The War of the Words: There is no anti-Semitism; there is only an awareness of a global Jewish crime network
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Did you know the founder of Zionism encouraged anti-Semitism as a way to manipulate us?
“It is essential that the sufferings of Jews. . . become worse. . .  The anti-semites shall be our best friends” 
-- Theodor Herzl, Founder of Zionism in 1897
• Jewish student caught drawing swastikas - news video here
Rabbi faked own stabbing
Jew with Jewish professor roomate drawing swastikas and making bombs

Theodor Herzl

White Supremacists are Judeo-Nazis, not neo-Nazis
Have you seen the evidence that the Nazis are infiltrated by Ashkenazi Jews? The Jews create anti-Semitism to manipulate both Jews and Goyim, and to identify Goyim who oppose Jewish crime networks. Don't be fooled! Investigate people who support Nazis.

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Jews in Nazi clothing
I listened to some of Peter Schaenk's interviews, and here is my analysis.

Please learn about this Jewish trick, and educate people about it, especially if you know people in the police departments or military.

Part 1  •  Part 2

Did you know that many top Nazi and Communist officials were Zionists?
Roosevelt and Stalin were Zionists
That is a page from Bernard Weinryb's book about a conversation between Stalin and Roosevelt in which they both admit to be Zionists (A copy of that image is here if that link gives you trouble) There is also evidence that the Joseph Stalin had an affair with a Jewish woman
Stalin's Jews
An Israeli Jew writes:

Even if we deny it, we cannot escape the Jewishness of "our hangmen," who served the Red Terror with loyalty and dedication from its establishment.

Adolf Eichmann spoke Hebrew and helped Jews move to Palestine
Anna Porter (Anna Szigethy) claims that the Rezso Kasztner and other Jews were working with the Nazis in order to save themselves. This is "damage control"; ie, make the Jews look like innocent victims. One of the Jews who was helped was Peter Monk
The secret contacts between Zionists and Nazis
Klaus Polkehn wrote about the secret arrangement between Nazis and Zionists to send German Jews to Palestine. (A copy of that image is here if that link gives you trouble)


Ben Freedman, ex-Zionist
Ben Freedman verifies what many of us figured out on our own; namely, that the Jews were involved with World War 1. When we Goyim talk about this, we are accused of anti-Semitism, so let people hear it from a Jew. Even though he is a Jewish Wolf in Goyim clothing, please listen to his speech, and pass it around.
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Bill Cooper
Bill Cooper was an American who was a "conspiracy theorist". In 1988, he told whoever would listen to him that he has seen secret Navy documents that the US military has had contact with aliens from other planets.

However, I suspect that he eventually realized that his "friends" were lying to him about the aliens, and that they were using him to promote UFO propaganda. I suspect that his "friends" began to worry that he might expose the truth about them; namely, that the UFO stories are lies, and that the purpose of the scam would be to get control of the world, as I wrote here.

After the 9/11 attack occurred, I suspect that he also began to realize that Israel and many Americans were involved with that attack, and to keep him quiet, his "friends" arranged for him to be murdered in a manner that made it appear as if he was a crazy conspiracy theorist who was a danger to law enforcement and the public. Here are two transcripts of his audio files, with links to the audio:

   - with transcript 68th Convocation of the Rose Cross Order
    - with transcript Brotherhood of the Snake
    - with transcriptAid and Abet Police Newsletter

Harold Wallace Rosenthal
Please, take a look at what he says, and help us find Goyim who can prove him wrong.

Certainly there are thousands of Goyim with courage, intelligence, and morality, aren't there?

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Grow a backbone!


Protocols of the Elders of Zion
This seems to be the plan the Jews are following. However, they never anticipated computers, DVDs, or the Internet, and this technology allows us to expose them. Their outdated plan no longer works; they are going to lose.
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More Jewish failures 
Have you noticed that the criminal Jews have been failing to create racial fights over Obama?

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What is Zionism? Who are we trying to help?
Are we anti-Semitic for complaining about Jews or Zionism? What is Zionism? And what is a Jew? Many people want to stop the Jewish criminals, but who are we trying to help? Most of their victims don't appreciate our efforts, so why are we concerned about them?

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Was Israel created by the United Nations?
I was taught in school that the United Nations created Israel in 1948. One day I was wondering, What did the United Nations expect the Arabs to do?

So I went to the library to look in the newspapers of 1947 to see the discussions leading up to the creation of Israel.

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Intelligence or personality?
How are a small number of Jews controlling a large number of Goyim?
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Danny Steinberg
Is his blog meant to be a joke?
Or is he a modern version of Harold Rosenthal?
Either way, he has some very interesting remarks.

Danny Steinberg

Why is there a war in Georgia?
The official story makes vague remarks about South Ossetia declaring independence from Georgia, and Georgia offering to protect them from Russia. Judicial-inc claims the war is about oil.

My guess is that the Zionist Jews are trying again to start a world war.

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Chicago police patch
Mike of noticed that the Chicago police wear a patch on their right shoulder that has an amazing similarity to the Israeli flag, but with four stars instead of one. A subliminal message to get us accustomed to the Israeli flag?

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Organized Crime
It comes in a variety of flavors; Italian, Chinese, Russian, and even Jewish.
The Jewish Mafia has been caught many times.
But we have not arrested any of them.
What is our problem?
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Meyer Lansky

Who writes our history books?
Were the Aztecs wonderful people, or brutal savages who abused their neighbors?

Are the Israelis "pioneers" who are developing a nation, or terrorists who are putting the entire world through tremendous suffering?

We allow Zionists to dominate our media and schools, so we get their view of history and current events.

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Tired of supporting Israel?
You now have a choice!

Support a homeland for veterans or Goyim!

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“We want a 
homeland also!”

Albert Einstein
Super Genius? Or Super Plagiarist?

Was Einstein a Zionist? An interview that gets into that issue, plus Henry Ford, the Rothschilds, the Protocols of Zion, and lots more: