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Did the Zionists fail again?

14 Feb 2009
updated 15 Feb 2009 to clarify the day of the attack (click here to jump to it)

Judging by Congressman Paul Kanjorski's remarks, the Zionists tried but failed to create worldwide economic chaos in September 2008!
The Zionists achieved incredible success during the 20th century, but their ship is sinking now that the Internet has removed the secrecy that they require for their diabolical operations.

So, what did Kanjorski say?
In response to a complaint about the banking "bailout", Kanjorski defended the bailout by saying that it was not to help the banks; rather, it was to stop an "Electronic Run On the Banks".

An excerpt of the video is here. CSPAN has the complete video here.

If that video is deleted, I made an excerpt of the important section:
Paul-Kanjorski-bank-run.wmv 900 k bytes

 Don't underestimate the significance of his remark!
Congressman Kanjorski, a member of the House Financial Services Subcommittee, released some information that everybody else was keeping secret; namely, that a group of people were trying to cause worldwide economic chaos. However, their attack failed because people in the banking system and the Bush administration stopped it.

This adds more evidence to my speculation that there is a fight going on among the Jews for control of the world, and that Madoff was part of that fight (I mentioned this possibility in December 2008). This would also explain why the government is refusing to provide details about where the bailout money is going.

Which day was the economic attack?
Kanjorski describes the attack occurring on Thursday at 11 AM in the morning, but which Thursday?

Note: the "transcript" at liveleak is incorrect, and many other websites have only partial transcripts, so here is my transcript of the important section:

“Look, I was there when the secretary and the Chairman of the Federal Reserve came those days and talked with members of Congress about what was going on. It was about September 15. Here's the facts, and we don't even talk about these things.

“On Thursday, at about 11 o'clock in the morning, the Federal Reserve noticed a tremendous drawdown of money market accounts in the United States, to the tune of $550 billion; was being drawn out in a matter of an hour or two.

“The treasury opened up its window to help. They pumped $105 billion into the system and quickly realized that they could not stem the tide. We were having an electronic run on the banks.

“They decided to close the operation - close down the money accounts - and announce a guarantee of $250,000 per account so there wouldn't be further panic out there. That's what actually happened.

“If they had not done that, their estimation was that by two o'clock that afternoon, 5½ trillion dollars would have been drawn out of the money market system of the United States... would've collapsed the entire economy of the United States, and within 24 hours, the world economy would've collapsed.”

We could interpret his remarks this way: since September 15 was the day he and and other members of Congress were told of the attack, the attack occurred on the previous Thursday, which was September 11.
Update 15 Feb 2009: in this video (at about 1 hour 52 minutes) of the House Financial Services on September 24, he also says the attack occurred on the previous Thursday, which would make it September 18

Since there is confusion over the date, and since the date is not important to this issue, I moved my remarks about the date to this page, and I expanded the information a bit with more examples of the Zionist fascination with numerology.


 The media investigates the accusations!

If you are aware that the Zionist Jews dominate our media and routinely lie to us, then it shouldn't surprise you that some of them have investigated Kanjorski's accusations and are doing "damage control". Two examples:
• In this article, Alice Cherbonnier uses a common Zionist trick of shifting attention away from Jews. For example, she mentions the idiotic possibility that the attack may have been "a maneuver by the "Saudis" to force the Bush administration to do something to shore up the U.S. dollar."

• In this vague article, Felix Salmon proudly announces that he is finally able to "squash" the "Kanjorski Meme". He is using the common Zionist trick of trying to fool us into thinking that he's an all-knowing expert who has resolved the issue, and that we have no reason to investigate any further.

Will the police and military figure out who their real enemy is?

