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26 Feb 2016

Was Jim Morrison murdered by Jews?

An anonymous reader noticed that Wikipedia has recently censored the article about Adm. Morrison to hide the connection between their attack on the USS Liberty and the mysterious death of his son. Here are a few more bits of information about that connection.

22 Nov 2015

Jews push USA into accepting refugees
By pushing the USA and Europe into taking refugees, the Jews can arrange false flag operations and blame the radical, suicidal Muslims who slipped in with the refugees. The Jews tell Congress not to betray our core values, but do we want America to continue to be a haven for the wretched refuse and huddled masses? Then, two days later, more Jewish groups joined the fight. If we can find the emotional strength to turn our back on our core values and stop the feel-sorry-for-me attitude, we can convert America into an impressive nation.


 11 Aug 2014

Marianne Faithfull tells us the truth about Jim Morrison's death! A reader of my website wonders how we could be so lucky. He wrote this article.

12 December 2012

Tania Head, yet another liar
You may have heard of the fake Navy SEALs, or the fake rape victims, or fake anti-Semitism. A reader of my site sent me an article about a fake 9/11 victim. Most liars do it for their personal benefit, but why was Tania Head lying? Our tolerance of liars makes it difficult for us to trust one another.


 24 Aug 2011

Earthquake was a nuke?
Whether it was a nuclear JewQuake to destroy tunnels, or from fracking, or a TV show predicted it, or a real earthquake, as I suggested (in my 21 Aug article above), don't worry about the details or propaganda but instead find humans among the sheeple, and help them realize that we are fighting freaks who consider themselves as aliens who are taking control of us (one of their favorite movie plots, and also in their articles, such as lemurian, SaLuSa, Smallman, and Nidle.)

Meanwhile, Fulford is still exposing the tsunami as a nuke (audio excerpt from 24Aug2011), but is he working for us or the Jews? Help people understand their tricks!

27 March 2011

Japan tsunami caused by nuclear bomb?
Many of us suspect this, so some Israeli agents are struggling to shift blame away from Jews. Examples:

• Benjamin Fulford has this amusing video in which exposes the "secret cabal", and in this video he speaks for the "White Dragon Society" to offer them forgiveness!
I combined the audio from both videos into this 1.6 mb MP3 file. You can play it on your MP3 player when you need some laughs.

• Leuren Moret blames "Tectonic Nuclear Warfare"!

The Jews had to destroy some nuclear reactors in order to explain the radiation, but how many people will be fooled? And how many more centuries will we tolerate their abuse


Oliver Stone: Jews prevent discussion of the Holocaust!
Practice your skills! Can you see how he tries to manipulate us? I put more information here under a photo of his teeth. He is also supportingMel Gibson, perhaps to give himself credibility as an anti-Semite. By the way, Stone was arrested in 1999 and 2005, but the police won't identify the drugs. If Gibson had been arrested for drugs, would the police have kept it a secret?

"just leave us alone"
We are fools to leave criminals alone. We should cleanse our world of criminals and parasites, not forgive and forget their destructive behavior. Imagine a world in which we can trust one another and respect government officials and policemen. It's not a crazy dream! We simply have to change our attitudes. We have to stop feeling sorry for the "Underdogs" and start protecting the higher quality people.    

German woman writes about WW2 rapes
Two interesting remarks in the article: "estimated 2 million victims" and "raped an average of 12 times". Have you seen the evidence that the Jews instigated the world wars, are lying about the Holocaust, and staged the 9/11 attack? They are constantly encouraging fights and hatred. Please help us find people who are willing to stand up to them!

"Jews don't come to live in Israel because they are too busy swindling the non-Jews among whom they live"
This comment (in the 2nd paragraph), is another of the "Jews say the darndest things!" (see my "previous headlines")

You should enjoy that video, which shows why we eventually have to stop the secrecy, as I've discussed in my audio files.

Mel Gibson insults reporter
And then he denied it. Perhaps Gibson is learning the tricks the Jews use; ie, do something, and then deny it even though we all know you did it! Let's hope Gibson inspires other people to stand up to the criminals in the media!


China to show off nuclear missiles
This attempt to intimidate is typical behavior for animals and criminals, as I mentioned Dec 14 here. The Chinese officials are savages, not humans. The world's leaders should be helping us to understand and improve society, not growling at us and showing their teeth, like a stupid dog

A "recluse who uses a fake name"
His barber describes him as very withdrawn. Collins also hides, but he posted this FAQ. How obvious does it have to be that they are ashamed to have helped a Jewish crime network? Only Aldrin, (the depressed alcoholic) likes publicity. Once you realize the moon landing was a scam, you might enjoy this TV show, released in 2001. But to prove that men landed on the moon, NASA released these photos of the landing sites and this photo of Armstrong, and after erasing the original videos to save money, they paid even more money to restore them!

Daniel Cohn-Bendit
The elections in the European Union have given this man greater influence, but who is he? Somebody sent me this information about him. He is one of the few politicians who admittedto pedophilia, but voters all over the world don't seem to know or care that their leaders are criminals, pedophiles, alcoholics, and freaks

Illuminati on YouTube!
Part 2 here. This is the best this powerful group can do? They claim the people who did 9/11 are on the "verge of complete loss of power", but who did 9/11? They won't say! Another sign that the Zionists are afraid that they're losing. If you doubt that they work for Zionists, look at who they promote. I wrote about Fulford in 2007, and Zagami promotes such people as Greg Szymanski, Redicecreations, and Dr. Makow. Then look at who those people promote, and you find such people as Brian Gerrish (I wrote about him), Richard Gage, Project Camelot, and Judy Andreas. Then look at who those people promote, and so on.

"Kill men, women and children"
This rabbi says it is the "Jewish way". They applied this technique on Dresden (as the missing Christopher Bollyn wrote about here), and to millions of other people. They kill and cheat us, but most victims respond with kindness or fear. Help us find the humans among the talking monkeys so that we can put an end to this abuse!

"...if it wasn't against the law to hurl her..."
Nature has checks and balances. Women have such strong cravings for babies that some kill pregnant women, but men have so little interest in babies that they often wish they could kill the defective and annoying babies. What would the world be like today if men had been doing what nature wants us to do?

Supergenius drowns in pool
His connection with Google can make you wonder, was it a murder connected to the Zionist crime network?

"What is he doing for this country?"
Update: you can watch his video without signing in at his main page here
Blumenthal asked some Israelis what they thought about Obama, but they were so crude that YouTube makes you sign in to watch, so I extracted the three best remarks from the crude insults:
Israelis-on-Obama.mp3  68 kb
As JFK might say, "Ask not what Obama can do for you, ask what you can do for Israel." Blumenthal's has other interesting videos, such as a rally for Israel's attack on Gaza, an interview with David Irving (who I expose as a fraud), the Christians United for Israel

Jimi Hendrix murdered by manager?
Or "damage control" to shift attention away from Jews? Did you know that Adm. Morrison, whose son, Jim Morrison, died mysteriously, wanted retaliation for Israel's attack on the USS Liberty? The Jews are routinely killing people in order to control Hollywood, the military, etc. The video of Dirk Benedict has been removed, but here is the audio in which he mentions hundreds of murders in Hollywood:
Dirk-Benedict-Hollywood-murders.mp3  240 kb

Brian Cuban struggles to promote HoloHoax
The brother of Mark Cuban (who I mentioned years ago here), is struggling to suppress awareness of the HoloHoax. He has an interesting articleon his website in which he tries to explain why there were Jews in the Nazi military, and this page promotes HoloHoax movies. Many criminal Jews are making a fortune by titillating the sheeple with gambling, sports, pornography, and drugs, so we are fighting a wealthy crime network. Please help expose their HoloHoax. I have a page of links here. Also, expose the Jewish trick of how they ignore me and complain only about the 'Holocaust deniers' that they have control of, such as David Irving and David Duke

Police chief arrested
For using a deadly weapon on his wife, his Taser! But if they are deadly weapons, then why was every policeman in my city required to be shot for training? As Bollyn pointed out years ago here, the police have been tricked into thinking Tasers are harmless. The military and police can't protect us until they learn how to protect themselves from abuse, so if you know any police or military, send them information!

Auschwitz volunteer 
Just when you thought you heard the wildest HoloHoax story, here is a spy who volunteered to be a prisoner in the Auschwitz death camp! Germans make great cars, but their death camps had a high survival rate!

"It wasn't a lie" because "It was my imagination"
Is Rosenblat's attitude typical for Jews? Should we describe this as "Jewish logic"?

Eyewitness to Nazi gas chambers!
Irene Zisblatt "kept silent for decades" and didn't even tell her children, but now she has decided to end the secrecy and tell students that "she watched the gas chambers churn out its victims into ash". Another Rosenblat? More of that disgusting "Jewish reasoning"? 

Police arrested in anti-Semitic attack
Chavez claims the Jews were responsible. It's important to realize that superficial, anti-Semitic events are often staged by Jews so that they can manipulate us. Also, be aware that many police, military, and government officials are working with Jewish crime networks

Auschwitz needs 120 million euro
Note that the number of people who died at the camp is now down to 1 million. As more people discover that Jews lied about the HoloHoax, the Jews must continually reduce the death figures, but no matter how much they reduce the number of dead Jews at each camp, the total number of dead Jews remains at 6 million. This is referred to as "Jewish arithmetic".

Damage control for Apollo moon landing
Note that polls show the number of Americans who realize the moon landing was a hoax has doubled since 1999. The Internet is allowing us to investigate and expose crimes, so take advantage of it by passing information around, such as my page on Apollo. The Japanese moon probe is providing details and videos (new link) about the moon, and Japan is developing an improved rocket, but one of NASA's directors promotes global warming hysteria. Obama's energy secretary is suggesting a carbon tax, also. It should be easy to understand that even if global warming is true, our corrupt government will not fix the weather with taxes. I have more on global warming here. We need the police and military to give us a serious "house cleaning" and get these freaks out of our lives

43 Jews in Seattle want Holocaust money
We should call ourselves Zionism Survivors™ and demand compensation for the abuse that we suffer (I have jokes about that here). And look at some of the remarks in this article, such as: "Personally, I don't believe any German" and "What should I forgive them for". If Jews can talk like that, so can we. Examples: "Why should we believe any Jew?" and "What should we forgive them for?" Don't let them intimidate you! They're bullies, not the superior race, as I described last year here.

Ahmadinejad a Jew?
Some people claim his real last name, reported years ago, is Jewish. This would explain 1) why he invited people I don't trust (eg, David Duke, Mike Piper) to a Holocaust conference in 2006, 2) why a Mossad chief said he is Israel's greatest gift, 3) why his criticism of the Holocaust is mainly a complaint that Israel exploits the Holocaust (eg, this, this and this), 4) why Zionist agents are exposing his Jewishness, such as Radio Free Europe and this site. (I have info on RFE here). Keep in mind that one reason Zionists have been so successful is that they dominate and control their opposition

ABC Exclusive! CIA chief raped Muslims!
Debbie Schlussel implies the rapist also gave away embassy security secrets and now the Muslims might take over the embassy. Can you see the attempt to instigate fights? Years ago there were accusations that Senator Frank and other officials are raping orphan boys, but the media ignores that. Help people understand that the Jewish crime network has acquired control of our media. Don't purchase their propaganda!

