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Is Mel Gibson fighting with his girlfriend?

Or is he being attacked by a pack of Jewish criminals?

Or is this a Hollywood drama to create fear of Jews?

14 July 2010

Mel Gibson is being attacked by the media all around the world, and "secret" audio recordings of him yelling at his Russian girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva, have magically appeared on the Internet. (The recordings are: first, the second, the third, and the fourth.)
Some suspicious aspects of these audio recordings:
1) Only one person is arguing!
I've heard couples argue before, and I would not describe the audio recordings of Gibson and his Russian girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva, as "a couple having an argument". Rather, Mel Gibson is very frustrated, but his girlfriend is amazingly calm and quiet most of the time. I would say that only one person is having an argument. It appears that she provoked him, and then, once he became angry, she turned on the recorder and tried to remain as calm as possible in order to make herself appear as an innocent victim of a violent maniac.
2) The recordings are being released over a span of days.
Why don't the secretive people who have access to these recordings release all of them on the same day? Are they releasing them day by day to maximize the damage to Gibson by keeping this issue in the news for weeks? It appears as if they are trying to manipulate us with these tapes, not provide us with information about Mel Gibson and his problems with women.
3) We are getting only excerpts of the audio recordings.
Rather than release the complete conversations, we are getting only short excerpts, primarily of Gibson yelling. Therefore, we have no idea what led up to his frustration. I suspect that packs of Jews are reviewing the tapes over and over and trying to figure out which excerpts will maximize the damage to Gibson and minimize the chance that people realize that he's being set up. It's also possible that they are editing the recordings!
The news reporters are committing a hate crime!
Imagine if some Jews were secretly making video recordings of you over a span of months, and imagine them extracting a few short excerpts of that video in which you are seen making mistakes, having accidents, making idiotic remarks, yelling, or making strange facial expressions. Then imagine the television news reporters broadcast those excerpts to the world and imply that those short excerpts are providing an accurate description of what you really are. That would not be "reporting the news". Rather, that could be classified as a crime; as an attempt to manipulate the TV audience; as a deliberate attempt to hurt your reputation and image.

The Jews are always pushing for "hate crime" legislation, and they hope to trick the police into using those laws to arrest "Holocaust Deniers" and "anti-Semites", but the police should use those laws to arrest the con artists who are committing a hate crime against Mel Gibson. The news reporters are not providing us with "news" about Mel Gibson and his girlfriend. Rather, they are involved in a deliberate attack on him for the purposes of instigating hatred and anger. We should be removing these destructive criminals from society, not funding their media operations.

Furthermore, we should be arresting all of the Jews who promote hatred of Germany. Did you listen to the audio excerpt of the Jordan Dern, who I mentioned 11_Dec 2009? I have an excerpt of him at this page. We are suckers to let Jews arrest us for "hate crimes" while they are promoting hatred of Germans, Muslims, "Holocaust Deniers", "Anti-Semites", and Mel Gibson.

The Jews are very worried! 
Some people wonder if Gibson is secretly working with the Jews, like those phony "Holocaust deniers", Ernst Zundel and David Irving, who allow themselves to go to jail in order to frighten people into remaining silent about the Holocaust lies.

Perhaps Gibson is allowing the Jews to tear him apart in order to frighten everybody in Hollywood, the government, and the military into putting aside their thoughts of rebelling against the Jews.

Are  the Jews really attacking Gibson? Or is this just another Hollywood drama to create fear of Jews?
Regardless of whether Gibson is truly fighting with the Jews or just pretending, I think the worldwide attack on him is because the Jews are becoming very frightened of the increasing resistance they are getting from the public, and the potential rebellion they face from both their blackmailed puppets and some of the Jews.

Have you seen the excerpt of the movie, A Bug's Life? I have a link here.

