever problem is caused by the surgery.

Unfortunately, the human brain does not have the regenerative abilities that our skin, muscles, and liver have. Our brain cannot heal itself. Our brain can "compensate" for damage, but it cannot "repair" the damage. Once a portion of your brain is damaged, you are going to suffer.

Our brain seems to compensate for damage by having some other section give up whatever function it is doing and help to do what the damaged section was doing. That is not "fixing" the problem. That is "compensating" for damage by sacrificing some functions in another area.

Our brain should be protected
As I have pointed out in previous files, most people do not have an interest in protecting their brain. For example, they don't worry about getting concussions or other types of head injuries.

Religious people seem to have the least concern about their brain because they don't want to believe that the difference between a human and a monkey is just a few subtle genetic differences in the design of our brain. They prefer to believe that our brain is a disposable piece of meat, and that an intangible, immortal, indestructible, and invisible "soul" makes us human and separates us from the animals.

In my opinion, a person who causes a brain injury to another person, such as by hitting him in the head, is guilty of "murder" because when you damage a person's brain, you are essentially killing that person. The person will still be alive, but he will not be the same person. He will have a slightly different personality, with slightly different intellectual and emotional characteristics.

There have been a few cases in which one of the side effects of a brain injury was that the person became better at art or math, but that doesn't change the fact that a brain injury essentially causes the "death" of a person.

For example, after Jason Padgett was beaten unconscious, he eventually noticed that he had a greater interest and ability in math. He claims that he would not want to be the person that he used to be, which can create the impression that a brain injury can be wonderful, but his previous life was miserable.

People who have a miserable life occasionally benefit from brain injuries, amputated legs, or cancer because those horrible events have caused some people to stop their drug or alcohol abuse, crimes, pouting, and other detrimental behavior. However, to a person who is having a wonderful life, those injuries are not going to be beneficial.

A man in France is suffering from a mysterious medical problem that caused 90% of his brain to disintegrate by the age of 44. Unfortunately, the journalists create extremely deceptive articles about the man. For example, this article claims that:
"the man wasn't mentally disabled - he had a low IQ of 75, but was working as a civil servant. He was also married with two children, and was relatively healthy."
The man has not been identified, and there is very little information about his life. Why are they hiding this man from us? The reason is undoubtedly because a video interview of him would cause us to immediately realize that he is suffering from significant brain damage. In order to promote the farce that our brain is insignificant, the social scientists and journalists are hiding him from us.

Some journalists point out that the man is working as a civil servant, as if that proves that we don't need a brain to hold a job, but if you know people who work for government agencies, then you should be aware that a lot of government employees are lacking in skills, morality, honesty, intelligence, and talent. The churches, nonprofit organizations, schools, and think tanks also provide jobs to lots of worthless, dishonest, stupid, and immoral people.

We should not allow journalists and other people to promote the attitude that the human brain is a worthless piece of meat. The circuitry of our brain makes us who we are, and it separates us from the animals. People who cause brain damage to another person should be guilty of murder, and children should be taught to protect their brain rather than regard concussions and head injuries as a sign of toughness.

What effect does soccer have on our brains?
Perhaps an engineering teacher would like to give his class the project of adding stress gauges to a mannequin, and then measuring the force each student puts on the manikin’s head when they punch it with their fist. They would then hit the manikin with a soccer ball that is traveling at different speeds to create a table of the forces that the soccer ball puts on the manikin.

This would allow the students to compare the force of being punched in the face to the force of hitting a soccer ball. If it turns out that hitting a fast moving soccer ball with our head is putting our brain through as much force as being punched by a teenage boy, then allowing children to play soccer is essentially allowing them to go into a boxing ring and be punched repeatedly in the head.

How does hitting a soccer ball with your head... to getting punched in the face?

Can we stop the secrecy and paranoia?
If scientists could access a database that has information about our lives and our medical history, we would be able to develop a better understanding of how we are affected by blood transfusions, open heart surgery, and soccer balls.

The paranoia of being observed is interfering with our understanding of ourselves and our health. We need leaders who encourage people to exert enough self-control to stop worrying that other people will learn the truth about them. Our leaders should promote the attitude that the people who are ashamed of themselves should learn to deal with it rather than deceive us with secrecy and lies.

Of course, scientists are not going to be able to study health issues unless we also change our economic system so that we can provide funding for such projects. In a free enterprise system, and in a democracy, the businesses and governments will pander to the public, and that will result in the funding of entertainment. We need to change our government and economic system so that we can make intelligent decisions on which products and services to develop, and which research projects to fund.