Emanuel puts Obama in his place
The "leaders" of our government, military, police, and universities are actually puppets of disgusting, Zionist freaks. How do the Zionists find so many people willing to be abused like this? I discussed some possibilities in 2006 in my 'Masquerade Party' video #2. Is Ahmadinejad a Zionist puppet? He is again calling the Holocaust a lie, but he doesn't provide supporting evidence, which causes most people to dismiss him as insane. And Bishop Williamson also criticizes the Holocaust and 9/11, but he promotes Sofia's, so he is probably another puppet

Obama proposes tax cuts and spending more money
Every government proposes this same "solution" to economic problems, even in Germany and Britain. Are you aware of how many idiotic agencies and nonprofit organizations we have? I have some jokes about it here. California may give IOUs for tax refunds, but nobody suggests reducing government employees and salaries. On Sunday I gave this IOU card to a government employee celebrating her birthday

IDF troops posing as Hamas
A brief report that has vanished. Also in Italian: scatti qui 

US bank goes Islamic
Could we switch our home mortgages to this type of banking system? Is this one reason the Jews hate Muslims? At this pro-Israeli rally, at 2 mins, a Jew says "They are forcing us to kill their children to defend our children." So, when do we kill Jewish children and claim that the Jews are forcing us to kill them to defend Goy children? When do we do as the Jews do?

MIT geniuses solve Apollo mystery
If the moon rocks had traces of sea salt, they would claim the moon once had oceans. Did you know a moon rock was found in Antarctica? How many of our scientists are as stupid as they appear? And how many are lying to us?

Onassis killed RFK
A few weeks ago the media told us who killed General Patton, and now they're pushing this theory. Notice that some of the RFK investigators are also 9/11 investigators, such as Anthony Hilder, who I mention in several places, such as here and here. This is evidence that the RFK murder was another Zionist operation, and Vaughn is trying to shift the blame to a dead man. But Vaughn may be honest about the mental disorders of Hollywood 'stars' in this article

YouTube condemned for Nazi videos
We can be certain that Zionist Jews are involved in creating the videos they complain about, such as this person's videos. Then this and this group of Jews propose protecting us by censoring the Internet. Help us expose and prevent this Jewish trick!

An FBI "informant"?
Or another FBI instigator? We are told Darby was a passive informant who stopped a crime, but the history of the FBI shows that they protect Zionist crimes and look for suckers to use as patsies. Did you know the FBI has "incontrovertible proof" about the Mumbai attack? The FBI is trying to start fights between India and Pakistan. David Gletty also admitted to being an FBI infiltrator, as I mentioned months ago here. Be careful trusting people

Patton's suspicious death solved
Unless you're new to my site, you should be able to figure this out. 1) Wilcox has done extensive research into the world wars, but he never notices the role of Zionism or their lies about the HoloHoax. 2) He is promoted by Simon & Schuster and others who routinely publish Zionist propaganda. 3) He recently appeared on such radio shows as Alex Jones and Coast to Coast. Conclusion: his book is Zionist propaganda to shift the blame to Americans. People who get promoted by the Jewish media should be considered guilty until proven innocent.

Jimmy Wales begs for money
He wants the foolish Goy to subsidize Wikipedia's Zionist propaganda. Did you know that I wrote more about Jimmy Wales on my Neanderthal page than they allow about me in their encyclopedia?

"Controversial" stevia approved by FDA for soda
Controversial? Scientific American implies it may be dangerous even though it's been used for centuries without any problems. Their reasoning is similar to Craven's Logic that we should try to stop global warming just in case it's real. I wrote about Stevia 3 years ago here. Don't buy Zionist publications. The media should be arrested, not given financial support

Walsh fights back tears
He "criticized police for bungling the investigation" but "praised them Tuesday for finally closing the case". What a coincidence that after bungling it, they solve it. As I mentioned in my talk about Holloway and in my pedophile article, I wouldn't trust any television celebrity. I suspect Walsh is either blackmailed or a member of the Jewish crime network

Bookstore identified where Bollyn met Chiesa
Why can't Chiesa and Bollyn talk openly? if Bollyn has not been kidnapped, and if Chiesa is honest, then why are they playing these games?

"hundreds of murders in Hollywood" The video has been removed!
Here is the critical audio:Dirk-Benedict-Hollywood-murders.mp3  240 kb
Actor Dirk Benedict says this at 1:49. Is this how the criminal Jews keep Hollywood under control? Have you heard about the suspicious death of musicians, such as Jim Morrison?

Enough of Radical Islam
Another desperate attempt to create hatred of Muslims. We'd be condemned as anti-Semites if we made the same remarks about Jews, but Shapiro's remarks make more sense when we replace "Islam" with "Judiasm": Enough of radical Judaism. It's a dominant strain of evil that runs rampant in a population of well over 6 million. After the World Trade Center,... the endless suicide bombings ... the Bali bombings... The time for hard-nosed, uncompromising action hasnt merely come -- its been overdue by seven years.

Israelis tortured the most?
Unless this is a lie to bring pity to Jews, it may be a sign that some Indians realized that Israelis were running a false flag operation to start a war between Pakistan and India. There's lots of reasons to blame Israel. Example: this report claims supplies were delivered to Nariman House (a Jewish center), and some terrorists were "foreign looking, fair skinned". So far, it's another false flag failure, but India is allowing Shin Bet and FBI to help investigate. What will the Jews try next? And how much more destruction has to occur before enough people agree to help us put an end to this Zionist crime network?

Foolish Japanese want more babies
Have you seen this or this video of Japanese trains? As I discussed in my audio file for 29_Dec 2007, there is no shortage of people; there is only a shortage of "humans" who fit into this modern era. No shortage of people in the US, either. We could give Japan this boy, or this one

The 30 greatest conspiracies
An interesting attempt to confuse the issue of which theories are backed by evidence and which are nonsense. You can use this article to get discussions going and test your abilities to see through the propaganda. For example, in #12 they claim that the Protocols of Zion have been "utterly discredited for at least 100 years". Is that true? I have the protocols here. They say #14 is an urban legend. I have information about McCartney here

Smith's military records
They don't tell us much, but the point I want to emphasize is that we are fools to allow Smith, Obama, McCain, and other people to influence the world when we know little about what they've done during their lives and who they associate with. We have to stop the secrecy. What do we know about these 5 billionaires? Do you know who operates the websites you visit?

Auschwitz plans found
They show the gas chambers were for killing lice, but the Jews insist they were for killing Jews. To add confusion, this suspicious expert says those plans were for an early version of Auschwitz before it became a death camp. Also, this Israeli article claims only 1 million people (not just Jews) were killed at Auschwitz. So where were the other millions killed?

Can you see why the Jews are trying to keep the Nazi archives a secret, as I described here? Can you see that the world wars were a trick to drive Jews to Palestine, and allow the Jews to conquer Germany, Japan, and other nations? Can you see why the Jews don't want us to investigate the Holocaust? The Jews are now pushing British schools into having a "Holocaust specialist". Help us find humans among the sheep who are tired of this abuse! And don't trust the "Holocaust deniers" who are on trial, such as Mahler or Toben. These are tricks to frighten you into remaining silent, and if you contact them, you identify yourself to the criminal Jews

More Jews elected
After a few more elections, the entire Congress will be Jews! And our new president is not a "black man"; so far he is "a puppet for a Jewish crime network"

"Imagine This"; a musical about Nazis plays again in UK
How about imagining a world without these criminal Jews? Imagine what the media might be like without their propaganda and their promotion of America’s best-kept comic secret and her very popular video. (Watch it!) Another interesting article here, and a review of a another of her videos here.  Imagine a world without their false flag operations. We can make such a world become reality if you help us find the humans among the hordes of sheep and savages

Lahde thanks idiot CEOs
He also promotes George Soros and claims that "Corporate America" owns Congress. He became rich by cheating people, and now he's trying to deceive us with Zionist propaganda. He is still the same selfish person; he has only changed the manner in which he abuses us

Bulgaria most corrupt in EU
America and Europe will degrade to Bulgaria's level if we don't find enough respectable people to get rid of our criminals and freaks. This requires standing up to the Zionist Jews, who are still building HoloHoax Museums. Their site is here

Shimon Peres boasts about Jewish dominance
That video was deleted by YouTube but  it's here in the form of a Microsoft Windows WMV video:
Shimon-Peres-boasts-about-Jewish-dominance.wmv 600 kbytes
He sounds like Ariel Sharon and Harold Rosenthal. They think their success comes from talent, but it comes from manipulating the sheep with deception, bribes, and threats. Please help us find humans who have the courage and intelligence to defeat this Jewish crime network

Holocaust "denier" arrested in London
Don't let Töben's arrest frighten you into remaining silent about the HoloHoax. The holocaust "revisionists" are like the 9/11 "truth seekers"; ie, Jews in sheep's clothing who try to become our friend and deceive us. In fact, a few years ago Töben and his friend drove 6 hours just to meet me for about an hour, and then 6 hours to get back to their hotel. Also, even though the Jews describe me as a "Holocaust denier", the Holocaust revisionists and "patriots" avoid me because I'm not part of their Jewish crime network. I have several articles about these liars, such as Zion's Little Helpers. Don't be intimidated by them. Instead, laugh at them, as are these Iranian students. I also have jokes hereand here

Dresden bombing exaggerated?
It's okay to investigate the bombing of Dresden, but we cannot investigate the Holocaust. How much longer are we going to put up with this abuse? Bollyn wrote about Dresden here

Teleportation and bases on Mars
Although the interview with Jones and Quayle is amusing, it's shocking to think that these liars are getting control of the world with such obvious deception. Our friends and relatives are pathetic. Don't let us get beat by these freaks!

EFF sues NSA over spying
As I wrote years ago here, we don't want criminals spying on us, but honest Americans should spy on the "truth seekers", Holocaust revisionists, the media, and the EFF. Don't be fooled by people who claim to be protecting your rights. Most of them are criminals who are afraid of being exposed

David Cole on Phil Donahue
I updated that page with video of Cole appearing on the show in 1994. It was difficult to spread information in 1994, but today we have the Internet and CD ROMs, so please take advantage of this technology and help expose the HoloHoax

Nazis counted lice!!
Remember the 50 million Nazi documents that were kept secret? They have amazing details of the camps, such as the numbers of lice removed from the prisoners. The Jews want us to believe that the Nazis were insane statisticians, but it all makes sense when you consider the Nazis were trying to keep the prisoners alive, and that every prison keeps similar records. How much longer are we going to let these Jews get away with the HoloHoax? Please pass my HoloHoax page around and tell people to grow a backbone and look into it

Jones on Iranian TV
More evidence that the foreign media that broadcast in English are controlled by Jews. Iran is infiltrated, and so are the Holocaust conferences. This explains why David Duke and Mike Piper were invited to Iran to speak about the Holocaust in 2006

Note that a professor was arrested for sexual crimes and later found dead, but professors and government officials are never arrested or found dead for promoting the HoloHoax, wars, or Zionist false flag operations. The only officials who die mysteriously seem to be those who expose the lies, such as Kelly. Will this situation ever change?
"Would you like good grades? 
Just pull your pants down and bend over this desk."