During the first half of the 20th century, many nations were tricked by Zionist Jews into destroying each other in two world wars. America was later tricked into a war in Korea and Vietnam. Today, the Zionist Jews are tricking the military and police of many nations into helping them stage false flag operations (such as 9/11), and the Zionist Jews also use the military and police as attack dogs to kill Arabs and arrest whoever the Jews label as a "terrorist", an "anti-Semite", or a "Holocaust Denier".
Why are so many of the supposedly brave and courageous men in the military and police allowing themselves and their nation to be abused by Jewish criminals?
I suppose that many of them are simply honest people who trust their leadership, but it's very likely that most of them are just like the ordinary people; ie, incapable of facing the harsh aspects of reality. Just like ordinary people, they are so traumatized by reality that they cannot have a serious discussion about the 9/11 attack, or the Holocaust hoax, or Israel. Their inability to face reality makes it easy for the Jews to manipulate them. The police and military need to replace their leaders with men who have the ability to stand up to Israel, Zionists, and Jews.
Don't be fooled by the Posse Comitatus law
I just looked over my status report for July 2008, and everything still applies as far as I can see. Specifically, the Zionist Jews realize that they're being exposed and losing the battle. They are becoming very worried!
It seems that their biggest fear right now is that the military will figure out that our enemy is not the Arabs or the Nazis; rather, our enemy is Israel and Zionism.

As a result of this fear, Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, and many other truth seekers, anti-war activists, liberals, and patriots are often reminding us that the Posse Comitatus Act is a federal law that prohibits the military from being used for law-enforcement.

Daryl Smith has gone even farther than Alex Jones. On January 18, 2009, he was talking with the mysterious "Noel" from TheInfoUnderground, and Smith said that soldiers should be killed if they are deployed within America:
Noel-and-Smith-18Jan2009-shoot-military.mp3 only 31 kbytes

Don't be fooled by this silly trick! The US military is supposed to protect America from attack by foreigners, and it doesn't matter whether the foreigners are attacking us from outside our borders or from within America. The military shouldn't ignore an enemy simply because they crossed the border, acquired American citizenship, and are living among us.

We are under attack! Our military should help us!
For many centuries, America, Europe, and other nations have been under a serious and violent attack by various groups of Jews. However, unlike conventional battles, our Jewish enemies have gotten inside our nations and have been attacking us from within our own neighborhoods, government agencies, and police departments.

These Jews did not come to our nations to become our friends. They came here to take what we have and conquer our nation. They don't like us, and we are fools to treat such selfish and abusive people with respect. Our military should treat them as enemies.

We are being attacked by Zionist Jews, and if our military had proper leadership, they would pull their troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq, and then send hundreds of thousands of soldiers throughout America to clean our cities of the Zionist army, and protect the nation from further destruction.

Our military should also send thousands of troops into the FBI offices, police departments, schools, media companies, corporate headquarters, and other government agencies, and cleanse all of them of these Jewish enemies.

Congressman Ron Paul, Alex Jones, Daryl Smith, and the others are not trying to protect us when they tell us about the Posse Comitatus law; rather, they are terrified that the military is going to figure out that our enemy are the Zionist Jews, and that the only way to get rid of these criminals is to send troops throughout American cities. No other agency has the manpower to fight such a large enemy force. We need our military to wise up and get involved in destroying the Zionist network.

How many of our police and military are psychos?
Kay Griggs claims that Zionist Jews within our government have been controlling the military by promoting the emotionally disturbed men who can be controlled through blackmail and bribery.

Alex Jones and other so-called "truth seekers" make similar accusations, but they blame it on the mysterious "New World Order" rather than on Zionist Jews. Jones frequently tells us that the New World Order has filled the police departments with criminals, idiots, and psychos so that the "New World Order" can control the police departments with bribery, blackmail, and deception.

If these accusations are accurate – and they certainly seem to be – then our military and police departments are going to be useless until they first clean their own organizations of both Jewish criminals and the thousands of pedophiles, drug addicts, and freaks that the Jewish criminals have promoted to leadership positions.

Don't be manipulated by praise!
Politicians, salesmen, and crime gangs frequently take advantage of people by praising them and giving them awards. All male animals have an intense craving to be the dominant male. This makes it's very easy to manipulate men with praise.

The Zionist crime network frequently uses this trick to attract people to their propaganda. For example, listen to John Stadtmiller and Alan Stang praise the audience of the Republic Broadcasting Network:
Stadtmiller_Stang_7Jan2009.mp3 only 50 kbytes

Men are suckers for praise and compliments. Don't assume that you are somehow better than the rest of us. We all have this craving to be important. You must be aware of this emotion so that you can keep it under control and prevent people from manipulating you with compliments or awards.