Do you know much about Marquis de Sade?
I was a child when I learned that our words "sadism" and "sadist" come from the cruel behavior of Marquis de Sade, but I never knew anything about his life or attitude. He was not a topic of conversation in any of my school classes, or among the people that I knew. I assumed that he was an unusual man who lived long ago, and he did not have any relevance to us.
Recently I saw his name in some Internet document, and I decided to learn more about him. I was surprised to discover that the drawings that express the philosophy of Marquis de Sade, such as the drawing to the right, resemble the descriptions of the murders, tortures, and sexual abuse provided by Katy Groves, David Shurter, Jenny Guskin, and others.

I now doubt that the behavior of Marquis de Sade is unusual or irrelevant. I now suspect that there are millions of people in the world who have very similar attitudes and behavior, and a significant percentage of them are in influential positions of society.

Have you listened to the accusations of Jenny Guskin, Katy Groves, or David Shurter? They suffered abuse that was as extreme as, or more extreme than, the children of Joseph Fritzl. Here is David Shurter's website, and here is an interesting interview with him in which he talks about his childhood, and how the pedophiles do "damage control". Unlike most interviews, Daniel Lee rarely interrupts him or trys to change the subject, so it's a useful interview.

If David Shurter's accusations are accurate, he is providing us with a lot of important information. For example, he claims that Paul Bonacci was allowed to expose pedophilia in court only to take attention away from Alisha Owen. That would explain the mystery of why the trial with Bonacci never resulted in Senator Barney Frank, or anybody else, getting arrested for pedophilia.

Specifically, the trial was not an attempt to expose or stop the pedophile network. Rather, it was a trick to make it appear as if our law enforcement agencies, government agencies, and courts are trying to stop pedophilia, when in reality they were protecting and participating in the pedophilia network.

That is the same trick as arresting Harvey Weinstein for being abusive with adult women. Specifically, the arrest makes it appear as if our law enforcement agencies are doing their job, when in reality they are trying to hide Weinstein's pedophilia, and the pedophilia of other people in Hollywood, government, police departments, etc.

David Shurter also has a lot of interesting remarks about the "Franklin Coverup" issue, John DeCamp, Johnny Gosch, the Columbine school shooting, and the Oklahoma City bombing, so listen to him if you are interested in those crimes.

Most "truth seekers" are criminals
During the past few years, a lot of people have decided to post videos and documents to expose pedophilia or other crimes. Keep in mind an important concept that I learned as a result of exposing the lies about the 9/11 attack. Specifically, almost everybody involved in the "truth movement" are wolves in sheep's clothing. They are criminals who are doing some type of "damage control".
“This is so easy! All I have to do is accuse a few people of pedophilia, and thousands of sheeple follow me and donate money to me!”
The criminals provide a lot of important information, but they are mixing it with propaganda, minimizing the role of Jews and Israeli government officials, and trying to divert our attention away from people who are truly trying to expose the crimes. I wrote about some of their techniques years ago here.

The crime network is gigantic
The crime network is much larger than you expect it to be. Many wonderful, honest, friendly, and kind people are actually criminals. For example, almost every "Holocaust denier" is a "Wolf in Nazi Clothing" who is helping the Jews do damage control. They expose only the information that has already been exposed, and they often mix in some false information. Furthermore, they are sometimes set up to be arrested or fired from their jobs in order to give them credibility, so don't be fooled into thinking that the suffering that they endure is proof of their honesty.

For another example, the people who produced An Open Secret, which is a documentary to expose pedophilia in Hollywood, are exposing only the few pedophiles who were already exposed or arrested.
They do this to grab your attention and lure you over to their documents and videos in order to prevent you from learning something new. They can be visualized as Pied Pipers who lure the ignorant and gullible people into a "Goy Pen" so that they can control the information that those ignorant people have access to.

Don’t blame bad behavior on the environment
The Wikipedia says that Marquis de Sade was:
raised with servants who indulged "his every whim," which led to his becoming "known as a rebellious and spoiled child with an ever-growing temper."
That type of remark is typical of people who don't want to believe in genetics. That remark implies that the environment caused Marquis de Sade to develop a bad personality. However, a more likely explanation of why the servants "indulged his every whim" is because they were reacting to his horrible personality, rather than causing his horrible personality. I suspect that Marquis de Sade was a selfish, demanding child, and the servants were trying to appease him.

