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What can we do about the corruption?

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Eric Hufschmid's videos
Some short videos that I made to introduce people to corruption and deception


Help us, or get lost
We don't need the "truth movement" to be taken over by criminals or idiots

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Battle Plan
We must eliminate our infestation of parasites. Don't settle for a partial solution.


The criminal Jews are frightened of me!
From 2002 to 2004 I was interviewed by lots of radio hosts, and many people sold my book and video, but today virtually everybody is afraid to even mention my name.

The criminal Jews have been exposed, and now they are slowly losing the battle, and they are becoming frightened. So, let's finish them off !

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Help the police realize that TASERs are not toys
The police and military have been fooled into testing tasers on themselves! Would they test their guns on one another? The manufacturers of TASERs want to make TASERs appear harmless so they can sell them to consumers, but the police should not risk internal damage from electricity simply for corporate profit. Help the police and military realize that they're being taken advantage of by their corrupt and incompetent leaders.

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Plus, don't fear the police or military.
Instead, help them realize that they're suckers!

Police tell Mayor to shut up!
Let's hope the police are wising up to the corruption and finding the courage to stand up to it.


Prepare for the Battle
People of all races, religions, and nationalities are growing tired of Zionists, Monarchies, the Rothschilds, and other criminals.

These criminals  have been torturing the world for centuries. Some of us have had enough of their abuse. Learn about Zionism, and prepare for battle.

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Why are we tolerating their abuse?
Put the criminals on a list for a 9/11 Reign of Terror

The Guilotine List...

Media executives are at the top of the criminal network
Don't be fooled into thinking that we will solve our problems by replacing President Bush. We must also replace the people in control of our media!

Don't support these criminals. You don't need their magazines, newspapers, or other propaganda products. Drive them into bankruptcy!

The Media is the Enemy

Sam Newhouse

Try to get college students to care!
Why doesn't Alex Jones want to encourage high school or college students to get involved?

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Students years ago were at least partially interested in their future. what is wrong with the students today?

Tell the NSA to spy on the Zionists and "truth seekers"
Senator Arlen Specter was only republican to vote against Hayden for CIA director

Spector helped cover up the assassination of President Kennedy with his "Magic Bullet Theory". Why would this criminal oppose Hayden as CIA director? Is he afraid that Hayden might spy on him and his Zionist friends?

If you know people in the NSA, CIA, or military, explain to them that we need their help.

Demand that they spy on the Newhouse family, the Bronfman family, Larry Silverstein, and thousands of other Zionists and "truth seekers". Tell them to help us remove this Zionist Cancer!

Send them this link about the NSA Spying

Israel can spy on us, but not the NSA
The ACLU has fooled Judge Taylor into ordering the NSA to stop spying on Americans.

The ACLU pretends to be protecting us, but they will not expose the Israeli spy ring, 9/11, or the attack on the USS Liberty. Two reports about the Israeli spy ring are here and here.

Can you see what is happening? The ACLU, ADL, SPLC, and other "defenders of freedom" are ignoring Zionist crimes. These groups promote freedom of speech but they also support laws that prohibit discussions of the Holocaust.

The media and most of the 9/11 "truth seekers" are also complaining about the NSA spy programs. Why would liars want to protect us from the NSA?

The most sensible explanation is that these liars are worried that the NSA might figure out that Al Qaeda is not our enemy, rather, our enemy is the Zionists.

Send them this link about the NSA Spying

Identify the criminals!
We are not dividing the 9-11 movement when we discuss suspicious aspects of Tom Flocco, Karl Schwarz, Mike Ruppert,, etc.

Rather, we are cleaning our house of criminals!

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The investigation of a crime requires that we identify the criminals, even if those criminals are pretending to be investigators!

Plus: Nail the 9-11 ghouls in their coffin

Don't support or promote Disinformation Pests
Lisa Pease, Jenna Orkin, and most other "Truth Seekers" are disinformation pests. Don't promote criminals!
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Don't pout or be afraid!
The world is whatever we want it to be!

Why is Walmart taking over businesses? Because so many people support them! We are not helpless; we can make a better world whenever we want to.

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Have a Conspiracy Party with your friends
Most people are frightened by 9/11, so make the issue and enjoyable by having a "Conspiracy Party". This is a great way to spread information and meet people who enjoy thinking
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Start Your Own Terrorist Cell
If you don't like conspiracy parties, or even if you do, another enjoyable activity is to terrorize the emotionally weak people with information about 9/11, the Apollo moon landing, the Holocaust, and other conspiracies. Sure, they will whine about it, but it's like pulling off a Band-Aid. Just do it!