The enemy has infiltrated our nations
Israel is their primary base of operation, and the Zionist army is getting control of America, Europe, and other nations. Every nation should  consider themselves to be under attack by Israel and other Zionist Jews.

Everybody, especially those in the police and military, should become aware of who among us is a Jew, and who is a potential blackmail or bribery victim. Ignoring this issue is allowing the Jewish criminals to get control of all aspects of society.

Did you see this video in which the actor Dirk Benedict said that there are hundreds of murders in Hollywood? He doesn't provide any details, but it should be obvious that the Jewish network has conquered our media companies. The Jews may be keeping everybody in the media under control by murdering those who stand up to them. Our military and police should not ignore this. By allowing these Jewish freaks to control our media, we are allowing them to ruin television, magazines, newspapers, scientific publications, and school textbooks.

We're under attack, but most people don't care
Most of the human population ignores corruption and crime networks, and that has allowed the criminals to kill and kidnap the few brave individuals who stood up to them, and it has allowed the networks to grow and thrive.

Today the Zionist network is a gigantic, international organization, and they've established a nation for themselves; namely, Israel.

The ordinary citizens could easily help us defeat the Jewish crime network simply by helping us to spread information about 9/11, the HoloHoax, the bombing of the King David Hotel in 1946, and the attack on the USS Liberty in 1967.

Furthermore, it is very easy for ordinary citizens to help us put financial pressure on the crime networks; all they have to do is reduce the money that they spend on newspapers, magazines, pornography, strip clubs, and gambling casinos. The ordinary citizens could easily drive their propaganda businesses to bankruptcy.

Unfortunately, the majority of people don't merely ignore the crimes; rather, they actually try to stop us from exposing the crimes. The majority of people behave like stupid, selfish animals who want nothing more from life than to titillate their emotional cravings for food, sex, status, and babies. They stop us from talking about 9/11 because the issue upsets them. They don't want to be upset. They want to entertain themselves all day, every day.

Their disgusting, selfish, irresponsible behavior is allowing the crime networks to thrive and ruin life for everybody – including themselves!

Most people are not "innocent"

The military considers a soldier to be a traitor if he helps the enemy, or if he runs away from a fight and leaves the other soldiers alone.

As I mentioned in my video, Silence of the Sheeple, (at this page) we should consider the "innocent" civilians who help the enemy as traitors, not as innocent people. Tens of millions of people have already died or suffered because of the Jewish crime network, and now our economy is starting to deteriorate. This network would have been destroyed long ago if it wasn't for the millions of "innocent" people who have been suppressing attempts to expose and destroy it.

If soldiers were to behave in this same, disgusting manner, they would be shot as traitors. Why not treat civilians in the same manner? Why should civilians have the privilege of assisting a crime network?

There are no "civilians"
Most people follow the philosophy that the majority of people are "civilians", and that a small number of people are "soldiers". Most people believe that the civilians have no responsibility to protect society.

A more useful attitude is that there is no such thing as a civilian. There is only one battle raging in the world, and every human is involved in it. We could say that every adult man has a responsibility to contribute to and protect the society he lives in.

Everybody wants the benefits of modern society, such as electricity, abundant sources of food, and plumbing, but only a few people are willing to contribute to society, and even fewer are willing to help protect society. Most people are like selfish children who want other people to serve them while they entertain themselves.

Why did I get involved in this battle with Zionist Jews? And why are you reading this article of mine? Unless you're a Zionist Jew who is monitoring me, you are reading this because you have an interest in the world you live in. So what's wrong with the rest of the population? Why should we regard them as innocent civilians? There's nothing "innocent" about them. They are "selfish" and "irresponsible", not "innocent".

I have been struggling for years to expose 9/11, the HoloHoax, and other crimes, and some people have been struggling for decades, but millions of sheeple continue to fight with us, thereby allowing the crimes, wars, murders, and suffering to continue year after year. Why should we allow the sheeple to ruin the world?

