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How many accidents
are actually diabolical crimes?
Don't be fooled by mysterious people who tell you that
terrorism and all that needs to leave everyone's mind

2 May 2010
Updated 3 May 2010 - I forgot to mention Sabrosky! Click here to jump to it.
Also, updated here with Wikileaks info

For example, on 20 April 2010, the massive drilling platform, the Deepwater Horizon, suffered a terrible accident.
Less than a year earlier, that same platform received a safety award!

The Deepwater Horizon specifications are here. A large photo of a similar platform in the process of being transported is at this page (scroll down to the Nautilus and click the photo).

Learn from the 9/11 attack

The 9/11 attack shows us that there really is an international network of criminal Jews, and they are secretly staging accidents, terrorist attacks, suicides, and other events in order to manipulate us, control their opposition, and make money. Therefore, whenever an event occurs that doesn't have a proper explanation, we ought to wonder if it was staged by this crime network. 

Another lesson to learn from 9/11 is that whenever the Jews commit a crime, they have lots of their members prepared ahead of time to become witnesses; to provide explanations for what happened; and to be investigators of the event. They also arrange for Jews to document the event for their history books. Also, they try to arrange for their criminal members within the police departments and government agencies to be in positions where they can manipulate the evidence, identify the witnesses, and shift attention away from their network.

Dylan Avery appeared on a French television show on 7 April  2010.

Why do you think they selected Dylan Avery?

This trick can be referred to as “controlling the opposition.

The Jews use people such as Avery to divert attention away from Jews and shift the blame to the Bush family, the CIA, and the US military. Furthermore, the Jews promote only the conspiracy theorists who will give a bad image to the issue of conspiracy theories. The Jews are trying to turn people away from the theories rather than stimulate an interest in these theories.

Whenever a mysterious event occurs, we should be suspicious of the witnesses, the people who claim to know what happened, and the people who investigate the incident. For two examples in regards to the Deepwater Horizon accident:

1) A secretive man calls a radio show to explain the accident

A survivor of the explosion, using a phony name, called the Mark Levin radio show to explain why the explosion occurred, but he was very secretive about himself. He apparently identified himself to Mark Levin because during the phone call Levin announced that they just verified that he is who he claims to be.

However, since he is too frightened to use his real name, why did he call a radio show and let the entire world hear his voice? Unless his voice was disguised, a lot of people would recognize his voice. So he was not hiding from his employer, neighbors, or relatives. So who was he hiding from?

I suspect that he was hiding from you and me. I don't think he wants us to look into who he is or who he associates with. The important part of his phone call is at the very end when he explains why he decided to call the show:
“I got into the truck to make a short trip and I heard the ... gentleman say something about possible terrorism. I just... I wanted to put all that to bed, now. And I understand your audience... have a large audience. I appreciate your point of view. I try to listen to you as much as I can. It is just... terrorism and all that needs to leave everyone's mind, and let's focus on the 11 men that are dead, and the survivors. That's what needs to... that's where the focus for this country needs to be right now.”
Mark-Levin-oil-rig-30April2010.mp3   only 170 KB 

Can you figure out why this secretive, mysterious man wants to put all thoughts of terrorism to bed? I suspect that he is part of the team that is trying to convince us that this was truly an accident. This is the same trick they used with 9/11, the Holocaust, and other crimes. Specifically, they don't want us to investigate these events. Instead, they try to convince us that the event has been thoroughly explained, and they try to focus our attention on irrelevant aspects, such as the suffering of the victims, or on stories of heroic rescues. Don't let them manipulate you! Don't become one of their victims! Learn their tricks, and help other people understand their tricks.

I also find it interesting that Mark Levin complained about the government's plan to send SWAT teams to inspect the oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. Levin claims that this is an attempt by the government to get control of the oil industry, but it is more likely that some people in the government suspect that the platform was deliberately sabotaged.

2) Mysterious witnesses observe the accident from a nearby boat
A private boat was near the platform when it exploded (at 10 PM, in the darkness!) and one of the men on the boat took photos. He posted a description of the accident and the photos at this page. Why were these men so close to the platform so late at night?