Jews urge EU to strengthen laws against anti-Semitism
The pattern to notice: 1) Jews are never hurt by the mysterious anti-Semites, 2) Jews use these trivial incidents to justify arresting and censoring the "anti-Semites" and "racists". One reason the Jews get away with this abuse is because they are in our government, such as Lord Janner who is President of the Parliamentary Committee Against Antisemitism that constantly whines about anti-Semitism

The two Jerry Springers
One of the two is promoting the HoloHoax (also here), but since the other Springer has a terrible reputation (and is on my Neanderthal page here), the good Springer is doing what many people do; namely, claiming that the bad person is somebody else. Don't believe this Jekyll and Hyde theory. People who behave in a disgusting manner are doing so because they want to

Swedish teachers fail Holocaust test
They didn't know how many Jewish children were killed by Nazis, for example. But perhaps they were answering the questions truthfully rather than according to Jewish propaganda. This Swedish teacher showed that he knew too much about the HoloHoax, so he was paid to retire by the city of Stockholm. Notice that the article mentions David Duke. As I've described in documents such as this, Duke is just a piece of meat on a fishing hook to attract people who are angry with Jews and to discredit holocaust investigations

"Anti-Semitism 2.0"
The ADL also complains about our accusations that McCain is a Jewish pawn! As people around the world learn about the role Jews play in wars, terrorism, and crime, and as we get fed up with their Holocaust education and use of religions to manipulate our simple-minded relatives, "Anti-Semitism 3.0" will be even better

Auschwitz gas chamber sprayed Jews with water instead of gas
British students heard that. In the USA, a HoloHoax survivor claims Nazis killed Jews in the streets with scythes and sickles. And another survivor discovers she deserves money, and the Jews are looking for more survivors. Help us find Goyim who have the courage to look into the HoloHoax and stand up to these criminals Jews!

Cheney proposed false flag op to start war with Iran
So says Sy Hersh (now on my Neanderthal page here). This propaganda is promoted by such Zionist agents as The New YorkerOpEdNews, and TruthNews to fool us into blaming Cheney instead of Jews

Astronaut McClelland saw 8 foot tall ET 
He has other claims here. I think the Zionist Jews are pushing UFOs because they want to fake a visit or invasion by aliens. I think the astronauts are psychotic puppets, as I explain here. Be suspicious of sites that promote UFOs, such as American Chronicle

Air Force officer dies from gunshot
If he was on our side, and if it was murder, we have a problem. His bio. His wife and daughter were home, but there is no information about the gun or his death. Coincidences: 1) he worked with Moseley, who resigned because of the B-52 nuclear incident. 2) His replacement, Walberg, was transferred to Washington DC one month before 9/11 

"We believe in the G-d of the Bible."
So says "Brother Joseph" Lieberman. Video here. How obvious does the manipulation by Jews have to be before Goyim can see it? And an Italian told me of this wierd "Merry Christmas" message from MTV in Italy, which has hidden messages

Hole in Qantas airline caused by coffee?
People who believe fire brought down Building 7 (eg, my nutty relatives) will believe this. Other people say that the hole in the luggage containers suggest an explosive, but from who? Al Qaeda? Scotland Yard says no bomb. Just like the FBI, they have answers before anybody investigates

Another New Jersey official in trouble
Neil Cohen who fought child pornography, is now accused of having it. I added him to my Neanderthal page here

TV documentary of lynching of Leo Frank
I suppose this will be an attempt to discourage people from thinking about lynching Jewish criminals. If you don't know of Leo Frank, judical-inc has information, but with every "truth seeker" turning out to be a Zionist agent, here is my disclaimer

Now the UK media is promoting Apollo astronaut Mitchell's UFO lies
A brief excerpt of his 23 July 2008 interview is here. Complete audio is here. He also recently promoted UFOs on television! Astronaut Aldrin also promotes UFOs. The evidence is overwhelming that the Jewish crime network is hoping to stage an alien encounter or attack. This would explain why the Nazis and Americans were tricked into developing flying saucers

Another suspicious nonprofit group,, is spending a lot of money to "educate" us about the Federal Reserve with this video. As I mentioned in my update to the Money Masters video, there is a tremendous effort right now to shift the blame away from Israel and onto the banking Jews. Jordan Maxwell and Alex Jones also blame "Teutonic Zionism"

Becoming wealthy from the economic chaos
Our economic system allows us to make money without contributing to society. Entertainment is another area where the profits are increasing right now, such as the Batman movie, and video games. As I explain in my documents, we can improve our economic system whenever we find enough people who want to do something useful with their lives instead of simply make money or wave flags

NASA to buy rocket technology from Japan
NASA scientists are meeting right now to "get back" to the moon, but will they need Japan's help to do it? What is NASA doing with the 17 billion tax dollars we give them every year? Well, one of their "scientists" is advocating the arrest of people opposing global warming, and they also create maps of carbon emissions!

Europe imports anti-Semitism
So says minister Jim Murphy. He also claims that Britain now has laws to allow people to be arrested for making anti-Semitic remarks. (I added him to my Neanderthal page). He spoke at the opening of the European Institute for the Study of Contemporary Anti-Semitism. And the British government gave money to that group! More here. Would Israel give money to Goy who want to study anti-Goyism? Help us find Goy who can prove Rosenthal is wrong!

Pay a carbon tax or get kidney stones!
Other hysterical claims: the coral reefs will die, Russians will suffer disease and drought, and the funniest: US soldiers will be beaten by Somali rebels. Our universities are full of criminals with Ph.D.'s. The people and groups that push global warming should be investigated (Lotan, Epstein, Brikowski, etc.)

Dr. Philip Zack is a Catholic, not a Jew
Now that Steven Hatfill appears innocent and is demanding that journalists disclose their sources that identified him as being involved in the anthrax attack of 2001, there is more attention on Zack, who was recordedby a security camera entering a lab at night. Ed Lake claims that Zack is not part of a Jewish conspiracy, so I suggest we consider that Zack, Ed Lake, and their associates, are indeed part of the conspiracy. Brad Garrett claims the FBI messed up the anthrax case because of incompetence, but I think ABC news uses him to convince us that the FBI agents are idiots to prevent us from realizing the FBI is working for Israel

Chandra Levy 12-part investigation
Why would the media put so much effort into this case? They don't care about 9/11, or the HoloHoax, or the attack on the USS Liberty. Is it because Levy was a Sayanim? Jews also complain a lot about wiretapping. Let's hope some Americans found the courage to defend themselves from the criminal Jews! Encourage others to join the battle!

Jews angry with German citizenship test
Because it doesn't ask questions about the Holocaust. Turkish groups complain also. Why would Turks care? Because many Turks are actually Jews. (Have you heard about the Armenian genocide of 1915? I have info here.) Does the Israeli citizenship test ask about Israel's involvement in 9/11 or the world wars? Can you see the pattern of how the Jews are bullies who push us around? It's their savage personality, not their intelligence, that makes them successful, as I described here. The Jews are also sending their Holocaust agent, David Irving, on a tour in the USA. If you don't know about him, I have info here

Models? Or sex slaves?
More here and here. If you don't know who she is, here is an early report. As I mentioned in my 26 Mar 2008 audio file, we have laws against child labor, but we allow children to be used in the "entertainment" industry, often for the sexual titillation of adults. The UK police admit that 18,000 women and children are trafficked into UK sex trade, but no nation actually tries to stop it. Why not? Because many officials in the government, police, and military are using these sex slaves. Josef Fritzl is not the only person with torture chambers. Remember the island of Jersey?

OMG! No Holocaust courses!
Some Jews just discovered that Goy children are graduating from school without a Holocaust education!

BBC under serious pressure!
Article here. Millions of people now know about 9/11. Notice who the BBC promotes. The only hope for the criminal Jews is that they fool people into trusting their agents as 9/11 investigators. But are enough people that stupid? If not, it's over for their crime network. Help us expose the Jewish trick of a wolf in sheeple's clothing and let's put an end to this nightmare!

Chinese citizens burn police and government buildings
The Chinese people are angry that a murderer is protected because he is the nephew of a government official. Five videos here. Photos here. Riots don't create better governments but compare those Chinese to the American sheeple, who ignore corruption. New Yorkers are so corrupt and apathetic they can't even rebuild the WTC, which is becoming like the Boston BigDig scandal

Another $161 Billion for war
Additional upcoming costs include the repair of military equipment, perhaps $100 billion. And don't forget the medical costs! Democrats are the majority, but they claim to be helpless to stop the war. Cindy Sheehan uses her dead son to get attention, but she won't expose 9/11 or the war as a fraud, and neither will the antiwar groups. Help us find humans among the sheeple who can see that our government, peace groups, and 9/11 groups are controlled by criminal Jews 

Anti-Semitism on message boards
It is not anti-Semitism. It is the natural reaction to the discovery of the global Jewish crime network. Sure, some people get carried away with their complaints, but we are justified in becoming disgusted with these criminals. Example: it is the anniversary of Anne Frank's diary; have you looked at the evidence that it is a 61-year long fraud perpetrated by criminal Jews?

Russia launches US satellites
Again we depend on the Russians to launch satellites. NASA did a great job on these moon surfaces, but you don't need to be a rocket scientist to fake a moon landing

George Carlin exposed our “owners”
As with a lot of "liberals", Carlin blamed the world's problems on corporations. Was he naive? Or was he afraid to be honest about the Jewish crime network? Or was he protecting the Jews? Have you noticed that everybody who is promoted by the Jewish media is either an idiot or a liar?

Good photos of Iowa flooding
There is flooding every year in America somewhere. We're smart enough to fake a man on the moon, so we're smart enough to make better cities, but we need people who want more from life than money, fame, sex, and drugs. Can you help us to find some humans among the horde of talking monkeys?

US military wants more investigators
Not to protect us from Al Qaeda or criminal Jews, but to protect themselves from businesses. Many people can't control their cravings for money, fame, or sex, and they will cheat, lie, rape, and abuse us to get what they crave. Our police and courts do nothing to stop the abuse because 1) many take bribes or work with crime gangs (some recent examples: Chicago, India, San Diego) and 2) our attitudes towards crime are unrealistic. Jail doesn't transform talking monkeys into humans. We have to do more than get rid of the Jewish crime network; we need to experiment with different policies, but can we find enough people who want to try to improve our world?

"Bombing Iran? It's not so bad, really"
Another attempt to convince us to bomb Iran. And another Institute to consider as a Jewish crime center. We are fools to tolerate attempts to instigate war. Angelina Jolie says she would have killed Hitler, but the evidence shows that Zionist Jews were responsible for the world wars and the Nazis, and the Jews are trying to start more wars today, so she would have done more good by killing the Zionist Jews instead. Or does she already know that? How many entertainers are as stupid as they appear, and how many are protecting the Jewish crime network?

Germany to give $320 Million for Holocaust Survivors
Professor Finkelstein wrote about the "Holocaust Industry", but it's actually a HoloHoax Scam. Help us find people who are tired of this abuse! And why is India helping Israel develop missiles?