 Is Gibson's love of Jesus making him an easy target?
Listening to Gibson complain about being abused by his girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva, can make you wonder, "How can a man his age have the innocence of a five-year-old boy? Doesn't he realize that all famous and wealthy people - both men and women! - are pursued by parasites and criminals? Doesn't he ever suspect people of bad intentions? Does he trust everybody? Or is he secretly working with the Jews, like David Irving, and only pretending to be clueless?"

Gibson overcame his alcohol problem, which is a sign that he is one of the few people with the ability to face his problems and deal with them, but perhaps his religious beliefs are interfering with his ability to understand women and crime. Perhaps he wants to consider women as a special creation of a God; as adorable princesses for men to love and cherish.

I suppose he is resisting the possibility that humans are just intelligent animals, and that a woman is just a female monkey with speech capabilities. He should take a look at the news reports of women who cut open pregnant women to steal their babies. What kind of a God would create a woman that commits such a crime? That is animal behavior, not princess behavior.

It's interesting to note that Gibson is struggling to have custody of the baby girl that resulted in his relationship with his Russian girlfriend. However, if Gibson is correct about being abused by her, and if her abusive personality is genetic, then their daughter may inherit her mother's disgusting, abusive, parasitic personality! Therefore, if Gibson gets custody of her, he may suffer many more years of abuse by his daughter!

  Is God influencing me?
Sometimes I get angry e-mail from religious fanatics who are furious at my complaints about religion and my promotion of genetics. This brings up an interesting dilemma for religious people. They insist that God is an incredibly powerful entity who is in control of the entire universe, but if God is powerful and didn't like my website, wouldn't he do something to stop me?

Furthermore, if God is in control of everything, is he in control of - or influencing - me? Why is it that once in a while I am inspired to write an article or do an audio file? Why do I discuss some issues but not others? Where does my inspiration come from?

We can't see, feel, or smell magnetism, gravity, or X-rays, and we have trouble understanding those concepts, also. We should consider the possibility that God is some type of entity that our senses are oblivious to. Also, as I wrote here in 2007, maybe none of us are smart enough to understand God or the universe. However, God may be able to influence us, just as gravity can influence us.

So, before religious people have a tantrum over my remarks, they should consider that God is providing me with inspiration in order to make you think about yourself and your future. There was no Christianity until 2000 years ago, and perhaps God is now guiding the human race into the next phase.

Perhaps God is a 3-D  fractal bubble in space.

How do Mel Gibson's problems affect your life?
If Mel Gibson was having problems with women, then I wouldn't be concerned. However, I think he is under attack by a pack of criminal Jews. And whether he's secretly participating or a true victim doesn't matter.

I think we are witnessing the technique that the Jews have been using to control the media, military, police, and government. Specifically, anybody who stands up to the Jews is attacked by packs of Jews. We have to stand up to these criminals. We can't let them attack and destroy us one by one.

Most of the fights are secretive
The primary technique that the Jews use to control their enemies is to become our friend, spouse, lover, or business partner. And then, after they gain our trust, they set us up for bribery, blackmail, death, or kidnappings.

Most of the battles are so discreet that we never notice. Most people never notice that government officials, military leaders, and policemen are routinely taking bribes. The Jews also routinely murder people, but the media fools us into thinking that the murders are natural deaths, accidents, suicides, or assassinations by psychotic, "lone gunmen". The Jews also kidnap and blackmail people, but most of us never notice those crimes, either.

So, why is the fight between Gibson and the Jews going public? Perhaps because the Jews have been trying to control Mel Gibson in their typical, secretive manner, but they have been failing, and now they're becoming so desperate that they are telling their troops in the media and the Los Angeles police department to come to their assistance.

Of course, it's possible that other people are starting to rebel against the Jews, and Mel Gibson volunteered to show the rebels what will happen to them if they dare stand up to the Jews.

Regardless of why Gibson is being attacked, by bringing this fight out into the public, the Jews are exposing themselves.

Therefore, by observing the battle, we can learn their tricks and identify possible criminals.