The Wikipedia also says:
At the Lycée Louis-le-Grand, he was subjected to "severe corporal punishment," including "flagellation," and he "spent the rest of his adult life obsessed with the violent act."
That remark implies that the violence he suffered at school caused him to develop a desire to be violent with other people. That is another idiotic attitude of the people who don't want to believe in genetics. Children who are victims of abuse or crime do not develop a desire to treat other people in the same manner.

I suspect that the reason he was beaten at the Lycée Louis-le-Grand is because the adults at that school were his teachers, not his servants, and so they were not interested in appeasing him. They instead reacted to his disgusting personality with anger. As with animals, the teachers assumed that they could improve his behavior with punishments.

When we hear that a child has been beaten by a policeman or teacher, we have a tendency to visualize a wonderful, innocent child who has been beaten by a cruel adult, and this triggers our emotional craving to protect the child. However, we need to exert some self-control and face the evidence that the children who get beaten are usually the children with bad personalities.

The exceptions, of course, are the children of mentally ill parents, such as Josef Fritzl, and especially the parents who are so mentally disturbed that they get involved with pedophile networks. The three people I mentioned earlier, (Katy Groves, David Shurter, Jenny Guskin) are examples of that sad situation.

If we were to remove secrecy and keep a database of everybody's life, we would find that most of the beatings of children are not random.

Our genetics determines how we compare to other people
The environment of a child affects his attitudes, behavior, and goals in life, but the environment doesn't change how he compares to other children. It might help you to understand this concept if you consider how the field of bodybuilding is affected by the environment. Specifically, how hormones, steroids, and exercise equipment affects the bodybuilders.

Arnold Schwarzenegger won first place in a lot of bodybuilding contests, and after he retired, Dorian Yates won first place in more than a dozen bodybuilding contests. If we were to determine everybody's position in a bodybuilding chart, we would end up with a bell graph that shows Schwarzenegger and Yates at the extreme edge.

The reason they would be at the extreme edge of the bell graph is because of their genetics, not because of their environment. Their environments were no different from other bodybuilders. They didn't have any special exercises, or any special foods. It was their genetic differences that allowed them to excel in their field.

Imagine if we could make an exact copy of the earth, with exact, genetic copies of all of the people. However, on one planet the bodybuilders have access to lots of hormones, steroids, and exercise equipment, but the bodybuilders on the other planet have only prehistoric exercise equipment, and no drugs or hormones.

Obviously, the bodybuilders on the planet that has hormones and modern exercise equipment are going to develop larger muscles than the bodybuilders on the other planet. However, when the people on each planet hold bodybuilding contests, the results would not differ by much.

In other words, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dorian Yates would very likely be the winners on both planets. All of the bodybuilders would be noticeably larger on the planet with the hormones, but the positions of the bodybuilders on the bell graphs would be very similiar.

Modern exercise equipment and hormones allowed Dorian Yates to develop huge muscles.
Without the exercise equipment or hormones, he would have resembled the bodybuilders of the 1800s, but he would have remained a champion.
Incidentally, Dorian Yates is one of the few people who has the courage to publicly admit that he doesn't believe the Holocaust stories. He mentioned it in this interview (at about seven minutes into the video) with a bodybuilder who is partly Jewish, Dave Palumbo, who defended the Holocaust stories.

If you cannot find the courage to support Dorian Yates by demanding the freedom to discuss the Holocaust and other historical events, try to encourage somebody else to find the courage. Don't leave Yates standing by himself!

The point I want to bring to your attention is that the environment of a bodybuilder has a significant effect on the size of his muscles, his drug use, and his exercise programs, but it does not have much of an effect on how he compares to other bodybuilders. Yates and Schwarzenegger would be at the extreme edge on the bell chart of bodybuilding regardless of the environment.

Changing the environment that children grow up in can change their attitudes, behavior, and goals in life, but it doesn't change how they compare to other children. The children who are genetically more intelligent will remain more intelligent regardless of the environment, and the children who are genetically more violent, irresponsible, sloppy, or introverted will retain those particular personality characteristics regardless of the environment.

Marquis de Sade was a spoiled, selfish, violent brat because of his genetics, not because of his environment. Likewise, other children who are badly behaved have inferior genetic characteristics. We should stop making excuses for bad behavior and start promoting the attitude that each of us is responsible for our behavior. We should not let people get away with blaming their bad behavior on being bullied as a child, or because they grew up in poverty, or because of the trauma they experienced when a friend or family member died at a young age.