New USAF chief is a Jew
With all the evidence that Jews are responsible for most of the problems of 20th century, we are fools to allow them to be our leaders. And we are fools to tolerate the people who assist or ignore this Jewish crime network

Mark Dice goes on TV
News article is here. As with Alex Jones, he protects Israel and blames the USA. I wrote a bit about him months ago here

Russian corruption is staggering
People who cheat or take bribes think that they're benefiting from their crime, but they hurt their nation, which affects them and the rest of us in the long run. But how many people can resist bribes and cheating? Not this man, or this company, or these judges. Is this expensive magnetic train between Disneyland and Las Vegas given funding because of bribery? Most people have very little control over their cravings for money, sex, and fame. We've got to find higher quality people for leadership

FBI arrest some Italian gangsters
The article admits there are 5 Mafia families in New York, but the FBI doesn't get rid of all 5 gangs, and they don't try to get rid of the Jewish crime network, and they have been protecting the 9/11 attack and other crimes. If the accusations are true (e.g., this), the FBI is a group of blackmailed homosexuals, Jews, and criminals. In order for the USA to take care of itself, we must clean our police and military of criminals. Is that why these two military leaders were fired? Or was that to give Israel more control? Help us find people who are tired of the abuse! Do you want to live in a world where people are in such fear that they would consider a product like this? How about a version for young boys?

German Neo Nazis support Israel
Since the Nazis are not identifying themselves, they are probably Jews who are desperately trying to trick people into supporting Israel. Their logo is at the bottom of their page here

Pakistan's scientist says he lied about spread nukes
And Switzerland destroyed evidence in a nuclear smuggling case, which is a sign that it wasn't real evidence. Jews were promoting the theory that nuclear technology is spreading, and perhaps that propaganda is failing now

Steinmeier: Israel has a right to exist
More of his remarks here. As I explained in my audio file for Oct_7, no nation or organization has a right to exist. People have a responsibility to behave in a respectable manner, and if they don't, we should remove them from our world. Is Steinmeier a Jew? Help us find people who will get off their knees and stand up to the Jews

Jews condemn call to boycott Israeli universities
The Jews cause wars, commit horrendous crimes, and lie to us (here is some new Anne Frank propaganda), but all the UCU does is consider a boycott of their schools! Are they serious? Grow a backbone! We should demand the police and military treat the global Jewish crime network as dangerous and disgusting enemies and parasites!

Australian police investigate photographer
When do photos of naked children qualify as "art"? Some people defend the photos, but once you realize that Jews instigate fights and bad behavior by promoting Mohammed cartoons, pirates, pornography, and homosexuality, you have to wonder, is it really "art"? Or is it another attempt by Jews to manipulate us? As I mentioned in my audio file for Jan_27, art can be defined.

LBJ tapes show a strong connection to Israel
Alex Jones tells us that Israel attacked the USS Liberty because LBJ wanted to take over the Middle East (I have an excerpt here), but LBJ's tapes show that he was Israel's Useful Idiot, as are most world leaders

Canadian industries complain about carbon tax
And people complain about abuse in other nations. The people who push for a carbon tax call themselves liberals, but they are criminal Jews. Help find people who have the guts to stand up to Jews

Naples suffering from organized crime and gypsies
Another example of what happens when we allow organized crime to flourish and irresponsible sheeple to vote. Everybody suffers, even the sheeple who take bribes and assume they benefit from the crimes 

Another NY police suicide
If the dishonest police are being killed, good riddance to them, but if the honest police are being killed, we have a problem. There were mysterious deaths of 3 British police in March, remember?

"We must get to know David Cameron better"
I agree! And I have this page to show that he boasts about being a Zionist

UK to open permanent Holocaust center for children
Note that they admit the information is fictional, and they avoid the issue of gas chambers. Help us find people to stand up to the Jews and their abuse!

Former UK detective arrested for human trafficking
A policeman!? Police normally get in trouble only for abusing criminals

Iran 'may spark Middle East weapons race'
So says the IISS, another of the hundreds of 'think tanks' that should be considered as criminal Jewish gangs, and must be eliminated. The Jews that control the US, UK, and Israel are causing Mideast nations to want nukes, not Iran. We must stop the Jews. The Chabad Jews just moved into Serbia, and Canadian Jews are using tax money to make Canadians feel guilty for events in 1939. But the Brits are so spineless that they bow to Scientology! Well, maybe the Brits are just becoming fat, not splineless. (Brits are the fattest in Europe)

Gore wins $1 million prize from Israeli group
For his Global Warming "research"! More evidence that the carbon tax is an Israeli and Jewish scam to manipulate us

Google co-founder left Russia because of anti-Semitism
In the USA he and other Jews have a sanctuary and can behave in any disgusting manner they please, such as training our idiot teachers to promote HoloHoax propaganda, and tricking the idiot voters into electing Jewish puppets who continue to promote a war with Iran

The woman who turned Bernie Ward in for pedophilia
It's just another boring case of child porn among media leaders and Catholic priests (although he said he gave oral sex to his son, which is unusual; did you get such a service from your father?) but it is important to note that the police, media, and organizations that investigate pedophilia never ask, where did Ward get the photos? Who took the photos? Who are the people in the photos? Also, note that the Liberal Jews complain about Republican pedophiles (here is one list), but don't be fooled into thinking liberals will save you from Republicans. Alex Jones and others claim that both parties are controlled by the same group (the New World Order), but as I describe in Part_3 of my Masquerade Party video, I think Israel has more control over the Liberals, communists, and Democrats

Nazi party began in a gay bar?
The Pink Swastika is online here. Did you know that the Deguello Report of 1976 claimed that the "patriot" groups were full of gays and Jews, just as they seem to be today? Kay Griggs says the US military also has a problem with Jews and gays. Why do gays and Jewish criminals have this special relationship? Do the Jews run gay-related businesses and blackmail their customers?

Holocaust center wants tax money! (new link)
Are Israelis stupid enough to use their tax money to pay us to lie to them? In Michigan, a Holocaust center for children will be built, and the Governor of Kentucky made Holocaust education a law! How many Goyim have functional brain? 
Instead of defending ourselves from Jews, we put our effort into saving idiots like this!

Bolton: US should bomb Iran
Israel is still struggling to trick us into attacking Iran. Don't let the Jews intimidate you. Since they can call for bombings of Goy, then we can call for the bombing of Jews. How about bombing Shimon Perez, who tells us that Iran is worse than the Nazis, and why not bomb Jamie Weinstein?

UK discovers that CCTV cameras don't stop crime
As I discussed in several of my files, we differ in our ability to control our cravings for sex, food, status, etc. Security cameras and jails will not stop a "talking monkey" from behaving like an animal. We need a different policy for improper behavior

Alex Jones gets favorable TV coverage
And he is interviewing a lot of VIPs; today it was a Senator. The pressure is on the Jews to promote their agents as "truth seekers". In France, the 9/11 documentary I mentioned in my audio file for Nov_7 has been finished. They try to make me look like an anti-Semite, but they treat Loose Change a bit nicer. However, the video is in French

22 million US government workers
And it's growing larger. Imagine what such a large group could accomplish if they were respectable people

Le Pen: no gas chambers at Auschwitz
Is he a French version of David Duke? Or he is truly standing up to the Jews? (If you trust David Duke, I have some information here)

22 million US government workers
And it's growing larger. Imagine what such a large group could accomplish if they were respectable people

Le Pen: no gas chambers at Auschwitz
Is he a French version of David Duke? Or he is truly standing up to the Jews? (If you trust David Duke, I have some information here)

Vandals smash Holocaust items
As you might expect if you have been looking at my website for a while, a Jew was responsible and has been arrested already

"miserable profiteering"
The VP of the Central Council of Jews complained at the mysterious Konrad Adenauer Foundation that Germany is doing business with Iran. The article has nothing to do with David Duke, but they use a photo of him to give a bad image to Iran. We need a Central Council of Goyim to investigate the foundations and arrest the criminal Jews

Al Qaeda defends Israel and global warming
The Jewish crime network has been so thoroughly exposed that the Jews are trying to use Arabs and Iran to protect them! Will Iran stand up to this? Or does Iran work for Israel, also?

China is Nazi regime!
Canadian official Rob Anders ignores the abuse by Israel and tries to direct hatred towards China. The French are being told to ignore the Olympics, and some world leaders are encouraging this also. And look at the picture and description at this page. The Chinese would be fools to allow Israel to exist while the Jews struggle to create hatred of China. Get a clue China; your enemy is not Taiwan, Europe, or America. It is the Jews and the traitorous Chinese who sold out to the Jews

General Ben Partin explains OKC bombing
I have link to a useful video for people who think you are a "conspiracy nut". Send it to people in the military and police

Soros and others make billions
Do you think they earned the money? I say we are allowing our world to be raped. Don't expect the voters to improve this. Merkel is a mindless Jewish puppet, and McCain is a superstitious Jewish puppet, and all the other leaders are equally disgusting. We need to find people who want to make signficant changes to the world

NASA to study moon dust
They didn't bother to study the dust when they were driving cars on the moon 40 years ago. Japan's moon probe is taking photos, but Japan is slow to release them. One of the latest on their siteis this from Feb 13. Please help expose NASA and the moon landing hoax with my Apollo page

Texe Marrs promotes Daryl Smith!
Audio at Smith's site, also. Smith says there isn't any time to waste. Yes, indeed, the Jews don't have much time to fool us into following their agents, so now even Smith is getting publicity. Last month Sofia, who made the 911 Mysteries video, promoted Smith on her RBN radio show. I have some remarks about her here and here.  If you don't know why I no longer trust Smith, listen to his last phone call to me. Be careful trusting people in this "truth movement"

Alex Jones is taking the gloves off
The Jews and their agents are becoming very frustrated

Olympic Torch Relay protest
The police picked up Peter Tatchell, but let him go with a warning. He is with the Gay Liberation Front, and he promotes Jewish propaganda on 9/11, and he is promoted by many groups that ignore Jewish crimes, such as newstatesman. The protestors complain about China's treatment of Tibet, but they ignore the much more horrible treatment of the entire world by the Rothschilds, Israelis, Zionists, and other Jews. The Jews are trying to cause fights, and if Goyim are tricked into wars againby the Jews, the result will be worse than anything China did to Tibet. Jews are our enemy, not Chinese. Plus, gays should ask "What am we gay?" instead of becoming angry and pretending it is an alternative lifestyle, as I mentioned in my Dec 2, 2007 audio file

Ron Paul endorses The John Birch Society
Did you see my articles about Alex Jonesand Bob Dacy? They also support the JBS. The Deguello report says the Jews infiltrated the JBS decades ago. The Ron Paul supporters are suckers. Today the Jews are trying to start fights by promoting and complaining about these ads. Help us find people who can see these Jewish tricks!

Thailand tries to stop castrations of young boys
Search for "Ladyboys" if you don't know about this problem. Mysterious businesses (such as this) will help you meet these boys. Most people hide from these problems, but that will not make them go away

McDonald’s goes Gay
The AFA is reporting this and complaining about it, but who are they? They produce propaganda about radical Islamists, and they have organizations to manipulate fathers. It seems as if Jews at McDonald's are trying to cause trouble, and other Jews offer to protect us

UK is European center of anti-Semitism
Note the remark that Jews were banned until 1656. Why not bring back that ban?