The media is struggling to ruin Gibson's image
The media in many different nations are providing hundreds of "news" reports that tell us that Gibson's career is over; that he's ruined his image; and that he is an anti-Semite and a racist. I've mentioned this trick in other files; specifically, the Jews are trying to tell us what to think. They are treating us as if we are their baby. They don't want to provide us with information about Gibson and his girlfriend and let us make our own conclusions.

The television audience ought to be disgusted that they are treated in this manner, but most of them don't notice or care.

The ABC television news for 10 July 2010 featured Harvey Levin in their report about Mel Gibson. Levin tries to manipulate the audience into disliking Gibson with such remarks as:
 • "I think it's definitely possible that Mel's career is over..."
 • "This is as vile as it gets."

This manipulative report describes Gibson as:
 • "Mad Mel Gibson"
 • "Too Toxic Even for Hollywood"

“as vile as it gets!”

  Sure, the Jews are laughing now...
In this article we learn that Mel Gibson's talent agency dropped him as a client because Ari Emanuel was very upset that Gibson had used the "N-word". One remark in that article: 
WME board member Ari Emanuel "woke up at 3 AM and emailed his partner Patrick Whitesell that 'we can't represent a guy who said the N-word'.
Do you believe Ari Emanuel was truly so upset about Gibson using the N-word that he couldn't sleep?
I don't think he was upset. I think he was excited that he might finally have something to attack Gibson with.

Emanuel has been struggling to hurt Gibson ever since that suspicious arrest of Gibson for drunk driving in 2006. For example, this article points out that "In July 2006, Emanuel wrote an open letter urging Hollywood to blacklist the actor..."

Emanuel could be described as committing hate crimes, but the Los Angeles police and courts would rather pursue Lindsay Lohan, although she may profit from it, so maybe that is just a publicity stunt, also! Regardless, is this your idea of a sensible legal system?

Ari Emanuel is the brother of Rahm Emanuel, of the Obama administration. As Bollyn wrote here years ago, both of them are the sons of a Zionist terrorist

This fight with Mel Gibson must be serious in order for so many people in the media, police department, and US government to get involved. 

Don't dismiss Gibson's problems as meaningless!

Alex Jones and other "investigators" claim that the mysterious "New World Order" is acquiring control of police departments by filling them with criminals and idiots who are easily controlled through bribes, deception, and blackmail.

However, the Jews are doing this, not the "New World Order". And, yes, they have acquired tremendous control over the American and European police, which is why the police are investigating Gibson rather than his girlfriend and the Emanuel brothers, and why they allow Roman Polanski to go free.

Let them laugh!
Don't become discouraged by the fact that the Jewish crime network has nearly total control of the world. The secrecy that has been protecting them has been removed, and slowly people are becoming aware of what the Jews have been doing. Every day more people learn about them and their tricks, and every day they inadvertently expose more of their criminal members in the media, police departments, and government. Eventually they will be completely exposed and helpless. In fact, you should note that the Jews haven't been successful with a large false flag operation for years.
Sure, the doom for June 23 failed. So what? We will succeed during the July 4th weekend.”
“OK, the July 4th doom failed, but we will be successful on July 11.”

“OK, the July 11 doom failed, but we will be successful on the 14th, and if that fails, the 17th, and if that fails, the 23rd, and if that fails, the 27th. We have thousands of backup plans!

We also have an enormous army of highly talented and dedicated pedophiles, whores, homosexuals, unemployable weirdos, religious fanatics, and lunatics. How could we possibly lose?”
Don't be frightened by the BP oil leak!
Some Jews want us to believe that all Jews are suicidal maniacs who will use the Samson option rather than give up. During the past few months, some Jews on the Internet have been posting remarks that the BP oil leak will ruin the Gulf of Mexico forever. I suppose the Jews destroyed the well so that they could tell government and military officials, "You either obey us, or we're going to destroy the Gulf of Mexico, and - if you continue resisting - we'll destroy the entire world!"