Don’t get carried away with competitions
Incidentally, regarding the imaginary scenario of the two different planets, on the planet that provides the bodybuilders with hormones and drugs, the bodybuilders will spend a lot of their time and money on drugs and sticking needles into themselves.

If we compare the lives of the bodybuilders on both planets, we would come to the conclusion that the bodybuilders who do not have access to the drugs are having a better life because they don't have to waste any of their time or money on needles, drugs, or hormones, and they don't have to suffer from the side effects of those drugs and hormones.

The drugs and hormones are not improving their lives. Rather, they are adding complexity and expense to their lives, as well as dangerous side effects. Furthermore, the drugs cause their muscles to become unnaturally large, which requires that they eat more food, often to the point of eating when they don't want to eat. The increase in food also means they spend more time on the toilet.

Finally, their abnormally large muscles make it difficult for them to use ordinary furniture and clothing; ride an ordinary bicycle, kayak or ice skate; and sit in an ordinary plane or train seat.

As I have mentioned many times, men have a tendency to get carried away with our competitive battles. We need leaders who will occasionally analyze our leisure activities, recreational activities, businesses, social clubs, and other activities to ensure that we are doing something that is beneficial and sensible.

It is very easy for us to become so concerned with winning a competition that we waste our time and resources, harm our health, cause ourselves unnecessary pain and frustration, and ruin our friendships and marriages.

Marquis de Sade had an attitude that is opposite of mine
The philosophy towards life that was promoted by Marquis de Sade is the opposite of what I have been proposing in my documents. I have been advocating self-control, and I have been criticizing the attitude that the key to happiness is doing "whatever feels good" and avoiding whatever annoys us, but that is what he promoted. Two of his remarks are:
• “Social order at the expense of liberty is hardly a bargain.”

In other words, each of us should have the freedom to do whatever we please without worrying about society or other people. Apparently he also wanted the freedom to kill and torture people.

• “Sex is as important as eating or drinking, and we ought to allow the one appetite to be satisfied with as little restraint or false modesty as the other.”

A person today who follows that philosophy is likely to become an alcoholic, sickly, obese person with drug problems and venereal diseases. It is the behavior of a dog that has so little self-control that it will eat to the point at which it is sick, and will have sex with anything, including your leg.
If we could measure our desire to please ourselves, we would find that we produce a bell graph. At one extreme would be the people like Marquis de Sade who want to do whatever titillates their emotions regardless of the consequences.

They do not want to suffer any type of emotional discomfort. They want to do only what brings them some emotional pleasure. It is important to note that this is the behavior of animals.

At the other extreme are the people who are concerned about the consequences of their actions on both themselves and other people. They will often suppress their emotional cravings and "suffer" in order to avoid hurting themselves, and to become a productive team member.

The abuse is happening all around us!
David Shurter, Jenny Guskin, and the other victims of child abuse bring up a very important issue. Specifically, their families are abusing their children, and sometimes abusing and murdering other people's children, while living among us.

Those families are living in our neighborhoods, and their children are going to the same schools as our children, and their parents are working in the same businesses, government offices, police departments, and other jobs that the rest of us are working at. However, our social environment today is so unfriendly, and there is so much secrecy, that most of us don't notice the bizarre behavior of our neighbors. Of the people who do notice, most of them do not care.

In 2007 I made the accusation that the Bollyn family has been kidnapped by a group of Jews, and that the Jews were creating the illusion that the Bollyn family was free and independent. Many years later, Mario Nardone discovered that the Bollyn family was living in an apartment building in Sweden. How is it possible for a family to be kidnapped while they are living among other people, and while their children are going to school with other children?

Two of the reasons that crime networks can get away with their crimes can be seen by looking at David Shurter, Jenny Guskin, and the other people who are claiming to be victims of severe child abuse or pedophile networks:
1) Many military and law enforcement officials are involved with crime networks, and they intimidate people into remaining silent.

2) Most people will not look at the evidence that these crimes are occurring, and those who see the evidence will usually ignore it.