Don't feel sorry for your relatives

As I described in my audio file for 19 May 2008, some of us are better behaved than our relatives. We have to turn our back on our relatives, get together with the better behaved people, and make a better world. We shouldn't feel sorry for somebody simply because he's closely related to us. We shouldn't allow our world to be destroyed simply because we don't want to hurt the feelings of our relatives.
Don't be fooled by people who help the "underdogs"
A lot of politicians, con artists, and Zionist agents try to fool people into thinking that they are loving, caring people because they occasionally help the "disadvantaged" and the "underdogs".

The photo shows vice-president Joe Biden serving meals to the homeless on Christmas eve. This type of activity does nothing to reduce hunger, or improve life for anybody, but it fools millions of people into thinking Biden is a wonderful person. However, Biden's boasting about being a Zionist should give you a better understanding of who he is and who he works for.

On December 23, 2008, Alex Jones boasted that he might not do his radio show on the following day because he was going to help feed the homeless:
Jones-helps-homeless-23Dec2008.mp3 only 90 kbytes

The following week he boasted that he is so dedicated to helping people that he would jump into a meat grinder if he knew it would save a million children:
Jones-meat-grinder-31Dec2008.mp3 only 75 kbytes

However, on that same December 31 radio show, Jones showed what he is really interested in; that he wants us to fear and hate the police and military. Listen to Jones encourage us to picket the homes of policemen and harass them at restaurants:
Jones-blaming-police-31Dec2008.mp3 only 83 kbytes

I agree that many of the laws that the police enforce are ridiculous, such as the law that prohibits Stevia from being used as a replacement for sugar (if you don't know what Stevia is, I wrote this a few years ago). However, the police don't make the laws, so society will not improve by harassing police at restaurants or by picketing their houses.

The American police and military are desperately in need of an education about Zionism, but Jones and the others never encourage us to educate the police about Zionism. Rather, we are encouraged to harass, fear, and hate the police and military.

Michael Moore makes movies in which he encourages us to ridicule and laugh at the police. Are you aware of this? If not, I wrote this a couple years ago.

The military and police should remove weeds; not feel sorry for them
The police and military should protect the respectable people, and whenever parasitic and destructive people appear, the police should remove them from society, just as gardeners remove weeds.

Unfortunately, many of the weeds are in leadership positions, and so it's difficult for the ordinary police and ordinary soldiers to do anything about them. We must all support and work with the police and military, not fight with them. We need to work together to get rid of the destructive people.

Don't be disillusioned; we can make a better world
The so-called truth seekers frequently try to ruin our morale by telling us that the New World Order is too powerful to defeat, or that the human race is hopelessly corrupt and selfish, or that Israel will implement the Samson Option if we dare stand up to them.

Don't be disillusioned by their frightening propaganda. It is much better to assume that there are enough high quality humans to make a better world. So instead of living in fear or disillusionment, imagine a world in which you can trust government officials, school teachers, scientists, and policemen. Imagine a world in which businessmen compete in a productive manner rather than fight and cheat.

Improving the world only requires a change in attitude and a change in leadership. We simply have to stop feeling sorry for the "Underdogs" and start raising standards for behavior, especially among people in leadership positions. How difficult is that?

With better people in control of the world, we could easily create cities that are reasonably free of crime and pollution, and that have attractive architecture, parks, gardens, and farms. And with better leadership, we can design an economic system that we enjoy working in and a school system that provides a useful education. Humans have the intelligence to do better; all we have to do is remove the freaks and criminals from leadership positions and put better people in control.

Our world is whatever the people make it
One concept that I stress repeatedly is that our problems are not coming from the devil, or from ignorance, or from poverty. Rather, every problem the human race is suffering from is due to the destructive and selfish behavior of people.

Most people are not "innocent". Rather, they have a mind like a primitive savage. They would have been well adapted to life in 50,000 BC, but they cannot cope with life today.

Millions of them have joined organized crime gangs. An even larger number of them have so little control over their cravings for money and status that they waste their lives fantasizing about and/or struggling to become rich or famous. And most of them have little ability to control their cravings for food, alcohol, drugs, sex, or jewelry. The majority of people are "talking monkeys" who are overwhelmed with the complexities of modern life.

We can improve the situation as soon as we find enough people who are capable of dealing with this complex era, and who are ready to work together to create a better world.


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