However, don't let the Jews frighten you! They cannot destroy the Earth, especially not with oil. I live near an area that has natural oil seepage, and nature somehow takes care of the problem. The University at Santa Barbara refers to the area as the Coal Oil Point Natural Reserve

The Jews will kill a lot of animals and plants, but they won't be able to destroy the Gulf of Mexico. Nature will recover. So don't be afraid of the Jews! Rather, look for more people to help expose them, resist them, and put an end to their crime network.

 Start noticing who is attacking Gibson!
The people in the media who are supporting the attack on Mel Gibson are identifying themselves as members of the crime network, and so are the police who support the attack on Mel Gibson, and so are all of the government officials who assist in the attack. Some of these people might be going along with the crime network out of fear, but observing them and their associates will help identify criminals.
For example, the photo shows Harvey Levin with his alleged lover, Dr. Andy Mauer. This should make us wonder, is Andy Mauer involved in the crime network, also? What about Mauer's friends and family members?

Also, you might want to ponder the philosophical question, "Is it safe to go to a doctor, dentist, or car mechanic who is a close friend or lover of a member of a crime network?"

Incidentally, in 2007 radaronline posted this article describing Harvey Levin as the Sultan Of Sleaze. However, the article is missing from their website. Did they erase it because they are so frightened that they are putting aside their differences and working together?

A site that has vanished completely described Levin here as "The aging failed actor... probably has a resume stranger than any you've seen."

The honest police and the ordinary citizens should start noticing who among us might be helping the crime network. We cannot be certain which policemen, judges, etc, are honest, and we can't do anything about dishonest government officials, anyway, but the crime network will not survive forever, so we may as well prepare for the day at which these criminals are dealt with. By identifying the suspicious people, we will know who needs to be thoroughly investigated.

The ordinary citizens should also start observing the people that they work with at their job. Start noticing who is promoting propaganda, or faking ignorance about the 9/11 attack, or defending the HoloHoax, or suppressing discussions about these issues.

What about your neighbors? Which of them seems to be faking ignorance or promoting propaganda? Furthermore, if you happen to live in my neighborhood, or the neighborhood where Mel Gibson lives, or in a neighborhood where somebody lives that the Jews are fighting with, start noticing who is walking their dog all the time. How many of those people are actually observing the neighborhood for the Jewish crime network?