For example, most people are ignoring the evidence that both World Trade Center towers and Building 7 were demolished with explosives, and that the Jews are lying about the Holocaust, and that NASA is lying about the Apollo moon landing. Most people do not want to deal with unpleasant issues. They behave like Marquis de Sade; they want to titillate themselves and avoid anything that they regard as boring, frightening, or unpleasant.
In order for the world to improve, we need to restrict influential positions to people with a better attitude. We need leaders who can face and deal with problems. We need people who can work together as a team for the benefit of the human race. We need people who have enough self-control to refrain from stuffing themselves with food, grabbing at women and children, gathering gigantic piles of material items, and fighting for status. Are you one of those people? If so, help find some others!

The scum rises to the top of modern society.
I think that a lot of the people who rise to the top positions of modern society are emotionally and/or intellectually defective people, not people that we should admire. In previous documents I described the behavior of people in leadership positions as being similar to an animal, but now that I am more aware of Marquis de Sade, I would describe them as having an attitude similar to Marquis de Sade.

Mark Cuban, for example, said that when he was younger, he would often drive around the wealthy neighborhoods to stimulate himself. My impression of him is that he became a billionaire because he had abnormally intense cravings for wealth and status, not because he was interested in improving society.

We all occasionally fantasize about becoming wealthy, and all of us are selfish, and we all avoid looking critically at ourselves, so we don't want to consider that Mark Cuban's behavior is undesirable, but what would you think if a person was regularly driving around schools or daycare centers to fantasize about having sex with children? Or how about a person who regularly drove by bakery shops in order to fantasize about eating the donuts and candies?

That type of behavior does not hurt any of us, but is it the type of behavior we want for people in influential positions? That is the behavior of an animal that wants to stimulate itself.

People who have a personality similar to Marquis de Sade are not going to be appropriate leaders because they will not want to spend their time dealing with problems or trying to figure out how to improve society. Rather, they want to spend their time titillating themselves and avoiding unpleasant issues. They are people who essentially spend their entire lives masturbating.

Furthermore, those type of people are likely to regard you and me as inferior creatures to be used for labor, sex, wars, or murder rituals. They are not likely to regard us as friends, team members, or equals.

Marquis de Sade was not a different species; he was a human who had the same mental and physical characteristics that the rest of us have. Therefore, if we look critically at ourselves, we will see that each of us has a resemblance to him. All of us are selfish, and we all want to titillate our emotions, and we all want to avoid tasks that we find unpleasant.

The differences between us are subtle, but those subtle differences are very significant. Those differences determine whether we grab at a woman on a train, or whether we refrain from touching her; whether we contribute to our team, or whether we exploit our team; and whether we treat a child with respect, or whether we look for an opportunity to rape the child.

What is the relationship between Tim Cook and John Podesta?
The photo to the right of Tim Cook and John Podesta would have had no significance to me a few years ago. However, during the past few years there have been so many accusations on the Internet that John Podesta is involved with a pedophile network (one of the first was from Andrew Breitbart in 2011) that I wonder if Tim Cook is also involved with a pedophile network.

In this previous article I wondered why Tim Cook was promoting secrecy. I pointed out that he had already admitted to being homosexual, so why was he so paranoid about people learning about his private life? What could he possibly be doing to explain his paranoia?

That photo of him with John Podesta makes me wonder if the reason he wants secrecy is because he is involved with a pedophile network. Or is he one of the wealthy elite who drink or inject the blood of kidnapped and murdered children?

If Tim Cook is involved with a crime network, we ought to wonder if the reason he was promoted to CEO is because of his connection to that crime network, rather than because of his talent. In other words, we should be concerned that our free enterprise system has been corrupted and dominated by criminals, and that we really do not have fair competition.

Why would Rex Tillerson accuse Russia of interfering with our elections?
In February 2018, Rex Tillerson claimed that Russia was interfering with our 2018 elections. At the time Tillerson made that remark, he was working for the Trump administration, and the Trump administration was complaining about the idiotic accusations that the Russians had manipulated the 2016 presidential elections.

Why would Tillerson add to the problem by claiming that Russia was manipulating the 2018 elections?

We should consider the possibility that Tillerson is a member of the same crime network that was claiming that the Russians got Trump elected, and that the reason they are making these claims is to fool us into believing that we should undo the Russian influence by removing Trump and letting Hillary Clinton become our president.

That type of deceptive behavior should not be dismissed as "political fighting". Rather, it should be considered as a "crime", and the people involved should be regarded as con artists, liars, or swindlers.

Why would Rex Tillerson be involved with a crime network? Considering that he is one of the people who pushed the Boy Scouts into accepting homosexuals, we ought to wonder if he is a pedophile. Did he get promoted to CEO of Exxon because of his talent? Or was it because of his sexual behavior?