I suspect that one or more of the men on this boat were part of the documentation team, or perhaps they were members of a “lookout team” to watch for other boats or aircraft, or perhaps they were taking scuba divers to or from the platform. Or perhaps they killed some or all of the 11 workers who vanished. Or did they transport those 11 workers to shore so that they could be sent to Israel and start a new life? It might be useful for the police to investigate the people on that private boat, and the 11 missing workers.

It's especially interesting that on page 2 of the comments, a mysterious person joined the forum on April 30, 2010 with the name 11:11, and as of today (2 May 2010) he has posted only one message (this). In his message, he promoted the “amazing story” of the mysterious witness who took the photographs, and he provided a link to technical details to explain how and why the platform exploded.

I suspect that this mysterious person (who seems fascinated with the number 11 - see my article about numerology here) is a member of the team that is trying to convince us that the explosion was truly an accident.

It's also interesting that underneath the message from 11:11 is an angry message (this) from the owner of the forum that he doesn't want them posting their conspiracy theories on his forum. Is the forum owner truly unaware that some of these conspiracy theories are true? Or is he trying to dampen the interest in them?

Expect truth seekers to investigate the accident
After a mysterious event occurs, such as the 9/11 attack, or the mysterious collapse of the New Orleans levees, lots of truth seekers appear to investigate the event. These truth seekers tend to be secretive, suspicious, and/or Jewish. Furthermore, they claim to have phenomenal intelligence and talent, but they don't have enough talent to make a living, so most of them beg for donations.

Expect the same to occur with the mysterious accident on the oil drilling platform. Specifically, as more people suspect that the platform was deliberately sabotaged, more mysterious truth seekers will appear to divert attention away from Jews and expose the truth that the platform was destroyed by the CIA, the Obama administration, the Iranians, or the Greenpeace activists. Also, we can expect many of those truth seekers to beg for money.
Learn from my mistakes. Don't pity the “truth seekers”. For example, years ago I gave Leuren Moret some free DVDs because I believed her sad story that she was a brilliant nuclear physicist who was having trouble making a living because she was a truth seeker.

In March 2006, Jeff Rense boasted that she is now a regular guest on his radio show. That should tell you all you need to know about her honesty.

As I pointed out on 2_Dec 2007, if these beggars were as intelligent as they claim to be, they would be able to make a living.

Leuren Moret, Richard Gage, and many other “truth seekers” have lost their jobs, and they claim that it is because they're telling us the truth, and that they were fired by criminals who are trying to cover-up the 9/11 attack, but it's more likely that they were fired because every day more people discover that these "truth seekers" are actually wolves in sheep's clothing who are trying to cover up the Jewish involvement in the 9/11 attack. In other words, they may have been fired because people are finally realizing that Jews are abusing us, and some people are finding the courage to stand up to these criminal Jews.

Also, some of these “truth seekers” may have lost their jobs simply because they're incompetent. Since 2002, I have met many of the truth seekers, and I was surprised at how incompetent some of them are. And some of them have college diplomas! 

Ken Jenkins, for example, is described as having "a degree in electrical engineering from Carnegie-Mellon University, and has done extensive postgraduate study in psychology". However, when he stopped by my house many years ago to meet me on his way home to San Francisco, he was in his girlfriend's automobile because he doesn't have his own. He seems to be a parasite, not an electrical engineer. I'm not surprised that he's one of the people selected to speak at 9/11 events, such as this event in Australia in 2009.

Some recent events to wonder about

Don't put thoughts of terrorism to bed. Instead, consider the possibility that the Jewish crime network is responsible for at least some of the strange problems that we suffer from. Here are some examples.

The mysterious case of the “runaway Toyota cars

If Toyota cars truly suffered from such a defect, then customers all over the world with those particular models should experience the same problem. Instead, we find only a few Americans suffering from this problem, and many of whom are Jewish, or suffering from financial problems, or highly suspicious in other ways, such as James Sikes, who was in serious financial trouble, and who supposedly operates the “Adult Swing Life” site.
Furthermore, the cars would suffer from this defect for a long time, not for a brief period which terminates as soon as people begin suspecting the Toyota owners of lying (such as James Sikes. Here he is describing the problem with his car.)

March 15, Dr. Sabrosky starts giving amazing interviews
Sabrosky, a former director of studies at the U.S. Army war College, gave this amazing interview to the Zionist agent Mark Glenn. He gave a few other interviews in the following days, including an interview to Daryl Smith and Noel Ryan!