Police budgets shrinking
The police may worry about losing their job for talking about 9/11, the HoloHoax, etc, but they may lose their job as the USA deteriorates. Living in fear of the Jewish crime network is not a solution! 

Gore unveils $300m climate ads
I have some articles to help expose the carbon tax fraud here. The Jews seem worried that Obama will beat Clinton, so they want us to consider Gore, such as this and this and this. The Jews also worry about 9/11, so a Japanese MP was on the Alex Jones show to help promote Jones. They also have to fool people into thinking they are the BBC. Can you see how the Jews are exposing 9/11 in order to trick you into following Jews?

Two guns used in RFK murder
Now that the "authorities" are admitting this, and the Italian army said that Oswald could not have killed JFK, you can use these articles to put pressure on Sheeple to face the fact that a crime gang is running loose. If the Sheeple don't respond, tell them that studies show cell phones cause brain cancer, so maybe they have a tumor. Notice that the Jews are trying toblamethe CIA for the RFK murder. They always Blame the Goys. For 6000 years we've suffered abuse by Jews

Desperate attempts to incite anger of Muslims
One video is already here. New link Andrew Bostom promotes this video, and he wrote a book about Islamic anti-Semitism. Also, Sofia, who made the 911 Mysteries video, is interviewing Daryl Smith on her RBN radio show. I have some remarks about her here and here. The Jews have no defense, so they are trying to create anger and promote their own agents as "truth seekers"

Silverstein sues for $12.3 Billion
Kevin "clueless" O'Connor and other sick rescue workers don't get much help, and even some journalists are sick, but instead of arresting these criminals Jews, we make them rich!

More US Cops get training at Holocaust Museum
The police are suckers to let criminal Jews train them. I have this page that shows some of the ADL training programs for police.

Wikipedia gets $3M donation
From the Sloan Foundation. Another example of a philanthropy that funds Jewish propaganda. In order to get rid of the Jewish crime network, we must destroy the philanthropies. Not one of them will fund our attempt to expose the Jewish crime network, and this is not a coincidence

"Bush's War"
Another attempt by the PBS Jews to protect Israel. Counteract their lies by referring to the war as Israel's War

German Jews file suit to force youtube to delete anti-Semitic videos
They also complain that the Pope is anti-Semitic. The German Jew Matthias Küntzel gave speech in USA that 9/11 was due to anti-Semitism. Other Jews complain that a South Korean comic book is anti-Semitic for blaming 9/11 on Jews. The ADL complains of anti-Semitism in Italy. Russian Jews complain about blood libel stories. The Jews accuse everybody of anti-Semitism, even Chomsky. They have no way to defend their disgusting, murderous behavior, so they pretend to be victims and trick people into feeling sorry for them. Help us find people who can ignore their tears so that we  can get rid of this Jewish crime network!

Video of McCain's handler at work
Lieberman was also watching over McCain at the Wall, and during the SuperBowl. How obvious does the Jewish control have to be? McCain and other officials are puppets

Congressman says IBM aided Holocaust
Another attempt to blame the Goys. He also directs anger towards China, and he created HR3320 to give $5 million to a Polish Jew Museum! Meanwhile, the Iraq war starts its 6th year! Help us find people who want to destroy this Jewish crime network!

Bush's War, Five Years On
Counteract the propaganda. It is Israel's war, or the Jew's war, not Bush's war. Will the US military or police ever find the courage to stand up to the Jews and their wars?

Japanese MP at 9/11 event
He exposed 9/11 to Japan's government (full video here), and he also spoke in Europe. Notice who promotes him, such as 911blogger. The Jews promote their puppets as 9/11 "truth seekers". Are the Japanese smart enough to see this trick?

Spitzer's whore
More amusing info on our leaders. Sheen paid $20K for her, but she wasn't worth $40k, and McGreevey let a man have sex with his wife for free

Was Spitzer exposed for revenge?
Are the "Banker Jews" fighting the "Israeli Jews", as I described in Part 3 of Masquerade Party? And why was this federal judge exposed?

WeAreChange harass Larry Silverstein
Their harassment of Silverstein, Rockefeller, Tim Russert, and others is amusing, but it doesn't help us get rid of the Jewish crime network. It's just a trick to fool us into trusting them. Warn people about Jews in truth seeker clothing

Another dead UK cop
This is the 3rd dead UK cop in 4 days. Todd and Munro send strange text messages before killing themselves. Or the murderer sent the text messages to fool the Gullible Goyim. Will another cop die tomorrow? Who's killing them? And why? Do any of the UK sheeple care?

60% of Austrians tired of Holocaust burden
But 36% want it to continue! Their Zionist leaders want it, also. To keep it going, new photos were released. To help Germans remain in fear, a new movie shows the Nazis could return!

Trooper on anti-prostitution patrol protected child prostitution ring
Again we find the authorities protecting organized crime. The best way to get away with crime is to be a "crime fighter" and "truth seeker"

Top UK cop murdered? Or suicide?
Some reports are already trying to convince us that he was psychotic or suicidal. Those secret CIA flights he was investigating were most likely Jewish CIA flights. Did you know Valerie Plame is Jewish? Will the police ever stand up to this Jewish crime network?

Belgium to pay €100 million to Holocaust survivors
And Sarkozy shows his lovefor Israel, and the German Foreign Minister is complaining about a "new" anti-Semitism, and a Holocaust® group opens an office in Berlin. How abusive do the Jews have to be before the Goyim decide they've had enough? 

"German children tend to show Holocaust fatigue"
Maybe this Nintendo Holocaust game will help them.

Ex-police try to stop pedophilia investigation
If US police tried to investigate 9/11, how many other police would try to stop it? If German police tried to investigate the Holocaust, what would happen? Our police departments need to investigate themselves and arrest the criminals within them

High School officials assign Gay porn
A Gay Jew wrote the book, and other Jews publish it, promote it, and make a movie of it. Months ago a teacher complained it was made into a play. The groups complaining may be controlled by Jews, also, as we see with 9/11 "truth groups". What would our schools be like without Jews causing trouble?

After decades of silence, some citizens complain
When will people end the silence about 9/11, the Holohoax, the Apollo hoax, etc? The silence allows children to be abused and photographed for years, and this girl was told that nobody would believe her if she complained.

NASA will rely on Russia
NASA asked for $17 billion for 2009, but what do they do with the money? Have you seen the photos from Japan's moon probe? Do they look like Apollo photos? NASA is a crime gang. Did you see Bollyn's article about NASA's connection to 9/11? We ought to wonder, does the space station have a sensible purpose?

Minister for child welfare sabotaging the pedophile investigation
Pedophilia and human trafficking is widespread, and the only way to explain it is that the government is protecting it, and so are most of the groups that investigate or protect children. This Canadian policeman was just sentenced to jail for refusing to testify in a pedophilia case. He says he lost faith in the justice system. He has given up trying to fight the corrupt police and government of Canada. Corruption is extreme. We need more people to help us stop it!

Russian Mafia in Wall Street
A few months ago John McEnroe said the Russian Mafia might be involved in tennis. Have you seen any evidence that the Russian mafia are Russian Jews? I have information here, and about Patrick Byrne here

Jews want German official fired
This is an example of how the Jews work together to get rid of their opponents. The Goy should defend one another, but most run away in fear

China's pollution affect Korea and Japan
Montreal is running out of space for garbage, and Toronto is sending some garbage to Michigan. The largest lake in the Philippinesis polluted, and Hong Kong has air pollution problems. How long can we ignore our production of garbage and pollution? We have the ability to deal with it, but our leaders in business and government don't care

Beijing's no-tell motels
Is this really a "sex revolution"? Or degradation of society?

French actress doubts 9/11 story
And the Apollo moon landing. Some articles are already attacking her. The website (here, in French) that carried the original article is reporting a tremendous response (here, also in French).

Policeman was afraid to expose pedophilia
More evidence that our leaders are protecting pedophilia. Police are trying to stop suspects from fleeing. Will US police continue to protect pedophilia, or will they be inspired to crack down on their leaders?

Another Holocaust® lie
The Jews want this lie to be exposed because the author was a Goy. They don't want Goy to profit from their HoloHoax Industry. Did you know that Professor Faurisson exposed Anne Frank's diary as a fraud?

Italian mayor burnt alive in car
If you thought our officials were crude criminals, this might cheer you up!

Sick 9/11 workers beg for money
John Feal, their handler, doesn't want to help them realize that Israelis brought the buildings down with explosives. If you don't know about John Feal or why the workers are sick, I have this article

New Johnny Gosch photos
Her page has lots of photos. The investigators of this crime, such as ex-FBI agent Ted Gunderson and NYC detective Jim Rothstein, can't solve it. If you don't know much about this issue, here is an interview with John DeCamp

Obama and Clinton struggle to appease Jews
In case you didn't see the debate, take a look at how these puppets behave. He also reassured an Israeli newspaper

David Duke; Jewish puppet
Just like Ron Paul, Duke says that our foreign policy "makes enemies", and "resulted directly in the tragedy of the 9-11 attacks". (near the end of his article on Serbia) How do the Jews control Duke? Christopher Bollyn said that he heard Duke and Mike Piper.. uh.. look up "coprophilia". If this is new to you, I have a copy of the Deguello Report and I wrote this to show the patriot and Nazi movement is full of homos, Jews, and pedophiles

Cameron and his Holocaust 'gimmick'
Cameron boasts that the Tories would pay the full cost of the Auschwitz  trips. As I showed here, the UK and US officials try to outdo one another in appeasing Israel. The stupid Christian Zionists are also struggling to show their love for Israel

Dutroux victims' lawyer charged with paedophilia
The best way to get away with a crime is to be a crimefighter. I have audio files and articles about this, some at my deception page

Kucinich to investigate 9/11 insider trading
This is promoted by such Zionist sites as nwotruth, STA, and 911blogger. Kucinich is a pansy who became kosher for a girlfriend and blames the Iraq war on oil. This is more evidence that the Israelis tricked people into the trades so that they could be blackmailed, and they are once again putting pressure on their victims

Athletes for 9/11 Truth
George Washington (a Jew, Alex Floum), is trying to trick athletes into following him.  Will the Goyim ever wise up to this Pied Piper trick?

ADL asks Israeli high tech companies to stop anti-Semitism
We're not anti-Semitic; we're fed up with the abuse by Jews! Our military and police should stop the anti-Goyism

Sex slaves in Rome
The article mentions Romanian orphans; if you don't know about this problem, here is a British documentary, and another here

Ex-cop arrested for refusing to testify in pedophile case
Has he been intimidated by the pedophiles in the government and police? Government officials rarely get in trouble for pedophilia, and church officials just pay the victims and move to other churches. It's obviously a big network that takes care of itself

Britain 'a soft touch for terrorists'
The RUSI is another "think tank" that should be arrested for promoting Israeli lies about terrorism

China to ban Spielberg's ET
All nations should stand up to the ghosts, UFOs, violence, and porn the Jews push on us as "art". Danish Jews take a "defiant stand in defense of freedom of speech" with Muhammed cartoons, but they arrest Silvia Stolzfor discussing the Holocaust. We have to take a defiant stand, also! Don't let Jews intimidate you. And tell the Germans to get off their knees and stop making submarines for Israel!