Incidentally, why can't the homosexuals have their own, separate organization, such as "Gay Scouts"? Why do they have to mix with heterosexuals?

As I have complained in previous files, none of our government officials or business leaders ever have anything intelligent to say. Most of the time the people in leadership positions are as silent as the Hollywood celebrities, and when one of them makes a public statement about some issue, it's likely to be a stupid remark, such as "the Russians are manipulating our elections," or that the ice caps will melt if we don't allow the government to impose "carbon taxes", or that we should have unisex bathrooms.
How can people who have been promoted to top leadership positions be so incredibly stupid? I suspect that they are not nearly as stupid as they appear to be.

Rather, they seem to be in a similar situation as the Hollywood celebrities. Specifically, they are members of a crime network, and they are following orders. They are puppets, not independent people who have the freedom to express their opinions.

There is only one racist opinion that we can promote.
As you should have noticed, YouTube, Google, Facebook, and other businesses are censoring certain videos, photos, people, and documents. However, you should note that there is one issue that we are allowed to discuss in public without being criticized for being a "racist", or a "supremacist". That issue is the superiority of the Jews.

In this document I mentioned that I received an email from a man who was wondering why Jordan Peterson was getting a lot of favorable publicity. Perhaps the reason is because he is promoting the theory that Jews are the most intelligent race, such as in this video, and in this one.

James Damore was fired for expressing the opinion that men are genetically more intelligent than women, but Peterson is not criticized for claiming that Jews are genetically more intelligent than other races.

Is this the reason James Damore is a "huge fan" of Jordan Peterson?
In my document about Damore, I pointed out that after he got fired, the first person he wanted to be interviewed by was Jordan Peterson.

This makes me wonder if Damore is one of the Chosen People, and if the memo incident was a conspiracy to intimidate the inferior races into remaining silent and obedient.

Why not censor Jordan Peterson?
YouTube is not deleting Peterson's videos, or accusing him of spreading "Jewish supremacy" or "racism", or complaining that he is insulting other races.

Furthermore, the BLM, Antifa, the JDL, the ADL, the Southern Poverty Law Center, Google, and other groups also do not complain that Jordan Peterson is promoting "harmful racial stereotypes", "hate speech", or racism.

Finally, the University of Toronto, where Peterson is a professor, is not threatening to fire him for his racist, supremacist remarks.

Would YouTube, the BLM, the ADL, and the University of Toronto allow a professor to post videos that claim that Germans or Japanese are the most intelligent race?

How much longer will we let Jews abuse us?
It should be rather obvious that a group of people who describe themselves as "Jews" are exerting a tremendous influence over the world. They dominate the media in many nations, and are dominating many government agencies, businesses, think tanks, nonprofit institutions, and school systems. They also dominate the investigations of the 9/11 attack, the pizzagate issue, the pedophile networks, and other crimes.

I suppose Jordan Peterson would respond that the reason the Jews are playing such a significant role in modern nations is because they are 15 points more intelligent than the rest of us.

However, the Jews are a disgusting influence, not a beneficial influced. Look at the evidence that the Jews instigated the world wars, and that they are the primary group responsible for the 9/11 attack, and that they are lying about the Holocaust, and that they are committing hundreds (or thousands?) of other crimes.

Futhermore, many of the victims of the pedophile network are also Jews, such as Vicki Polin and Katy Groves. Why would so many Jews be involved with abusing their children if they are truly the superior race?

If Jews are truly the superior race, why don't they impress us with their talents? Why do they resort to deception, murder, blackmail, and bribery? If they truly have superior intelligence, why don't they achieve their goals with intelligence rather than through crime?

The crimes that the Jews are involved with ought to make everybody wonder if the reason the Jews are exerting so much influence over the world is because they are a more deceptive, abusive, violent, and selfish race.

It is impossible for all races to be mentally identical
All throughout history different groups of people have been insulting their neighbors as "barbarians", or as "violent savages". These insults are partly due to our extreme arrogance, and our natural tendency to fight with our neighbors, but we ought to put some research effort into understanding exactly what is different between the different races of people.

Even though all races are very similar to one another, we have obvious physical differences, which is proof that we have been isolated from one another for so long that physical differences have been able to develop between us. This should lead everybody to the conclusion that there must also be some intellectual differences between the races, and there must also be some emotional differences between us.