Sabrosky claims to be talking to the US military about the Israeli involvement in 9/11. (A transcript of the interview is at Noel Ryan's forum here.) One of his amazing remarks is:

“And I said, you know, if Americans ever know that Israel did this, they're gonna scrub them off the Earth, and they're not gonna give a rat's ass - forgive my language - what the cost is. They are not going to care. They will do it. And they should. And they should.”
Only Sabrosky knows why he is giving such interviews, but it's important to note that nobody was making such remarks in 2002. In fact, from 2002 to 2004 the Jews interviewed me on their radio shows, invited me to speak at their meetings, and even sold my book and video! I was even a guest on the Alex Jones radio show!

Today, however, the Jews are so terrified that they are losing the battle with us that they are afraid to give me publicity of any type. They are so afraid of me that they won't even criticize me as an "anti-Semite" or a "Holocaust denier". They are trying to pretend that I don't exist, and they are struggling to lure people away from my website and over to their sites. But in the process, they are exposing themselves to such an extent that I think they are doing more harm to themselves than good. I think they have passed the point of no return.

Is there a connection between Sabrosky and the kidnappers of the Bollyns?

An interesting coincidence is that Sabrosky is on the staff of the Salem-News, and on 18 March 2010, three days after his amazing interview, this suspicious "news" group posted this article by Christopher Bollyn and referred to it as "Special to", and they made it appear as if it was written in Hoffman Estates, Illinois! Why would these people publish only one article by Christopher Bollyn, and make it appear as if he's in Chicago? During January of 2010, Sam Danner tried to convince me that his friends in the military and CIA were luring the Bollyn family to Chicago. Is there a connection between Danner and Sabrosky?

Does Sabrosky really believe that we should scrub Israel off the Earth? Or is this a sign of how desperate the Jews are to attract people to their website and away from people like me?

Did Sabrosky give those amazing interviews in order to lure people to his "news" website, and then hope that the people notice the article by Christopher Bollyn and are fooled into thinking that the Bollyn family is free? If so, and if the only way they can lure people to their website is to put such incredible bait on their hook, then they are in very serious trouble.

Furthermore, if the Jews are this desperate, wouldn't they be willing to stage a lot of wild, false flag operations, such as the destruction of oil platforms, or a nuclear attack that they blame on Iran or North Korea?

March 26, a South Korean military ship sinks
Was this another attempt to start a war between South and North Korea?

April 5, Wikileaks tries to tarnish image of US military
Wikileaks describes it as collateral murder. Zionist websites took advantage of this opportunity to make the US military appear as a group of violent savages who kill for pleasure. For example, the Huffington Post wrote this, and Kurt Nimmo wrote "Targeting Journalists in Iraq is Pentagon Policy". Wikileaks claims to be exposing corruption, but they don't expose Jewish crimes. 

However, that video can be interpreted in different ways. You could look at that video and become disgusted with the violent behavior of the American military, or you could look at that video and become excited at the thought of what the US military could be doing. For example, imagine the US military coming to the realization that Arabs are not our enemy, and neither are Nazis, Chinese, or Japanese. Imagine the US military turning its weapons on the criminal Jewish network! Imagine them shooting like that at reporters from CBS, NBC, Wikileaks, and the Huffington Post! And imagine them shooting at Larry Silverstein, Alan Greenspan, Michael Chertoff, Hillary Clinton, Rahm Emanuel, and thousands of other criminals! You might also enjoy imagining them going after the wolves in sheep's clothing in the 9/11 truth movement, and the Holocaust revisionist movement.

The US soldiers have been tricked into wars over and over, and the US military is constantly being insulted and set up for abuse by Jews. Many of the soldiers have become frustrated and confused about what is going on. If we could get information to them about the Jews, then they could channel their energy and weapons towards the true enemy of this planet.

By the way, Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, had been arrested as a teenager. When are the police, military, and other people going to figure out that arresting people for crimes is as idiotic as a gardener who arrests a gopher for eating flowers in the garden, puts the gopher in jail for a while, and then releases the gopher back into the garden?

And consider this case of a man with a history of violence and arrests who recently killed a Miami detective!