Rise in violent attacks on UK Jews?
According to the CST, which works with UK police. Do the UK police really need their help?

The new pedophiles
18 to 20-year-old Europeans! How do they know about these trips? Who arranges the trips? How many end up blackmailed?

WeAreChange interviews Jim LaPenna
The Jews put themselves into the position of Savior in order to control the gullible victims. They created 1stresponders. And they may be involved with Perverted Justice, which has training programs for police. Assume all groups are guilty until proven innocent

Holocaust remembrance logo
Photos here. It is for Remember Six Million project. I also have a shirt design here and here. The Jews are recording Holocaust music, and writing more of it, and having a Violins of Hope concert. I have a violin also:

"Where is the anger?"
Maybe Jews are too afraid to be angry now that the Internet has removed the secrecy that has been protecting them. HoloHoax survivors press US Congress for money, but the ADL and WJC worry this will push the Goy too far. Spain is resisting to some extent, but in France, Le Pen is fined for Holocaust denial™. Let people know that Jews were turned away from US and Cuba during WW2. Then explain that Zionists were manipulating the Nazis to create Israel

Gambino gang arrested
The police could arrest Zionists also, if they wanted to

5th Internet cable cut
Note that Stephen Beckert repeatedly comes forward to insist it was an accident. His company provides maps of the cables. He and his company should be investigated

Willie Nelson doubts 9/11
In newspapers also. And here. Use this to help people face 9/11, and then help them understand the concept of a wolf in sheep's clothing, and then tell them that Nelson and Jones are trying to shift the blame away from Israel. They can't stop 9/11 from coming out into the public, so they are trying to expose it, so help us expose Zionism 

Extra funding for Holocaust trips for UK students
The Germans are building a HomoCaust slab. The Pope rewrites a prayer to please Jews.  Europe is Sheeple farm

Abercrombie ads seized by police
Get into the habit of looking at who causes this trouble. Bollyn looked into the Muhammad cartoons and foundJews. In Holland, Geert Wilders is promoting an anti-Koran film, and Iran's ambassador reacts with threats. Learn from the Protocols of Zion and Harold Rosenthal; the Jews are manipulating us and instigating fights

Russians should study Russian Holocaust instead of The Holocaust®
Are Russians starting to rebel? A Jewish Holocaust Denier™ has become dean of a UK College. Even though some HoloHoax deniers are frauds (eg, David Irving), the HoloHoax is being exposed, and Jews are worried! Peres tells students to use Facebook to stop Shoah denial™. In Germany they are providing Holocaust comics to children. Maybe next the Jews will make toy gas chambers for children, or Holocaust candy, such as Gummi Jews. The Holocaust® payout from Swiss banks is $1 billion, and $25 billion from Germany, and recently Austria and the UK became suckers, so the Jews do not want to lose this source of income or its control over Goy emotions, so let's increase our efforts to expose the HoloHoax!

Jewish Self-Hatred
Help people realize that it's not self-hatred. It's a technique to manipulate us. Show people the remarks from Theodore Herzl (at top of this document). Keep the pressure on Zionism so they must defend laws against HoloHoax denial and Israel's right to exist. Put them on the defensive! Don't be afraid; make them fear us

Holocaust "public service announcements"
One is here and one here. Plus the UN and Israel create a Holocaust postage stamp. British Jews make a Holocaust coloring book and "advice" for Scottish authorities. Genocide Watch and hopenothate also promote Zionist lies. But in this PDF file their numbers don't add up to 6 million. Once you understand their trick of pretending to help us, you realize that the enemy is identifying themselves! We know who they are; all we need are enough people to become fed up with them

Obama sex and drug accusations
Sinclair provided details on the Rense radio show. An mp3 excerpt is here. Who was the driver of the limo? Was Sinclair used to get blackmail material on Obama? Are the Ron Paul Zionists going to ruin the other candidates? By the way, here is more evidence that Alex Jones is a liar. I have more info on the Alex Jones page here

Another Jew caught for anti-Semitism
More details here. This is a special case because 1) he was making  bombs - this is a violent Jew 2) his roommate is a professor in AIDS research. We need to expose professors involved with Zionism to help people realize that universities are under Zionist control, and that is why professors lie about the Holocaust, the Apollo moon landing, 9/11, etc. The scholars for 9/11 truth are also a Zionist group

Life on Mars?
The Mars rovers previously showed evidence of water and hot springs, and photos have the wrong colors. The Zionists claim that NASA is hiding evidence of  life on Mars, but it's evidence that the Mars rovers are in the Australian desert

Zionist Dutch Jews worked with the Nazis
More here, and a lot more detail here. In Holland during WW2, a professor and a diamond dealer worked with the Nazis. Some non-Zionist Jews worked for the Nazis out of fear, but some Zionist Jews seem to have worked with Nazis to create anti-Semitism and get rid of non-Zionist Jews. We must have the freedom to investigate the Holocaust in order to settle these disputes. Europeans must stop being afraid of Zionists

Muslim beauty queen to play role of Anne Frank
The Germans get another dose of HoloHoax propaganda, this time with sexual titillation. Did the Jews choose a Muslim to upset the Muslims?

SPLC: Hal Turner works for FBI
The FBI has been protecting Zionist crimes for decades, so this means Hal Turner works for Zionists. The mysterious pamphlets that advocate killing Jewsprobably comes from Zionists, also, as a way to justify arresting "anti-Semites" for "hate crimes". And Jews probably gave this unemployed man the pamphlets to pass out, and then had him arrested

Pollution damages mice DNA
There is more autism and girls are starting puberty too early; is any of it caused by pollution? The Yangtze river is polluted. Some photos of what it should look like. Pollution is everywhere, such as Manila and India. Instead of wasting billions on the Iraq war and Israel, we should research health issues and make a better world for ourselves. All we need is more people to help us destroy Zionism and bring better leaders to power. We can do it, if you help spread information!

Faulty design caused bridge collapse
The NTSB officials are selected by the President (actually, the Z's who control the President), so of course they don't notice the similarities to 9/11, as I described here

Al-Qaeda's white army of terror
What will be next? A Chinese Al Qaeda? The US is worried of an Al-Qaeda resurgence in Pakistan. Scotland Yard says Al Qaeda killed Bhutto. The British are certainly justified to be proud of Scotland Yard for solving this crime so quickly!

Hate crime verdict overturned
Should he get in trouble for referring to Jews as a "disease"? Lieberman didn't get in trouble for advocating that the US bomb Iran. I have other news articles suggesting a bombing of Iran at this page

Austrian HoloHoax Denier gets 6 years in prison!
And Zundel's lawyer gets 3 years! Zundel is a Zionist agent, as I explained here (this is the correct link for Zundel), but that doesn't justify allowing Jews to conduct this propaganda. The UK is having the idiotic Holocaust Remembrance Day to promote this hoax. We are losers if we allow this to continue

Conference on anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial
Charles Small is a "specialist" on these issues. More about him here. Let's have a conference on anti-Goyism and the HoloHoax

Faurisson to face trial again?
The Jews won't give up, so we can't give up, either. Help bring attention to this idiotic law against Holocaust denial. Two of Faurisson's speeches and his analysis of Anne Frank are here. Ask people if they agree that he should be put in jail for his research

Reichstag verdict overturned
You can use this to help people see the similarity to 9/11 and to the bombing of the King David Hotel in 1946

They chose not to bomb Auschwitz
This gives you a good opportunity to ask people, "Why didn't they bomb the rail lines leading to the camp?" Also point out that they claim 1.5 million Jews were killed, but years ago they said 4 million. The official number of dead Jews dropped by 2.5 million, but it's against the law in Europe to investigate! Holocaust Memorial Day is coming up, and schools will teach students about it, but they're not allowed to ask questions. 'Jew' has become curse word among German youth. I can't imagine why

Auschwitz death camp more popular than ever
Is this because the Zionist propaganda is working? Or do people want to see for themselves if it really is a HoloHoax? Did you see my page about the Jew, David Cole, who visited Auschwitz and decided that the gas chambers were life chambers rather than death chambers?

Lev Leviev leaves Israel for UK
Another Zionist who became rich by exploiting women's craving for jewelry. He has also been described as Putin's pal, and he circumcised his own son by himself. Why do so many Jews prefer living with Goyim rather than their own kind? JTA claims the move is for financial reasons. But since they are the superior race, shouldn't their communities be the nicest places to live?

Children of the Holocaust train
Jews are upset that they have to spend money to promote their Holocaust® propaganda. More here. Get your tissues ready! To help the tears flow, read about the Auschwitz slave who worked 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, burning other Jews. Plus, Germans are becoming ignorant about anti-Semitism!

China's ambitious space program
They're advancing quickly and discovering a side effect of technology: toxic pollution. If you're not familiar with this problem in China, the Chinese are recycling a lot of our electronics, and suffering from cadmium poisoning, and starting to worry about the quality of their food. Some people say Croatia is also becoming a toxic dump. And is the mercury in fluorescent light bulbs going to poison us? Will we ever put as much effort into understanding our health as we put into bombing Iraq? When will we become as interested in the quality of our lives as we are in the destruction of other people's lives?

France finds its own Anne Frank
The article mentions Irene, Nemirovsky but she is evidence that the Zionists were in control of the Nazis. See my article Why can't we investigate the Holocaust? and look at what Faurisson wrote about Anne Frank

Nazi wants kosher meals in prison
This seems like satire, but it may be more evidence that the Jews pretend to be Nazis. In Russia, a "businessman" is complaining about xenophobia but he wants us to hate Iran! He is president of the RJC. More about him here. Al Bawaba promotes his propaganda because it is a Zionist site, not Arabic! Info on Mark Saunt here. Have you seem my Lesson 7 about Crypto Jews?