It is possible that Jews have more talent in certain intellectual areas, such as math and music. However, I don't think that their success in dominating the media, governments, Google, YouTube, and other organizations is due to their superior intelligence. Rather, I think it is due to the emotional differences between us. Specifically, the Jews seem to be the race that is the most likely to form crime networks, and the most willing to achieve their goals through cheating, blackmail, murder, bribery, deception, intimidation, and other diabolical behavior.
I think that the success of the Jews is primarily due to emotional differences, not intellectual differences. For example, a lot of the intellectual achievements that they boast about are the result of plagiarism and einsteinism.

For another example, the Jews are suppressing me, Christopher Bollyn, and possibly thousands of other people, by censoring us, murdering us, ignoring us, intimidating us, getting us fired from our jobs, and fooling people into thinking that we are anti-Semites, terrorist sympathizers, racists, or sexists. The Jews cannot compete fairly with us. They can dominate us only through deception and crime.

Our emotional differences will cause us to want different culture
If we could stop the secrecy and create a database of everybody's life, we would eventually discover the subtle differences in the emotional attitudes of the different races of people. We would find that the sexual behavior of different races is slightly different, and that we have slightly different emotional reactions to food, children, status, material items, territorial boundaries, jobs, leisure activities, and other issues.

The emotional and intellectual differences between us would result in each race wanting a slightly different culture. If each race of people was allowed to live in their own city, and if there was no pressure on any race to conform to some other race, then every race would create cities with slightly different architecture, clothing styles, leisure activities, work environments, art, music, courtship activities, and recreational activities. Who would suffer as a result of this diversity?

Allowing the different races to be different will cause trouble only if we allow people into influential positions who are envious, bitter, arrogant, or selfish. Those type of people will make accusations that other races are abusing them.

For example, during the 1980s, many American car manufacturers were losing sales to the Japanese automobile companies, but instead of acknowledging that the Japanese were putting a lot of effort into producing high-quality cars, many American executives and citizens reacted with pouting, anger, and hatred.

We need to ensure that every society has higher-quality leaders who take responsibility for their society. We also have to stop feeling sorry for one another, and stop trying to manipulate one another. For example, the Americans are constantly sending food to starving people in Africa, but this is hurting the African people, not helping them.

Imagine if the opposite situation was occurring. Imagine if the African people were sending food to the homeless people in the USA. That would not help the American people. Rather, it would increase the population of homeless people in the USA.

The Americans are inadvertently hurting the Third World nations in their attempts to help them. The reason is because our nation is dominated by people who don't want to follow scientific theories. They want to live in a fantasy world in which starvation can be eliminated with handouts of food, and crime can be stopped with jail and beatings.

Should we interbreed into just one race?
The Israelis want to keep themselves genetically separate from the rest of us, and they want all of us to interbreed and create just one race that they can use as servants and slaves. Why should we follow their selfish, irrational plans? Where is the evidence that all races should mix together and follow the cultural guidelines that the Jews have designed for us? Why should we let the Jews tell us what to do with our lives?

My suggestion is that we do not force the different races to interbreed into just one race. I suggest that we let future generations decide what to do with the different races. We don't know enough about genetics, or about the differences between the races, to make a wise decision about such issues.

Katie didn't call the police because she didn't think they would protect her
We don't yet even have the ability to create respectable governments or businesses. For example, the law enforcement agencies and courts of the USA are so dishonest, corrupt, and incompetent that they cannot even enforce the do not call list. Our legal system is so ineffective that many people do not even bother to report crimes because they do not believe that the police will protect them from retaliation by criminals. And the USA is not alone in this. A sad example of this problem happening elsewhere is Katie Piper of the UK.

Every city in the world is ugly, overcrowded, disorganized, chaotic, filthy, and noisy. Every city is also full of unhappy people who are suffering from suicidal thoughts, drug problems, divorce, loneliness, pedophilia, and crime networks.

Before we make irreversible changes to the human race, such as breeding everybody into one race, we should try to figure out how to create a respectable government, pleasant economic system, effective school system, attractive cities, and a pleasant life for ourselves. If we cannot do that, we should not consider ourselves to be qualified to tell other nations, or future generations, how to live.

We need some dramatic changes
We need a completely different group of people in influential positions. We need leaders who understand genetics and evolution, and who have the courage to experiment with our options. And we need leaders with the courage to destroy crime networks, and who will not be intimidated by Jews.