(Julian Assange also appears to be another of those Neanderthals with a slanted forehead and a receding chin. Coincidence?)

 April 10, a plane with Polish officials crashes
This plane crash was so suspicious that accusations of sabotage appeared on the Internet almost immediately. There is even a video in which we hear what appear to be gunshots, supposedly by people who were killing the few survivors of the crash.
April 14, another meteor explodes 
Another meteor created a mysterious smoke trail, and exploded with phenomenal power. 

(I mentioned the previous mysterious meteor at this page and this page.) 

Was this another attempt by the Jews to stage an attack on America and blame Iran or North Korea?

Consider how suspicious some of the witnesses are. For example, a secretive man - who didn't want to be identified - claims to have found a piece of the meteor, and he allowed scientists at a University to inspect it for only two hours. This man was so secretive that even a news report admits "the exact details of its discovery are sketchy."

I suspect that the mysterious man is working for the criminal Jews, and that he is trying to fool us into believing that it really was a meteor.

Another news report is here, and a video of the meteor is here.

April 15, Flights around Europe are canceled for 5 days
If the volcano in Iceland was truly a hazard to airplanes, then I would expect the air traffic controllers to warn pilots to fly around the ash cloud. If the ash cloud continued to grow to such a size that airplanes had to be grounded, I would expect the governments to warn everybody that the planes will soon be grounded. That would allow everybody to get through the airports before the flights were stopped.

Instead, the flights were canceled without any warning, thereby causing passengers to be stranded in airports for many days. This is as ridiculous as stopping all cars on all roads throughout North America because of a sandstorm in Arizona, and telling the people to remain in their cars for five days.

The grounding of the airplanes is extremely suspicious. Did it have something to do with that meteor over Wisconsin? Or was it because government officials were afraid to fly to Poland to attend the funeral of President Kaczynski? Were they afraid that their airplane might have an “accident”, also?

at this page
April 19, Dick Morris claims President Clinton was blackmailed
Morris, a "friend" of Bill Clinton, appeared on the Sean Hannity television show and announced that Bill Clinton was blackmailed by Janet Reno over the Waco massacre.

I think that millions of people are starting to realize that our government officials are puppets, and Dick Morris is trying to make it appear as if Janet Reno is one of the puppet masters, rather than one of the puppets. In other words, it's an attempt to shift attention away from the Jews.

April 20, the Deepwater Horizon drilling platform explodes
This disaster is expected to cause serious problems for the fishing industry, and to the people who live along the coastline.
However, most Americans don't care that Jews blew up the World Trade Center buildings and instigated wars that have been going on for about eight years. And most Americans don't show any concern that the Jews are lying about the Holocaust, or that the Jews instigated both World Wars, or that the Jews attacked the USS Liberty, or that Jews are taking control of our banking and financial system and cheating us out of phenomenal amounts of money, in addition to ruining our economy. So how many of these mindless Americans will care if we discover evidence that the Jews blew up the Deepwater Horizon?
May 1, demonstrations over Arizona's immigration law
Arizona passed a law that allows the police to investigate anybody they suspect of being in the nation illegally. Hillary Clinton, and a lot of other people, pose as saviors of the Hispanics and claim that the law is "racist". However, I think this is just another diabolical trick to start fights. Consider these two points:

1) Most Hispanic immigrants come here to work, not abuse us

As I pointed out here in 2005 and here in 2008, Ariana Huffington is an example of why millions of Hispanics are coming into America illegally. She hired an illegal alien to serve as a nanny, even though she is extremely wealthy and could easily afford to hire an American citizen.

The only way to stop illegal immigration is to stop Americans from hiring illegal immigrants. This concept is similar to that of drugs, alcohol, stolen car parts, and sex slaves. We cannot stop drug use by arresting drug dealers. We cannot stop the sex slave trade by arresting people who sell the slaves. As long as there are customers for these products, there will be people willing to sell the products. 

The only way to truly stop crime is for the human mind to become higher in quality. We need people who don't want drugs, or sex slaves, or the cheap labor of illegal aliens. We need better people.

2) Our primary immigration problem is with Jews, not Hispanics
Most of the Hispanics who enter America illegally are coming here for jobs. By comparison, the Rothschilds, the Zionist network, and possibly many other Jewish families and organizations, have been spreading their family members and other Jews around the world in order to establish bases of operation for the criminal activities.

