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  A new City and World Government
Seven new files, 2 June 2024

The structure of a city and world government is described below.

A City Government

1a) The structure 
1b) The Presidents
1c) Job titles 
1d) Leaders

The Operations branch

The Economic Division
  2a) Ministries
  2b) Description
  2c) Products

The Health Division
  3a) Ministries
  3b) Description
  3c) Meals
  3d) Education
  3e) Teentown
  3f) Television
The Social Division
  4a) Ministries
  4b) Description
  4c) Neighborhoods 
  4d) Leisure Ministry
  4e) Children
  4f) Dining and restaurants
  4g) Clothing

The Executives
  5a) Executives are employees
  5b) Executives must compete

The Analysis branch

The Women's Division
  6) Ministries

The Quality Division
  7a) Ministries
  7b) Description
  7c) Intellectual Trials
  7d) Databases
  7e) Courts Ministry
  7f) Security
  7g) Behavior
  7h) Reproduction
  7i) Example suggestions

The Elections Division
  8a Description
  8b The voters

The concepts are
described below.

The Most Important Concepts

10) Social credit scoring
11) Laws cannot control us
12) We need high-quality minds
13) Utopia is Dystopia
14) Overpopulation
15) Diversity
16) Leaders must excel
17) A summary of our problems
 17b) Liberals
18) Sharing the wealth
19) Censorship
20) Restricting reproduction
21) Euthanasia
21b) Children need probation

The Basic Concepts

22) Culture is social technology
23) Victims of our mind
24) Let's switch to a new path
25) Become an explorer
26) We need competition
26b) Divide a large city into sectors
27) Explanation of the databases

Other Concepts

28) Leadership concepts
29) We must be beneficial
30) Happiness
31) Jobs should be pleasurable
32) Male and female issues
33) Part-time jobs
34) The legal system
35) Everybody is accountable


36) Analyzing leadership abilities
37) The value of surveillance

The World Government

9a) Purpose
9b) Structure

9c) The International Division
9d) The Information Division
9e) The Resources Division