Who owns secret audio recordings?
The website that boasts about exposing the secret recordings is, and they have a warning message that nobody is allowed to reproduce or republish the audio! What gives them the right to take possession of secret recordings of Mel Gibson? Meanwhile, his girlfriend is claiming that she has "no idea" how the recordings got out into the public!
Is this the best the Jews can do?
When you are in a battle with somebody who is shooting at you with a rifle, you don't come out of hiding, run towards him, and throw rocks... unless you feel trapped and can't think of anything better to do. However, that is what the Jews are doing right now! A lot of Jews are exposing themselves (and their lovers!) as they attack Gibson. I suppose they realize that their audio recordings are of questionable value, but they're willing to take this risk because they realize that they are in very serious trouble, and they are very frightened, and they don't know what else to do.
“Listen, we're in big trouble! People all over the world are starting to rebel, so here's our plan. We'll release audio files of Gibson over several weeks, and we want you to push the hatred of Gibson, and push hard! We must show people that nobody gets away with opposing us!”
Will any of the sheeple care that Gibson yelled at his girlfriend?
The first audio recording of Gibson didn't seem to have any effect on the sheeple. In fact, I would say that Gibson came across as being incredibly generous and kind. And I bet a lot of people were agreeing with Gibson's complaints!
Mel Gibson's career is over! He yelled at his girlfriend for getting fake boobs while breast feeding her baby! So what? I'd be upset, also, if my wife had done that!
Gibson called his girlfriend a 'Vegas whore' for dressing provocatively! People will hate Gibson! Are you kidding? I'd be embarrassed, also, if my wife behaved like her!
Will the Jews bring out their "N-puppets" to stir up trouble? Or will the N-puppets find the courage to stand up to the Jews?
Gibson used the N-word!!! Let's hate Gibson, throw rocks at the police, and burn some buildings! Oh, please! He was more insulting to the Las Vegas whores, but you don't see any of them crying about the W word!
Are they making these recordings now?
Each subsequent recording made Gibson look a bit worse, but why are the recordings getting increasingly worse? Why don't the Jews release all recordings at one time? It can make you wonder, are they creating a recording after watching the reaction to the previous recording?
“Nobody cared about your complaint about the fake boobs or the Vegas whores. We're not going to create fear of Jews unless you become more violent and nasty. So, let's see..., how about this time you imply that you're going to burn the house down? Or would it be better if you called her a witch and threatened to rape her with a magic broom? Hmmm... No, she has such a bad image that people might enjoy that one. Do the 'burn the house' remark!”
 How many Jews will die for a lost cause?
I suppose that one reason the Jews are having so much trouble today is because some of the smarter Jews are secretly bailing out of the network as a result of their contemplation of the philosophical issue,
"When a Jew pursues the impossible fantasy of world conquest, is he wasting his life?"
As the smarter Jews abandon the network, the dumber Jews gain more influence, causing the activities of their network to become increasingly stupid. The other Jews will try to threaten, deceive, and convince the Jews to die for their cause, but I doubt if every Jew will sacrifice his life for a crazy fantasy.
“Do you realize that the Goy will get rid of inheritances and nepotism, and make everybody earn an honest living? They'll create a legal system that doesn't tolerate crime or allow us to destroy our competitors. They'll get rid of our Federal Reserve, our charities, and our think tanks!

Do you realize what this means? Our way of life is over! Do you want to work for a living, like a common Goy? If not, then help us remain in control! Don't leave us rich and famous Jews standing by ourselves! We need you! We're parasites, remember? We have to work together! Please help us!

I'm sure there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of Jews who are smart enough to realize that there is no point in continuing the pursuit of their idiotic fantasy. The Jews have lost the secrecy that they need to operate, so even if all Jews remain together, they are going to lose. So what is the point of continuing when the final result is failure?

The Jews may destroy America and a few other nations, and they may make a big mess in the Gulf of Mexico, but they will not conquer the world. Furthermore, as I wrote here a while ago, it's not even possible for crime networks and parasites to dominate because when they become too successful, they kill their host.

 Learn from the mistakes of others!
Learn from the mistakes of Katie Piper, Christopher Bollyn, and Mel Gibson (assuming Gibson is truly a victim of the Jews). If you don't become suspicious of people, and if you can't control your cravings for fame, sex, money, praise, or gambling, then criminals - and salesmen - of all races and religions may notice your weakness and manipulate you.

Furthermore, people who are members of organized religions are easily manipulated. Mel Gibson, for example, is following the Catholic religion, but how does he know what the Catholic religion is? The Catholic religion and the stories of Jesus came from Jews. And have you seen the evidence that the Jews have taken control of the Catholic Church through the blackmail of pedophiles and homosexuals, as well as murder? (I wrote this article about it in 2006.) Gibson is following a religion that was created by Jews, and which is still being manipulated by Jews!

Have you watched Harvey Levin's television show, TMZ?
In California, this show is on six nights a week at 7 PM in the evening. The first time I saw the show I was amazed at how little it stimulates my mind. Some shows are entertaining and stimulate emotions, and some shows stimulate intellectual thought. However, TMZ stimulates almost nothing.

I suggest you watch TMZ at least one time because I think the show is evidence that Jews have control of the television, and that Harvey Levin is part of their network, and that the Jews are giving funding to their criminal friends, and the Jews are filling the media with propaganda, toilet humor, and distorted views of life.

You ought to wonder, what would television, history books, and the Internet be like if we could get these freaks out of our lives?