These Jews have been, and still are, emigrating to America, Europe, Japan, China, India, and other nations, but they are not coming into our nations to become our friends, or contribute to our nations. They are here to cheat, steal, plagiarize, murder, manipulate, instigate fights, and exploit. They are "parasites" and "destructive criminals", not "citizens" or "friends".

If we could stop illegal Hispanic immigration, some areas of the nation might improve in some manner, but we would still have the same incredibly dishonest and incompetent government, the same corrupt and dishonest legal system, the same criminals in control of our news and schoolbooks, and the same freaks in control of NASA. We would also continue to have parasitic and dishonest charities, “think tanks”, religions, and other organizations that manipulate government officials, schools, businesses, and citizens.

By comparison, if we were to destroy the Jewish crime network, we would have the opportunity to create a significantly better nation.

Can you make good decisions about your priorities?

When you are suffering from lots of different problems, you need to make good decisions on which problems are most significant. For example, if your house is on fire, and if you also have a dirty carpet, your primary problem is the fire, not the carpet.

The illegal Hispanic immigration is analogous to a dirty carpet, and the Jewish crime network is analogous to a house on fire. Our government's primary focus should be destroying the Jewish crime network, not worrying about a dirty carpet.

I think our government officials are focusing on Mexicans in an attempt to instigate racial fights and to divert our attention away from Jews. Fortunately, most of the Mexicans are here for a job, not to fight with us. As a result, it has been extremely difficult for the Jews to trick the Mexicans into fighting with us.  

“Hey, Mexicans! The evil white man is passing racist laws to discriminate against you! You should be angry! You should burn buildings and throw rocks at the police! Don't tolerate this abuse! We Jews understand your pain. We've suffered discrimination for 6000 years. Let's fight the racists, bigots, and anti-Semites! Come on! Let's go!!”
The police should investigate Jews, not Hispanics
Some Arizona government officials want the police to investigate whoever appears to be an illegal alien. However, it would be much more beneficial for us if the police in America, Europe, Japan, India, and China were to investigate everybody who appears to be Jewish. The police should also investigate people who are most likely to become members of a crime organization, such as religious fanatics, people with anti-social behavior, and people with abnormally intense cravings for money, status, fame, or sex.
There is nothing wrong with “profiling
If the police were to investigate Jews and freaks, a lot of people would complain that they are “profiling” us, but what is wrong with profiling? Profiling is simply the sensible result of studying the world and observing patterns, such as the pattern that most of the people who are trying to cover-up the 9/11 attacks are Jews.

We should not be ashamed for noticing patterns. Actually, noticing patterns is a sign of intelligence, and we would be foolish to ignore these patterns. So don't let the criminals and freaks intimidate you. Furthermore, you should notice the pattern that the people who oppose techniques that identify criminals are criminals, or their friends or family members are criminals. They don't oppose crime prevention because they are trying to protect you and me. Rather, they are trying to protect themselves, or their friends or family members.

Most of the people who are living in Arizona illegally are from Mexico or South America. Therefore, if the police wanted to identify the illegal aliens in Arizona, they should focus on people who appear to be from Mexico or South America. This is not a "racist" policy that discriminates against Hispanics. It is simply the observation of a pattern. Any Hispanic who can't see this pattern is an idiot. Of course, as I've already mentioned, I don't think the police should be concerned about Hispanics as of today. Their primary concern should be Jews and the freaks who work for the Jews.

We should improve our profiling, not be ashamed of it
Profiling is a problem only when the patterns are incorrect. For example, if the police and airlines reacted to the 9/11 attack by investigating only the Arabs, then the police and airlines would be wasting their time, and they would be causing an unnecessary inconvenience to the Arabs. And they would allow the Jewish criminals to continue their diabolical crimes.

Instead of arguing over whether profiling is right or wrong, we should encourage profiling, and we should be constantly analyzing our profiling policies to make sure that the patterns we've noticed are accurate. The more accurate our profiling data is, the more efficient we will be at identifying the criminals. We should be trying to improve our profiling, not arguing over whether the policy is racist.