Moscow to experiment with city design
More here and a project for Bulgaria is here. Will the US, Europe, China, or Japan ever get governments willing to experiment with city design? We don't have to spend our money on Israel, war, gambling, and Hollywood

Germany to ban online gambling
In the USA, Barney Frank, Robert Wexler, and others are trying to allow online gambling. In MA, Gov. Patrick says a few casinos would add 20,000 jobs. In KY, officials want casinos also. The solution to our economic problems, gambling

US gives money to Israel to stop slavery
When online gambling becomes legal in the USA, let's bet on whether this money is well spent. Incidentally, Christopher Bollyn wrote about the Israeli slaves in 2002

Jews happy in German army
Jews are also happy in the USA. Israel doesn't allow Goyim all over their government, media, and military. When are we going to get them out of our lives? We don't owe them anything! Russian Jews are also happy in Germany

Holocaust denial up in 2007
They blame it on the release of David Irving from jail, but it's really because people are looking into the issue and discovering that the Zionist Jews lied to us. Since Irving is a Zionist agent, let's hope they put him back in jail

Turkish official convicted of "genocide denial"
Europe should use the holocaust denial laws against the Jews and Turks for denying the Armenian genocide! But it could be a trick. The Genocide Scholars are asking Turkey to recognize the genocide against Greeks and Assyrians, but they seem to be Zionists. Helen Fein is also concerned about genocide in Sudan, along with Jerry Fowler and other loving people. Oh, sure they are!
If you don't understand the significance of the Armenian genocide, I have this page

Al Qaeda killed Bhutto
Bruce Riedel also says Israel will attack Iran, and that Al Qaeda wants nuclear bombs. Other Zionists try to convince us that this killing puts "Pakistan's future in jeopardy". The Zionists are trying to create chaos, but if enough people understand "false flag" operations, it won't work

Sex slaves freed in Scotland
The article says that Operation Pentameter 2 is to free the slaves, not stop the gangs, and one freed slave may be a slave again! Asia is a major source of people to exploit, as this earlier raid shows. This problem is everywhere, such as Vietnam and Israel. And there is organ trafficking in Israel, Europe, and Philippines

1/3 of Israeli youth want out
Israel is also reporting a drop in immigration. As I mentioned in my audio files, if Jews were truly the superior race, then Israel would be the best nation, but a lot Jews would rather live among us Goyim rather than their own superior race. Perhaps the Israelis didn't follow the "Nazi" advice of Dr. Meir when he advocated they sterilize the mentally ill Jews. The Jews condemn Nazis for eugenics, but Jews have been quietly promoting it for themselves for a long time. A scan of Rabbi Reichler's 1916 booklet can be downloaded or viewed here, or as text here. They want the Goy to become retarded, not the Jews

Harvard study shows airline security is worthless
The US will waste $46 billion in 2008 on Chertoff's Homeland Security, and its all because of Zionism and Israel, but Harvard won't tell you that

Canadian churches push for carbon tax
Why don't we tax the organized religions instead? As I discussed in part 3 of my dumbing down articles, the organized religions are abusive. Have you looked at Mitt Romney's Mormon religion? They extort billions from their foolish sheep. Have you seen this video about them?

NASA finds signs of water on Mars
Or is the Mars rover in the Australian desert and finding signs of water on the earth? Have you noticed how NASA is obsessed with finding life on other planets? I think it's because the Zionists have a fantasy of faking an alien invasion, or faking friendly aliens who offer to help us, and the Zionists want to convince us that aliens exist so that we are more willing to believe the hoax when the aliens appear.

"tolerance counselling" for 'anti-Semite'
This is so absurd that I find it amusing. I wonder how far the Jews can go before people say "That's it! I've had enough of these Jews!"

Sex slaves win cash in UK
The UK pays the victims, but China's solution is to kill the criminals. The trade is big in Bulgaria, and it is in the US and Canada

China's food suffering from greedy businessmen
China also has a problem with pollution. Meanwhile, China allows more casinos as a way to raise taxes, but only a fool would trust casinos or assume gambling is a sensible way for a nation to make money. Photos and info of the casinos are here. Have you ever considered how much money the world wastes on gambling, Israel, war?

Ron Paul on TV
There are 8 parts on that page. This long interview should make it easier to see that he's just another Zio-puppet

Armenians protest in Brussels
An issue most of us didn't know about a few years ago is still spreading. I have some pages for you to pass around to help people understand the Zionist connection.

Bankers make billions from mortgage crisis
People in the financial market should investigate the bankers to see if they created the crisis, or if they let it happen so that they could profit from it

Jews are central players in UK financing scandals
Some Jews are on the defensive, such as Keith Harris, an expert on "contemporary Jewish identity". Would Israelis allow Goyim living in Israel to behave in the manner that Jews behave in our nations? Help us find Goy who are tired of the abuse!

French man guilty..
of "justification of war crimes" for saying the Nazi occupation of France wasn't too bad!

Greek man guilty..
of Holocaust Denial™!Plus he says Jews deserve a firing squad. Meanwhile, a former German leader is now a member of the WJC and is pushing the EU into hating Iran. When will the Eurosheep stopped letting Zionist Jews push them around?

Unrepentant Nazi is subject of TV documentary
The site is here. To further aggravate Zionists, Hitler may have a child living in Britain. The Z's fight back with Holocaust® courses for both teachers and students. They have organizations for this "education" such as this

German official denies Holocaust®
Are Germans getting fed up? Another report here. Or is this a trick? Did you see what I wrote about the phony David Irving?

Scooter Libby giving up?
Most people assume Valerie Plame was an innocent victim of the Bush administration, but Wilson and Plame, like most "liberals", have strong Zionist connections. Read what a Jewish magazine says about them. Haaretz has more on her. Don't be fooled; the fight between Liberals and Conservatives is a fight between Zionists for control of the Goyim. Hollywood is also dominated by Z's. Watch Leonard Nimoy explain Mr. Spock's hand greeting. We have to stop being pawns and take control of our lives

Russian mafia infiltrating tennis?
Did you see the evidence that the Russian mafia is really an Askenazi mafia? It is on this page with Bollyn's article on Dresden

German ministers say Scientology is a cult masquerading as a church 
When will some nation have the courage to say Zionism is a crime network masquerading as a religious movement? All Zionists should be as fearful of arrest as Avi Dichter. Was Oleg Zhukovsky a Zionist?

A $5 tax on strip clubs
The government is always looking for new ways to take our money, but would you have guessed this could bring $40M to Texas? That is 8M visits! This site shows how popular they are

Zio-Scientists upset with us
Because we resist their Global Warming tax. Joe Romm (a Jew - Duh!) also works with the Center for American Progress. The others mentioned, such as Schmidt, Seager, Holland, Weaver, Severinghaus, and Morgan, should be investigated also, and the NSF for funding some of this

Life Is Intolerable for Jews In Europe
He wants Bush to offer refugee status to Jews. Send all of them to Khazaria, or to prison! They just put another Holocaust Denier® in jail. How much longer are we going to tolerate their abuse?

FBI boss becomes Chicago police boss
FBI agent Weis (Jewish?) and others should be arrested for 9/11 and other Zionist crimes, not put in charge of our police

30,000 people paid $39.95 a month
This is what people spend their money on? And this is without publicity!

Iran Holocaust drama is a big hit
Zionists must be control of the Iranian media and/or government. Meanwhile, Germany is under pressure to hurt Iran financially, and the EU wants more sanctions. But Israel is still failing to destroy Iran

Nazi archive open to public
So, with all this detail on the "exact moment of their execution", when will someone prove my Holocaust® pages are wrong? In Britain, the HET won a BAFTA award (another fraud, like the Nobel prize) for their HoloHoax propaganda. Why do Jews need to manipulate children and arrest people for Holocaust Denial™ if Germany has proof that the HoloHoax really happened?

ASIMED wants to stop Mel Gibson
What kind of organization is this? Looks like another attempt at "damage control"

Anti-Semitism becoming "fad"
No, awareness of Zionism is increasing because the Internet allows us to educate each other. Ron Lauder is meeting with Hungarian leaders to stop the awareness, and the 'Nazi hunt' expands to South America, but even Zionist websites are being forced to expose strange aspects of Nazis, such as their similarity to Marxists; ie, these groups are  controlled by Zionists. Putin seems clueless, however. He blames the US for his problems

Another town stands up to ADL
The Z's cannot stop information from spreading about the Armenian Genocide, 9/11, the HoloHoax®, etc. If you don't know the significance of this genocide, I have this

Germany doesn't want to continue Holocaust® payments
Notice the remark that 1/3 of the survivors in Israel "did not technically live under Nazi rule". Why is Germany afraid to call the Holocaust® a scam? Do they worry Israel will bomb them?

Kasparov arrested
Police also detained his friend, the Bolshevik Party leader, and 3 television reporters were beaten by masked men. The US police should be trained by the Russians instead of the ADL

Putin complains of "jackals"
He won't identify his enemies, but it appears to the Z's, such as Berezovsky and Kasparov and Sarkozy

US military is "brain injury denier" for 20,000 vets
Italian soldiers are dying from DU used in the Serbian bombings, but the US military is also a DU denier, even in US cities, and from the 1991 bombing, and the British military denies it also. Our foolish militaries are destroying themselves and the planet


3 re-arrested in Holloway case
Was judicial-inc correct about this case?

'Kosher Anti-Semitism'
Zionists want to refer to anti-Zionist Jews as 'anti-Semites'. We should suppress the use of these deceptive insults, not encourage more of it

Five reasons to bomb Iran
Are there any reasons to bomb Israel?

David Irving brought out again
He is a Zionist tool to cause trouble, create fear, and give Holocaust research a bad image, as I explained here

Prince Charles refuses to visit Israel
He doesn't want to give Israel any credibility. Well, maybe Israel will have to release more information about Princess Diana, such as to clarify the slow ambulance trip

Now Israel wants Germany to pay for Russian Holocaust survivors
This is what biologists refer to as a "feeding frenzy" with the Israelis take the role of  sharks

Christians in Jerusalem want Jews to stop spitting on them
Anti-Goyism is acceptable everywhere, but Yushchenko does not tolerate anti-Semitism, and neither will the judge for the AIPAC case

Karl Pfeifer cleared of causing suicide
Why should we believe the professor committed suicide?

Ukraine gives Israel holocaust documents
The Ukrainians are so sweet to release this secret information at Israel's time of need. Austria will help with a Vienna Holocaust Institute, and the Germans are ready to pay their masters once again.

British Police crack down on human trafficking
Sure, just like the last time they cracked down on it, and the time before that. In Australia, these convicted pedophiles are becoming rich, and Barney Frank is endorsing Hillary rather than facing a police investigation

$21K per family, $46k in the future
Most people only respond to money, so bring this issue up with your friends who refuse to look into 9/11 or Zionism, and point out that the Democrats are doing nothing to stop it. and updated news article doubles that figure

EU expert fears for her life
A common Zionist trick is to be a victim. Jill Dekker blames Goy for the death of Kelly, and implies that Syria is developing biological weapons to kill us

Spain rebels against Holocaust® denial laws
When will other nations show such courage? Meanwhile, the Z's struggle to defend their coveted and patented Holocaust® with a propaganda Blitzkrieg, such as a statue in New York, the story of a little boy, a man who was almost burned alive, and this video to put the blame for the war on Bush and promote Ron Paul. The propaganda doesn't seem to work. Even the Z's complain that Jews are drifting away, and this meeting failed to convince Google to censor "hate". More here

Wealthy Russians move to London
How many are "Russians", and how many are "criminals"? (fixed this link) Gutseriyev is wanted by the police. Why did Abramovich move? Does he really need 20 bodyguards in London?

French chemical engineer convicted for Holocaust® denial
In Holland, Jews complain Germany is not paying them for surviving the Holocaust®. Most of Europe is in desperate need of courage and education

Sex offender beheaded
I'm not advocating that Barney Frank be beheaded, I'm just wondering when people will deal with the accusations that he and other officials rape young boys

Russians: "Beat the Jews!"
That was one of the chants in Moscow. The ADL complained. Another attempt by Zionists to bring pity to Jews? Or are Russians starting to rebel against Jews? Interesting video about Putin here; the full version is here

Merkel: a moral duty to protect Israel
Germans should make up for World War II by protecting us from Israel, Zionism, and the HoloHoax

8,700 unfilled jobs in Wichita area
The USA will degrade into a primitive nation if the children don't learn useful skills for the increasingly complex world

Nature or Nurture? Why are Jews smarter than Goy?
One of the theories presented here is that the stupid Jews became Christians. More here

FBI knew of O.J. Simpson's plan
Did they "know" of the plan, or "set up" the plan? Did you see what I wrote about Simpson and Fuhrman? When has the FBI shown an interest in honesty?