 There are too many mysterious events to mention them all
In addition to the above incidents, there have been an enormous number of mysterious fires in California, Greece, and other areas during the past couple years, and there have been lots of mysterious accidents at coal mines and oil refineries. I doubt if all of these disasters were truly accidental.
It's also interesting that Kitty Kelly recently finished a book that supposedly exposes unpleasant aspects of Oprah Winfrey's life. Earlier there were lots of attacks on Tiger Woods. I suspect that some of the blackmailed puppets are starting to rebel, and the Jews are selecting a few puppets to use as examples of what happens to a puppet who doesn't obey his master.
Don't be fooled by their phony compassion
Lots of Jews pose as loving people who are concerned about racism, sexism, bigotry, Palestinians, Mexicans, Africans, or Native Americans. However, this is just a trick. For three examples:

1) Their phony compassion for the Native Americans

The Jews promote the theory that those of us of European ancestry should feel guilty that some of our ancestors killed some Native Americans. However, none of us were alive during that time, so why should we feel guilty about what happened? Who benefits when we feel guilty? Who benefits when Native Americans feel sorry for themselves? Only the Jews benefit.

The Jews benefit by fooling people into thinking that Jews are compassionate and loving, and the Jews also benefit by encouraging destructive behavior among both the Americans of European ancestry and the Native Americans. 

Instead of feeling sorry for Native Americans, we should be learning from history, and looking for ways to improve the world. We should be thinking of our future and our incredible opportunities. We should not waste our time crying or pouting.

One lesson to learn from history is that the natives of North and South America fought with one another all the time. The Mayans, Aztecs, Iroquois, and other groups were brutal to other Native Americans. Why not tell the Native Americans that they should feel guilty for fighting with one another? And why not tell the Africans that they should feel guilty for selling one another as slaves, and for fighting with one another? Actually, all groups of people have been fighting constantly with their neighbors. So should we encourage everybody in the world to feel sorry for everybody else?

Life is a competitive struggle. The societies that don't take care of themselves and don't advance with the others are going to lose. It's not the fault of the Europeans that they dominated the more primitive Native Americans. Any society that doesn't take care of itself will lose in the struggle for life. We can see this happening to America right now. America is being destroyed by criminals and parasites, and it's because the majority of Americans are behaving like stupid animals who do nothing to help their nation.

If we don't find enough Americans to stand up to the destructive members of society, America will eventually disintegrate into a crude nation of criminals, parasites, freaks, and weirdos.
2) Their phony compassion for Rachel Corrie
A lot of truth seekers hold Rachel Corrie up as a hero, express sympathy for her family, and condemn Israel for killing her. However, feeling sorry for Rachel Corrie will not do us any good, and it won't help her family, either. Furthermore, Rachel Corrie is not a hero. People who stage idiotic protests are fools. We're not going to improve the world by standing in front of a bulldozer, or by throwing rocks at policemen, or by burning a few buildings. Don't feel sorry for people who are hurt during these idiotic protests.

It's human nature to yell and throw objects when we are upset, but we have to stop acting like primitive savages. Temper tantrums served a useful purpose 50,000 years ago, and they're beneficial to animals, but they're destructive in this modern world. Rachel Corrie may have been a nice woman with wonderful intentions, but that's not enough for this modern world. We need more advanced humans who are capable of controlling their stupid emotions, and who can seriously discuss our problems, and who can experiment with possible solutions. The problems of today are not going to be solved with temper tantrums. They are going to be solved with discussions and hard work.

This is a portion of  Daryl Smith's main webpage.

For months Smith has been claiming to have an intense compassion for Rachel Corrie. Notice his remark, "I love you Rachel". Furthermore, he promotes an article by Christopher Bollyn!

If you look through my information about Smith, you should be able to figure out that this is a trick to make Smith appear as a loving, compassionate truth seeker that we can trust.

 3) Their phony compassion for Arabs

Many of the antiwar groups, 9/11 truth groups, and civil rights groups show a tremendous compassion for the Arabs, but why should we feel sorry for Arabs? The Arabs should take care of themselves. The Arabs are not my children; I don't have any responsibility to take care of them.

Furthermore, I've already done a lot of work to help expose the Jewish involvement in 9/11. The Arabs should take advantage of this information by complaining to the world that Israel staged the 9/11 attack. The Arabs should also take the information that we provide about the Holocaust, the Apollo moon landing, and other crimes, and help us expose those crimes, also. If the Arabs continue to ignore all of this information, they will continue to be victims.

I've already done more to help the Arabs than  most of the Arabs have done! Most Arabs do nothing to help themselves, just like most people everywhere! So don't feel sorry for Arabs, or any other group of people. We need to put our time and effort into constructive activities, and we need to find more people who are willing to do something to improve the world.

Can you stand up to criminals and parasites?
A lot of people can stand up to criminals who are a different race or who live in a different nation, but what if your cousin, brother, father, or son is a criminal? If you can't stand up to criminals within your own family, don't expect other people to do so, either. And this is one of the problems that we see all throughout history. The only way we're going to improve this world is to stop giving our relatives special treatment.

This concept also applies to people in the police forces and military. If they can't stand up to criminals within their organization, they're not going to be able to do anything to help us.

Have you ever looked through some of the paintings that were made many centuries ago? While some of them show bad behavior, some of their paintings suggest that crime and fear was at a much lower level compared to today. For example, the painting below was made in 1565 by Pieter Bruegel. It shows a frozen river in Holland. How many of those homes had locks on their doors? How many of the businesses needed security guards at night and on weekends? How many of the girls in that era were given lessons on how to fight a rapist?

I think that our social lives are degrading, not improving
Our technology is improving every year, but are we improving socially? We can only guess as to whether our ancestors had a more pleasant social life, but I think people today are much more afraid of one another, much more lonely, and much more suspicious. It's difficult for me to believe that people centuries ago were so lonely that they would become best friends with a dog, as millions of Americans are doing today. And although Jews were destructive and parasitic centuries ago, I doubt that they had as much influence over society as they do today.
Pity is destructive, not helpful
When you feel sorry for criminals or parasites, you are doing the equivalent of feeding the gophers and fungus in your garden. You're not helping the situation; you're making it worse. You should take care of the high quality people, not the destructive or parasitic people. You should take care of the flowers, not the weeds.

Everybody should earn their position in life, contribute to society, and behave in a respectable manner. The destructive and parasitic people must be dealt with, even if they are our family members.

 Don't let your relatives hold you back from your full potential

We all have crude relatives and ancestors, but get over it! Don't let your crummy relatives be a ball and chain around your leg. Walk away from them! 

The Jews are constantly promoting the concept that our family is the most important aspect of our lives, but that's just another trick. The Jews want us to remain with our family members so that we waste our time watching television, playing video games, talking about Lady Gaga and Tom Cruise, and joining organized religions that are secretly manipulated by Jews.

Don't follow crude people, even if they are your family members
Those of us who are capable of standing up to the criminals and corrupt government officials are better people than the ordinary person, and we are better than our relatives. Sure, some of our relatives have qualities and talents that we don't have, but overall, we are better than them. They are like primitive savages; they are like animals. They won't do anything to help themselves or the world.

Those of us who are capable of standing up to corruption and who want to make a better world have more in common with one another than we do with our own relatives, even though we are of different races and nationalities!

Don't waste your short life with crude people
The Earth is so beautiful, and we live for such a short amount of time, that we should take advantage of the incredible opportunities available to us. We don't have a million years to fool around. We have to stop feeling sorry for criminals and parasites and do something productive. We are fools to allow our crude relatives to pull us back to the life of an animal.
Imagine a world of better people
We don't have to live among people that we are afraid of. We don't have to live in a world in which we teach children to be afraid of strangers, or in which we promote the buyer beware attitude (I mentioned that attitude in part 1 here). We don't have to tolerate dishonest businessmen or government officials.

You should spend some time imagining a world in which everybody is honest, respectable, and in good mental health. Imagine a world in which people cooperate with each other rather than look for opportunities to cheat, manipulate, and abuse. Imagine living among people that you are proud of and can trust. Imagine a world in which children can wander around by themselves without fear of the adults. This imaginary world is not an unrealistic fantasy. We can do it! We simply need to find enough respectable people among the hoard of savages, parasites, and criminals.

So, walk away from your crude relatives, stop feeling sorry for "Underdogs" and losers, seek a better group of friends, and let's make this planet into a paradise!