'Topography of Terror'
Germany gets another dose of Holocaust propaganda. In Canada, the 2nd annual Holocaust Education week is coming up. The Pacific Lutheran University gets $1m for a Holocaust studies

Ukraine wants Israel to recognize 1930s genocide
Why ask Israel? Notice the remark that the intelligent Ukrainians were killed. The Zionist kill the intelligent and courageous Goy to leave behind the stupid and cowardly

15% of Americans 'unquestionably anti-Semitic'
And 100% of Zionists are unquestionably anti-Goy

Lebanese TV report on Jews
They claim that Jews use drugs, chaos, etc, to control the world, and they claim the Protocols of Zion are their plan. In case you forgot, Lebanon was bombed by Israel last year

Teachers learn to teach the Holocaust
The ADL and other Zionist groups also have Echoes and Reflections to provide propaganda to teachers, and it just won an award!  A school principal just returned from 3.5 weeks of Holocaust propaganda in Israel. Meanwhile, we are still waiting for the Nazi records to be released, and Peres tells WZO not to rely on anti-Semitism to promote Zionism. Please help counteract the propaganda with my Holocaust page

Ghana a sex trade paradise?
The sex slaves affect all of us by creating racial problems and allowing blackmail, and Zionists seem to be deeply involved, as I mention on this page

Holocaust museum opens in Belsen
Anne Frank died here? Read what Professor Faurisson said about Anne Frank before you fall for this trick

Henry Makow revises his propaganda
His first version didn't work well; will the revision fool anybody? He uses John Kaminski and other suspicious people to "prove" there is a hatred of Jews, and claims that the Illuminati also hates Jews. If you are confused about what the illuminati is, here is one of my articles. Makow wants us to  blame the Illuminati and pity the Jews 

Al Gore wins another prize
More evidence that award ceremonies are used to promote Zionist propaganda

We must bomb Iran
The US and UK media has a big propaganda program now to prepare us for war, and to blame Cheney or Bush, not Israel. Iran is ready, also. The Democrats don't want the war; so they are the heroes. Israel is trying to deceive China, but are the Chinese that stupid? The "truth seekers" also protect Israel; can you find Israel or Zionism on this chart? And look at the deceptive sites promoted by the new 9/11 movie The Reflecting Pool showing Nov 3

Sarkozy supports carbon tax
Al Gore was with him after speaking in other nations about this issue, which is spreading to Canada. How many people are stupid enough to think we will improve the climate by paying more taxes to corrupt governments?

Kasparov on TV a lot now
His real name is Garri Weinstein. The Zionists fooled people into thinking Bobby Fischer had gone crazy, and now they promote Weinstein to the chess world to fool them into thinking that Bush is Putin's puppet, not Israel's puppet. Are chess experts smart enough to see the deception?

Turks bomb Iraq
Israel defends Turkey in the issue of the Armenian genocide. As I mentioned in my audio file for Oct 23, the Crypto Jews may still be in control of Turkey. Sarkozy  gives an Israeli Holocaust Institute an award; the Z's control France, also

Police officer in Wales sells sex slaves
It is not just Portugal, and this shows that even police are doing it. In Australia, a report claims that the number of corrupt police are "small", but some have "extensive influence". Duh! The corruption is in the police leadership. The honest police are suckers; they should grow a backbone and do something

Portugal is a haven for paedophiles?
Asia a growing haven also? What happened to Operation Ore in the UK, or Operation Avalanche in the USA, besides a few arrests such as this?

1 million Holocaust survivors are still alive
How many survivors were there in 1945? Professor Finkelstein's mother, a prisoner in the Nazi camps, made a sarcastic remark, "Who did Hitler kill?" A few of Finkelstein's remarks here. The "anti-Semitism Spike" discovered by Israeli seismographs is actually disgust of Holocaust lies, Israel, and Zionism

'Jews turned city into pigsty'
So says the president of Belarus, which is between Poland and Russia. Is this true? Israel is a reflection of the Chosen People; what do we find in Israel?

EU pushing to outlaw denial of Holocaust
You can counteract this by sending Europeans my Holocaust page and telling them to grow a backbone. Tell them that this is not a "new anti-Semitism" as this Rabbi claims; rather, it's an awareness that we have been lied to

Israel's Mediterranean a "septic tank?"
As I point out in Silence of the Sheeple, if the Israelis were better people than the rest of us, we would see evidence of their talent. Show me the evidence! How about this: Israel's Sex Trade Escalating?

Cisco executives arrested
The police are capable of arresting criminals, but the only crime governments truly care about is tax evasion. If Silverstein pays his taxes, the police will leave him alone. Did you know that he made billions from 9/11? We must educate the police and military to help them realize that they are suckers who are destroying their nation

UN Holocaust education bill
Israel is trying to use the UN to promote Holocaust propaganda

Jena 6 shows government needs to stop racism?
Actually, Jena 6 shows that the ADL is trying to stir up racial fights and justify helping "our young people" with their "Anti-Bias Resources". Al Sharpton wants more "hate crime" laws. To stir up fights between Muslims, the media is still telling us we can make $150K by killing an artist for Al Qaeda

Truth of Diana’s death "could spell the ruination" of UK
So says father of the driver. Maybe it will help Europe get rid of their monarchies. A witness claims to have seen bright flash from hitmen. But Rachel Johnson says "Get over it". Who is she working for? I have some older news reports here

No fingerprints on Kelly's suicide knife
It should be obvious that the paramedics were telling the truth and the pathologists, the coroner, and others were lying. By investigating the people who lie about Kelly, 9/11, and other crimes, we can identify more people in this criminal network. Don't focus only on who did the crime; look also at the investigators and reporters who try to cover it up or dominate the investigation

Israeli historian wins German book prize
For Holocaust books, of course. As with the Nobel prizes, this group should be investigated. These groups manipulate public opinion. This group has offices in several nations

A "Firestorm" in Germany?
Or is it a "panic" among Zionists who are trying to prevent the Germans from taking a serious look at the Nazi era? The Council of Jews said the support for this woman shows "moral poverty", but maybe it shows courage. To maintain the fear of Nazis, we are told that they are a problem in Russia, and in Italy

Gore wins Nobel Prize!
More evidence that the Nobel Foundation has been conquered by Zionists. Michael Sohlman is also involved with the New York Academy of Sciences. These people should be investigated. Zionists use these groups to manipulate science and education, so we must expose and arrest them. The dishonesty with the Nobel prizes should make you evaluate the evidence that Einstein was a Zionist fraud

Mearsheimer: 9/11 was payback
This explains why he got so much publicity; he promotes the Al Qaeda propaganda

Putin under pressure by Zionists
"Iranian leader’s obsession with Holocaust denial is frightening", Putin was told. It doesn't frighten me. How about you? Putin pleased the Z's by urging a crackdown on Nazis. Why not crack down on Zionists?

Tom Cruise builds bunker for Martain invasion
Is he merely crazy? Or are the Z's trying to promote the aliens for a more diabolical reason? I have a new flying saucer article here and updated this one

Holocaust conference!
Notice the remark that this will justify Israel's existence. Israel requires the Holocaust, as I explain in my documents, such as this, so help me expose it

"Planet tolerance"
Propaganda from the Southern Poverty Law Center. It gets recommended by lots of other sites, such as this, this, and this. Itis one of the ways they manipulate schools, teachers, and children

Judeo-Nazis to promote "Islamo-Fascism" lies
Horowitz and Hannity will speak at Columbia, and look at how many other schools will do something for "Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week" that come from the David Horowitz Freedom Center. Will American students be fooled by the anti-Goy propaganda?

"New Light" on Ukraine Holocaust
Sure, 1.5 million Jews disappeared in the Ukraine, and people are just now noticing. An international conference on this tragedy was held in Paris. A 'confessions' document proves the Nazis killed them. What will the "scholars" discover next? Perhaps that the Nazis killed 2 million Irish Jews

Move Israel to Alaska?
More here. Should the world continue to support Israel? Or get rid of it? How about supporting a homeland for veterans or Goyim

Woman fined for downloading music
Our police and courts ignore 9/11 and other big crimes, but they will not tolerate people who cheat Hollywood. Remember this man who was arrested for using a cell phone to film the Simpsons cartoon movie?

Pelosi's father and Israel
This article could explain why Pelosi does not want to stop the war. Will the Democrats ever figure out that their party is controlled by Zionists? Judicial-inc has this on Pelosi

New EU "think tank" to influence foreign policy
George Soros, and the other people who finance or participate in this ECFR and other "propaganda tanks" need to be investigated, and their deceptive organizations must be eliminated. This is one of the methods they use to manipulate society

Seymour Hersh forced to blame "Jewish money"
When asked why Democrats were supporting the war with Iran, he could not blame Bush, so he was forced to be honest

Japan shows photo of Earth
Click the image of the earth. If the colors are correct, the blue atmosphere dominates. Some NASA images of earth are hereand here. When the probe reaches the moon, an interesting issue will come up: what does the earth look like to somebody at the moon?

"I am a Zionist"
Said Senator Biden in a recently noticed interview. He joins David Cameron and other Judeo-Puppets

Bolton calls for bombing of Iran
Norman Podhoretz also, but I was criticized for my Battle Plan article. Can you see the trick? The Zionists routinely propose murders and war, but we are reprimanded for suggesting that we defendourselves. We are suckers if we don't identify and arrest the Zionists, and the corrupt police who protect them. This video identifies one of the Australian agents on the message boards

Should the UK have "prison ships"?
More here. Now that Europe can't dump criminals to America and Australia, what will they do? Their jails, government offices, and universities can only hold so many criminals. If you're ready to discuss alternative methods to deal with crime, take a look at my dumbing down articles

Creating "Super Jews"
One of many articles from Mitchell Bard to show the Zionist attitude. He also wrote Peace May Not Be the Answer, and his attitude should show that these Zionists may not give up peacefullly. We need Crypto-Goy to deal with the Super Jews

Democrats show support for Israel in debate
This topic continues in Part 5. None of these people should be "world leaders"

Are Jews bacteria or scapegoats?
That article gives a summary of the people recently complaining about Zionism. The Zionists can only respond with accusations of anti-Semitism. The "bacteria" remark from the former prime minister of Turkey is here. The world is learning about Zionism, and there's nothing they can do to stop it.

Israeli pornography with Nazi theme
The documentary is showing in Israel. Will we be able to see it, also? Have you seenthis article about the US pornography industry?

"Redacted" tries to create anger towards US military
Produced by Mark Cuban, who was going to put Loose Change into theaters, as we described here. Can you see how they ignore Zionist atrocities and exaggerate those of the Goyim? People who support Mark Cuban's companies are funding propaganda